Gen Hamid Gul (Rtd) vs Hoodbhoy on Nukes

September 26, 2009

Must watch episode of Dr. Shahid Masood’s ‘Mere Mutabiq’ in which he links Zardari’s mention of the 100bn figure with the idea floated last year to ‘buy off’ Pakistan’s nuclear weapons for 100bn. Also under discussion are Blackwater and other US mercenaries present in Pakistan.

Joining the discussion is the ex-head of Pakistan’s premier Intelligence agency, the ISI as well as Parvez Hoodbhoy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Watch Full Programme on PakPoint



  1. hang this bastard pervaz yahood(hindu)

  2. Salute to Mr. General Hamid Gul and this other fagot can go polish his masters shoes…so sad that he is a professor at quaid-e-azam univ and he has such thoughts, i bet he is gonna get his heavy paycheck rite after the show…

  3. pervez hoodbhoy using the tactic of being the humble and logical one but instead he is most nasty and nostalgic creature who is posing as Pakistani and aiding anti Pakistan regimes in hurting Islamic Pakistan. On the other hand Mashallah,janab Hameed Gul is rite on target, and is one of the most rational being in Paksitan, who not only aware the public but also foresee the events with the help of Allah, may ALlah forgive and preserve Pakistan for Muslims, Aameen.

  4. Pervaiz yaHood Bhai is a bastard zionist. He should be executed publicy on committing treason against state. He and his brothel Asma Jehangir are agents of our enemies. Fuck off these bastards.

    • Please respect your people and please don’t use indecent language. Just because his ideas differ from yours, doesn’t make him “bastard”. I totally agree with Pervez Hoodbhoy. The real threat to Pakistan is from the Pakistani people. 85% Pakistani people (that also includes you and Zaid Hamid and the team of PKKH etc) are delusional.

      • Hahaha. Rohail Saheb, you are typical example of the hubbe Ali and bughze Muawiyah. You support Hoodbhoy because you hate Gen Hameed Gul. You hate Gene Hameed Gul, because he always exposed your khuda.

  5. Salute to Gel Gul on once again advocating Pakistan cause. Masha Allah.

  6. hooodbhoy basterd is a qadiyaniii harami.its time to kick zardari lotta ragime.doller looo sab kuch becch doooo benazir margiii hamarayyy yeh kuttaa chorr gayiiiiiiii.i trust my army there should be inshalla not a single soldier who will go for that idea of saleing nuke weopens.saudis are dependent on us uae is dependent on pak army how it should be possible.aboslutly nonesense pakistan pak army zindabad.

  7. today its very easy to get money just write every thing agaisnt pakistan and make dollers this is what parvezhoobhoy is doing.pervaz naaamaaa kay loggg theak nahi hotey.

  8. Nice one Mr Gul… Youths r proud to have u on their side…and that lecturer! seems like he’s bin busy doping cuz he dont know shiv about nything…

  9. Hoodbhai is a crazy person. He has lost orientation for time, space and person. He self contradicts himself and talks like a Hindoo…..

    Zaid Hamid had busted him once in a television program so did another guest in the same program.

  10. This man Hoodbhai is intentionally making grossly bogus and irritating statements for others, to stir anger flames for his own enjoyment, psychological pleasure and for seeking personal attention. I am going to make medical psychiatric statement about him now.

    He must have been a bully child in the past, must have had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct and oppositional defient disorders and pervasive develeopment in early childhood and perhaps recovery was never completely achieved, thus he has carried the residual pshyciatric effects into his adulthood, now being clearly reflected in his talks.

    I request all to ignore this partial psycho.

    • Sir, i believe that infact he thinks he is a Noam Chomsky of Pakistan. I guess he enjoys it when he is introduced as a ‘professor of physics’ just like chomsky is a ‘prof of linguistics’. But the difference is that Chomsky’s work actually was something meaningful and contributed to the field of AI, whereas P.Hood-boy has contributed nothing to the discipline of physics. All he does is go abroad, get some instructions on what to do now, and blabbers rubbish. In other words Mr. P.Hood-boy is nothing more than a foreign-funded-bitch-in-a-tweed- jacket.

  11. the slides are hillarious (as are the comments)

    hoodboy is a satan, enemy’s mouthpiece, gen Hamid gul who has been raised on American money is the protector of the faith…
    only thing that prophet(pbuh) left besides knowlege was waepons – is that his legacy???? he is the person who converted others by the power of his integrity and the strenght of his personality not through his weapons

    Pakistan was never meant to be a “theocracy run by mullahs” it was a state for the muslims not a muslim state.

    what paranoia, the whole world wants to destroy pakistan, there is nothing wrong with us…. what amazing analysis

    Sleep of reason produces monsters..

  12. I Thought that this is a patriotic serious site, but it seems that that people who are giving there views cannot control themselves
    Understand that the strength of the country is always the people,The same general when they are in active duty they became a part of the establishment and enjoy all the benefit and every now and then go to America and latter on become against the same country who has been helping us.Every day the people from the government go and ask for help from America because they know that Pakistan people cannot be a hard working nation like other nations We only work hard when we go outside tha Country otherwise in Pakistan we only talk we cannot take any criticism and that was the reason that our Eastern Portion opted out from us because we do not listen and do not think May ALLAH guide us all to keep all of ustogether. We must be able to listen to all the views and then as a nation select what is good for all of us.

  13. i am surprised to kno this man heads what should should have been headed by a fanatic honor crazy patriot or at least some one hu could speak some sense !!!

  14. is it nisarchowdhari speaking or hussain haqqani the socalled ambassador to US, who wants to become english teacher to Pakistan nation.

  15. hudbhoy is an indian agent he works for india as clearly u can understand….. these type of people should be beaten up openly on road and piss on them…. i wana fuck his daughter in india…

  16. atif, what will b the difference left, in animals like zionists and you, if u will do ,that kind of thing to hoodbhoy or his daughter, u dont have to take revenge, Allah is enough and the punishment that Allah will give to these mir jafars , one cannot imagine that kind of hell, Muslims should b good at all times, whether peace or war.

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