Blackwater / Xe in Pakistan – Full Version

September 14, 2009

BlackWater started its operations in 2007 in Pakistan. Since then, it has been involved in many under cover operations and establishment of offices in Pakistan. After changing its name to XE Worldwide, the mercenary army has penetrated in Peshawar, Islamabad and Karachi. This report reveals the covert operations that Blackwater is performing in Pakistan. [ilim.tv]



  1. Can someone plz run these videos on TV again n again..to create pressure on govt, they r busy enjoying watchin videos of ppl dying to get some flour n sugar..!

  2. thisis ot good….army or ISI better act fast! Time is of the essence! I hope that judiciary raises this issue! this is test for judiciary to prove whether it is genuine or jus another sellout. Imran Khan was rite saying that this is serious sitation and there should be n all parties conference on this issue

  3. Give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Declare Xe a global t******st organisation, with all that entails…

  4. where is CJ where cheep justice and nawaz ganju ,qazi hussain and all other … media?

    • Equalizer, you seem so ignorant that you don’t even read good and reliable newspapers in national language, all the people you named except CJ and Nawaz (one is non political and other one is US ally) everyone else is raising their voices everyday

  5. When are u sheeple (people) gonna learn. The pakistan government and the army are on Americas side, and on blackwaters side. The pakistan government does not give a damn about you! The pakistan government and army are the friends and allies of America and all things kufr. Do you really think that pakistan is gonna kick them out just for you? I dont think so! Insha’Allah once the mujahideens have removed the apostate kufr pakistani government and defeated its apostate army, only then will they then get rid of the Americans and blackwater off of muslim soil!

    • Only then? Why not before?

  6. response to qasim: u seem to be the agent of anti muslim and anti pak elements, because you are inciting muslims against their own muslim pakistan army which will inshallah will destroy and defeat people like BW/XE , Inshallah this pak army will liberate muslims in the whole world with our duaas and with only Allah’s Help.

    • Brother good response given to Qasim.

      Inshallah very soon Pakistan will be a Super Power in the Asia. It will be a bloody war and Pakistan will win!

  7. It is the responsibility of every Pakistani to spread awareness among Pakistanis through whatever means. We have to moboilize our masses because we might need to fight against these pigs in near future.

  8. The best way to create awareness of this informative video & related information is to act proactively in spreading the message. National TV or private (so called popular) channels will not air this for known reasons. And Kamran Khan or Hamid Mir will never ever discuss this, if they do so, how would they maintain their top line BMWs???
    We, as concerned Pakistanis, shall make it a permanent habit to spread the message to all those people who are part of our personal Mailing Lists and also request them to do the same. Although this is going to be a slow process but at least awareness will increase Inshallah.

  9. Brother Qasim, pls have faith in Allah & our Army, having doubts in sons of the soil will not take us any where!!! Pakistan Army is Alhamdolillah one of the best in the world & this is recognized by the west many a times, they are backed by us, the citizens of Pakistan as they are our brothers & true Pakistanis who have devoted life for the country. Allah bless Pakistan, our Army and give courage to entire national to stand by with them. Ameen

  10. i’m surprised that there are such idiots out there who believe that an army that has taken upon itself the destruction of Islam and all those who have stood up for Islam will act against its own masters (US, Britain, etc.)…..keep on dreaming….
    may allah guide this nation jis ka damagh noor jehan keh gaanay sun sun keh kharab ho chuka haey…

  11. asad khan(who knows u r a muslim or zionist from india)! not every fauji is like u, fan of a singer, we believe in Allah that it is He who will help us, through our forces and our jawans,aameen.

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