Killed For Saying, ‘I Am Not Indian’

September 26, 2009

My 72-year-old uncle was shot point blank because he refused to say, “I AM AN INDIAN” which he never was. You Indians are unwelcome and detested by Kashmiris at all levels except for those pro-India elitist few who are protected by your army. Yes, India’s army understands us very well. That’s why 700,000 of them continue murdering us in cold blood and keep the rest of us imprisoned. Kashmir is the world’s biggest/dirtiest concentration camp.

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One comment

  1. It is about state of mind. As long as you are a Pakistani in your mind, you will never find peace in your life, living in Kashmir !

    But there are millions of Kashmiris, that do not suffer from this state of mind. They do not consider Kashmir as a concentration camp, and participate in democratic process of elections.

    The world does not change for you, you change yourself to find peace in life.

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