Reviving the Reformist Atmosphere

September 18, 2009

By Zaki Khalid | Brasstacks/PKKH

In this article, I will try to propose possible viable solutions for us Pakistanis to get ourselves out of this horrendous quagmire filled to the brim with conspiracies, plots and agendas. What we must focus on first is how to bring about a soft revolution. It Is said that revolutions are not made, they happen. All that is required from our part is a solid determination and willfull perseverance to keep going through thick and thin, no matter how many hurdles are placed along the path. Sacrifices will and must be given, we cannot expect to turn the system topsy turvy without offering any.

Starting at the grassroots level, we realize that to go forth with our motives, we should be under the aegis of a sound practical ideology, which will engulf us in its golden principles and ideals. For Communists, Karl Marx had proposed “communique ideals” for  socialists, which seemed at first to be quite successful in the former USSR but later murdered itself vilely. Here in Pakistan, so-called historians and thinkers forget that the very idea of Pakistan started with a vision Allama Iqbal had in a dream. That of a state where the Muslims of the Subcontinent could live in liberty according to the sacred principles of Islam. If all this was meant to be personal, the Muslims were still at a precariously better situation in India. But they were not allowed to implement their socio-politico-economic  laws on a manifest scale, as they had the right to.

Hence came the furtherance for the Two Nation Theory, propounded by those same people, Iqbal and Jinnah, who once propagated for Indian Unity. They realized that not only the Muslim, but the ‘Islamic’ civilization in the Subcontinent was itself at stake. This nation was not meant to be a secular domain where Muslims could privately practice their deen (way of life), it is a big hypocrisy on their behalf. They were to adopt all the Islamic norms, all beautifully summed up by Liaquat Ali Khan in the Objectives Resolution. We have to accept that Islam is our only beacon of guidance, not an age-old preposterous sham like Democracy. Imagine, a barbarious system of governance formulated by Plato in olden times was meant to be implemented in a state that was formed for the Muslim and foremostly Islamic cause! Did our forefathers chant “Pakistan ka matlab kya, La Ilaha il-Allah” or “Pakistan ka matlab kya? Jeo Jamhooriyat?” In 1947, the largest human migration took place, millions of Muslims were killed, tortured, raped and here we have demented bureaucracy and “feeder-ship” (getting feed from the West), not leadership, vehemently opposing the very perfect defined Islamic ideology of Pakistan.

The key solution is to create a voluntary widespread mass-awareness movement which shall focus on re-kindling the essence of Iqbaliat and Quaid’s practices. We should re-educate the distracted youth of today that like the hundreds of dignified leaders to look up to like the Ali Brothers (Maulana Johar and Shaukat), Ch. Rehmat Ali and Liaquat Ali Khan, we have to fundamental saviours to learn from and be passionately motivated by: Allama Iqbal (the Reformer of the Modern Age) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah (The Grey Wolf). The best way to achieve this is by introducing educational syllabi reforms, an important need of the hour. We have been learning the same ‘expired’ old syllabi for 2 generations, except very few minor changes. A committee of Muslim scholars and academics from every school of jurisprudence should be formed wherein they could formulate a unified Islamic syllabus in concensus with historical facts and the Islamic Golden Age. This ofcourse includes the teaching of mathematics, science and technology and computers but in appropriate context of Islamic History and how Muslims contributed to the field.

Furthermore, it would be nice to have students learning International Relations from college level onwards, so that they are en par with what is happening around the world. They are already being taught Pakistan Studies, which is good, but beyond that they should also be given access to knowledge and the latest updates of how Pakistan is playing its role from a global perspective, how it influences the world and vice versa.

Student Intellectual Groups:  There are new energetic student groups propping up these days, especially using social networking sites, such as the popular Facebook, as platforms. It will be good to see students being encouraged to go ahead and create a “student thinktank forum” where they could discuss issues not only of politics, but also related to moral/ethical character building, its implementation, etc. Possible heads and management staff of these thinktanks could include leading professors from around the country, media personalities, etc who believe in the (Islamic) Ideology of Pakistan, not apologetic self-professed defeatist atheists like Pervez Hoodhboy, Nadeem Paracha or Asma Jehangir.

Fresh new and fully detailed high quality documentaries on “THE HISTORY OF PAKISTAN” should be produced on an official scale by the Government, if ever it decides to go something productive for the nation’s youth for a change! These CDs and pamphlets should be distributed across the country and should also be available for purchasing online for Pakistanis abroad. They can be very educational for those who really don’t get into reading text on it. Ofcourse it might sound funny even expecting anything remote to this from the Government, but one can always request as a citizen.

It is an ardent appeal to the nation’s elders: It is our time now, and that of those who are growing. Please get up and make this a duty of yours to pass on the Legacy of Pakistan to the coming generation, a sort of age-old “Chinese Whisper” secret, if I may say so. We it is who can bring the change. We don’t believe in picking up arms for now, but first of all, our foundation and character should be strong, hence we have to first re-ignite the Spirit of Shaheen amongst the youth. How pitiful that our elders and those we look up to fight like masquerading baboons on mainstream television shows all day blabbering about things long gone.

There are a few media heroes for the youth of today, whom they look upto. Some of them have a very deep insight into history, Islamic and World Affairs and give messages of hope to the coming perplexed generation. Such rare gems are termed as “conspiracy theorists” or “televangelists” by a particular breed of self-professed atheists who obviously have no concern whatsoever  for the unrivalled connection the State of Pakistan has with Deen e Islam. After looking at such people, hearing their worthless arguments, the youth of Pakistan get dismayed again as they feel they speak for “the others”.

Pakistan’s history is as old as the entrance of Muhammad bin Qasim into Sindh. We have a dearth of great dignified heroes and leaders to look upto and be taught their biographies and how they lived their lives, but all the focus of the mainstream’s focus is on “formal, scientific education” which is limited just to the blunt materialistic plane.

At the end I would like to say, living nations are those whose nationals take it upon themselves to actually “keep the nation alive”. Instead of sitting hand on hand and waiting for some apocalyptic messiah to come and do all the hard work on their behalf. This is not the Law of Change. A messiah will come indeed, but unless we realize that “God helps those who help themselves”



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  2. You want Pakistanis to bring about a revolution! You do realise these are [pakistanis u r talking about. LoL! LoL! LoL!

  3. stop degrading urself I, living in the west have for sure seen shaheens being groomed with love of Allah Prophet Muhammed (saw), deen and paksarzameen you haven’t come across the cream of the nation as yet i guess so but I have seen and felt that in our children here in the west May Allah bless this nation with youth of granduer and calibre this is my dua while in Ettikaf ALLAHU AKBAR

  4. By chanting ‘Pakistan ka mutlab kia, la i laha il lallah’ our forefathers pledged that they will live by the Quran and Sunnah, if given a free homeland. Allah delivered this country as a result on the blessed night of 27th Ramazan. Quaid e Azam is on record to have said that the Constitution for the new country is present since the last 13 centuries. Can anybody deny that ?
    Secular leanings ascribed to the Quaid are mostly concerned when directed towards the minority issues. These are propagated by the mainstream media to serve their own vested interests. In her groundbreaking book ‘Secular Jinnah: Munir’s Big Hoax Exposed’. Saleena has exposed how are leaders and liberal minded scholars have put words in Quaid’s mouth and delibrately led a generation into self doubt and utter confusion. Also there are other instances where it has been revealed as to how our Holy Prophet PBUH guided Quaid e Azam to come back to the subcontinent and fulfil his mission. On 10/11 August 2009, the grandson of the actual Khan of Kalat announced on GEO TV program, Kamran kay Sath that his granfather gave up his flourishing kingdom of Kalat and merged into Pakistan, when he was directed to do so by the Holy Prophet PBUH in a dream.

    The Quaid soon after independence formed the constituent assembly to draft constitution for the new country. He was unequivocal in his vision, as he was on all other things that the Western democracy and Western economic systems had failed to provide social justice and equal playing field to all. He wanted to implement the Islamic principles and present to the whole world an alternative system that provided security, religious freedom, social and economic justice to all and sundry—a true Islamic Welfare state. The Objective Resolution was passed in this spirit. Alas, he passed away and Liaqat Ali Khan was also gunned down when he insisted on implementing the true vision of our Quaid. Thereafter, the first step of Gulam Muhamad, a CIA agent was to abolish the Constituent Assembly and reduce the Objectives Resolution to a preamble in the new Constitution, which implemented British Westminister style democracy in the country.

    Pakistan is thus in a state of sin, if i may be allowed to say so. The task remain incomplete. Until we fulfil the promise of our forefathers we will lurch from one catastrophe to another and Pakistan will not achieve its destiny. We have experimented enough with democracy, dictatorship, provincial autonomy, one-unit system, imported PMs enlightened moderation etc. Lets give the Quran and Sunnah a chance. Lets for once trust in Allah Almighty. If we are true muslims, we should not let ourselves be bitten from the same ‘democratic’ snake hole again and again. We all aspire to go to Jannah in the Hereafter, a place where everything is as per Allah’s Command, yet we are unwilling to implement HIS commands on earth. What can be more hipocritical than that ?
    Allah says in the Quran :
    Surah Ar Raad (13-11)
    “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of any people unless they
    themselves make the decision to change.”

    May Allah guide us and give us the courage to change ourselves and
    demand the same from our rulers. Ameen

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