PKKH Exclusive Report on BlackWater/Xe

September 23, 2009


An indepth report on the origins of BlackWater, the infamous US  Private Military Company that is under US Congress Investigation for murder of Iraqi civilians. Its origin, track record in Iraq and Afghanistan and the controversies surrounding it, and most importantly, their presence in Pakistan and what it means for us.

Click here to read PKKH’s Exclusive Report on Blackwater



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  2. […] here to read PKKH’s Exclusive Report on Blackwater Source Link AKPC_IDS += "1436,";Popularity: unranked [?] No Comments […]

  3. the most important and prominent prove about their existence in Pakistan is this Pakistani website : http://www.jang.com.pk … when u open up the first page u can find this huge advertisement for military internet service provider (for americans) one can see that easily .. please go and check !!

  4. recently a retired capt (i think) was arrested and a large amount of arms were confiscated from his posession under the garb of a private security firm. I have found from informed sources that this capt was infact thrown out the army and not properly retired, so probably its even wrong to address him as capt(rtd). A little while after his arrest, he was released, possibly because some foreign diplomat gave our honorable ministries a little call….

  5. Salam o Alaikum
    we are sleeping…..
    we are still looking for some miracle to happen….
    we are with closing our eyes think that cat wont get us…..
    we are…..
    but its written that Pakistan (insha-ALLAH) will be the next super power.. either we or some people believe or not..

    just read this and you will get the answer…

  6. Brother Zaid Hamid, I’m trying to comprehend something and hope that you will answer my question/concern. I’m wondering about Pakistan’s military and intelligence agencies role in all of this. Are they just sitting on the sideline watching the “Great Game”?

  7. I am concerned about army’s attitude,though Zaid hamid supports the operation in FATA but he i havent heard him speak of the silence prevailing in PAk army …apparently seems that army is supporting governement’s actions..
    the whole lot is corrupt..from grass route level to the elite..including army.
    Lets us not cherish hopes in any of them..and start changing things around us.

    • you area a fool for saying such things about army!

      Army has sacrificed its hundreds of jawans and officers to save your stupid little ass and this is how u talk.

      And btw, Army is not silently supporting govt in this whole blackwater mess, but rather silently working to prevent it.

      I dont know who the f*** you r “MN” but let me just say that you are completely ignorant. And now I will prove it…

      Firstly, you aught to know, that all embassies have an agreement on the number of personnel they maintain. If there is an excess of even 1 person he is “PERSONA NON GRATA”. And do u know who is supposed to enforce that? F – I – A. This agency is under REHMAN MALIK, your democratic minister of interior.

      Furthermore, when there is a raid, even if army conducts it, who has to register FIR? The P-O-L-I-C-E. AGAIN under REHMAN MALIK.

      Similarly there are other agencies under the civil admin.

      Army has NO role in civil admin now. This is a policy strictly enforced by Gen Kayani in view of the demands and wishes of Pakistans (stupid)poeple and Pakistans (pseudo)intelligensia. The army is doing its professional job and where it cannot intervene directly, it is putting pressure to get things done.

      But don’t blame army now, cause it is NOT a military government. All the bullshit is coming from the guys this nation gifted the seat of power, and now the only way forward for change is again through the people.

      May i point our here that the recent raid on the house of a rtd capt (thrown out of the army) in which a large number of weapons were found was a result of the pressure from the army but i have heard that he was later released from custody… So my dear, this is probably the result of a phonecall from one of the democractic ministers.

      Now what ignorant people like you are only intersted in is what you hear in the talk shows. Well, dear, if army is going to make a move to safeguard national security, you probably won’t know shit about it anyway. This is not a childs play that unimportant little weeds like you need to be informed at every step of the way. So therfore i would advise you that if you really care that much about army and about the nation then for God’s sake grow up and start serving Pakistan instead of sitting on your stupid butt and making stupid comments like those f*****g retards that we get to see everyday on tv.

  8. @ above

    haha!! control urself!!! and stop tryn to impress upon ppl that U r the die hard fan of Pakistan…U might be i dnt judge ur sincerity…but U should demonstrate a sense of dignity when U talk to ppl..strong language always indicate weak logic.
    Firstly..I try to clear up ur little brains..I said Army is silent..and yess army is silent!!!!
    ..i didnt blame army for the consequences we are reaping today,there was no need of ur elaboration of “HOW THINGS WORK”. Ur ultra smart brain is fabricating stories like ignorant women.
    Secondly the whole lot is corrupt…and yess it is corrupt…!!!! no matter which department it is..there is corruption…u would rather be naive if u think that army is something that carries divine purity with it… emotional side of ur brains works too hard..give it time to relax mr cheeta.Try to understand a simple fact,when society bcms corrupt,so bcm the departments and institutions of dat society,bcz they all r collectively run by memebers of a nation..these ppl are raised frm within the society.
    in short!! U seem to be quite disturbed emotionally…and a maniac who thinks hez the smartest person around.
    never mind!! life is full of colourful ppl.

  9. as U said
    “Army has sacrificed its hundreds of jawans and officers to save your stupid little ass and this is how u talk”

    U must mature urself enuff.until u start understanding that lives of a few hundered or even thousands of jawans means nothing to the big wigs when it comes to power politics.

    hope u understand! :p

    • you didn’t voice an opinion my dear…

      you passed a categorical judgement….

      And i talked the way i talked because i have no patience for cynics like you…

      You also mixed up army with the corrupt ‘elite’ of Pakistan. So is that why now the son of a simple sepoy from a simple village is the COAS? I won’t deny that army has produced some corrupt individuals but that doesn’t mean you defame the whole instituion and spit on the sacrfices of its officers and soldiers.And the army, whatever its faults, is NOT from the elite/feudals of this nation. Nobody in this army got his rank by birth or inheritance.

      Please refrain from making categorical judgments and cynical statements and infact try to contribute to the nation somehow because we are all aware of the problems in the country but everybody is just concerned about his personal image and satisfaction. I have nothing further to say.

  10. won’t deny that army has produced some corrupt individuals but that doesn’t mean you defame the whole instituion and spit on the sacrfices of its officers and soldiers

    [i] u have accepted that army has produced sum corupt individuals…thats wht i said…regarding the blame on me that i tried to defame the whole institution..i think nothing was wrong with my words..but some thng was wrng with u…u took it in a wrong way.
    :p u need nt to be proud of ur behavior.

  11. black water must go to hell & inshaallah they will!!

  12. I can’t find out HOW CAN I POST HERE !!!

    I have a Video about Blackwater/XE & their real intentions, as the MSNBC reveals the BLACK FACE of Blackwater :
    “Blackwater boss saw himself as a Christian Crusader with a mission to eliminate Muslims.

    Founder of security firm saw himself as a Christian Crusader whose task was to eliminate Muslims, former employees allege. Two former employees of Blackwater have accused the private US security firm and its founder of killing Iraqis for fun, smuggling weapons and deceiving the State Department ! ”
    Here’s the link at my Youtube page:

    • lolz its just converted the link into video 😉

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