Lashkar-e-Taiba & ISI Responsible For Cricket Debacle: India

September 30, 2009


Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com EXCLUSIVE

CENTURION – Within minutes of Pakistan’s last ball defeat at the hands of Australia at the Centurion ground in South Africa, Indian Minister for Extrenal Affairs S M Krishna has sensationally pointed the finger at Kashmir-based militant group ‘Lashkar-e-Tayba’ which it alleges is supported by Pakistan’s InterServices Intelligence Agency (ISI).

‘We know there is no way Pakistan would have lost to Australia after being in a winning position towards the end. We have intercepted calls from Lashkar-e-Tayba masterminds made to the Pakistan dressing room in those last few minutes of the game. You can see why Misbah-ul-Haq went down and asked the physio came out with the message that they have to lose the game.’ He remarked.

Earlier, Home Affairs minister P Chidambaram had talked of Lashkar-e-Tayba using earnings from betting on allegedly fixed matches to fund what he called ‘Terror attacks’ on Indian soil.

“Its the oldest and quickest way to make money to be used for Terror attacks against India”, he said. “Daud Ibrahim has done it in the past and now Lashkar-e-Tayba has bought the Pakistan team and I suspect even the Australian team. The international community must take notice of this injustice on India and punish Pakistan severely. We will take this to the United Nations Security Council and get both teams banned”

“Team India is the best team in the world at the moment and despite not winning any games in the ICC T20 and going out in this tournament, they will still be the number one team in the world. Infact we have arrested today a Pakistani ISI agent who masterminded the fixing of the matches in T20 World Cup in June this year”, added Chidambaram.


Reaction on the streets to India going out of the ICC Champions Trophy has been surprisingly muted. Fans interviewed minutes after Australia’s victory at Centurion declared they never expected India to fare well in this tournament.

“Everytime Pakistan plays we know the games are fixed by the ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Daud Ibrahim and Al Qaeda. They know they cannot beat us fair and square so they have resorted to paying the officials and umpires to make it difficult for India to win. There’s no point watching cricket anymore whenever Pakistan is involved. I just want to kill myself”, said a teary-eyed 24 year old cricket fan in Delhi before jumping off the 7 ft high boundary wall around his slum and breaking his arm in the process.

India is also said to be launching a probe into the rain that washed out their game against Australia on the 28th, giving a point each to both teams which led to India having to rely on Pakistan’s result against Australia today. Alleging the involvement of Chinese weather satellites, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has promised to investigate claims from his cabinet that Beijing had assisted Pakistan’s ISI in changing the weather conditions at Centurion, causing a massive downpour that swept away India’s hopes and rested them firmly on Pakistan’s shoulders.

Meanwhile in another development, a few members of the Pakistan cricket team had to be taken to hospital after being out of breath due to laughing uncontrollably at an Indian TV Programme.

‘The boys are fine, we just happened to tune into this programme, I think it was a comedy show, on Zee News in the dressing room and man those guys are hilarious, we just couldn’t stop laughing’, said star batsman Shahid Afridi before bursting into another fit of laughter and being stretchered off to the emergency ward himself.

In response to the Indian allegations, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik called a press conference just moments ago and accepted the Indian claims as true, while promising a full investigation into ISI’s alleged link to the match result at Centurion today.

DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.



  1. Rubbish

    • read discliamer please

    • lol man… this is hell funny. I wonder if a child borns in any Indian minister’s home, they would blame ISI for that too =P

      • haha..

    • y would any terrorist group involve in cricket.

      they r jealous of pakistan or they r completely foolish and idiots.

    • 🙂 rehman malik admits…no comments…not at all…you all know what i mean


      ps: let them all try to $ell their a$$e$ for $$$s but we all know the truth

    • India is shit like a cow….stop putting allegations and accept ur defeat as we all knoe when ever thing goes wrong wid india they always point out ISI if sonia gandhi will be raped den will also india point out ISI or lashkar-e-tayyaba…stop giving lame excuses

    • Yaar… read the disclaimer… its not real….

      But funny though….

      Funniest bit being Rehman Malik accepting it as true… =D

    • Ghulam Sahab, no it’s not rubbish. It’s a fact they always blame Pakistan for anything happened wrong wtih them. I wonder if Indian PM/FM/IM or anybody in the govt. have gastric problem, they will blame Pakistan “JUL-LAB LAGAA DIYAA DUSHMAN NAY”

    • Very amusing and 100% right….

      But does it surprise you that Indians opened their mouths before the tournament, claiming to be favorites once again? You go to a restaurant sometimes, you know why the fish is on the table? Because it opened its mouth. lols

    • lol. this article is really funny. if ISI is involved in match fixing than so is indian cricket team as they lost the match against Pakistan. Indian team must have taken money from ISI to loose the match. First investigate your indian team than talk about the great PAKISTANI team.

    • I am a die-hard Indian cricket fan. To me a victory against pakistan is the sweetest thing that could ever happen for indian cricket. However, our team’s performance was totally listless and we deserved to be losers period. Why would we blame pakistan for our poor show ? Our players took being #1 team in the world as granted and spoiled a billion indian’s dreams by getting kicked out of the tourney. I am happy this will be an eye opener for the not so far away world cup and we will come back roaring. Good luck to Pakistan. As one who shared the historic moment by giving a standing ovation to pakistan when we got defeated in the chennai test of 1999, i only hope the spirit of cricket prevails. Pakistan is the hot favourites and let it not only bring the cup to its soil but to entire south asia as both india and srilanka is out.

    • ha ha

    • Hindu kabhi baaz nai aye ga . Intahai ghatia dushman mila he pakistan ko .

    • truly rubbish! they are not supposed to past such a controversial comment….

  2. That’s hilarious !!! especially the last part, as the ppp government is keen to tackle ISI, this is funny but it could be true hahahaha.

  3. Sir even if Pakistan won, they have said that it was because of US $1.5 aid due to which Pakistan won, so stop funding Pakistani Cricket, Joke of Century in this Modern times. Sick leaders of India spreading sickness in their poor nation’s mind.

  4. You people should get a life!
    Blaming the rain on the Chinese! No wonder hindus have no belief in God!

    • Umm has anyone read the disclaimer?

  5. well, I can’t stop laughing,, The Un-civilized indians, have nothing to do, other than blaming and forging,, Die Indians..

  6. lam3 3xcu3se

  7. […] ہم جانتے ہیں کہ پاکستان کے اسٹریلیا سے ہارنے کی کوءی صورت نہیں تھی جب پاکستان جیتنے کی پوزیسن میں جا چکا تھا۔ہمیں ایسی اطلاعات ملی ہیں کہ لشکر طیبہ کے بڑے دماغوں نے پاکستانی ڈریسنگ روم سے ٹیلیفون پر رابطہ کیا جب کھیل ختم ہونے میں کچھ منٹ باقی تھے، اور پاکستانی کھلاڑی قومی ٹٰیم کے ڈاکٹر کے پاس آئے اور ان سے میچ ہارنے کا پیغام وصول کیا۔ اس سے پہلے بھارت کے ایک اور وزیر بھی یہ بیان دے چکے ہیں کہ لشکر طیبہ میچ فکسنگ میں ملوث ہے تا کہ بھارتی قوم پر وار کیا جا سکے۔ ہا ہا ہا ہا ہا، کیا وزیر ہیں یار، لیکن پتہ نہیں ایسے بیانات پاکستانی ٹٰیم کی ساکھ کو برباد کرنے کے لیے دیے جا رہے ہیں یا صرف اپنے عوام کو خوش کرنے کےلیے ماخذ […]

  8. hahahahahahahahaha……………
    i got cramps in my stomach plz dont tell me this happened.. i would love to watch the videos if u plz provide them as well……….. lolz
    I feel pitty for indian people….poor people lead by retardted ppl…..Roflmao

  9. Is it true
    looks a joke to me

    Did they really said that nai yar joke hay na 🙂

    but everything is possible
    waisay kuch baeed bhi nai hay

    • See the end part of the post, it says:

      “DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.”

      obviously its a joke!!



  10. The

    Is something similar to reality

  11. Lolzz…nice one Dan! 😉

    Marvelous sense of humor PKKH!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Indian team needs a separate batallion of farmers’ wives to be moved with them whenever they go on international tours for having sex!

    Guys, this is just comedy……enjoy it please!

    Have a heart and a sense of humor!!! 😉

  13. LOLZZZ 😀

  14. hahahhaha india wale ache joke marte hain.team hi mar huei hain or kehte hain ke kisi ki galti hain ALLAH HO AKBAR

    • this is not jok man thats psychotric matter all indians now pyscho…they dont wts goin on….thy hv pak fobia any thing n any kind ov thng happnd in india thay juz blame.pakistan……all bloddy indinas r psycho..studpid indians….!

  15. Comedy gold!! brilliant DQ! 🙂

  16. hahahah !! honestly, if this is TRUE, then i must say that Indians have LOST really bad !! They cant play politics, they cant play cricket and NOW, they cant even SLANDER without making a JOKE of themselves…..!! chinese weather satellites ?? they were losing that game like a BITCH !! they had their chance against Pakistan…..they lost like a BITCH…..yes the match was FIXED india….what are you going to do about it ??cry like the BITCH that you are ?? … this is REALLY amusing !! i never thought fascists could JOKE like that….hahahah kudos dumbshits !!

    • I liked it man do what u want to and u know u cannot do anything

      • Do you mind reading the disclaimer at the end before cussing the poor indian nation? They alread have a lot to deal with 😉

  17. hahhahahahh nice joke…. indian loser never accept the truth n to satisfy thier ppl they trying to divert thier mind in another issues

  18. ~ Aaj woh din aagaya hai, aagayee woh raat
    keh humnay Australia ko di Khairaat
    Aur India ko maari Laat!!!
    Pakistan, ZINDABAAD!!!

    😀 😀 😀

    ***a minute of silence to condole the demise of India***

    • Wow what a strong comments, its true, very true.


      • haar ke Geo…..hahahahahahaha

  19. …… yes DAN, its all true !! i am LITERALLY LAUGHING MY NUTS OFF !! he is one DUMB peice of s*** minister !!

  20. LOLZ…. what official bezerks~! 😀

  21. Ha ha ha, the time is not far when these Indians will start blaming Pakistan for the lower than average rainfall that they will get, failed crops, failing economy, beyond the poverty line poor and my worst fears for all the children born in their country….

  22. Australia won fair, Pakistan won fair and square..both teams went to da semis fair..

  23. Yaar i dun think so that its true ./.. I mean its like a joke …. 😀 , I was like hitting my head and want to laugh and feel bad for the indians…just cant say a word more … :S :D..

    if its true then india is the most undignified loser …

    • See the end part of the post, it says:

      “DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.”

      obviously its a joke!!

  24. HAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH….. I can’t believe that they can be more idiot than they were before…

  25. its really very funny…we might actually hear such news sometime now..indians r really good at surprising us with their jokes n hilarious allegations…
    Pakistani players attitude was really very cool today (must have been disturbing for indians)
    May Allah bless our team with a glorious win!

  26. LMAO!!!!!!


    • Doc for me too. I’m in a dire state; just cant stop loughing me head off. hehehehehaHAHAHAHAhehehehehohohohhlhlhlhlololo

  27. Wait a minute I don’t know whether to believe this or not!

  28. Good joke, awesome:D

  29. Dan!!

    You forgot to mention one very important thing…

    According to the investigations earlier The master mind was Zaki-ur-Rehman but now its Hafiz Saeed having full support of ISI and Pak Army!! 😀

    India is putting pressure through interpol to arrest him and on the other hand trying to convince America and NATO to attack on Pakistan from westren borders to teach Pakis lesson as well :)!!!

    • lol you should write for us Salman! excellent stuff!

  30. I still not able to confirm this news on any TV channel or newspaper website. I am surprised over such news. Is it true?. Please somebody confirm it by giving reference of any news agency or TV channel.

    • Its meant to be a joke 😉 see the disclaimer in these comments

      • See the end part of the post:

        “DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.”

        obviously its a joke!!

  31. well, i know we are the best. So like the indian ministers we shall not SWIM IN THE SHIT! losers. I thought that Indian’s would finally realise that its a game. But, no! Stupid people.

  32. hahahahahahahaha….i could also see this happening with zardari’s and rehman malik in power. These bigots will do anything….but good work guys !

  33. ahahaah indiaon cry babies.. jus 2 remind this dumbo tht INDIA lst time in Asia cup puropsly lost so that Pakistan does not get chnce of Semi’s.. and it was all shwn. Pakistan does not do this sht.. nd yeah if he intrsptcd this call thn y ntthe call tht taget indian borders nd all. he shud get a life nw..if pakistan ws 2 loose in begning na thn they wudnt hve put thr effrt ..nw waoo the talbian leadr calls south africa-paki drssng room- nd indian r the first 1 to intrpct it… nice tech tht US lacks evn


    The above article is a satirical piece, aimed at the retarded Indian media and politicians who never fail to blame everything under the sun on ISI or Lashkar-e-Tayba.

    There is no truth in this article – it was meant as a joke.

    • It suits perfectly… The timing cudnt have been better… 🙂

    • dan you might want to paste the disclaimer at the bottom of the article. with reality being as twisted as it is and the popularity of conspiracy theories, it is all too easy to take this report at face value 🙂
      thanks for the jokes

  35. LOL, this is sooo funny! great sense of humour. i am sharing this with others!

  36. lame!!!

    sick Indians!!!

  37. hahahaha.. omg….. totall crapp… only indian media can write shit like this man…. they dont have anything good to do….

  38. I felt something similar coming from the Indians regarding the Pakistani loss… But never even imagined it would be pinned on to ISI & LeT…

    Anyways they are just being INDIAN…

  39. @indians
    my friends if what u r saying is true then it is also possibe that indian team itself took money from isi, al qaeda and daud ibrahim for loosing the match against Pakistan. get a life….u are pointing fingers at everyone like australia, china, isi, al qaeda e.t.c.u dont even know that your other three fingers are pointing towards yourself what would have happened if indian team won then definitely hardwork and dedication would have been behind it.bulcrap!!btw pakistani ministers never have the time to discuss these petty issues but indian ministers do have.u have lost admit it and dont act like sissy’s.admit ur defeat.Pakistan Zindabad!! Pakistan Paindabad!!

  40. please mention the source of these news

  41. Dear Mr. Dan Quyyum,

    You are one of my most respected person in professional contacts. hahahaha.lol… 🙂
    Please dont post such postings but indeed your every post will be highly appreciated! If indians will suffer from constipation they will blame Pakistan for their blockage!

  42. funny stuff…but omg..the people who r falling for this (see above posts) must be the dumbest people alive!

  43. WTF ??? is Rehman Malik out of his fucking mind??? why do he always have to accept every thing Americans, Indian, Afghanis say?? Is he trying to prove him self as the best investigator of situations or just trying to hide his cover identity of being agent for these countries??? Totally ridiculous, ir-responsible behaviour

  44. LOL.
    For Every New Born Baby Born In India, ISI is responsible.
    So ISI is father of all the children of India 😀

    • hahahaha very funny…..:)

    • hahaha the Father of INdia ISI..lolz..
      they are barking like that if they could won against aussies..that rain secured their defeat against aussies

  45. hehe, this is pure crap. this article has no authenticity. poor paks will believe everything. damn childish, grow up guys.
    well congrats on winning. the pak team deserves the win, always fight till the end. i like the attitude. hope u guys get the cup as well. all the best


    • well said…

  46. nice joke, lagta hay indian ministers bhee hamaray ministers ki tarah farig hain

    • sirf farigh nhe bilkul farigh

  47. I have just visited ” Times of India ” , ” CNN – IBN ” and “Hindustan Times ” websites but have not found this news at these prominent websites.
    please do not run with the BLOG / Articles writers.

    Plus the enmity b/w Pakistan and India can only lead to ” ASHES ” only , both of countries will be empty handed if both keeps enmity.

    GOD BLESS ” South Asia “.

    • Sami – This article is satire – there’s no truth in it, it was meant as a joke

      • DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

      • Its funny how people have to be “told” its a joke 🙂

        Sad that we’ve lost our sense of humor

  48. MY MY! 🙂 what keen observation …. took them half a day to cook up with that phenomenon.. well efforts appreciated INDIA, but you know history will never remember whether a probe was sent in or not… or whether CHINA who got involved in this saga *and they personally really dont give a pigeon shit about cricket* ..or whether Pakistan’s ISI is to be tackled by the government ..Indeed the only fact to be remembered for years to come would QUOTE * PAKISTAN WON .. AND INDIA LOST* “unquote”
    so chill brothers you will get there soon !!

    please dont feel as if we Pakistanis do not welcome such criticisms..infact such write ups are most entertaining and they do give us a good laugh every now and then …
    keep it up *lmao*

  49. No wonder Indians are sharp as a Marble. Lol. Awesome article. Keep it up.

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  51. How he can say match was played on the order. If the Indian team had enough capability why the don’t perform to win the match. Actually the problem is that the Indians are so conservative, so they will never happy with the win Of Great Pakistan.

  52. nice one indians, waiasy agar ye hoa bhi hai to phir to pakistani bohat he professional team hein, they can take any match to the last ball if they want too. yaar indian people admit it that you have been kicked out of the tournament this is the second consecutive one as well. poor indians, yaar jao bhai filmein banaoo aur mauj maroo. Crikcet tumharay bus ki baat naheen.

  53. what is the source of this story, I guess its madeup

  54. is dis for real?
    have they gone nuts or sumthing?
    wht was dat stupidity abt china n ISI!!
    P.Chadambaram needs a psychatrist…

    • See the end part of the post, it says:

      “DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.”

      obviously its a joke!

  55. hahahaahahaha… india walai chootea hoo gae hai

  56. well its a game.. so treat it as a game… well T20 a team can loose by match fixing but they wont win easily … hehe and australia is one of the best side…look at the records… and then he should talk.. well this guy didnt show any avidence and we cant trust until this guys shows verified proves, document, calls. Thats all i have to say.. and one more thing the india cricket team is more likely in FIml industry for advertisment

  57. Well Dan! For a few seconds I thought it might be true what the Indian minister has said.They dont let a single opportunity go without blaming I.S.I or our Govt.It seems like ISI has nothing else to do except interfering in cricket.Its a joke of the century,that chinese satellites r showering rain to disrupt the game,& our efficient ministers doesnt waste a single chance to come on TV & accept the blame without thinking of the consequences.
    Well nice joke.It was amusing reading all the comments.

  58. hahahahhahaha
    indians u r idiot..

  59. ahahahaha LMAO
    this old man gone nuts lol he needs a medical chekup or psychiatrist …cmon oldee say something which is based on facts n logic …but still its a joke of 2009 …lauh people thats what i can say …n Pakistan N Pakistani team rox…

  60. lol.. lmao…rofl.. hahahahahahha…hehehehehehehhe….what else can i say!! 🙂

    but wtf is our stupid rehman malik doing.. they are worst then indian ministers!!

    shameless weirdos and stupid too!

  61. Salam to all, nice one …..

    another view of narrow thinking.

  62. LOLx Dan. I was thinking that this is a true allegation until I reached the end cuz India could go this far. Cuz they r brainless, and xxxless and xxxess and xxxxless 😀

  63. I am very amazed reading the senseless remarks of Indian Prime Minister who Alleging the involvement of Chinese weather satellites, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has promised to investigate claims from his cabinet that Beijing had assisted Pakistan’s ISI in changing the weather conditions at Centurion, causing a massive downpour that swept away India’s hopes and rested them firmly on Pakistan’s shoulders. The Foreign Minister remarks are also very amazing and I think he should be the prime minister of a nation who is senselessly involve in cricket rather then on human welfare. The minister says that We know there is no way Pakistan would have lost to Australia after being in a winning position towards the end. We have intercepted calls from Lashkar-e-Tayba masterminds made to the Pakistan dressing room in those last few minutes of the game. You can see why Misbah-ul-Haq went down and asked the physio came out with the message that they have to lose the game.’ I think the man with the post of prime Minister is thinking in such a stupid way that now I am thinking that is he an educated person or living in stone age time where the people have no sense and believe senselessly.
    The same is the case of Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister of Pakistan who says in a press conference and accepted the Indian claims as true, while promising a full investigation into ISI’s alleged link to the match result at Centurion today. He is simply the enemy of Pakistan and is fucking idiot.

  64. Man! That’s a load of shit coming out him.
    Who is paying him sensational news reporters!

  65. Pak team played suspiciously except in last overs.every thing possible in this complex politics.May it not be true.

  66. oh my God..r these Indians dumb or wot…now they blame Pakistan cricket team and Australian Cricket team as funding to terrorist groups :s…do Indians really thinks everyone around the wrold is dumb or r they fucking losers…wtf


  67. all of u r really silly

    Read Full post before commenting

    DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY.

  68. Lolz Ha ha Ha yaar ye saley hindustani apni ma chodana nahi choren gey. har gaye per apni har nahi mantey saley mera tu hans hans key bura hal ho gaya hai kasam sey pata nahi ye story latey kidher sey hain 😛 or rehman malik per bhi ilzam laga dia k he accepts lolz what a crap 😛 :DDDDDdddddddd

    Ab Pakistani AAqal k Aandon ko Indian Khabasat ko tu Samij lena Chahye….
    es Indian minister ki Aaqal pe Saway (….ouh Muaaf kijey ga… aaqal nam ki tu koi chez ha he nahi es ka pass) matam kerny ko dil karta ha….matam nai…ma tu bara Hansa hon..,
    coz Muje un Aayat aur Aahadith ka mafhoom yad aa gaya ha…jin ma ye Baat ki gai ha…k Jb Tum JIHAD k liye Niklo gaey Khalis Eman k sath…Tu Allah tumhary Dushmanon k dilon ma tumhara Khof Paeda ker dey ga…
    AJ INTERNATIONAL “KHABIS AUR DEHSHAT GHARDOON” k dilon ma ALLAH RABULEIZAT NE ISI & LASKAR-E-TAIBA ke MUJAHIDEEN ka RUAAB O DABDABA paida ker diya ha>>halan k unhon ne kuch kiya b nahi abi tak….
    jb karain gey tb en BUZDIL INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTON KA pata nai kiya bany ga….

  70. chwalien maarna inka farz hai

  71. WTF?????

  72. WOW……..Absolutely Brilliant………BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!

    and so true…….

    stupid Bhindian Media and people………hahahahahaaa

  73. We should wait the “response” from Hindu extremist party”jalti hay to jal” hope they will dig out all the local pitches
    As they believe in doing something not just talking

  74. Dan,

    Why are you putting up made up stories about S M Krishna and indians on your website. I am a Pakistani btw and have searched for this story on the internet but found nothing.

    Grow up man, if this is true put the reference to it.


    • you twit
      its a joke
      read the disclaimer at the end

  75. this is great … very beautifully written… keep up the great work…

  76. NO comments !!! Aisay to bachay bhi nahe rotay jaisay yay budda ro raha hay ! So Sad

  77. Check the Mental Approach of Indian Ambassadors

  78. No doubt Indian leaders are As*h*les but Pakistani leaders are not far behind. How about Rahman Malik accepting the allegation. Such an irresponsible person must be punished and punished badly…

  79. ahahahhahahahahahah ….
    most funniest thing i hav evr read ….
    but 1 can expect this sort of comments from indian ministers …. once again hahahahhahahaha
    chinese r responsible for rain ….
    they r goin to UN to ban both Pak n Aus team …..
    hahahahahhahah ….
    get life u losers a** h**e

  80. lmao…..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! kitna rootay hain yr ye haar kr 😛 lmao….buhahahahahahaha. khair ye aaj ki baat nai puraani aadat hai inn ki haar bardaasht nai hti. buhahahaha. for the time being pack ur bags n fly bak to delhi bachoo 😛 buhahahaha.

  81. Hahahaaaaa

    Nice try to convince themself.

    This news could be thought as true if Pak had not defeated India. Chidambaram didn’t tell whether that match was also fixed or their defeat….

    “Shabashh Afridiiii,, Pattiii rakh”

  82. hahahahaha.. the article is hilarious and so are the handful of people who believe it.

  83. yea to wohi baat hoi “jo karwa ria amrica karwa ria”

  84. ha ha hA .Chak de chak de india.nach na jane angan terha


  86. guys watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cj1d1EHLVYg&feature=channel

    they are going to skin their players back home.. lol


  88. Marvelous sense of humor

    Keep up the good word folks ;P

  89. YAAR! hadd hot hia! LOL!
    Seriously……check out the part where Manmohan says that beijing helped pakistan by sending a weather satellite into the atmosphere to make it rain! inthe AusVsInd match!……Seriously…….LOL

  90. why the hell rehman malik had to call this statement true. he is another CRAP

  91. Bahut take hougaee yaar.



  93. do india have any mature minister…or all are childish..

    if u know any mature indian minister…please tell me….

    wow chinese rain…………hahahahahahahahahahahahah

    i cant stop laughing…..

    indian team is nuthing but bull shit….

    they dont have the ability to win.. they jst talk high..nuthing else…

  94. What a Shame … India is such a cry baby …. The world is not blind and can see that Indain team is just bullsgit and they have performed worst or you can say that Pakistani team has performed the best … to hell with Indain claims … Just a seggestion for India Have fun crying …

  95. give me a brake guyz…ur media is telling a diff story n ur govt is talking another shitt…im a big fan of protea cric…pak fight till the end…can u tell me u all sucking indianz that y u lost to pak on 26th sept…or is it the date u all sucks at…ur capt n its lackluster players only knows SHOPING-SHOPING N MORE SHOPING…they cant live without shoping…

  96. Chalo g..
    dil k behlane ko “INDIA” ye khayal acha ha

  97. Is our team maneuvered to keep India out of game then what is the harm?

  98. Whattttttttttt ??? India ??? By the way Why india was expecting us to help them in proceeding to Semi finals? Hell with them.. We want to see you weeping always you bloodies.

  99. this is hilarious and sounds so fake, you play bad you loose there is no question about it. as for the weather does the writer also wants to put that there is betting going in the heaven. what a dumb person this guy must be, yeah appreciate the joke it commendable.

  100. Inidian are totally mad and stupid. Why they alsways blame pakistan for everything. I guess if BJP will win the next election, their current government will blame Lashkar and ISI for that as well

  101. wtf!! is wrong our ministers man embrassing me being a indian reading all this shit, i mean ok we lost so what get a life and make better excuses and shit like that fuckin un-civilised ass wipes

  102. it was funny but true…..guys read till the end …b4 making comments

  103. this is just a bullshit,

  104. Indians are so much extremists …….. fuck

  105. a request…kindly put the disclaimer on top of ur post.i see tht many ppl took it for real and one of those ppl went on to abuse Indians in an orkut community, although he is making a fool of himself, nothing else. nice post though.

  106. It seems to like:

    KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHAY, it is really sad to see that mature people of India who also leads behave like kids, why don’t we realize that its a physical fact that we are neighbors and will remain till day end so why not we live sensibly.

  107. LOL!!!

    Nicely written Dan… Hilarious!!
    and everyone READ THE DISCLAIMER Please!!

    Jazbati ho jati hai humari Qaum foran =P

  108. haha. man this is real funny but we may expect such kinda comments from the Indians. they’d blame Pakistan for just anything that happens to them.
    the best was the Chinese weather satellites 😀

  109. […] read this, and know the truth ! Lashkar-e-Taiba & ISI Responsible For Cricket Debacle: India Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz -peace stickman! __________________ its a stick !? its a man !? NO ! its the stickman! !!!! :O […]

  110. BULLSHIT!!!

  111. Indians ka to yeh haal hai k agar Sonia Gandhi Pregnant ho jai to keh dain ISI ka hath hai…….

  112. Pakistaniooo jeetay jao aur India kee bond martay jaoo 😉

  113. Aey guys n gals these indians are stil coward that pakistan can take their breath into the hell…always coward…indian team z just to kick at their buttocks. Ostentatious people..

  114. LMFAO..!!! iits so so so funny yaar…………india blames bicharay laskar-e-tyaba walay for every thing ……………i know its a joke but its hell ya funny……….who ever reads it cant help laughing for hours…………… bichara india………i saw breaking news on all channels that was not that aust won or pak lost match, but that india is out of tournment………….and one thing for sure, saw some paki cricketers laughing wildly at the end and dat whole match seemed freindly one…….no anxiousnes in it or any thing…………but man wot a desaster for bicharay indians……….i m glad abt it……n glad that aust helped pak in its strategy…@!!!

  115. Brilliant writing skills you have got Dan. Thumbs up to you dude. 🙂

  116. You guys are insane. you have ruined your country by wrting these conspiracy theories or so called funny stories.
    I know there is a DISCLAIMER but still it shows the mentality of how you guys think.
    Please stay in the mode of denial and hopefully we’ll see many more Lashkar-e-Tayba, this_e_Tayba,
    that_e_Tayba a unique country in the world which will be eaten by these Tayba.

  117. hahahah funny indeed…poor indians!

  118. In 62 yrz of our indpndnce, nvr has a group of 11 men torturd millions of indians lyk dis before.. WelL done Pakistan aj to tarpa tarpa ky mara hai india ko 🙂

  119. hahaha what a gay, He should have been working in Indian news Channel =P

  120. well i think it is the best way for India to hide their weakness. How can they accept their dispersal easily. koi na koi bahana to chahiye na Sharmindgi ko chhupanay ka.. Lolzzzz

  121. get a life u bloody hinduz !!!!

  122. India Loose match against Pakistan ICC should ban Indian Mahi team first they did’nt play well and loose the game . and weather making is a great story

  123. well. Indians proove themselves to be bunch of losers…. why not accept ur fate…. and if ISI fixes our match and our win…. then i believe indians won the first T20 due to ISI’s help not on their own (as on their so called theory that wud help lashkar e taiba)…..silly people…….they shud watch blind cricket…. how pakistani bowlers bowled that was superb…..or i guess that was also assisted by chinese satelites….. i beieve Indians have lost it….so CONGRATS

  124. INDIA YOU NEED TO BRING A BEAUTIFUL GIRL FROM PUNJAB INTO YOUR TEAM, THEN YOU WILL DO CHAK DE HADIPPA. lol indianz you are the funniest nation,a comedian enemy.

  125. india always blame pakistan and pakistanies for any defeat of bad thing going. plz stop these compliants as its a sign of cowardness,be mature and stop kidding.

  126. “Its a F**KING joke a**holes.”

    This was for all those who dint bother reading the disclaimer 🙂

    Good day.

  127. indian minisers behave like children playing game and claims for cheating.
    its obvius that indian nation is so much jealous with pakistan cricket team.

    pakistan can never fix any match i m sure.

  128. World should see this level of backwardness of India as well 🙂

  129. aisa lag raha hay jaisy kal pakistan nay india say 1971 ka badla lia hay they r angry so much ahahahaahahahahahahahhaa

  130. cricket is just a game.Indians should show sportsmanship.when two teams play one have to loose.but the bludy indians are making it a political and terror issue.first they have to know what is cricket and how to play it.bull shit

  131. india agar no 1 team ha tu pakistan se match jeet jati na k woh b ISI,Al-Qaida ya Daud Ibhrahim ne match fix kiya howa tha.chootia soch ha inians ki.basteds

  132. lolz the news n lolz all the comments…i don noe how they select their mantris and mukhay mantris..hahah..
    look at their ministers, they are no less funnier than comedians..asswipes

  133. Although it’s a satire post, but to be honest Indians should realize now how their politicians are making them fool whenever something happens bad with their country.

  134. hain india logo ko bewakouf bana rahe hain but abi tu wo har gaye hain hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  135. LOL!! 😀 😀 😀



  136. Man these indian politicians never give up! They are really funny! I am expecting a bolloywood film on this one!

  137. KeeP rockinG PakistaN 🙂

    anD alwayS kicK indiaN’s asseS…

  138. The picture goes very well with the article. for a second i thought it was true.

    Well done PKKH.

  139. This is really enjoyable.Indian nation is poorest nation in the world having such leaders.
    i feel sorry about them

  140. Apnay bachon ka bhi DNA test karwa lo, shayad woh bhi ISI ya Lashkar kay nikal aayen.

  141. They are so consistent in blaming ISI and Lashkar for everything. Some day, and that day may come very soon; they will blame them for all child born due to unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

  142. Hahaha! Very well written! Especially the end with rehman malik!

  143. lol.lol.lol.

    why the hell would any indian minister say a thing like that about pakistani cricket team as we are shifting our fcus from cricket and giving our labour into the olympic sports.we do not need any help from u kafirs.so just shut up your assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • Your name proves ur mentality .. Look at ‘disclaimer’… dumb@$$!

  144. Koe Ansoo tou pocha in gadho ka. These bastards have forgotten that what they are doing with Pakistan and Pakistani team since 2 year, everybody knows this. Allah Punishment has no sound, but bastards never shy to cry.

  145. the resposes below show how far behind are paksitanis comapred to Indians… none of them seems to have noticed the disclaimer… besided, who in the right frame of mind would take this for a fact

    • RAY

      Looks like u missed this post from an INDIAN


      why the hell would any indian minister say a thing like that about pakistani cricket team as we are shifting our fcus from cricket and giving our labour into the olympic sports.we do not need any help from u kafirs.so just shut up your assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      by fuck u all October 1, 2009 at 5:02 pm”””

  146. well said ali…a punjabi girl just like raaaaani…hahaha…arey lekin phir tou 11 ka 11 usee k peechay hoon gain…aur phir total barabdi…aur phir ye gana goonjay ka indian media main barbadi, barbadi, barbadi indian team ko pyaari hai barbadi…see the truth izz that indian team cares only abt these few thingzz;

    1.IPL(money money yeah yeah)
    2.CHAMPS LEAGUE(money money yeah yeah)
    3.SHOPING(money money yeah yeah)

  147. I don’t give a damn to this non-sense compliment
    how could he blame both team
    i think Foreign Affair Minister of india has whip his ass in assembly badly so in order manage his position he’s blaming and producing cruelty
    I would Pakistan Govt. should take this idiotic thing seriously and shut there cow pees mouth once and for all

  148. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………… really funny ….i think indians have lost there senses…….. poor guys..better luck try next time

  149. hahahahaha ..bohat aala yaar

  150. Indians Ministers & Polictical Parties Are Contains of Loosers & Ass holes

    they only Know One Thing & That is Barking

  151. Ha ha ha ha….. After loosing there hopes n chances in champions trophy bloody INDIANS don’t have anything so i guess they started this.
    never mind hota hey yaar bloody indian loosers….

  152. india ki behen ki ch… 🙂

  153. these indians have been the famous for being most coward nation in the world, its so much fun to see these cowards loosing and making funny allegations. Geo Pakistanis Geo.

  154. leave my comments above

  155. yo..indians,,,,

    first time i think it happened where you prayed for win of Pakistan in such circumstances…but thnx God ur prayers were not accepted against australia…God Knows Better and what is in interest of Pakistan….Because now its proven that with what intentions you were praying, hoping win while watching game of Team Pakistan against Australia..
    you should blame your captain Dhoni as well where he didnt change the fielding position on the off side!!!!ur bowlers were giving milky balls to team pakistan to play!!

  156. man dats the way india always react no matter wat happen there they started to link dat thing to ISI and lasker-e-tayaba, without having any second thought n without any single evidence.

    they always start crying like dis. hahah n they send there delegation to america to protest without giving a single clue,

    n indian media is such a big lier but they have a really gud skill to change lie in to truth, this thing really make me laugh n i dont know how these indian people take such a fake report n believe on them.


  157. The comments here show how pathetic some of our own Pakistani people are. You manage to read the entire article and miss the bold DISCLAIMER t the bottom, or pretend like you didn’t see it just so you can bash Indians? Ridiculous, immature and ignorant. No wonder there’s still so much hate and retardedness between both countries. For all the people saying Indians are idiots, take a look at yourself first. You can’t even read you illiterates have no critical thinking skills or common sense at all. Making comments like “die Indians” and ” fucking Hindus” show how uninformed you are. You do know that a lot of Indians are our very own Muslim brothers and sisters, and they are proud to be Indian just as we are proud to Pakistani. Also don’t forget your history that most of Pakistan is people who displaced in 1947 from their homes across the border and vice versa. It is politics that has made a border for Pakistan amd India, in reality and in history we are both one people who lived in peace amd harmony before the British ripped us apart using religion to do it. Before you write such awful things take a lesson in history and remember where you came from, and remember that it wasn’t very long ago. I’m ashamed that the young people in this country can still be so ignorant.

  158. lol….Beautiful piece….

    Pefect and precise!!!

  159. I actually feel for the guy who wrote this! People are not getting the satire *shakes head* Good job dude!

  160. you know, umreeka must have had a hand in all of this, bet obama made a few phone calls too!!

  161. todo……….
    Just googled for something and found a link to this web site and ended up reading this article. As pointed above under the article
    DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously
    but I wonder that this is the only thing(cricket) you have left to raise some reputation of your country. No one is ready to come to pakistan to play cricket where as pakistan is ready to anywhere. None of your cricketer is saying no to IPL, counties in uk, aus. Can I ask why? Probably money or they don’t love their country according to you bunch of jokers.

    Why your politicians are begging every where in the world?
    Where are the friends of pakistan?
    Why if other countries won’t help you are close to collapse?
    Why your policians keep saying we are fighting a mind set like a bunch of stupids on this web site?
    Why pakistanis are finding it so difficult to get visa’s of any country?

    Why the writer of this article is having an unislamic name (Dan)?
    Why the writer is not having some of your favourite name from Lashkar-e-Tayba like ulla, bulla?
    And the list goes on ……….. whole world knows

    Hope some sense prevail and you country wont end up
    recruiting your crickters from Lashkar-e-Tayba, Taliban, al qaeda etc.

    • museebat achay logoon per he aaty hai dost..!! aur humesha achaye ko he dababne ke koshish ke jaty hai..!!Thats why pakistaniz and islam is under soo much attack..because everyone is just scared..!!and thats why we are under all these probs..!! But inshAllah we will find a way out of it.:)

      P.S the article is hillarious..!! Pity indian cricket team..!!

    • No one wants to come to Pakistan eh?? Which is why mahesh bhatt is in in pak ever other day? or which is why ur playback singers are singing songs for Pakistani dramas?

      Why don’t u answer me me first –

      Why is ur 78% GDP in debt?
      Why is there insurgency in 17 states of urs?
      Why are hindu terrorists infiltrating in Indian army according to an Indian?
      Why is ur 70% population living below poverty line?
      Why does 40% of WORLD’s poor people are living in India?
      Why do 40% child marriages in the world take place in Indian?
      Why is India put in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)for failing to protect there minorities?
      Why does every country in the world receive most visa applications from India?why do Indians want to run away from India?
      Why does Narendar Modi now want Pakistani players to play for IPL?
      Why did UK players of a certain sport refuse to come to India because of ‘security’ issues?

  162. hahahhahaha way to go.
    The Disclaimer was the real joke! hahahahhahah

  163. @ ds, you can write a 200 word essay here, with hints of vulgarity and profanity in it too, but the fact it, your team is on its way home, tail between legs, and kiwi shoe polish on faces, go figure

  164. hahaha gr8 funny article based on true indian behaviour on their defeat in any field

  165. ds…i think just raising all time fav questions arent gona help u on any forum.

    Champions are always champions..besides its a game we should stick to the spirit of it.

    If u roam around on net and get links where something is said against you, you should have the courage to digest it instead of pointing fingers.

    nobody is perfect not even me and u!!!!

    What happen on national levels, how propaganda works and wat is the real game behind politics a common man can never get to it.

    So better refrain from pointing fingers or someone will show you the mirror and you cant bet that the reflection will be pretty…

  166. Simply owesome!!

  167. indians are f**king crazy they are out of there mind .. y the would ISI and Laskre tyaaba gona involve them self in cricket they have better things to do … and for india ( better try next time no hard feeling ) PAk is campion and we will INshAllah win ICC aswell as worldcup yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  168. LOLz

    They have again proven tht they r the most sickest nation and biggest enemy of pakistan .

    Well Keep Crying u idiots .

  169. i love it …….. these bloody Indians getting the tast of there own medicine ……. i try to band our team from world cricket and now they expecting us to help them in anyways what a lossers !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. lol! thank you for posting this

  171. abbay salllo disclaimer to perhoo.salay sab kay sab discalimer perhtay nahien aor lagay apnay tabsray kernay.sab salay pagal kay puter haien.most of you just do not see what is written there.bohoot time hay pakistanioon kay pass.

    pakistan zindabad .
    thats why we are miles miles away from progresss.we have manymany PHD doctors but no researchers.all f**king head of departments they just do nothing and produce ppl like this who do not even try to read things and start commenting on anything.

    DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY

  172. You people are really dumb. Can’t you read at the bottom of the page. “DISCLAIMER: The above post is purely satire and not intended to be taken seriously. I repeat – DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY”

    This is a Joke, there is no truth in it. However one must know both India and Pakistan blame each other for each other’s miserable state.
    India has superiority complex while Pakistan is indulge in extremism and fanatism. Both countries need to grow up.

  173. LolXx… F***ing Hell Joke 😀 .. lOlxXx how Can indian give this reason ?? LolXxXx…. and we have’nt seen any press conference of Rehmaan Malik.. how can Indian have seen that press Conference.. it means Rehmaan Malik is in RAW ?? 😛 LoLXxX.. nice point na ?? 😛

  174. this is really funny … i know this post is a joke but most of the indians will be thinking like this … their whole nation is sick …

  175. LOL!!!! Joke of the day!!!!! 😀

  176. Just one sentence “KHUSH KIYA HEY” 🙂

  177. It is written so professionally that it doenst feel unreal. Fantastic Job Dan.

    Keep it up
    Up in the India’s wide STD a$$

  178. Wow, Pakistanis have to be the most naive kaum there is. It’s satire, guys.

  179. its very funny to see that. indian are getting mad since they are lossing cricket tournments. y should not they get mad because cricket is their source of income and indian people are crazzy about cricket. 2nd thing is that its not posible for them to 4get the brillint defeat from our tigers.

  180. Lagta hai Indian Ministers ko salary sirf pakistan ko criticize kernay ki milti hai. Aur I think k Interior aur Exterior Minister ko Cricket ki samjh nahin hai. Agar hoti to un ko pata hota k jab misbah fell down us waqt 2 of 2 required tha. Jis ko rokna next to impossible hai.

  181. this article should be passed to the Indian Government so that they may take a lesson from the writing what they have missed yet.

  182. These indians has gone mad hahahahahahahahha

    very good work pakistan 😛

  183. Just enjoy

    Chak dy India should be replaced with

    Faigh India

  184. hahahahahaha lols @ wanted list by india

    pagal qoum hai

  185. tutututut
    india…u blame us ..den what about the first match gainst pakistan u lose…u want to fininshed international cricket in pakistan…raw agents attacks srilankan players during their visits…u jealous ppl….u got dis shame from God dat u depending on pakistan victory to get ion semi final……slap u from a paksitani nation for all ur injustice…..shame shame wat a big shame

  186. […] […]

  187. OMG…………cant stop laughing after reading this………hahahaha……….. is it cartoon netwrok or just laugh program………….. these are crocodile tears after losing the match n throw out of the tournament………… indians hero become zero in this tournament also same as T20 b4 and they want to hide there zero’s……….. not more then that………… Indian PM n minister who made this statement just think 1000 times wat r u saying n then speak…… Dam ppl i ever saw in the world……….. n runing country like india…..OMG

  188. The indian is speaking from his Ass ..

  189. that man is really weak in his head, does it make sense at all? bull shit man how could you give such statement being on such high post,
    Though i’m not a big fan of pakistan cricket team but they have been playin good cricket for last six months n so, these indian losers can’t take beating by pakistani team and now makin wild stories…i knew that indians are stupid but didn’t know this that they can go such extend………….

  190. haar ka itna dukh huwa itna sadma lag gaeya india ko… kya pata phone call bhi india k minster ne hi ki ho.. thts really funny.. cumon india .. accept tht u have lost it….

  191. i haven’t read such good humurous writing in a long time in the english language.
    but please put the disclaimer in the beginning of the article.

  192. I salute Hafiz saeed and Lashkar who by their sacrifices has sent shivers in indian spines since 1989 till onwards.. these men are precisely working and sacrificing thier lives on the left agenda of 1947.. and that is Liberation of India from the clutch of tyrranic hindu extremist who come in the faces of Modi and Purohit from time to time , who rule on the blood of minorities that live in India.
    We are nearing the day when we will see the hadith of our Prophet come true in which he said that the rulers of Hindustan will be brought in shackles and India will be liberated , the only group that is working on this notion is none other that J.A.M.A.T UD D.A.W.A and LET , every pakistani is proud of them , the whole ummah salutes them ,

    they have shown there prescense in India..they will make it a resistance before the ultimate Liberation..Inshallah..

    May God Protect Hafiz Muhammad Saeed…

    • May god protect ur balls cuz soon they will be quashed…………………..and ur already cut d-i-c-k will have no support from beneath

  193. Sick Mentality………..

  194. OOh wow…………..another Pakistani obsession for criticising India. Congratulations to THE DAWN for fuelling this issue into another hate topic for the citizens of both the countries. The fact of the matter is that today’s world cricket lives on pieces thrown by the Indian Cricket Persona and their glitter and glamour. Nobody cares a damn abt who wins the trophy. As for Pakistan cricket……………well what can i say……still begging India to play with them so that their financials improve. After what happened in Mumbai…………Pakistan should thank India that it is still playing against them and your Afridi himself said that Indians do not want to play against Pakistan and thats why they r playing with negative attitude which is the sentiment everywhere……. Guys just move on with ur lives and don’t waste time thinking abt what the Indians are thinking cuz nobody in India has time to think abt Pakistan as u guys are non existant for India.

    Also it is evident from this blog and the comments all around that u Pakistanis are living in a fools paradise and thinking that winning a game against India is the biggest thing u guys have ever achieved……………what a waste of time………..think abt ur own lives guys……..cuz that is what the Indians do and see where they have reached in the world global stage. And u guys are still laughing away to foolish glories without thinking that u are not even a piece of s-h-i-t for the anybody in the world, leave alone India.

    By the way………..after knowing that the Lashker and ISI were responsible for India’s defeat…………..and Rehman Malik accepting the same………Indian forces have scared the s-h-i-t out of Pakistani government and they are begging to solve the all outstanding issues through peaceful negotiations and US on the other hand is taking care of terrorists by Drone Attacks which has been sincerely welcomed by the Indians.

    OOH man……….I really enjoyed this and had fun and thanks to you all………ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • I guess somebdy was prayin for Pakistan to win against Australia 😛

      what’ looooooooosers 😀

  195. DQ, Congrats on giving us a successful demo on how Indian Media makes waves with their fantasy stories and has the crowd believing… You certainly caught people’s attention and have them flowing with the currant…

    With great power comes great Responsibility!

    Steer the masses towards a National Mission…

    • u don’t even know where ur left ball is and u r talking abt National Mission……………this is fu….n hilarious. All i can say is that u guys are a bunch of idiots singing a song on an airplane made famous by a band who died in an air crash………….IRONY big irony………….ooooh

  196. F*CK U INDIA …
    LOL Best team in WORLD ….
    being eliminated in both T20 & now in Champions Trophy … still NO 1 … LOL

  197. Man ..Ram..Ram…you can rub it in as much as you want….its your day! We feel proud of our Indian cricket neros who were victimised by your dirty tricks. No wonder ISI is behind this betting scam. They are running out of funds for Talibans and therefore made Aussies win…Very soon this will be proven.

  198. Satire at its desi best!
    This piece as well as some of the comments about it deserve to get published on the front page of The Onion…

  199. Indian cricket team is seeking for assylum in Pakistan bcz they have received death threats from Hindu terrorist unit RSS and RAW.

  200. this must be a joke… indians cant be serious…. it must be a joke….!!!!

  201. […] Lashkar-e-Taiba & ISI Responsible For Cricket Debacle: India Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com EXCLUSIVE […]

  202. Haha cool one.
    Indians becharay adaat say majboor hain. Hum bhala kia kar saktay hain.

  203. oh u stupid,idiot bander ki aulaad hindus!

  204. Very nice article, we wish if it was in Urdu as well.


    Khabrain International Team.

  205. Atang DQ Amazing Writting Skills =D

  206. Whenever india losses all these alligations are supposed to happen to ..just take it lightly…india is a very very good team to me far more batter in batting department..but pakistan just had a good day in the field…please please dont spoil the game cricket…

  207. this is the revenge of keeping us out of the champions league ………..

    Pakistan Zindabad


  209. pakistan zindabad! india looser….

  210. Yeh Prasar Bharti Ha….Pakistani Ghus Baithyon nai Dakhsin Africa kai maidan Centurian main bharat ki cricket saina ko buri tara peet daala bharat nai ugarwaad ki is karawai kai zimindar PCB Alqaeeda and Haji Shoaib Malik Al Zawahiri per lagatay… huai suboot America ko faraham ker diay hain..Samachar Samapt Hua ….Tain HindRead More

  211. Yeh Prasar Bharti Ha….Pakistani Ghus Baithyon nai Dakhsin Africa kai maidan Centurian main bharat ki cricket saina ko buri tara peet daala bharat nai ugarwaad ki is karawai kai zimindar PCB Alqaeeda and Haji Shoaib Malik Al Zawahiri per lagatay huai suboot America ko faraham ker diay hain..Samachar Samapt Hua ….Tain Hind

  212. its hilarious! i wonder who wrote it……the guy had a good sense of humour 😀

  213. ha ha ha hah … it is very nice joke yaar.

  214. Is anyone going to raise flag and point a finger towards india for her terorrist attack on sri lankan team in Pakistan?????

  215. Y u ppl dnt c d disclamer?………u r making fool of urselves…….and making the indians to laugh over u………….

  216. yo maan.now pakistani bhaijaans will say that an indian spectator distracted younus khan and thus he dropped the catch of grant elliot.

    btw how do these bhaijaans believe that they have a better team than the indians when their fielding is comparable to BERMUA

    • Every great fielder has dropped a catch in every team so shurrr!

      What is weird is most Indians see the joke made on India but ignore that even Rehman malik has been made fun of in the article!

  217. Self centerd people of India. You may expect anything from them. They are liar of the frist order.They can not see Pakistan Growing. Actually they are the terrorists who are playing underneath, funding and supplying arms to the NWFP extremists. That are the proven facts. Pakistan Army concludes during the Swat operation. People of Pakistan knows how to defend and deal these bloody conspiracy. Good Bless Pakistan. Pakistan Zinda Baad.

  218. In similar fashion the president of Pak, chief of staff, head of the ISI, LET, JET, MET and NET accused the BCCI of influcing Simon Tauffel to adjudge Umar Akmal LBW in a clear howler of a mistake. Claiming that BCCI was infuriated with Pak throwing the game against Australia they convened an emergency meeting of the ICC where a clear order was given to give wrong decisions if it looked like Pak was going to win. The BCCI is taking this lying down as they have had a laughing fit since this news broke

  219. Very funy 🙂 :)… Ya Indain hindo! Jews ki najaiz Oulad en k Ministers kya pass kuch kam nahi hai, all indain’s like a cow shit…….

  220. Although this was a joke but then Pakistani minister has exactly did this hahahahahha

    A senior Sindh minister accused India of influencing umpires to get Pakistan ousted from the Champions Trophy semifinal in South Africa.

    Muhammad Ali Shah, the minister for Sports and a member of the Pakistan Cricket Board governing council, suspected India’s role in the sub-standard umpiring, leading to Pakistan’s defeat against New Zealand.

    “Definitely, it is clear that India were miffed at not qualifying for the semi-finals after Pakistan lost to Australia and they took their revenge in their own way. They influenced the umpires to favour New Zealand,” Shah told reporters.


  221. one of the funniest topic of the world….: what to do now? can anyone have mind like him, them??? check it.. https://pakistankakhudahafiz.wordpress.com/2009/09/30/lashkar-e-taiba-responsible-for-cricket-debacle-india/, india me kahten hai k agar barish tez ho jaye, flodd aa jaye, zal zala aajye.. to india ministar ko us sab me bhi yahi lagta hai k PAK ne kiya..kahawat ho chuki hai ab yahan aisee,

  222. LOL! 😀
    Nice post, though people here sure didn’t read the disclaimer properly. 😛
    Peace! 🙂

  223. What a bunch of losers.

  224. hahahahaha, good joke. keep on laughing people.

  225. Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting, aged 36 and 34 respectively, have rejuvenated themselves enough to be back at the top of their games, in different ways. Not that the dips were long, but there have been stifled, sporadic calls for them to quit at least one form of the game, if not both. For players who have played so well for so long, motivation is not likely to be an issue, but it is also conspicuous they now derive joy from different aspects of their games.

    Tendulkar has been remarkable for not living in denial. He realised long before the rest of the world did that he needed to change his game. He respected age. He stopped making jaws drop, and instead began to appeal to the wise heads that will admire a swallowed ego and a more complete batsman. For about a couple of years we found it hard to reconcile the consciously cautious man of this decade with the terror that bowlers knew in the one before. As with all rediscoveries, this took some time, and once the new Tendulkar started scoring consistently again, we began to marvel. Genius had worked, and we didn’t even realise.

    Since the start of the year 2008, Tendulkar has averaged 47.05 (career average 44.48) and struck at 90.22 per 100 balls (career strike-rate 85.74). That he has played just 23 matches over the period shows he has picked and chosen. It’s a conscious effort to stay fit and ready till the 2011 World Cup, something that can’t be easy for a man who has played through pain for most of his career. But he wants another shot at the World Cup, missing which might cause him more mental pain than the physical pain he has endured. And when it comes to the next biggest challenge, playing Ponting’s men, it is natural he play.

    Australia, though, don’t evoke the awe they used to or the aura they used to carry. Ponting’s has been a bittersweet experience of captaining the side: two Ashes losses in themselves would have been reason enough for capital punishment for an Australian captain in an era gone by. A first-round exit in the 2009 World Twenty20 goes with it. But Ponting and the Australian board realise that perhaps their team has to spend time rediscovering itself, much like Tendulkar has done with his game. It shows in how they don’t talk big before the big series; winning has become the new talking.

    Although Ponting may not figure in the list of greatest captains from Australia, his team, like Tendulkar’s game, has maintained a certain level of efficiency. But Ponting needed to do more than chew nails, spit in his hands, look frustrated on the field and get frustrated on the field, and that need to express himself has manifested itself best in his batting. It is remarkable that captaining a side that has fallen from the lofty Australian standards of years gone by has not had any conspicuous effect on his batting. Perhaps it has contributed to him taking it a notch higher. The batting crease is the only place he can carry his brashness to. Frankly, what would the best hooker and puller in the world be without that last ounce of brashness?

    Can Ponting bring that quality to a country that hasn’t been kind to his batting, with the added burden of leading an inexperienced line-up? For once he will get to put himself in Tendulkar’s shoes. In the 46 ODIs that these men have played against each other, Ponting has been on the winning side 28 times. In those 28 games, his average has risen from a career 43.16 to 52.6, an expected variation. But in the 15 games that Tendulkar has won, he has had to raise his game to an extent where his average goes from a career 44.48 to 84.28.

    Roles have changed slightly now. Tendulkar has Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni around him; Ponting makes his way in after an unsettled opening combination, and is followed by Michael Hussey, Cameron White and James Hopes.

    Even at their ages, and despite the presence of young dashers, these two men make for the most intriguing contest of the series. What’s more, Ponting has to lead a somewhat unfancied batting line-up in this series. It’s a combination that sometimes manages to get the worst out of them, and might just provide one of the separators in the Greatest of Our Time debate

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