Zaid Hamid Iqbal Ka Pakistan | Episode 35

September 16, 2009

With Ali Azmat on Aag TV Zaid Hamid and Ali Azmat (formerly of Junoon) take live calls and discuss ideology, vision and mission of Allama Iqbal and its relevance with the current times, and answer questions from the youth of Pakistan in his latest episode of “Iqbal Ka Pakistan” serie

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4



  1. This series is getting unnecessarily longer and boring. A lot of old stuff is being iterated many times. Do not make it as long and boring as indian tv dramas, that might put off your viewers.

    Make more program on current affairs etc.

    • it is not entertainment … this program is for correction,purification and strengthen the ideology of UMMAH …

    • @pakistani bacha!

      this is not an indian movie my dear! where u want to see some dance, songs and naked legs and possibly kissing.

      try to understand what they are talking about. its about a change in system. if you think your Pakistan should lead the world then every Pakistani should have such a strong character as mentioned in these series of zahid hamid. i m not sure zahid hamid is following all what is telling us to follow but we should not care about his personal life.

      my dear your country is in deep trouble from both east and west. worst comes to worst the current government has no powers in their testicles. The only defenders of the nation are young pakistanis like you. So leave indian movies, burn all your indian movies collection and start building ur character. This would be a vee funni thing 4 ur observers but nothing can distract you if you decide once to do something.


  2. yes u r rite, my brother, this is really boaring……..i am talking about ur ”COMMENT”.
    U r boaring.
    go watch transformers.
    stop it while u can.shame on u.angeraze ki ulad.

  3. mashallah zaid bhai it is so fasinating episode may Allah bless you and protect you by the way where were you all this time I mean all of a sudden you appear on the screen and grab the screen like anything. Allah has given you such an ability to create thousands of shaheen day by day. I am one of them. when you deliver your lectures it is as if you are transmitting energy into us and I can feel that and you made me cry many times may Allah bless you zaid bhai you are my inspiration. your ikhlas reflects in such a way that it effects who ever watchs you. May Allah protect you and give you istikhamah ameen ya rab

  4. Asalam o Alaikum
    for what i have seen above!!!!!
    i think the revolution is very near …(Insha-ALLAH)
    the youth of our country is now ready…
    because now youth is understanding the issue .
    and that was needed very much…
    ALLAH Pakistan ka hafiz

  5. SUBHAN ALLAH! i’m speechless!

  6. ZAId Hamid justifies army’s actions..and hez a strong supporter of army Operations in FATA…but Y he dsnt say anything about the silence prevailing in army and Gen kiyani’s attitude in particular.The Drones..black water..extention of Us embassy….apparently it seems that army is supporting gov’s policy….
    let us not dream anymore…No massiha is out there…let us not put our hopes in any of them..not even army.
    The change has to come from grass root level..so start changing things around us..Miles to gOO!!

  7. i cn’t see the video

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