ALERT: Blackwater Recruiting Agents Fluent In Urdu & Punjabi For Pakistan

September 15, 2009

Report Suggests Pakistani Envoy In Washington Has Issued 360 Visas To Americans In One Month Without Consulting Islamabad

Blackwater USA is looking for mercenaries fluent in Urdu, Pakistan’s national language, and Punjabi, the language spoken by natives of Pakistan’s largest populated province. The US military already deploys officers and commando units manned by people fluent in Pashto, spoken in most of western Pakistan and southern Afghanistan. Keeping in view the denials of the US embassy in Islamabad and the expanding American presence on Pakistani soil, these recruitments are obviously not meant for running call centers. Since Washington has unilaterally decided that Pakistan is now a ‘war theater’ after Iraq and Afghanistan, it is only natural that American terrorism will also be unleashed in Pakistan. Blackwater is in Pakistan.

Read Full Report | Ahmed Quraishi

Also read: Hussain Haqqani To ISI – Let Blackwater In


One comment

  1. Well Islami Jamhuria Pakistan need to be having ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY, ISLAMIC JUSTICE AND ISLAMIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM go read Quaid-e-Azam what he said about that. So mark my words brothers we can only successful when we have these systems. If we were having these USA will never do these things..

    Anyways now the time is near 2012 so prepare your self’s and decide either killed like dogs by blackwater and Marines (like Iraqi’s watch videos on youtube of Bwater) or saheed like a mujahid so that is the decision you have to make it because our leaders are putting us in war. Be prepare for it war is imminent, Make your weapons ready for it….

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