‘India, Afghanistan supporting militants in Pakistan’

September 19, 2009

Some militants received special war training from Afghanistan and secret agencies of two other neighboring countries also supported them in the plan, claims a report. – File photo

ISLAMABAD/PESHAWAR: The arrested commanders of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan have confessed that secret departments of India, including RAW, and Afghanistan have been providing them weapons and funds to fight against the Pakistan Army.

A report here on Saturday submitted to high officials by a joint investigation team said that 23 most wanted militant commanders including Sim Khan, Mahmood Khan and Maulvi Umer who were captured during operation Rah-e-Rast have confessed that they had been provided financial aid, weapons and special training by secret agencies from India and Afghanistan to fight against Pakistan’s security forces.

The report also divulged that some militants received special war training from Afghanistan and secret agencies of two other neighbouring countries also supported them in the plan.

It was said in the report that secret agencies from India were in contact with militants in Jalalabad, Kandahar and Mazar Sharif and the militants went to their collaborators via secret ways where they were invited to feasts and they were provided weapons and money earned by the narcotics trade.

Many arrested militant commanders have reportedly been shifted to secret locations for further investigations.—Online



  1. Not surprised at all.

    ZH has been telling us about the foreign elements involvement in the region. I wish that the higher officials make these statements public so that the supporters of TTP will learn about the truth too. Including Imran khan and certain sects.

    Big credit goes to the people at PKKH for keeping us informed. Take care people 😉

    • who told u that imran khan support them …not at all …he didnt support these bloody fake taliban …..he just differed from the approach …..imran khan is the great leader …..

      • May I ask what was the different approach of ur great leader?

      • Oh sorry I forgot. Ur great leader never gave an alternative solution to the problem. Maybe he will he will give the idea in the next election. That is if he tales part in the election. lol….

    • @ Salman

      for ur information Imran Khan has supported TTP mentality from day one. He is stupid and ill informed. And later when the while nation supported the army action Imran kept going against it. He is known as Imran Taliban Khan for a reason 😉

  2. Also I would like to know who is the second neighbouring country supporting this terror against Pakistan. I hope it is not Iran but u never know.

  3. may be iran is also helping them but not sure

  4. Sooner or later these guys will have to make this information public. There is too much going on. The military staff is already certain of a foreign hand. The intelligence knows. Unfortunately its the duty of politicians how they adress the nation over these concerns.

    And Yousuf Iran has no interests in supporting terrorism in Pakistan. It is just foolish to suggest so. They have enough on their hands.

    We cannot let the US media control our minds. It will be the greatest loss to us and our Nation. No matter we follow our religion or not, no matter what we believe in we are Pakistani first second and last. It is our duty to stand by Pakistan.

    The insurgeny cannot be internally sustained. Every taliban fighter in Pakistan is paid. Every suicide bombers survivers are paid over 12000$. Usually about 40000. No Pakistani makes this kind of money. Producing a single 2000 kg explosives costs hell.

    These guys are getting money from somewhere. We have to stop that constant source of income. This intelliegence war must end and the World must accept us as a Nation and leave us alone.

  5. As soon as I published my comments about Iran, I realized that it caccot be Iran. Infact it is Afghanistan(RAMA) supporting terror in Pakistan. Worry not we will deal with them once their master dies 😉

  6. PKKH has informed us of all that has been happening

    I must commend their efforts and courage to do so.

    but the war isnt over yet. This war i am a fraid is long .. The Sawat front has ended .. but India is trying to use the international Media and their Political manipulations (as in 1971) .. to create a Distorted Image of the events unfolding in Paksitan

    and Finally lead to a head on war with India
    Specially in the Kashmir Region (no thanks to Asif Ali Gardhari and the American Stooges)

    but of course as (r)Gen. hamid gul said. “you can fight an army and win, but you can never win when fighting against a nation”

    as per India’s war doctrine against Pakistan
    they will try to weaken us from the inside before attacking head on.

    and i hope PKKH will be there informing us.

    and The Prophet Said “…When the Army rises from Khurasan Join it even if you have to Crawl over Ice.. Because they can never be stopped until they reach Jerusalem” or similar words…

    Pakistan ka Allah Hafiz hay 🙂

  7. where is the source for this article?

    oh wait! it must be zaid hamid

    • It has come in all the major newspapers in Pakistan, besides even when international newspapers say that India is involved in destabilizing Pakistan you don’t want to believe it!!

      • Actully our MP Gilani has given the prof of indian involvement to indian MP Sing. india has created and is backing TTP and Pakistan should attack inda for her crime against Pakistan. What are we waiting for??? Just attack india to teach the hindu mentality a good lesson. After all americanos crying 9 shit 11 even after so many years has passed. So why can Pakistan cry over it and under this durues attack and give dam death to india. Also Muslims in india must gain their independent from hindu india. We must help indian Muslims to gain their freedom. WE WANT INDIAN MUSLIMS TO DECLAER INDEPENDENT MUSLIM STATE.

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