Islamabad Police Raids US-linked Security Firm

September 19, 2009


ISLAMABAD: Islamabad police in an early morning raid claim to have recovered 61 illegal guns and nine pistols from the offices of a private security firm providing security to the US Embassy. The raid comes after it was revealed that the Interior Ministry had issued licences of highly sophisticated assault riffles to the company with the Prime Minister’s special permission.

The police has registered a case of fraud against the owner of the company and arrested two persons from the offices of Inter-Risk.

Firm guarding US diplomats gets 80 arms licences

ISLAMABAD: A private Pakistani security agency being operated by a retired army captain, and providing security and protection to American embassy officials in the country, has imported over 80 sophisticated automatic prohibited bore weapons, following special permission granted by the prime minister.

The retired captain, who was picked up by a Pakistani intelligence agency a day earlier but soon released on the production of valid documents, acquired these licences for prohibited bore guns for Inter Risk, a company which has the contract to provide trained security guards for the Americans, highly informed sources told Dawn.

Sources privy to the development said 84 licences were issued with the special approval of Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani on a personal request from a senior US official who had apprised the prime minister of the need for having a specialised private security team to protect American diplomats in the country.

Soon after grant of approval the weapons were imported from the US. Among the weapons for which special licences were issued include guns of 5.56mm and 7.62mm calibre rifles.

The sources said the arrangement was made with a Pakistani security company because local laws do not permit any foreign private security firm to operate within the country or import sophisticated weapons from abroad.

When contacted, a US embassy spokesman confirmed that the embassy was working with the private company, Inter Risk.

However, he said that it was Inter Risk which might have imported the weapons, and certainly not the US embassy.

Interestingly, when Dawn contacted Capt Syed Ali Ja Zaidi (retd), he confirmed that he had applied for the licences on behalf of Inter Risk.

However, he claimed that since the weapons were quite expensive and he was not in a position to buy them on his own, he was provided help by the contracting party in paying for them.

Inter Risk has been working for many years in Pakistan and mostly deals with providing security, protection and security consultancy.

When asked about the controversy surrounding another foreign security firm, Blackwater or the XE, Capt Zaidi denied any linkage with, or knowledge of, any such company.

He said he had a five-year agreement with the Office of the Regional Security in US embassy and he was following the agreement by trying to provide standard security to the staff of the embassy in Islamabad.

Dawn – Pakistan



  1. Keep some fuckin gora ass!

  2. we should kick out americans from PAK land.

    and boycott their all american products.

    to thought a lesson as iranians did.

    they are devils agent n are great danger for Muslims and our land.

    they always try to create destability here and divide people on different issues

  3. they should also raid the offices of XE international and blackwater in all the major cities of pakistan..and send these guys packing….by the way, while they are at it, it may also make sense to raid the office of the president since he’s the biggest traitor of them all.

  4. kick out all the fucking foreign security firms

  5. No wonder our retired army men are so freakin rich! They’ve got their friends feeding them while in the army, and their masters employing them after retirement!


  6. gud move by PAK police n intelligensia…..keep it up.
    Arrests all of thm n bring thm out in the media so that common people can understand how corrupt is the political leaders.

  7. I think the American firms are working undercover, and likely the Pakistan Intelligence agencies. And we should see the other side of the picture too. May be Cpt. Zaidi is an operative of Pakistan Intelligence. And who was sent to collect info. for the intelligence. But some sources didn’t let him complete his job. Why did the police rade his firm? Why after a long time? And if he was captured , why was he bailed? May be his operation was sabotaged!

  8. Its just what i think, could be!

  9. ,we need to be unite ,Americans are not our friends,we have black sheeps in our army ,,but it dosnt mean that hole army is crpt .i stil dont understnd y pakistani gov are soo closd with americans ,we can turn the table very easily right now,we hve to make som strong decisions ,may be we face problems ,its normal,nations face problems,
    honesly after a long time isb police did a great job ,,keep it brothers,,,i hve vist eamerican embsy two time ,i was shokd there is round abut 200 paki private security gds..y they need soo many security grads ..is that any thing wrong in embasy ,,
    we shud close all consulate that are working in pew ,karachi ,lahore ,,we dont need any forign consulate ,,and we shud kick out all NGOs from pakistan ,,all NGOs working for usa ,and Israel .beive me ,how can it possible that nonmuslim help muslim people ,its impossible ,,
    walk brothers ,, pakhton ,Bloch ,Punjabi .sindhi ,,yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr y dont u people understnd ,, we are muslims ,,we are strong ,we have fatih ,,
    take care Allah hafiz

  10. Well Islami Jamhuria Pakistan need to be having ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, ISLAMIC JUSTICE AND ISLAMIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM go read Quaid-e-Azam what he said about that. So mark my words brothers we can only successful when we have these systems. If we were having these USA will never do these things..

    Anyways now the time is near 2012 so prepare your self’s and decide either killed like dogs by blackwater and Marines (like Iraqi’s watch videos on youtube of Bwater) or saheed like a mujahid so that is the decision you have to make it because our leaders are putting us in war. Be prepare for it war is imminent, Make your weapons ready for it….

  11. Inter Risk is the Child company of the Black Water.

  12. You dont kno the othr side of the story the guns found in capt zaidi’s house were all licensed and he was doing all this under the supervision of the govt and he did nothin illegal he was just providin body guards to the americans . other security companies did this they destroyed whole of his family he had this contract with dyncorp not blackwater. all of the weopens of the americans are at the us embassy and they are licensed the whole govt knew bout this they just did this because the people couldnt see capt zaidi succeding. all of the weopons were licensed n rehman malik knew bout this he knew the weopens were comin he gave the noc to the us embassy they knew evrything but still they did this destroyed capt whole life. why didnt the people protest wen the company was established. this all hapend cause he was earning good money in a lawful way

    u all should know the other side of the story before commnting shit read this n try to understand the truth. know both side of the story.

    Capt zaidi’s enemy also tried to destry his family by tryin to make thir life harder n doin stuff n now thier in financial loss alot.

    this all is being done by another security company.

    as well as jamaatay Islami group

    the news is manipulated n 1 side story all the time

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