Shining India: Farmers Sell Wives After Crops Fail

September 13, 2009

Dielle D’Souza | The Independent, UK


North Indian farmers are selling their wives to survive, it has been revealed.

Left without money due to failing crops, debt-ridden farmers in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, have reportedly been selling their wives to money lenders for Rs 4,000 – 12,000 (£50-150). The more beautiful the woman, the higher the price that she fetches, it was claimed. The deals are allegedly being settled on a legal stamp paper under the heading “Vivaha Anubandh” meaning Marriage Contract. Once the new “husband” is tired of the woman, she is allegedly sold to another man.

Girija Vyas, chief of the NCW, said: “It is awful and unbelievable that it still happens in the country, and that too in Uttar Pradesh where the chief minister is a woman.

“We are sending a team to find out the details and have asked for the report within 24 hours.”

She added that the commission had also written a letter to the state’s chief minister.

One of the victims said: “My husband sold me to another man for Rs 8,000 (£100) only. My buyer took me to the court to make our wedding look legal. During the trip I got the chance to escape.”

In most cases, the women are illiterate and cannot read what is written in the “contract”.

A farmer who helped expose the situation to the Indian media said he is now being harassed.

“I was summoned to the police station and questioned,” the man who is known only as Kalicharan said.

“I told them I had spoken to the media because no one was listening to us. But they threatened me and said I was lying. My wife was also called to the police station.”

With reports suggesting that thousands of farmers in the region are involved, the situation has spiralled into a major political crisis.

Opposition parties are blaming the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) government led by chief minister Mayawati for the problem.

The state Congress president Rita Bahuguna Joshi said: “It is a painful situation. I am sending a team of Congress workers to help these women.”

A spokesman for leading opposition, the Bharatiya Janata Party, said: “Both the BSP-led state government and the Congress at the centre are responsible for this.

“The centre has been talking of creating a separate authority for Bundelkhand while some factions want a state. Nobody is helping these farmers.”

Erratic rainfall in the region this year is one of the main causes of failing crops.

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  1. so sad . being dependent on rainfall.

    let us hope such a blow to humanity does not happen again.

    but no. this will not stop indian growth if thats what u want

    • INdian growth in what ?? population… I thot you guys blamed that on the ISI and Let & stuff…

  2. It’s a ‘70% of India’ symptom. The ‘growth’ you’re mentioning is reserved to the remaining 30% alone.


  3. Astaghfirullah Sad really sad.

    I hope no one in the world has to see such a day!

    May Allah swt bless us all!

  4. may allah bless these people

  5. May Allah liberate the poor people from the elite!!

  6. No comments??? How come???

    btw Britain foiled another attack on WEST by capturing Islamic Terrorists breeding on Britain and supported by Pakistan.

    These Muslim terrorists didnt follow Koran that a country is more important than religion.

    No wonder at all that this HUGE attack plot has PAKISTANI links.This PROVES that Pakistan is mother of all terrorists.


    • @Amit

      {{{No comments??? How come???}}}

      So do you want us to abuse these poor people and insult them? Will that satisfy you?

  7. Lets see if this gets post gets posted…

    So Zardari is traitor…Gilani is traitor… Mushi the Army is traitor… paki diplomats are traitor… the gov is traitor… all leaders are traitors….

    OMG!!! This is a PERFECT sign of a FAILED STATE.

    btw another ‘traitor’…. as he accepted that Pak started 1965 war…

    68-year-old Retires General Durrani was sacked by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani after he told journalists that Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist arrested for the Mumbai attacks, was a Pakistani national.

    Why do pakis say a paki is a traitor if he accepts truth???

    Former president Pervez Musharraf says the US military aid given to Pakistan during his tenure was used to strengthen defences against India.

    • Amit you’re such a low life scum bag

      Looks like you haven’t read this http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/sep/08/pakistan-top-diplomat-terrorism-claim

      Before calling us ‘mother’ of all terrorists than I guess u r grandmother coz US has said ‘India has turned into a hub for providing funds to terrorists’ because of it’s hawala system.

      As for Durrani he has even been linked with the plane crash of Pres. Zia ul Haq. And yes they are all traitors just like 5500 people sitting inside your parliament with criminal charges some of which are rape, corruption etc.

      Looks like you Indians can’t bear when Pakistanis are good with you or pray for the poor people suffering in your country or anywhere else as well… thanks for showing your REAL face to everyone you’ll continue to hate everyone and anyone even if they feel sorry and pray for u!

      Pass comments ‘only’ when it’s connected to the topic!!

      wht r ur views on amit? And u say Pakistanis are taught to hate Indians….

      • sal why do all of you hate Pak so much??? Amit is a classic Indian Nut case as I know many more Indians like him personally… Living in a fantasy world! Please get your own house in order before pointing out to others. Peace initiative can’t take place with so much hate waves. Almost all Indian parliament produces such waves and for hate mongers we know very well how to respond…

      • what amit has become is more of a retaliation. and yes. it seems pakistanis are literally taught to hate indians



      • Nikhil

        What amit has become is retaliation?? What is he retaliating about in this article..that why no one abused these poor people??

        If thats retaliation than even what we are doing is retaliation!!

    • Well i think the so called begging money is spent in the rightful place for the Beggars. Pakistan doesnt feel worthy to spend it’s money for anything related to India. It’s the Jews & Christians money at the end of the day used against the Hindu state! Bravo Musharraf!!

    • Mr AMit remember we are muslims and Allah remains our protector , no matter who so ever is traitor in pakistan there are still millions of people who are ready to die for home land and always resist action against pakistan we dont lie like u mumbai drama to wage war against pak but haha ask ur army chif ur friends israel cia , what resit them not to attack pak we are nuclear power wuth the grace of Allah and we have the delivery capability which cover almost whole accross india and israel half europe, so dear if continue provoke us which ur doing so just wait for few years and we will avenge all of our blood u shed during partition , u call ur self shining india where muslims are burn to death, sikh are killed, christans are burn to death by racist extremist hindu terrorist like bajrang dal, rss, shiv sina .

      please watch dis


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  9. ALLAH musalmanoo ko hidayat dy…jis tarah ka aj ko muslamano kaa haal hai usey tou yae lagta hai kahen musalman bhe yahe na kerain…jise tarah gheroo ky tareky apnaae howay hain…

    Kiun aee thy,,kahan jarae hoo,,,bhool ky sabaaq thoker kha rahe hoo..


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