Waqt TV report on Blackwater/Xe

September 27, 2009

Waqt TV news on Blackwater and US designs in Pakistan. Zaid Hamid talks about US electronic Intelligence operation in Pakistan.

part 1

part 2



  1. I knew MQM was part of this conspiracy!! Why is the Navy not protesting?? Please protest, dont wait any longer! I hope Kayani takes over and shoots all these people!

  2. Kayani is NOT going to take over and he is a professional soldier and the army is discharging its professional duties with diginity and honor. The army has and is playing a major role in the national security of the nation and will continue to play that role, but it needs the support of the people otherwise success is difficult – a clear example of this is the Swat op.

    The only way to bring change is through the people, so for God’s Sake DONOT drag army into everything because once they come, the whole institution is defamed by our illiterate people led by a traitor intelligentsia, despite the fact that they are always invited into power first by a desperate nation, but then when things start getting better, those same people term them the villians who ‘broke the constitution’

  3. I am not able to understand the role of navy still…..
    and i am worried as many of my Pakistani brother will be

  4. What is going to happen Yaar

    Allah Khair Karay Izatdar Musalmanon per jo bach chukay hain


  5. we should have 2 do something other wise we will be much late…:'(..to save our soil..

  6. Dear Patriots Pakistanis

    Our Leaders have sold Pakistan to USA and much inspired by Indians order to us….

    Army is busy in fighting against our own muslims on the demands of USA.

    USA is working to colonize Pakistan like Iraq. (watch blackwater videos on youtube)

    Blackwater is now is Pakistan.

    Blackwater CEO Eric Prince views “Christian Crusader eliminiting muslims and Islamic faith from the Globe”

    Why president accept Kerry Lugar Bill with unacceptable conditions..

    Cheif Justice is seems not to get in to confort with US

    What will be happend to us when all these plans of US will accomplished..

    Who will protect us?

    Yes! we will be same like Iraq a Slave nation…

    Lets unite before this happens Allah says “OR ALLAH KE RASI MAZBUTI SAY THAMY RAHOO”

    .. if lawyers can restore Cheep justise than we can also stop our government for selling Pakistan to India and USA.

    If this happend than on near future we have to fight for our freedom…

    I know nation is sleeping they will wakeup when US marines and Blackwater were killing our familes and raping our sisters in HUMMVEs like Iraq…

    Dont let this Happed STAND UP , Please Stand UP…


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