Political designs of Indo-US military brass

September 19, 2009

Zaheerul Hassan

Historically military muscle of the nations has generally remained subjugated to their political powers but the prevailing global scenario is beginning to present a 360-degree different picture to the past. In today’s powerful countries the military leaderships have slowly and gradually tightened their grip on state affairs of US, India and Israel. Political bosses of the said countries have started realising that their runaway intelligence agencies (CIA, RAW and Mossad) are busy in derailing the political systems because of their own heinous agenda and covert designs. Conflicting political and military interests of this Troika (India-US-Israel) might play havoc with the already turbulent world. To begin with, it’s an open secret that the CIA has become a Frankenstein with a criminal network spread all over the world.

From toppling anti-US governments to carrying out cold-blooded target killings, its bloody track record can put to shame the worst criminals in entire world. Following commentary on the ruthless American war machine by well known American writer John Kaminski in an article “Why We Need Martial Law” is thought provoking. “As an American, I am terribly ashamed of my country for the horrific things it has done, both to people around the world and its own citizens”.

The above two paragraphs sufficiently cover the true American thinking about the future of US or we can say that clash between political and military leadership has now started. The recent economic crunch has dealt hard blow to American economy which ultimately may lead to her disintegration. CIA and former President Bush have tarnished the image of US particularly after 9/11. American double standards with regards to Muslim world are no secret. Although saner elements in US, India and Israel are inclined towards establishing peace, those at the helm of affairs have different agendas to follow. India always claims to be a secular state and the largest democracy, but the reality is totally opposite to it. Indian society is facing acute ethnic problems and her democratic system is far from being true democracy. Her basic democratic structure revolves around feudalism, capitalism, extremism, criminology and corruption. The nerve centre at capital is being ruled and supported by morally degraded elite, opportunists and extremists groups of so-called secular democratic country.

Fanatic elements of political and government institutions have taken India to a brink of collapse. India happens to be one of the few countries in the world which do not have cordial ties with any of their neighbours. It is interesting to note that other two countries falling in same category are US and Israel. Nexus of this troika has put the world peace at stake and is pushing it towards a possible nuclear conflict. One more commonality can also be noticed that the unholy troika is being ruled by extremist Christians, Jews and Hindus. Though pretending and presenting themselves as custodians of true democracy and champions of human rights, the stories of their brutalism can be read and heard every where. Millions of Japanese, Vietnamese, Christians, Sikhs, Arabs and non-Arab’ Muslims have become victims of their barbarism. The violation of human rights with regard to minorities, murdering innocent men, women and children through extra judicial killing, bombing Muslims in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and in Kashmir are few examples of their joint treachery.

However the Troika’s main agenda remains usurping Central Asian resources, containing China, targeting Pakistani nuke programme and maligning her security forces, unrest in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh Mutiny, grabbing Nepalese energy resources and occupying Arab’s land by Israeli. India being the American Watchdog in South Asia, is constantly fomenting terrorism in the region always creating hurdles in normalisation of bilateral relations with Pakistan. Hindu extremists have strong hold on armed forces and intelligence agencies too. In fact such fanatic elements do twist the government policies according to their own desires. They by pass instructions, overlook orders, stage covert actions against neighbouring countries, violate policies and pressurize the government to design policies in the light of their extremist thinking. In south Asia Pakistan, China, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka remained major target countries for India. New Delhi interference in the shape of sabotage activities in FATA and Balochistan is no more a covert operation only. LTTE of Sri Lanka, Dalai Lama Movement and BLA of Pakistan are being supported by India. US are providing her unconditional support to India in launching terrorism in the regional countries.

In this connection Chiefs of Indian Armed Forces also started playing active role in commenting, dictating and advising elected government in framing policies concerning Pakistan, China and Sri Lanka. Recently Naval Chief Suresh Mehta and Gen Deepak Kapoor gave statements o the media which were contrary to their government policies. Indian Army Chief while addressing the news conference did not endorse his Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s point of view at Sharm el-Sheikh in connection with normalisation of relations with Pakistan. Naval chief too tried to dictate over Harpoon missile. The question is why Pakistan should try to modify the old version of Harpoon missile once it is already in possession of latest technology. The statements of Naval and Army Chiefs came when confusion and panic on Indian government policies are at a peak. Hindu fanatics in the intelligence agencies and armed forces never liked to resolve burning bilateral issues. For example Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh failed to sustain extremists’ pressure and thus changed stance over Sharm el-Sheikh stand. Probably, both the chiefs appeared in the media on direction of extremist Hindus and tried to sabotage the Congress’ peace efforts to improve bilateral relations with Pakistan.

Earlier too, in June 2009 Military Chief Gen Deepak Kapoor had been told to mind his language and “keep his mouth shut”. Such strict censure was conveyed to him after a series of comments that had driven the civilian government against the wall. Indian Services Chiefs need to be told to shun politics and not try to hinder the peace process between two the countries. The serious deterioration in relations between Pakistan and India continues due to negative role of Indian intelligence agencies and her rogue armed forces. The indicators are that power hungry Indian and American military top brass have now starting thinking that economic crisis of US and ethnic problems of India might only be resolved after taking over the governments and changing of political scene. In short US and India need to be serious in resolving regional affairs. Political leadership should also be mindful that conflicting political and military interests within the same government would prove fatal for their unity.




  1. The American injection of millitary might to the Indian army And standing up to the government and pressure them will create havoc in the indan democracy, and’ll lead to alot of political unrest and may be to civil war. As the local Political parties wouldn’t like to loose their grip on power… we all know very well what the Americans bring to the region in a package deal. India has started getting the taste of the American friendship when the local western embassies are issuing alerts to their citizens to be vigilant and keep a low profile due to threat of terrorism. Yes India is now a turf for the booming global terrorism business…
    Many more krakare & salaskers will be fumigated in the coming time…

  2. Well Islami Jamhuria Pakistan need to be having ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, ISLAMIC JUSTICE AND ISLAMIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM go read Quaid-e-Azam what he said about that. So mark my words brothers we can only successful when we have these systems. If we were having these USA will never do these things..

    Anyways now the time is near 2012 so prepare your self’s and decide either killed like dogs by blackwater and Marines (like Iraqi’s watch videos on youtube of Bwater) or saheed like a mujahid so that is the decision you have to make it because our leaders are putting us in war. Be prepare for it war is imminent, Make your weapons ready for it….

    • totally agredd! whether it is gun or pen we must b ready!

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