US threatens to attack Quetta

September 28, 2009

Its high time we stopped compromising on our sovereignty and declared US a hostile state. Shut down the US Embassy and consulates, order all US diplomatic staff to leave the country with immediate effect, shut down NATO and US supply routes and respond in kind with a threat to launch a full-scale military offensive on US bases in Afghanistan if Pakistani Airspace is breached.

The United States is threatening to launch airstrikes on Mullah Omar and the Taliban leadership in Quetta as frustration mounts about the ease with which they find sanctuary across the border from Afghanistan, according to a The Sunday Times report. The threat comes amid growing divisions in Washington about whether to deal with the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan by sending more troops or by reducing them and targeting the terrorists. This weekend the US military was expected to send a request to Defence Secretary Robert Gates for more troops, as urged by Gen Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan.  In a leaked strategic assessment of the war, Gen McChrystal warned that he needed extra reinforcements within a year to avert the risk of failure. Although no figure was given, he is believed to be seeking up to 40,000 troops to add to the 68,000 who will be in Afghanistan by the end of this year.  US Vice-President Joe Biden has suggested reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan and focusing on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Pakistan.  Last week Gen McChrystal denied any rift with the administration, saying, “a policy debate is warranted.”

So sensitive is the subject that when US President Barack Obama addressed the UN summit in New York, he barely mentioned Afghanistan. 
The Times reports the unspoken problem is that if the priority is to destroy Al-Qaeda and reduce the global terrorist threat, western troops might be fighting on the wrong side of the border. 
The Biden camp argues that attacks by unmanned drones on Pakistan’s tribal areas, where Al-Qaeda’s leaders are hiding, have been successful. Sending more troops to Afghanistan has only inflamed tensions. 
“Pakistan is the nuclear elephant in the room,” said a western diplomat. 
It is a view echoed by Richard Barrett, head of the UN Commission on Monitoring Taliban and Al-Qaeda, who believes the presence of foreign troops has increased militant activity and made it easier for the Taliban to recruit. 
“If Obama sends more troops, it would better be clear what they are to do,” he said. 
“A few thousand more boots on the ground may not make much difference except push the fight into areas which are currently quiet because no one is there to challenge the Taliban. I cannot see any number of troops eliminating the Taliban. Obama has a really difficult decision to make.”



  1. the americans are bloody , bastard …we are going to destroy US, Israel, India, UK very soon as well as our corrupt leaders …by hanging them on the polls of islamabad…..inshallah…very soon !!!

    • whats ur plans in this regard? I want to help u too..

      • there is a plan but this isnt a place…our current govt is nothing but puppets as they had during slavery times…freedom was delayed to 1947 because of people like these who sold nation’s interest for personal interest….
        just the methode changed but it changed the shape of slavery…
        here are few words for those areas of pakistan which allready seen the fire and our govt and musharaf is the ones which striked the match!
        before it was hands now its the brains …all i see is chains on the blind folded nation that remains…
        Let me hear sounds of the chains as you walk..let me hear sounds of your pain as we talk…
        let me see tears in your eyes…let me hear pain in your cries…another wound drips through soul of my land…the one that stabed is a deciever dressed in my own hand…

  2. Our Pakistani govt is responsible for this.This is totelly Pak Government fault !!! Islamabad government and Pak Army should take effective action against it with the faver of Pakistani nation.
    (Kill the world bigest terrorists ,usa,israel,india)
    Islam Zindabaad !
    Pakistan Payindabaad !

    • If You Are Thinking That Current Govt Will Do Anything Against The Interest Of US Govt. It’s Our Mistake It’s The Chain Of Dishonest Peoples As Mr Zradari After Mr Musharref. All Are Working On Personal Agenda Instead Of National Iterest. Mr Musharref Has Saved So Many USD Against The Security Of PAKISTAN And Sold Many Peolpes To US.

      But Don’t Worry Our ARMY & ISI Will Dafinately Watching The Situation. They Are Not Sleeping & INSHAALLAH They Will Do Everything For The Security & Safity Of Our Homeland.

  3. SIR WT CAN V DO KNOW….????
    our leaders are just sitting keep quit but one day will come and on thatday we the young generation of pakistan will throw these white bastards out of our country………iNsHaAlLaH…….nd this day will come very soon……….!!!!pakistan zindabad…..!!!!

  4. Destroy the America , Israel & also India.

  5. I fully support you


  7. This is all about our political leaders all of them are corrupt and always wanted to happy america so they will give them a next chance to govern a country they all taking their turns….

  8. Our political leaders are just the

  9. Our political leaders are just the servants of ammericans . They all are corrupt go to hell ya ammericans and black water

  10. Destroy ammerica , india , and israel

  11. […] : "http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F09%2F30%2Fus-threatens-to-attack-quetta%2F" } PKKH Its high time we stopped compromising on our sovereignty and declared US a hostile state. Shut down […]

  12. dear friend,
    by saying “america,india & israel”…can never been destroyred by words.our whole nation is responsible for this..we made our selves servants of america..we were always dependant on their so called funds.and never question them for any of their actions they have taken advantage of us.the government you blame ..is from us..we r corrupt so they r corrupt to..as it is said in holy quran..”the nation gets leaders like themselves”..our goverment have sold us in dollars to those americans..our muslim unity has been broken..these all things are due to us that we have not done right ..and always blame pollitical leaders

  13. The most concerning element in this development is our army n ISI is silent in this matter ….y v r giving 75% budget to Defense only to sit idol .. em not against our army but they should respond accordingly n specially ISI should play their role in this situation .

  14. Allah pak ko apnay hifz o aman mai rakhay aur ab musalmano ko hadayat de.

  15. Pakistanio ne amrika se 60 saal se dosti rakhi hain.They have profited from american aid and weapons.Using freebies from USA they have boosted their defence agianst India.
    Now look at them howling!!!!!!!

    And why is this destroy israel and india slogan so popular!!!!
    We are doing nothing to yu.
    Frankly, we do not need to!
    You guys are destroying pakistan YOURSELVES.

    Hum to nazara dekh rahein hain aur uska lutf uth rahein hain!
    Apni activities zari rakhein jaanab.

    • You are so right ! Mumbai episode was so beautiful ! Son, India has started getting the taste of Western friendship. Go to ALERTS issued to their citizens by American, British & Israeli consulates in India to be vigilant and aware of possible Terrorist threats.
      I guess it is clear that Indian Turf will be a booming Terrorist Trade Business for the West. Just wait and see…

  16. Dear Pakistani friends, I agree with you on the fact that the U.S. military should leave immediately for your country. But make no mistake fighting! It is not by insulting the “white” (myself included), or by mixing any. India and Israel have nothing to do with this story. Be more moderate your words. Hatred does not generate peace, quite the contrary. Regards. Your French friend.

    • Dear Friend,
      I appreciate you commenting on the subject. Please don’t take opinions of few people to make your opinion about the people of Pakistan.

      No offense Intended, please research a bit more about the states sponsored terrorism in Pakistan in the name of WAR ON TERROR and maybe you’ll understand the views. Pakistan is a victim of hypocrisy, dual policies and harassment from it’s ally country with the help of it’s enemies. If you argue that India & Israel have nothing to do with it, FYI USA didn’t attack from the front to break USSR.

      The silence of International community today also shows their political weakness & helplessness towards solving global problems…

      I LUV RENAULT… 😉


  17. You’re probably right. I do not know enough about the case. I am not a critique on your people! But there are some words that can kill! It should rather speak of governments because it is the governments of these countries that its perpetrators, not people. I support the Pakistani people, like Palestine or that of Chechnya. I am an activist of Human Rights. The U.S. government complicity with the Israeli government and Indian conspired against your country, therefore, it is the governments! to say “white men” is to assimilate all “white men”! And if the international community had been so silent, I had never heard of this story!
    Yes, you are victims in need of support. But this is not by insulting people that you will leave. Do not put himself at their level which is already very low! The American people is one of the least educated people! So for us to make their education!

    • You are correct and your point is well taken,,, I wish we find more people to engage in constructive dialogues and building bridges instead of raising walls & hatred among the masses. Arent democratic Governments the elected representatives of the people? I hope they are not practicing the same in the West by imposing people that the masses don’t normally support. As silence from states and the people as well seem to be endorsing the falsely lead propaganda against Pakistan and in general the failed quest of WMD in Iraq & similarly the Afghanistan war with no results. There should be more protests in the International community (as they have a responsibility directly or Indirectly as their Governments are supporting NATO or US) to stop the tyrants & bullies. I wish for people to understand that Pakistan is a moderate Islamic country that takes pride in it’s culture and diversity just like any other sovereign country. It should be respected at all costs and failing to do so will continue a vice versa behavior of ignorance to the west which is more devastating as the moderate elements feel isolated & face bias opinions…

  18. Hello,
    I am pleased to have this kind of conversation friendly and constructive information. I agree on the point that Pakistan is a moderate Islamic country, I would add the term democracy because you have proven in recent elections. I would also say that within Europe, all is not rosy. Indeed, many decisions are taken in favor of the rich (employers, banks) and to the detriment of the people. In 2005 there was a vote for YES or NO to the European constitution. The NO had won. And, well, the French government fell from power in denying our decisions. Can we talk about democracy? I doubt it!
    There are many protests against the war (Iraq, Afghanistan), but they are stifled or repressed.
    It’s the reign of the bonus money! The arms sale was never paid as much as now! China has even become a producer of weapons of mass destruction and no one says anything.
    Do not, under the pretext of terrorism, invade a sovereign country that tries to live normally.
    Yes! We must protest!

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