Dr Shahid Masood Report On Blackwater

October 1, 2009



One comment

  1. dr sahib u r doing well ur job.if these politicians thinks that publishing their corruption is like to derail democracy then then there is no need of democracy like this.dr sahib neighter a landlord nor an industrialist can b democratic.i think there is no example of great leaders who did some for their nation were industrialist or landlord.PAKISTAN needs a man like dr Mahater mohammed in thinking & courege like fedal castro who even threned america at their own land in washigton.dr sahib dont b afraid people like that who thretens to cut hand do u think that they have their own hand to cut others one even though they dont have their own thinking but r so called “leaders ” dr sahib i m also having bussines ‘ireally tell u media has changed the thinking of people but we also expect from anchors like u that kindly dont accept any policital bribe from those politicians.i remember musharaf’s words abt great dr A.Q.KHAN,we consider our heros like angels & dont expect any mistake from them ,when they do mistake we lose our hope.So i think u understand what i want to say kindly dont b like that u did earlier i mean to b chairman of P.T.V.



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