Seek peaceful solution to Kashmir issue: China

September 28, 2009

Times of India: China on Monday asked India and Pakistan to seek a solution to the Kashmir issue through peaceful and friendly consultations and offered to play a “constructive role” in resolving the “bilateral issue”.

As a friendly country, China would also be happy to see progress in the peace process between India and Pakistan, said Hu Zhengyue, Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs, in charge of the Asian region.

“Kashmir is an issue that has been longstanding left from history. This issue touches the bilateral relations between the relevant countries,” he told a group of visiting foreign journalists here.

As China is a friendly neighbour of both countries, it hopes to see that the two sides “will seek a solution through peaceful and friendly consultations”, Hu said when asked by a Pakistani journalist if China was prepared to play some role in the resolution of the issue.

While he stressed that Kashmir was a bilateral issue, he stopped short of ruling out the possibility of mediation.

“As a friend China will be happy to see such progress (in the peace process) and we will be happy if we can play a constructive role in the resolving of the issue (Kashmir), but after all it is a bilateral issue,” he said.

He said that China hoped the peace process between India and Pakistan “will continue to go smoothly”.



  1. yea very ture

  2. Surprising,
    I thought the chinese were pakistani’s best friend!
    Even they treat it as ‘bilateral’issue.

    Pakistan loves to claim that this is an international matter and that the UN, west, anybody(but India) must intervene in it.

    • Pakistan has been saying since ages that the issue should be solved ‘bilaterally’.

      • No,
        Pakistan has always contended that, since UN resolution exists on the issue, the problem cannot be solved by the two alone.It must involve the UN and the international community/mediation.India insists its a bilateral issue and has refused any outside mediation.The bilateral thing was done by the Shimla Accord, after the 1971 Indo-pak war.
        Pakistan seeks to renege on the accord, claiming it was under duress as a defeated nation.

      • Well dear, Who brought it up into the UN first ?? 😛

      • Nehru did.
        But read thru the UN resolutions also.There were certain conditions that Pak too was to follow, esp , those related to troop withdrawl.
        Pak never did meet the conditions and over time India too deemed the UN resolutions as redundant.
        After the shimal agreement the kashmir issue was deemed to be bilateral only.

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