The Onslaught of Indian Media.

September 28, 2009

Saadullah Aleem | PKKH

It is time to shed some light on the electronic media of our neighbouring country and the effects that it has on our society especially on our youth and the anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistani feelings that it is exciting.

For many years, Indians have been using their media to despoil Pakistani society by injecting their own culture into it. This is quite dangerous as both of these countries, Pakistan and India, share a somewhat similar culture and language. Thus, some Pakistanis end up thinking that there is little or no difference between these two nations. Tune into any Pakistani radio station on a Saturday evening and you will find almost all of them playing tunes from Indian flicks that they term as ‘Desi’. And that’s not it, even our own “Free Media” is helping them out by copying the styles of their TV shows and Dramas, abolishing the decency that the Pakistani telefilm industry(especially PTV) possessed for years.

Depicting Muslims as terrorists and fantasizing to defeat a great many of them; creating and promoting the hoax of a direct linkage between Islam and Terrorism; promoting anti-Islamic and anti-Pakistan feelings is standard practice.These are the general traits of the Indian film industry a.k.a Bollywood. As mentioned earlier, the Indians find Bollywood a very robust medium to spread propaganda.

As I am writing this, my brother while switching the channels, has come across a movie starring Mr. Bobby Deol or Sunny Deol or whatever this gentleman calls himself, where he fantasizes to defeat (beat up) many bad guys at the same time. Well guess what, the bad guys have been depicted as Muslims, wearing Shalwar kameez and praying hats etc. It doesn’t matter much that Bobby Deol or Sunny Deol has scored more flops than the Indian DRDO. What I’m trying to emphasize here is that this is the true face of the biased puppet Indian media.

The keen interest that our youth takes in adopting this false altered “Desi Culture” has turned out to be a lethal threat to the moral values that our religion and ancestors taught us. The western culture also poses somewhat similar threat to these moral values. But as mentioned above, the similarities between the language and culture of Pakistan and India make the threat posed by “Bollywood” more severe.

Besides spreading propaganda and being hoaxers, the Indian film-makers also have a habit of visualizing their pathetic fantasies, as if their brave army, who in reality takes on unarmed poor Kashmiris and gets crushed by rag-tag liberation armies of various Indian regions (whose number is well above 150), really defeated Pakistan heavily in the Kargil War. Not to mention the “Incredible India” myth that these people believe in. Well, I would have believed in it myself and agreed with my graceless Indian friends if the population of India only consisted of the mere 3-6% combined elite and middle-classes. Also, if I had not read the article titled “India’s damned generation go hungry despite economic boom” by Jeremy Page, and others like it.

The support and applause that Bollywood gets from the Western world should not be something to be astonished about. As anything which is a little professional and promotes the debauching false culture which has already decimated Western society is bound to be appreciated. Iranian filmmakers are quite professional and depict a very believable image of their society. Yet their art is not appreciated by the Western film-makers.

In a nuthsell, the Indian media, especially Bollywood, is nothing but a puppet of Hindu Zionists who use it to fulfill their own interests. As all forms of Zionism are based on thirst for power and wealth, therefore it is also a menace for India itself. As these people are involved in rotting and despoiling Indian society and turning it into a “cultural and nutritional weakling,” a spit on the face of humanity in my opinion. The Indianization of Pakistan through the Indian media and the myth of a secular Jinnah are acting as pretexts to some circles of like-minded elitist Pakistanis and Indians to spread the hoax that the partition of the subcontinent was unnecessary. This is exactly what the Hindu bunya wants as it would be of immense help to fulfill their dream of Akhand-Bharat. This menace has to be tackled and taken seriously.



  1. Pls get rid of your own paranoia and limited knowledge of bollywood.NO BOLLYWOOD movie EVER denigrates Indian Muslims.Everone here is well aware that the so called men in Islamic motife are depicting Pakistani terrorists.So rest easy.There are 130 million muslims in India, more intelligent and freer of paranoia than the average pakistani.Torn between anti-americanism , yet their biggest puppets.Claiming to be a democracy, yet incapable of handling their own affairs without the Pak army or without US or Chinese or saudi crutches.The Indian media is free and open.Its is the professional and where deserved, the biggest critic of the government.Pls improve yur Lollywood, update yurself, free yurself from myths unique to a pakistani, and open yurself to a wider open world.

    • Indian free media eh?

      Which is why narendar modi banned all the channels in Gujarat when videos were released of him helping hindu extremists kill as many muslims as they can.

      Please do ur research on this subject as well all the major channels are owned by people of various political parties or there relatives!

  2. haha what kind of retard wrote this article?

    Bollywood makes muslims terrorists? Have u seen the latest bwood movie New York? what were muslims depicted as there?

    dear Saadullah Aleem . plz research b4 writing here.

    Also. To all Pakistanis: Plz dont watch indian movies if u dont want to.

    • You twit !!
      Research b4 writing??

      Huh !!

      This topic needs no research
      You guys have been filming shit about the Muslims and pakistan for the last 20 years or so.
      Calling Saadullah a retard??
      You are a retard yourself, hypocrite

      • think b4 u speak boy. you r just writing nonsense

    • Fuck off and die πŸ™‚

  3. Is this guy in his senses?He gives BIGOT a new definition.

  4. @sal…newyork is an exception and even this film has a little anti muslim tone but majority of bollywood films are anti islamic and anti pakistani..and one more thing..we dont watch ur stupid movies because we want to learn something from it..we watch it because it makes us understand the stupidity of ur media and ur thinking…beside its not ur fault..u cant gain a common sense by goin to temples:)so go cry to ur mama..the article is 100%correct

    • newyork is an exception? what abt chak de india?
      what does it say about indian muslims and pakistan?
      when has bwood ever been anti-pak? The fact is we indians dont care about pak unless it comes to terrorism.

      Think b4 u speak my dear

  5. Bolly-wood is one of the most secular of Indian entertainment.There are 130 million muslims in India, as most Pakistani’s seem to forget.Just a few million less than in Pakistan.
    You think a Bollywood producer wld be mad enough to show something anti-religious, let one anti-islam.He/she is there to make profit, not to stoke communal passions and get arrested.
    Now if being anti-pakistani is anti-islamic that is stretching things too far.Pakistan is just another country, it by no way represents islam or the billions of its followers worldwide.Its not Saudi Arabia, guardian or islamic lands or birth place of Islam. So anti-pak imagery in Bollywood is ANTI-PAK not Anti-muslim.
    Off course if, you are the follower of the TTP or Afghan Taliban, then, any song , dance or movie would be anti-islamic.

    • Just by some itty -bitty examples at Lahore yu stake claim to the entire muslim legacy.Yu DO not represent muslims of the world nor the 130 million muslims of India.The examples of Mughal and muslim architecture in India is so vast that pages could be filled.Just google and yu can see.Pakis seem to believe that whatever is muslim or islamic is theirs!!!!

      BTW East Pakistan or bangladesh NOW, was it never a part of Pakistan!One does not see any turk, arab ancestry out there.And the Indian Muslims, was it pre-decided that their Blood line and traditions are Different.During partition i expect yu were there at the border, ensuring that only turkic, arab or central asian ancestry muslims migrated from India to pak!!!!!

      Let me repeat, medieval muslim indian history is a part of Indian tradition and culture.Pakis ne musalmano ya islam ka theka nahi liya hua hai!
      Go find yur own traditions instead of claiming my heritage!!

      • Dear rajk i think you need to grow up alot before speaking as your child like comments simply reflect your idiotic way of thinking. PLEASE DONT CASH IN ON THE NAME INDIA AS IT NOW PAKISTAN BANGLADESH AND DIVIDED. Pakistan is a new name on the globe unlike India and hence can’t claim to be ancestors of other countries. I believe you were conceived before your father and currently know a 2 year old as your father. India calims all heritage for things that was medieval has been divided clearly. GO GET YOUR facts right. ONE thing i agree YES WE DON’t represent all Muslims but surely well represent most of the Muslims unlike the Muslims of India who get a bullet and a blade and raped for being a Muslim….

  6. love the article. its exactly what i think, pakistanis are being influenced by the stupid indians because they some how feel that they are the same but we have to overcome this and recognise who we really are.

    • and what is that? a bunch of terrorists?

      get over yourself.

    • FEEL the same as pakistanis!
      ARE yu crazy.
      WHO in this world would want to be known as or be similiar to a pakistani.
      The country where a drone a day is sent by the USA, kill hundreds of pakistanis, and NOT A PEEP out any pakistani leader or its so called army.
      You do not have your own history, yu try to patheticlally to cling to the history of Afghans, arabs, central asia and India.YU are a country with no past civilisation, no great leaders, ideas or a capacity to govern.There is no such thing as a pakaistani language dance , cuisine, culture! Only the facade of adherence to islam gives yu some identity.Even that is flawed since bangladesh, india, srilanka together have more muslims than pak.
      PAkistan, Homeland of south asian muslims INDEED!!!

      • @sal
        Hindu terrorists in Indian army, Indian political parties affiliated with them and even involved in terrorist activities in all ur neighboring countries … after all that and MUCH MORE you have the guts to call Pakistanis ‘bunch of terrorists’… why don’t you get over urself first!!


        The majority of Pakistanis have ancestors who were arabs,afghanis, persians and turks. These people settled in Pakistani areas when they conquered them and many of those even settled who came to invite people to Islam. There are even non muslims like the people of Kalash whose ancestors are the soldiers of Alexander’s army. There is even a family whose ancestor was one of the companions of Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and they have been given a certificate of proof by the government of KSA saying that they have direct blood line with him. All these people are present day Pakistanis.

        Secondly all the famous dishes (biryani,haleem,naan, sweets etc), amazing architectural designs (taj mahal), dress (sherwani) in fact even the ‘heena’ you apply during wedding ceremonies was introduced/created during the Mughal era who were the afghans, turks, persians (ancestors of Pakistanis..Muslims).

        Pakistan is INDEED homeland for south asian muslims, A MUSLIM COUNTRY, which is the 2nd largest in the world!

        Don’t comment on stuff u have knowledge about!

    • IM,there yu go again with your pakistani myth building excercise.
      The seat of power, whether it was the sultanate kings,the mughals WAS NEAR AND IN around DElhi. agra and later in tthe deccan in south India.Pakistan was just a sidey peripherary.The best examples of mughal architecture are In india, like the TAj, REd Fort, Agra Fort.Pakistan was never the seat of power on ANY major power ever.How the hell are YOU CLAIMING parts of Indian medieval history and culture.Mughlai cooking and TAJ is OUR Culture NOT yurs.EVER heard OF Pakistani cuisine abroad,Even Pakis and Bangladeshi resturaunts advtse as Indian food and eateries.
      STOP taking the names and culture of others.

      Go to a arab, afghan website or board and see how BROTHERLY they feel about pakis.
      The truth is pakis are nowhere.They try to stay away from their south asian roots, while the very arabs, afghans, turks reject them as losers.Ever heard of any arab, afghani, turk call pak as part of his culture or history!!!!

      • Rajk

        Myth Building? Lahore has successively served as the capital of the empires of the Shahi kingdoms in the 11th century, The Ghaznavids in the 12th century, the Ghurid State in the 12th and 13th century, the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. Mughal structures such as the Badshahi Mosque, the Lahore Fort, Shalimar Gardens, and the mausolea of Jehangir and Nur Jehan are popular tourist attractions.

        The mughal empire was spread across lahore,delhi etc at various times, in fact Islam first came in the Pakistani areas, when a Muslim warrior came to save a woman who called for help.

        I don’t need to go to any website to see ‘brotherly’ love from people of other nations because I live in ME and have met lot of arabs and many arabs in UAE acknowledge that there roots are Pakistani or persians they came here before partition. Even the famous ‘beloushi’ family of UAE say there ancestors were from Balochistan Pakistan. In fact even Indians say they were from Lahore or peshawar before Partition!

        And NEVER have I seen any Pakistani restaurant claiming to have ‘INDIAN’ food when it doesn’t have, it is always advertised as ‘Pakistani food’ … in fact lot of Indians and foreigners prefer eating at ‘Karachi darbar’ rather than ‘Delhi darbar’ for desi food. You have to come to ME to see that!

        And btw what is ur ‘history’?? ur ‘culture’?? You are the ones clinging to the history of ‘arabs,afghanis,turks, persians etc’ who are the ancestors of Pakistanis, you stop taking names of the cultures of others!

      • One more thing u dumb@$$ they (arab,afghanis,turks,persians) are ancestors of Pakistani people, we are NOT there ancestors (that example is very less and when there is they acknowledge that)! We are following the culture, cuisine, dress of OUR ancestors!

      • Son people know OLD INDIA for INDIA ONLY. YOU have been divided in to pieces and will further divide in to more and YES Pakistan is well present and has It’s unique way of life & culture and has India by the balls SO GET OVER IT!!!

    • Just by some itty -bitty examples at Lahore yu stake claim to the entire muslim legacy.Yu DO not represent muslims of the world nor the 130 million muslims of India.The examples of Mughal and muslim architecture in India is so vast that pages could be filled.Just google and yu can see.Pakis seem to believe that whatever is muslim or islamic is theirs!!!!

      BTW East Pakistan or bangladesh NOW, was it never a part of Pakistan!One does not see any turk, arab ancestry out there.And the Indian Muslims, was it pre-decided that their Blood line and traditions are Different.During partition i expect yu were there at the border, ensuring that only turkic, arab or central asian ancestry muslims migrated from India to pak!!!!!

      Let me repeat, medieval muslim indian history is a part of Indian tradition and culture.Pakis ne musalmano ya islam ka theka nahi liya hua hai!
      Go find yur own traditions instead of claiming my heritage!!
      by rajk October 1, 2009 at 11:13 pm

      • Rajk

        I think you never looked at the map link I pasted which shows the area ruled by mughal empires at various period of time, it is not just limited to lahore!

        I never said Indian muslims don’t have ancestors who were arabs,turks etc, but HINDUS like you don’t have those ancestors. It has even come in research that Pakistan have the most mixed ancestors compared to any other country! India does not have coz majority are Hindus who were already settled in India! One more thing I said in my earlier post ‘MAJORITY’ of Pakistanis have ancestors who were arabs, turks, persians etc not ‘ALL’!!

        WE ARE FOLLOWING THE TRADITIONS OF OUR ANCESTORS, Tumne bhi sab mughal empire ka theka nahi liya hua, jo bakwaas kar rahay ho woh tumharay thay! Tum tau hindu ho tumharay tau bilkul hi nahi ho saktay!

      • IM,

        How many Muslims came from turkey,arabia or other places!
        Could they be the millions of today.
        The majority of muslim’s in south asia are converts as a result of the spread of Islam.
        You think all the muslims in India and pakistan came as bag and baggage with the Turks or mughals!
        MUghals ka culure aur history theka humne liya hai kyonki woh hamera desh ka aaj bhi hissa hai.
        Pakistan is welcome to partake in it.BUT not to claim that all its legacy and traditions shifted bag and baggage to pakistan after partition.

      • Rajk

        They came in thousands but how many came the arabs came, the afghanis came, the turks came, the persians came. All these came bringing thousands of men and it’s not like when they were defeated they left, they stayed but there rule was over. All these men add up to millions only.

        In Pakistan majority have ancestors who are afghanis, persians etc and yes even people whose ancestors were Hindus and many punjabi muslims ancestors were sikhs.

        If you talk about “south asia” that is different in that case yes majority are hindu/Buddhist converts to Islam.

        As I said earlier there are people in India as well whose ancestors were afghanis, turks etc and I never said we took all to Pakistan!

        It is you who said “we have try to pathetically cling to the history of arabs, persians etc and we have no history” which is why I told you about the ancestors of most Pakistanis!


  7. Well finally a good topic. Guys it is so true and sad at the same time. I have been to India and have seen the way they only have Indian channels only on their local cable system and promoting only what ever they want to the masses to the extent that the masses only know the stories to be facts and follow it like religion. Their knowledge of the outside world is limited to only Indian Media. Bollywood is another way of keeping their local masses engaged and living in a fantasy world where they think they can also get some Ashwariya in their life and continue to be wanna be sharruks and similarly Pakistan bashing movies believed to be true. I personally have seen an Indian making 50Rs. / day and assigning 35Rs. for watching a movie. This is how much they are addicted and controlled by the industry. I can’t find it difficult to believe how India has managed to pull itself together for all these years and controlling such a huge population mostly through their media. I think it is a credit on how they do it.
    The sad part is our Pakistani society for the past 15 years is also following suit. Pakistani Media was distinguished clearly from the Indian Media by their choice of shows, morals, ethics & selection. Today nearly all of our Private channels are playing a little bit or more of Indian tunes, movies, flicks. We are made to think that it is our culture but it is not. Our ladies are addicted to serials like “sans bhi kabhi bahi thi” which i don’t need to explain is promoting only vulgarity.
    I would also like to share a shocking story that I have witnessed in a Pakistani wedding in Karachi when the time came for the barat to leave. The bride and groom started walking towards their car when a small boy very innocently asked his mother, where are they going? The mother replied:”Beta dulhan dhula ghar ja rahay hain” The boy said” abhi kaise jaenge? inho nein to aag ke phere bhi nahi liey? ” Yes this is our new generation talking. Think of what this boy will be believing when he reaches maturity along with constant Influence of Indian media on our society. Ladies would like to see Indian dog gone dramas as it is full of fitna fasad. I have met many Indian families as well that condemn the drama and say that they are having a negative effect on their families aswell…
    It is a grave situation that if Indians are not conquering in the battle fields they sure are conquering our society through their ill media.

    • stop lying. child

      • DAMN INDIA’s OBSESSION WITH PAKISTAN!! Get lost and get a life man. I think Your country isn’t offering you much, that’s why you are here to feed your low self esteem!

        I have seen it a number of times & been there and I know very well the Shining India myth & bullshit !

    • true
      and do u know
      it was a lawsuit that forced the indian channel to shut down “Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”
      And the people who file it were Indians themselves πŸ™‚

  8. very well depicted Article before his writing i don’t remember when i stop watching Indian crap media …

  9. I am Indian and a Muslim as well. I am proud to be an indian and more muslim than millions of you across the border who, by virtue of your birth alone, can be called a muslim. Please grow up. We in india have all the freedom that you pakistanis can’t heve for another ten generations. You talk about your own minorities. The Christians in Pakistan are being burnt and beaten to death in the name of Islam. You are the biggest enemy of Islam.

    • Ayodhya probably makes a sick person like you proud only. Gujrat may be a way of celebration for you only. I have relatives and have Muslim friends from India and I know what they very well say about INDIA. My dilemma is that I can’t insult much of you simply as you claim to be a Muslim. YOu are the ones you misinterpret Islam & probably will be rewarded soon by being raped, or slaughtered by an extremist / terrorist fu** hindu in your great freedom… Grow UP boy! and stop living a life of myth where you promote is hindu muslim bhai bhai. We all know that probably you are more likely to be the Charpai!

    • Ray
      If you are talking about blasphemy than I’m sure ur media didn’t tell you that even muslims have been killed because of misuse of the law, which has even been layed down in Islam.

      Btw it is India that has been put in the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)watch list due to failing to provide security to minorities NOT Pakistan.

  10. I dont think we need to reply to these sick retarded complex having people, my fellow pakistanis πŸ™‚

    Peace πŸ™‚

    • True, We need to recognize that we are being Injected with Indian Bull shit Entertainment that is having a negative impact on our society/culture and ethics. We should boycott it and discourage it. I personally was never a fan of the Indian Media and know not much of their film industry or celebrities. I only tune in to their News Channels when I feel like I need to laugh! The faggot Indian Media is promoting only vulgarity & hate among the masses and are Indirectly entering our society in to our everyday life. We should stop it, and the best way is by starting it yourself and influence people around you to follow suit…

  11. i agree with u 100% Saad . Even Indian ppl are now in Complex due to their media . they display family fightings in their drama and specially anti-pakistan stuff .. even when their own team India lost the event they just burst on them badly forgetting their previous victories … Indian Media Sucks a big deal ..

  12. The Hindu Cyber Zionists have been hurt where it hurts the most πŸ˜‰

    No wonder they come rampaging their filthy selves where they try to create a very intellectual presentation of themselves by follishly and worhtlessly trying to refute the truth that has been mentioned brilliantly in the article πŸ™‚

    • well said πŸ™‚

  13. heheheh …. I saw the video on Youtube .. Azhar Mani show in some Doleman mall.. they kept topic .. where Indian flims to be allowed in Paki land or not.. Almost all said yes… one guy was very smart he asked opponet ” are Indiabn flims nahi aayengi to kya Pusto aur punjabi flims dekhenge” .. moral of story is Paki land is starved of entertainment and Indian flims are giving what they want… if you & all your bloggers have powers to stop them stop. but today itself I saw add in Dawn e-paper about movie “wake up Sid in Urdu” … the movie is dubbed in urdu to aam pakistanies .. all know people who write agianst it are watching it … becuase you guys do not have options .. you may claims your ancestry anywhere ( arabs and all).. the truth is 99% pakistanis cannot read, write, speak Arabic.. so I suggest watch it .. don’t watch on Piriated CDs but watch in cinemas and enjoy buddy !
    There was Urdu channel clip on Youtube .. one Paki Parliament member bashing hindi movies.. and guess what .. That hos itself told .. that our people do not have option as even if it is indian but we understand and enjoy… so don’t worry .. & enjoy movies…
    Lastly, “Kyon ki Ssas bhi sabhi Bahu thi” is not Indian television.. if Pakistani ladies are enjoying this, then I really feel sorry about them that they are deply deprived of entertainment.. that they like anythnig shown on TV screen by Indian tc.. KSBKBT is not at all popular tv serial in India.. and I don’t know which is

  14. I am not sure of what this USCIRF means. the main topic is Bollywood and it rocks in Pakistan… USCIRF watch list has Turky, Indonesia & russia too.. so it is something else.. The trueth is ..
    tommorow if Bollwood & indian glamour world opens its door to Pakis… all your aspiring actos, models will be seen outside door of Mumbai studios ( yash raj, UTV and all) ..
    See today’s newspaper ..they are showing Bollywood movies advertisement shown in Pakistan.. Go tourch the offices of Dawn and shoot the distributirs .. he hehehheh

    • Anil

      Do you know right now even though we don’t have “film” industry but yeah when we did majority of the movies were ripped off by Bollywood, a whole series has been done on all the songs and movies ripped off. At least we don’t rip off…already ripped off movie by you guys!

      Do you know Indian acting schools show Pakistani dramas for training students! And btw in glasgow university a pakistani actor is being taught as ‘subject’ Talat Hussain.

      If you want to say how our singers sing in bollywood, than even ur playback singers have sung for pakistani dramas.

      I don’t think our models would want to line up, because even though an Indian designer came to Pakistan and said about one of Pakistani top model ‘Amna Haq’ that if she comes to India she’ll become a supermodel within 2 hours, she never came and the comment just shows the calibre of Pakistani models.

      If some Pakistanis watch movies than you guys listen to Pakistani pop songs even though you have a bigge music industry!

      Regarding USCIRF I guess you didn’t read all the comments which is why you didn’t understand where that came from.

      PS: The Holy Quran is in arabic and evey other muslim in the world knows how to read it is in fact the most read religious book of the world, whch is how many know how t read, write and understand arabic as well!

  15. @ catalyst.

    sure i’ll get lost. once this website stops writing lies about us. why r u obsessed with india?

    • we arent obsessed with India
      u are obsessed with Pakistan
      why dont u get lost??
      Moreover,how about a nice cup of shut the fuck up?? πŸ™‚

    • we arent writing lies about you punk.
      fuck off
      keep ur complexes to yourself. There are no lies in this artilce. This article ISNT POINTING FINGERS AT YOU. Its talking about our own people
      So, why dont you just fuck off ?? πŸ™‚
      We say that u Indiots possess alot of complexes and u prove it πŸ™‚
      Well done !!

  16. he he hoh oh … Pakistani Dramas are shown in Indian acting scholls .. great invention.. bastards.. when mumbai attak happened there are several pakistani actors & so called your talents are in mumbai for TV shows .. why they were in India .. why not they get opp in pakistan.. There is no point in showing me some useless stats and false data.. go and read dawn..you will find adds of Indian movies .. I suggest a solution here.. instead of blowing your frustration here .. you act as suiside bomber and blow up yourself in cinems of Karachi showing indian flims.. go .. that is the best way to stop Indian media onslaugt in pakitans .. heheheheh

    • I thought I told you to eff off ?? πŸ™‚

  17. It seems you have attended indian acting school so that you know what they show in that .. bastard.. your very good singer made career in india by singing good song in RACE and we respect it ..nobody created hue & cry that why this guy is here anyway..
    I have another proposal.. i have contacts in bollywood … you come down here with your best actors we will sponser your movie ( as natually you will not have budget) … we will do movie on Taliban in pakistan…you share all pakistani secrets of terrorist like how they prepare the Suiside bombers , connection with pak army etc.. and you will get lead role of Baitullah mesud.. don’tt worry we will also blow you up with the US drone .. you will be hero…. he hehhee… sirjee rather than crying for onslaught.. watch indian movies and enjoy!…They sell dreams .. buy it and enjoy !

    • Ahh, I was expecting you guys to show up πŸ™‚
      Well Anil, first of all, your talking about respect, sadly you cant show any. Its probably what you have been taught in your school or it might be cause of the typical hindu psyche.
      Secondly, we arent creating hue and cry. This article says “The onslaught of Indian media”. But in a sense that its despoiling our society. We are just pointing out the tricks and tactics our enemies use against us, to our general public.
      Thirdly, we arent blaming you. Because, you cant blame ur enemy for their dirty tricks, can you??
      We are just pointing out the way the Indian elitist hindu society is maintaining the Anti Islamic and Anti Pakistani feelings in the hearts of Indian people. If you dont believe me, go see the RSS or Bajrang Dal or any other HIndu fanatic/fascist organizations when they conduct another genocide of poor Muslims of India.
      I hope you wouldnt come back making false claims and giving us pathetic and unneeded foolish advises again πŸ™‚
      Majority of Pakistanis our now realizing this. And who the hell do u think u are to tell us what to do??
      And finally even if Pakistanis watch Indians movies. They do it by getting the pirated free versions of these movies πŸ™‚
      Even when we watch this, we do not buy this crap.
      Peace πŸ™‚

  18. also lastly, if you are sighting the “Talat Hussain” yes he was great .. and we respect.. but that does not mean pakistani cinema allis great..there are many such names in Indian cinema, Satyajit Ray, Bimal Roy, Dadasaheb phalke.. I mean you may not knowing as you don’t have enough knowledge of cinema .. as you don’t have enough exposure.. bec you don’t have that big industry… so .. I guess rather than crying here.. either accpet this onsalught and buy it … or try to stop it ..with your patent pakistani techniques . kill all pakistanis who watch indian tv/movies

    • @Anil

      A Typical Indian when you guys can’t digest facts you start abusing or you guys talk rubbish like you just did. Provide me with facts rather than trashy illogical conversation!

      Your MAHESH Bhatt and Farooq Sheikh said on Pakistani channel that PTV dramas are shown in Indian acting schools for training!! Why don’t u ask them instead of saying that I am lying!!

      Atif Aslam was already BIG in Pakistan and btw every singer of urz insults him! Why don’t you first ask ur singers Asha Bhosle, kailesh kher, kumar sanu, sonu nigam, alka yagnik, kavita etc to stay in India and not sing for Pakistan than even we’ll stop Atif aslam etc.

      And do u even know the reason as to why Indian films were banned in Pakistan? It was because Pakistani films used to do ‘more’ business in India, than ur bollywood used to buy the films but not show them in cinema but Pakistan did show Indian films. After which Pakistanis actors Muhammad Ali, Waheed Murad etc protested and than they asked the government to put up a ban on Indian movies!!

      Talat Hussain is mainly a TV actor he did only a few movies!

      You guys have ripped off almost every Pakistani movie/Song and now you rip off from Hollywood as I said earlier a whole series has been done on all the Pakistani movies and songs ripped off by India. Nobody can beat India in plagiarism!

      • well said my friend πŸ™‚

    • Also IM is right,
      You copy our music. You even dont change the lyrics. πŸ˜€
      You people are genious when it comes to copying.
      Please dont make anymore of your foolish claims
      kaan pak gai hain hamare tmhari mun ki firing sun sun kar πŸ˜€

    • Killing is an Indian technique.
      not Pakistani
      For heavens sake. Khuda ka khof karo πŸ˜€ (if u believe in GOD)
      As if RSS, Bajran Dal are some Goddamn NGOs who help out the general public, rather massacring innocent muslims, dallits, sikhs and christians
      What a joke πŸ˜€

  19. I love this article. Very well said. I read timesofindia everyday just for laughs. They have headlines like “India will be the biggest power in the world by year 2020”. or “World economy depends on India, experts say” or shit like this. It is quite ammusing beacuse it is country of 1.2 billion and almost 70% can’t efoort shoes. They can’t feed their population nor can they educate them. Even South Korea which is not even 1/10 of their size have most Internationally recognized products than India. Their GDP is lower than Hong Kong yet they are hell bent on claiming themselves as the next super power beating China. Keep dreaming idiots and thanks for the laughs…

  20. awesome saad thts really gr8 it shws ur eforts nd research work

  21. Aoa.Very good article.We should try to sve ourselves from the indian media.Whose purpose is to make us an Indian and a Hindu.In all sects of Islam,helping the opressors is a great sin.The Indian want to abolish the Two Nation theory from Pakistan.We got Pakistan so that we can live according to Islam.But these Hindu zionists are trying to live with us virtually.Now our duty is to live according to Islam and be patriots for Pakistan.This cannot be done unless we abolish the spreading of Indian and Un-Islamic teachings through media and movies.We do not stop it then our future generations can be complete Hindus and Indians with one difference that they live in Pakistan.
    May ALLAH enable us to stand against this Indian Media spreading and destroy the Hindu Zionists.

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