Kashmir Bane Ga Pakistan – InshaAllah

September 15, 2009


  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Kashmir to nahi mila… Bangladesh nikal gaya…Baluch jane walaa hai… aur FATA to kabhi thaa he nahi control mein.

    I wish all pakis to pursue “Kashmir Bane Ga Pakistan” because this is the PERFECT way to lose territory and one day only Islamabad would be Pakistan and the rest of pakistan would be liberated.

    • Well COW PISS DRINKING SLUMDOG Amit we broke India into three parts in 1947 and will do so again!!.Naxalites kicking your ass nice and hard with India having little to no control in the seven sisters region!!

      Have you SLUMDOGS forgotten how the Mughals kicked your ass for ONE THOUSAND YEARS you COW PISS DRINKER!!.It’s India that will again be conquerd by the Muslim’s because you are our historical slaves so save yourselves if you can.Goodluck in curtailing all the insurgencies in your opressed land from Manipur to th seven sisters and million’s of Sikhs still want Khalistan!.You GANDU’S must be weting themselves seeing you’re on the verge of disintegration but i suure you we’ll allow for you too keep drinking COW PISS when GANDUSTAN becomes Pakistan!!!!

  2. Kashmir Bane Ga Pakistan ?

    In your dreams !!

    Only after the Tibetians get Tibet, and the Balochs get Balochistan, will there be any change in Kashmir !

    Until then, happy dreams !!

  3. After reading Amit’s comment, one thing is quite apparent and that is SACRED HINDU COLA (i.e. Cow Piss) can damage the thinking ability of a person. In severe cases that person can become a psychopathic case as was the case with Amit. Anyway, this dumb shit Amit is presenting us his predictions without seeing his own home. Hindu India is on the verge of disintegration. There are more than 67 well trained and heavily funded separatists movements in India. Naxalites are stronger than ever, ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) can manage to operate in whole india, Mizorams, Tripuris, National Socialist Council, Bircha Commando and Morcha activists have gained the ability to put some more fuel on already burning India. Rest of the Christians, Dalits, Tamils and Muslims have already shown their intentions to liberate their territories from Hindu (More rightly a Barhaminic) Occupation. 75% of Indian population earns less than 20 Rupia/Day (According to World Bank Report). I have posted these facts somewhere on AQ’s(AhmedQuraishi’s) Website. Amit belongs to a country where ruling Hindu religion has given concessions to Religious Scholors (i.e. Sadhus) to rape whoever they want in the name of Religious practice.

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