‘Spies’ Jailed in Pakistan Return 
to Find Family Members Starving

September 19, 2009

AHMEDABAD — Three informers who risked their life to sneak into Pakistan several times and spied for the Indian Army and the Border Security Force (BSF) for years on end have been released from jails in Lahore and Rawalpindi but were shocked to find their family members down and out.  The trio, two from Punjab and one from Jammu and Kashmir, told journalists that the Central government had promised them before dispatching them on the spying missions that their wives and children would be looked after well but when they returned home, they found that their dear ones led a wretched life.

Sunil Bhola (50), Prakash Chand (60) and Ratan Lal (45), who were presented before the media by a non-government organisation (NGO), have demanded adequate compensation from the Manmohan Singh administration through a suit filed in the Delhi high court.  Kishore Paul, an NGO official, told Khaleej Times that the Gujarat high court had last year ordered New Delhi to pay Rs500,000 to the family members of a Gujarat-based informer, an ex-BSF jawan, who is in a Pakistan jail since 1993.

According to Prakashchand, who worked as a BSF informer, he visited Pakistan at least 20 times and claimed that his inputs had led to the arrest of three dreaded militants of Babbar Khalsa International but the Indian government had not paid him a penny till date.

The three former ‘spies’, who have spent between four to eight years in jail, said that 18 other Indian espionage agents were still languishing in jails in the neighbouring country and also described the tale of their ‘inhuman torture’ during detention.

Bhola, father of four, said that he had witnessed the liquidation of many other ‘spies’ by Pakistani security agencies who had also threatened to kill him.

“Inhuman torture was a daily routine. We were tied upside down and given electric shocks. I did not see the light of day for countless months,” he said, pointing to the injury marks on his hands.




  1. its sad. these people are heavily tortured in pakistan. they barely make it out alive

    • Nikhil

      You are talking as if India showers Pakistanis with flowers.

      When kashmir singh was sent to India …3 dead bodies of ‘innocent’ Pakistanis were sent to Pakistan, and there fingernails were removed there bodies were full of torture marks. A soldier caught during war was sent after decades his tongue was cut off, he was thrown in front of dogs and was severely tortured, now he is undergoing therapy in Pakistan. A 9 yr old hindu boy Ramchand who accidently crossed over into India along with his father, both were severely tortured by Indian police. A Pakistani man who went to India to visit his relatives lost his daughter 15 yrz of age at a railway station and when he went to police station to report, the Indian police told him there gonna lock him up and even he would not make it back to pakistan, so it’s better for him to leave India. That man was crying to TV, imagine what he is going through.

      You return dead bodies of ‘innocent’ Pakistanis tortured to death and you expect Pakistanis to even release that Sarabjit singh who killed Pakistani civilians. You should be thankful these ‘spies’ were sent back alive!

      • Ansar burni is the main figure who is helping in the deportation of Indian spies back. One should ask on how well are his efforts responded from India.Based on the population ratios, Pakistan should send 10 Indian bodies for every Pakistani body. We can never expect any good for any good behavior with the Indians. We should respond to them in the same coin that they understand wel…

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