Stick to the IPL ladies, this stage is for the big boys

September 27, 2009

Congratulations Pakistan for sticking another one down the throats of our arch-rivals. Don’t care if we go out in the next game, what matters is that the boys stood up to be counted when it mattered most.





  1. awesome win by pakistan.they pulled dis tournament out of pakistan INSHALLAH paks gonna brong de cup hme.

  2. bring* sorry for de spelling

  3. Hahaha I love that signboard, excellent =)

  4. bravooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    paki wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  5. Mashallah! Pakistan showed its strength and resilience today!! Bravo!! Hope to see them holdin the cup!

  6. Masha-ALLAH
    great once again pakistanis show what they are capable if they stand together…..
    and the time is coming when we will beet Indians in every part of life where they will come…

  7. Hai jazba junoon tu himat na haaaaar….

    Pak RULES!!!

  8. Pakistan lost 1999 world cup in england at lord.
    Pakistan lost 2003 world cup in south africa at centurion from india in first round.
    Pakistan lost 2007 world cup in west indies.

    Pakistan won 2009 T20 world cup in england at lord on the same day when Pakistan lost 1999 world cup.
    Pakistan won today from india in south africa at centurion in the first round and InshAllah Pakistan will win champions tropy too.
    Next T20 world is in west indies where Pakistan lost 2007 world cup.

    I am a human but it seem like to me Allah will give us victory to lift the champions trophy, T20 world cup in west indies and world cup 2011 in Asia in indian soil which will be Pakistan very soon Inshallah.

    The victory of Pak fog over so called taliban.

    I think the rise of Pakistan and then the rise of ummet is very near(InshAllah) and these are the signs. pray and do duas.

    All will happen InshAllah but Allah love to see those people who ask from Allah with aajzi, be humble. Pray to Allah and belive yourself. do dua for Pakistan for ummet-e-muslmaan.

    be humble, be aajiz, muslmaan her haal mein aajiz rehta hai. is victory per be humble and aajiz always.

    Tha tu kuch nahi aur phir tu ho gaye ga kuch nahi
    hakeekt-e-insaan hai ye k wo ab bi hai kuch nahi

    • Aur ho ga wohi jo Allah ki zaat chahe gi. la raeb

    • Muhammed Usman Farooq, these are kinda like co-incidences. But they are not co-incidennces, Allah, the posotive and negative spiritual forces use dates, numbers, anniverseries, places etc. to accomplish their goals. The universe is in motion and Pakistan is now a big part of it due to its importance!!! This is just my opinion

  9. Viva Pakistan, Viva

  10. stand up 4 the champions..tomorrow is a bad day 4 indians bcz they cannot face me…..paki pride

  11. chik dia hai india ko .. so ab chiku pakro saray indians SA mein beth k …

  12. ALHAMDULILLAH. Our Mujahedeens have once again crushed HINDIA. Finally, the help of Allah, struggle of our boys and prayers of our nation shown results.

  13. This little boy who is holding “ARE YOU WATCHING INDIA” is really terrifying HINDIAN COWARD(oh sorry crowd).

  14. it was a good win and i wish them best for the semis.
    no matter what ever happens if tours are not hapenning in pakistan the team will gather crowd in every country and will win the match in every state or neutral venues thats what passion courage is all about.
    nara-e-taqbir alla ho akbar

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