India’s nuclear power a ‘myth’

September 20, 2009

Dean Nelson | Daily Telegraph, UK

India’s status as a nuclear power has been described as a “myth” by the scientist who carried out its controversial hydrogen bomb tests in 1998.

He said the device had only “fizzled”. The claims by the test director K Santhanam have provoked an outcry in India which treasures its nuclear status as a symbol of its power in Asia where it has been locked in an arms race with both Pakistan and China.

The Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh recently unveiled India’s first nuclear submarine as a statement of its naval ambitions.

But according to K. Santhanam, who directed the secret detonations of five Shakt’ nuclear devices at their nuclear test site at Pokhran, in the Rajasthan desert, the true test results were covered up and falsely hailed as a success by the Hindu nationalist BJP government.

At the time the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee declared: “India is now a nuclear weapons state. We have the capacity for a big bomb now.”

Although he stated India’s bomb would never be a weapon of aggression, the tests were widely denounced and provoked retaliation from Pakistan which tested its own nuclear device 15 days later.
But Mr Vajpayee’s statement was not true, Mr Santhanam has claimed. The data sent to his office revealed the devices had yielded only around half the 45 kilotons it had claimed.

“The decision to declare the hydrogen bomb a success was more of a political fatwa than a considered scientific-technical determination,” he said. He has now called for an inquiry into the test results and warned that the creation of nuclear power could not be “based on myths.”

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    • On the one hand, this whole “Naked India” issue is being blown way out of proportion–the bomb did not fizzle (fireworks fizzle; everyone agrees this one yielded an explosion bigger than the one the destroyed Hiroshima).

      On the other hand it is cause for us to consider the real problems with a nuclear approach. I’ve written about this at length (and as much humour as I could muster, given the subject) here:
      Would love to see what you think.

  2. this is a ploy to do another nuclear test, dont fall for it.

    • not as dumb as the other bloggers are u?

      • We’ll look forward to it, thanks for giving Pakistan excuse to become nuclear. Last time we made you raise eyebrows, Next round will surely pop Indian eyes out…

      • Definitely smarter than you Sal who hangs around at all the Pakistani forums.Seems like a wanker like you has nothing better to do.

  3. ahahahahahahaha indians are losers they are liers

  4. seems u were rit hasan ismail


    • So it means, India doesn’t have the nuclear ability… Seems to me, more of Indian funds are going to be wasted in the name of becoming nuclear…

      • i suppose not everyone has a high IQ. But its ok. dont worry

      • What a disgrace! Tsk tsk tsk…

  5. @Sal

    That is a welcome admission from you. We have known all along about your low IQ but we are glad that you have finally realized it yourself.

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