Shaheedo ki maa’on ko SALAAM!

September 16, 2009


  1. You cannot become shaheed by killing muslims for the purpose of protecting kufr democracy and making friends and alliances with the enemies of Islam. You can only be classed as a shaheed if you died fighting for the cause of Allah, to make the rule of Allah supreme on this earth. Not fighting on behalf of or for your masters America. I challenge anybody to refute this fact.

  2. Then I suppose ‘your’ shaheed must’ve been those ‘muslims’ who openly and shamelessly picked on innocents who dared to defy their self proclaimed ‘authority’ by striking terror in their hearts, beheading whoever got in their way. Are you blind or just plain stupid. If you believe your Talibuddies to be the following the right path, then what’s keeping you from joining their side and find out who’s really going up or down. I challenge YOU to take the test.

    In shaheedon ki maa’on par laakhon salaam!!!

    • Just as I thought. You have not been able to refute my fact. My challenge still stands. I have stated a FACT and openly challenged YOU to refute it. Instead of addressing even a single point on my comment you have just raved and ranted about assumptions and supposeds. Really shows the level of your intelligence!

      • What is the ‘fact’ as you put it Einstein, say it in one sentence. You’ll have your reply soon enough.

        I don’t have to agree on your convenient assumption that PA is fighting America’s war because that’s YOUR opinion and nothing else. Btw, you haven’t replied my comment either so keep your pants up before challenging anyone’s intelligence.

  3. @Qasim

    Killing those people who beheaded innocent Pakistani civilians is ‘America’s war’?? killing those who took out dead bodies from graves and hung them on lamp posts is ‘America’s war’?? killing those who kidnap young girls by saying there so called ‘Mujahideen’ want to marry them is ‘America’s war’?? killing people from whose hideouts large number of bottles of wine are found is ‘America’s war’?? Fighting those people who are the payroll of Kaffirs is ‘America’s war’?

    Even if we do believe they are fighting to bring about Sharia law, we have been told that our role model is Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h and we should follow his footsteps, Is this the way Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h enforced Sharia law??

    As for being called a ‘Shaheed’, Pakistani army is fighting for the cause of Allah swt as they are fighting those who are using Islam’s name to justify all the horrible things they do, and you cannot say the Pakistani army is fighting for protecting ‘Kufr democracy’, in the end it’s the ‘niyat’ for which they are rewarded and you have no knowledge about that, it’s Allah swt who knows it, so don’t insult them.

    You can even read this regarding someone being called a Shaheed- http://www.albalagh.net/qa/shaheed.shtml

  4. Those who accuse our jawans of fighting for the US should ask their mothers how much the US paid them to offer the ultimate sacrifice without hesitation, without ultimately caring for their own safety. These guys lead a most ordinary life and were buried in all modesty. What a pity that the ones that belittle them most, are some of their own countrymen.

  5. Muslims killing Muslims. InshahALLAH if you are practicing Muslim and read seerat (PBUH) and Life of Shahbaa (RS). You know, who is RIGHT.
    I am sure all these blast and suicide are not done by Muslims. Why this bad stuff wasn’t there before the super power invasion.
    This flight stays on. This is between following Prophet MUHAMMAD, Quran and Sunnah OR following devil. Does not matter that… who are you….

  6. I am saying al these things BECAUSE I read hadith about these happenings. Look up for these about the present day fitna before teaching who’s killing muslims.

    “They will read Qur’an, but their faith does not go past their throats. They will pass through religion the way an arrow passes through its quarry. They will no more come back to the religion than the arrow will come back to its original course. They are the worst of human beings and the worst of all creation. The one who kills them or is killed by them is blessed. They summon to the book of Allah but they have nothing to do with it. Whoever kills them is closer to Allah than they. Their sign is that they shave (their heads).”

  7. you r just a dirt particle of society.

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