Hussain Haqqani To ISI – Let Blackwater In

September 13, 2009

Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com


Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani has written to the foreign secretary and ISI Cheif, warning them that harassing Americans or denying them visas hurts the country’s image and can have severe consequences, CNN-IBN reported on Saturday.

According to the channel, Haqqani’s letter, dated July 28, 2009, reveals that Pakistan has a blacklist of US journalists and non-government organisations (NGO) that are critical of Islamabad. The ambassador has warned that Pakistan risked hearings in the US Congress and potential restrictions on aid and military sales if US citizens were harassed or intimidated. The letter mentioned instances where US institutions or journalists were denied visas, harassed or put under surveillance. Haqqani has demanded explanations for these actions and a copy of the blacklist.

Mr. Haqqani’s plea to the Pakistani Intelligence agencies comes at a time when there is effectively a quiet occupation of Pakistan taking place by Americans arriving in one form or the other. There have been confirmed reports of over 200 houses being rented and barricaded all over Islamabad, 300 plus ‘military trainers’ setting up shop in Tarbela, new facilities being granted to the notorious ‘Blackwater’ – now with a new name, Xe Worldwide – in parts of Sindh, and the rather obvious CIA front, Create Associates International Inc (CAII) operating not only in Peshawar but also in Islamabad.

This is what renowned Scholar and Defence Analyst Dr. Shireen Mazari revealed a few days back:

“Ordinary officials at Pakistani airports have also been muttering their concerns over chartered flights flying in Americans whose entry is not recorded – even the flight crews are not checked for visas and so there is now no record-keeping of exactly how many Americans are coming into or going out of Pakistan. Incidentally the CAII’s (CIA/Blackwater) Craig Davis who was deported has now returned to Peshawar! And let us not be fooled by the cry that numbers reflect friendship since we know what numbers meant to Soviet satellites.”

Since these reports first surfaced last month, the chartered flights have stopped. For the last few weeks, a number of suspected CIA and Xe employees – posing as ‘journalists’, aid workers and employees of certain NGOs – have been denied visas and entry into Pakistan, under ISI’s recommendation. Existing US consulate personnel and employees of CAII as well as a number of other US citizens have been under surveillance for suspected involvement in anti-state activity.

It is the duty of Inter-Services Intelligence to defend Pakistan’s borders and block any covert attempts to trample Pakistan’s sovereignty. Mr. Haqqani’s assertion that ejecting Americans found involved in suspicious activity and denying them entry is hurting Pakistan’s image, is idiotic at best and treason at worst.

PKKH requests the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence to take note of Mr. Haqqani’s attempt to undermine Pakistan’s national security – and at the very least, immediately put him under surveillance if not on a lamp-post in Islamabad.



  1. Why we don’t call all these pathetic ambassadors back to home and treat them accordingly. Pakistan doesn’t need these sort of nonsense advises from its own high officials. Its high time that we place the right people at these positions.

  2. how lovely. laughing out loud.

    altaf bhai qaadiyaniz ko bacha rahay hain
    hussain haqqani mulk kay soft image ko
    aur pata nahi koon koon kiss kiss ko bacha raha hai.

    thoori nazr e karam pakistan and pakistaniz pay bhi sarkar. hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Altaf Hussain ne Qadianion ko tabligh karne ka
      haq mang lia, Yaad rehe, Altaf mutalluqah hein !!

      arz he :

      Naaf se upper to the hi Girvi hanood ke,
      nichay se Mirza ab Kharooj ba-imkan hogaya
      Rafay Kashmiri

      • T.Nammani has written in his book that more than 600 Pakistani Qadianis are currently serving in Israeli Army. Qadianis are not only Anti Islamic but they are Anti Pakistan as well.

    • Dear Patriot Pakistanis.

      Government is the bunch of Traitors. Army and ISI is not acting i guess they think that if they do something then political parties will accuse them for disturbing fuking DEMOCRACY so they will not do anything to.

      Then only the people of Pakistan should stand up and prepare your self for upcoming war of Freedom.

      • letz prepare ourselves for he Great Combat

    • altaf harami hai uss per MUQADAMMA chalna chaheyee kuyn kee uss nee RISALAT KEE BUHAAT TUHEEN KEE HAII (Nau-zo-billah)

  3. The traitor diplomates must be court-martialed
    and punished, it is intolerable that Haqqani should
    remain our ambassador to his nutfah country.

    Recall him and try him !! this is our demand
    Pakistan Zindabaad
    Traitors muradabaad

  4. Hussain Haqqani’s wife Farah Isphahani is also serving her Zionist masters well, she brought Anderson Cooper of Anderson Cooper 360 to the limelight and also is the person behind the “enlightened” propagandist VOA (Voice of America) series in Urdu.

  5. While Mr Zardari and Haqqani are conspiring loud and clear against Pakistan, the silence of the rest of Pakistani politicans is deafening. somebody should call for long march to protest against this balatant anti state activities.

  6. This is not the first time that Hussain Haqqani has demanded such idiotic concessions for the Americans. His words fully aligns with the American Interest and is becoming clear that he is acting more like the Ambassador OF America TO Pakistan instead of Ambassador TO America FOR Pakistan. It is the weak scum bags and sold outs like Haqqani that are responsible for facilitating the American presence in Pakistan…

  7. Wy dont over Pakistani-American Citizens in Washington protest outside PAk Embassy?? Im sure they can make him shut up !!

    Some senior pakistani representative/businessman should visit him and offer him double the amount of payroll he is on with Americans right now to stop rediculing himself 😛 looool.

    Or threat him if needed 😛

  8. @RC:
    That’s a nice suggestion 😀

    How about someone convinces Mian Mansha of MCB fame to BUY this jackass!? :))

  9. Who is He to DICTATE Pakistan.

    The Punishment of a TRAiTOR in ISLAM is…..

    Cut His one Leg & Opposite side ARM…. So that they could never becom Balanced to HuRT the COUNTRY…
    Mr. Zardar Kick His ASS….. if U r not one of THEM….

  10. @ Hassan,

    Bro, Ghaddari is the one who has posted him out there….ofcourse he is among theminfact heading all the traitors !

  11. Fact of the matter is, our beloved Qamar Hussain Kaira (the info minister) has said this on record that black water (Xe) doesnt not exist in Pak. Now what do you expect from your leadership.

    Protesting in Islamabad may help if people are really serious and up for a change !

    Foreigh Ministry and Interior Ministry !

    • RC

      Woh to the Qamar, us zam’an ke Kairah
      yeh kis kurray ka,unko hussaini bana dia

  12. that was foreign ^^^ n forgive my typos 🙂

  13. Why authorities let things get worst and become a cancer before treating them and cut those off (e.g. Sawat operation etc)? Why donot they deal with these problems when the first symptom appears?

    People of Pakistan are miserable under Fauji dictatorship and worst off under democracy.

    Lets pray for a ruler who has fear of Allah in his heart. This is only attribute that can make one a good leader. And by saying that I donot mean a half mullah (a danger for iman, e.g Mr. ZH) but a real leader like Caliphs.

    • So if democracy is worst then army leadership, so which one is better in comparison ??

      if every thing is dealt with in first attempt then how will our leaders get opportunities to beg for aid..

      For God sake explore your own country, this country has so much in it that if we get sincere we can make it an example for the world…

      • Hamzala,

        army dictatorship has nothing to be compared with democracy, democracy can
        also become dictatorship when it comes to
        US, two party-dictatorship,
        Our country has, so called multiparty
        ” politics ” but nearly all of them are run by unelected and foced dictators,
        e.g.PPP, MQM, ANP, PMLs JUI,
        Feudal ” Baap ki jaidaad siyyasat ”

        Only one solution, i.e. Islamic democracy, the system we were always been
        prevented to even experiment, the corrupt seculars are directly responsible of our

  14. Dear Muslims brother,

    You meant by ZH: Zaid Hamid ?
    And a real leader like calliphs: who?? Jamat e Islami?

    • Yes ZH=Zaid Hamid
      (I am not fluky in my statement)
      If you know Caliphs in Islam and their Law (Quran & Sunnah) then you donot need to ask anyone about any particular Jamat…..do u think jamat-e-islami has those attributes?……there u go u have the answer.
      My msg is to stick to the rules and principles and not to personalities and groups etc.

      • Bro,

        I know Caliphs of Islam very well, and you should also know that no one can reach at the level of piety and Taqw’a they were at. The attributes they had, no one will have it like they had it till Qayammah.

        Now, I agree with u till the point where u said, we shouldn’t follow Personalities Politics. Its true, we should have a politics of Ideas – Idealogical Politics.
        Mr. Zaid Hamid is just playing his part on Motivating the youth and spreading awareness so its not out job to JUDGE his Iman. i think you would agree on this. Let it be between Allah and his man, who is Half mullah and who is Full mullah. WE need god fearing politicians. Politicians emeger from society, if people in soceity arent as islamic as we love them to be, then sorry we are mistaken, this is our fate and we will carry on suffering like this. Spread this message of Islam among your neighbors, relatives, friends and all around. Evil does not prevail because there are not good enought people, Evil prevails becuase good people keep SILENT !


      • U r right brother that we should not try to speculate one’s iman (that’s not allowed in islam).

      • Bro, for the sake of other people here, lets stick to the subject.

        Just like to mention one thing, Sufism was not what it seems now a days. The concept is “Seek God’s”. “Khuda Shanasi”

        Now a days its something different. dont mix it up.

        Now the subject is, who would protest against our current policy? who would ask them to stop black water from entering pak, if they have not entered so far – as Mr. Kaira said.

    • RC bhai / hamshirah,

      yes, ZH means Zaid Hamid, not Zardari-Haqqani ?

      Jamaat Islami has all potentials to lead the
      nation, at any time, in any epoch.
      But perhaps Pakistanis have a habit of waiting for
      their Khalifah (not from Rabwah), and mehdi’s
      from MQM & JUI, in the meantime, lets go back to our punjabi musalman as poetically & truthfully
      focused by Hakim-ul-Ummat !!


        kar-e-mulla fasad fi sabilillah!

        Jamat-e-islam is palying well above role in this country.

        Allah Jammaat-e-Islami (So called) key saye sey bhi bachai Pakistan of Pakistanio ko. Ameen.


      & Mislims Bleve On ALLAH Not On USA
      B4 Afghan War..
      aap ko yaad hai k un per kitna kerza tha…..
      koe nahi tha or mulk chal raha tha…
      hamarai paas to sub kuch hai Gawader port sai Hamalia tak

  16. Equation is as simple as that;


    • haha so true !

    • @ Amir

      true that!

  17. Is he serving pakistan or anti-pakistan forces ??
    I don’t think he should be a pakistani embassador. Is’t it ?

  18. wtf this haqqani guy man…wat r u try’n do? be on ur diplomatic mission or bid Pakistan to the highest bidder out there

  19. The post is very unprofessional. the case is very simple. Take it like this.

    A dawn correspondent is banned entry in United States for secutiry reasons which are baseless and Dawn group writes to American Consulate as why is that so, so if they have written with all the facts then US consulate will surely write to their government to remove these guys from Black List until they get it verfied from CIA that if these journalists have Links to KGB.

    Islamic Living and law is supreme for me, There are other modern laws working these days and we should also consider them. in short, we should learn to play with them. i dont think Haqaani has done anything wrong here. he has just passed the concerns his way.

    • Haqani is not one who has interest of Pakistan 1st but interest of his pockets is paramount, he has in his previous writings always displayed anti Pak behaviour, and now since we have the most corrupt person in the world sitting as president then people like Haqani have an open field to help others rape our country. These are the people who need to be tried for treason not thos who actually did good for our nation.

  20. My dear brothers We must speak out laud against these Traitors like Haqani,Malik,Zardari.Iam sure there are hundreds more in pakistani Government at all levels, in the millitary,in religous parties which are on CIA,RAW,MI6 or even Mossad payroll.It hurts me so much to see my country in middst of so many midnight Jackels which are beiting her from all sides, and Iam so helpless.

  21. These pathetic political parties which consists of traitors, thugs etc are destroying Pakistan.

    Check this out – Founder of security firm Blackwater saw himself as a Christian Crusader whose task was to eliminate Muslims, former employees allege. Two former employees of Blackwater have accused the private US security firm and its founder of killing Iraqis for fun, smuggling weapons and deceiving the State Department.

  22. “country’s image” what image they dont even consider us human being. we need to call this scum bag back to pakistan and make him “MURGHA” in the corner of the room until he die.
    These so called Ambassadors are working for CIA and not Pakistan.

  23. when pakistanis are denied visas, when they are hunted down and jailed in america, when american citizens of pakistani origin are profiled and targeted by the rudest immigration at the us ports of entry, does the us ambassador write a letter to department of state and the cia on their behalf? never. they’ll simply refuse to make a statement or parrot out that “it is a matter of national security” and all that crap. who the hell is haqqani to dictate to the isi? he is simply washington’s lapdog in washington.

  24. Fire those traitors deliberately n tell thm that it ws accidentally. They only deserve haraam mauth.

  25. My God,paison ke bhookey log! Do they think they’ll take this money with them after they die???

  26. […] […]

  27. i think this is the time for Pakistani nation to stand against our enemies and our government and destro them president is seeling our Pakistan.isi should defeat blackwater and destro them completely.this is the time for reveloution. hussain haqani is a american agent we should call him back to country and should jailed him .

  28. Dear Patriot Pakistanis.

    Government is the bunch of Traitors. Army and ISI is not acting i guess they think that if they do something then political parties (purchased by CIA) will accuse them for disturbing fucking DEMOCRACY so they will not do anything too. USA and INDIA will invade us with the help of Israel indirectly through policies like blackwater, us marines and given train path to India for Afghanistan.

    Patriots of Pakistan should stand up and prepare your self for upcoming war of Freedom.

    Must remember Year 2012 will bring War of Independence, so Get Ready.

  29. […] as a “traitor” and someone attempting “to undermine national security.” Pakistan Ka Khudafiz wrote, “It is the duty of Inter-Services Intelligence to defend Pakistan’s borders and block […]

  30. how strange that when america blacklists ppl of other countries, it improves america’s country image. but its not true in other case. mr. haqqani is speaking the wording of his masters, and is participating in harassing pakistan that if we don’t do so, american will stop providing aid to us.

  31. Safir-e-haram PPP ka jo Haqqani hogaya,
    nasha-e-wafa se,kooch,dar-e-fani kargaya

  32. Impeach present Failed PPP’s government,

  33. mr and mrs haqqani should be hanged upside down through delicate parts.

  34. Maham dear,

    your so called ” fact” is absurd based on
    old colonial Uncle Sam’s propaganda.

    Pakistan is capable of helping out financially morally,those 2.5 millions US families who’s houses fell under bailiff’s siezure, victim of a bankrupt nation like USA,
    -with 3,300 billion of US$ Budget deficit !!
    -living on Arab rent-an-army contracts, monthly
    350 millions US$ per month paid by Kuweit, Qatar
    KSA and Behrain etc
    -Funding aid to Pakistan, if true, by borrowing
    money from China.

    you must be joking man !!

  35. JZeb,

    depends on dispensibility of those(spare) parts

  36. Pakistan is in a fight for its soul. Things are not as black and white as sometimes made out to be and terror does not just come in green colour.


  37. NO MATTER WHAT! WE THE CITIZENS OF PAKISTAN MUST NOT LET THE ARMY RULE EVER AGAIN! you can hang as many politicians as you like…i’m not against that if they are selling the country but there is absolutely no justification for an army rule!! so stop suggesting that and debate INSTEAD on how to improve our moth eaten government…discuss and look for solutions like a civilised nation…accusing people in power is easy! you guys want to take action..go ahead…don’t just sit in your comfortable chairs and advocate ‘the return’ of dictatorship’…all the comments here are leaning towards an army rule…the army is doing a good job at the borders LET THEM STAY THERE!


  39. haqqani is an american pimp such an idiot bring him back home and welcome him with dozens floggings publicly.he is doing dalabazi for americans.ISI i doing abosulty right harrasement of americans is the only solution to get of from these parasites.they ar threat to our nukes.stop getting millatary aid from amricans.inki dosti dusmani say ziyadaaaa dangerous hai.

  40. that is why I suggest,
    reject Musharraf and impeach Zardari

  41. He’s right American’s are spoiling the Image of Pakistani’s

  42. Yes.reject Musharraf.Impeach Zardari.
    Rafay,why you stopped short of suggesting,who you think,should take over.Be frank and speak up your heart.

    • Paki bhai,
      I am not short of suggestions, e.g Pakistanis
      can also try the other way round :
      ” reject Zardari, impeach Musharraf ”

      Frankly, we have enough now
      -Present PPP’s Govt must be siezed & impeached
      by Chief Justice, who should take over as
      executive, Constitution be remained intact.
      -form an interim Govt, announce elections,
      apply constitution and try politicians and
      traitors, punish them, one by one with charge
      sheets and proves !
      -All the foriegners involved be arrested thru
      Inter.Warrants and summons.
      -Pakistani diplomats involved in treason and
      spionage must be punished severely.
      -National security council announces securitiy
      measures on our borders, and internal situations.
      -Nuclear missiles be installed on all borders.
      -warn US of their intrigues and arrest black
      water mercenaries and be kept in special jails
      unless, decided their fate.
      -Army and ISI, must clean Pakistani territory
      from all fake Talibans trained by Indo-Israeli
      in dozens of Indian consulates in Afghanistan,
      -Eliminate all Baloch terrorists in Afghanistan.
      -Remunerated Military service obligatory for all
      -Rapid trial of Altaf Hussan.
      -Enquiry on Kargil, Nawaz Sharif’s & Musharraf
      must stand trial.
      -Media be put under strict discipline and

  43. @rafay and tash..
    u know people like u r so vuneralbe to the ideas like democracy and so called military rule…ur so called military ruler musharraf was the one who didnt allowed uncle sam to use drones at high rates..there were few incidents where drones happened in his era…so u better look around,talk to these 180 million people who r preparing to revolt against this fuc*** idea of democracy which has given us nothing except brands such as bhuttos and chowdary`s and lota`s of pml n and all the lota`s around pakistan..there is a truth which i know u may not accept..but the fact is that our country has progressed under military rule..coz ppl does not care what system is..all it matters is what system delivers..and by the way army`s job is to protect country both externally and internally..so yes they should be present at the border but also in islamabad..we could accept a govt of patriot technocrats under military watch..by the way army has a triple brigade for twin cities..a country made on 27th of ramazan…insha allah it will survive…viva la revolution..pakistan zindabad..

    • Fatehkhan Azhakzai,
      ya to bhoola he nakhuda rastah,
      ya haddein hat gai hein sahil ki

      your problem is, you know your boat has a hole,
      but you keep on evacuating water with your
      paper made bucket !
      rafay kashmiri

  44. Whole Sensational news…

    Forty-four years after the 1965 Indo-Pak war, a retired Pakistani General has endorsed the Indian position that it was his country that had started the “intrusions.”

    Maj Gen (retd.) Mahmud Ali Durrani, who participated in the war along the Punjab border and rose to be the military secretary to late President Zia ul-Haq and served later as National Security Adviser, said: “We started the intrusions on the borders and I think we should think about the Indian response at that time.”

    The Indian Army launched a full-fledged war in 1965 because “low-level skirmishes were started from this (Pakistan) side”, he said.

    The high-level military command was not involved in “a strategy to disturb India” but politicians knew about what was happening along the border, Durrani told a TV news channel. The then foreign minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto too had no idea that India would cross the international border.

    At the same time he said Pakistan did not “achieve anything” from going to wars with India in the past.

    Durrani said his country should extend a hand of friendship towards the neighbour to settle the outstanding issues. “We should extend (a hand of) friendship towards India, and start peace talks to settle disputes.”

    68-year-old Durrani was sacked by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani after he told journalists that Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist arrested for the Mumbai attacks, was a Pakistani national.


    The MOST important line here is “At the same time he said Pakistan did not “achieve anything” from going to wars with India in the past”

    • Amit,

      you did’nt find something better than your
      rssfeed nonsense, Durrani is one, !!
      who do you think Rehman Malick is working for ?

      In addition
      1/2 of PPP leaders, 3/4 of MQM, 105 % ANP,
      90% of journalists, media are working for Indian RAW,CIA directly or indirectly.
      Indians have nightmarem who should they trust ?

      • you forgot the great nawaz sharif. the man doesnt take a shit before consulting his masters. biggest sellout ever. pervez musharraf zindabad!

      • OMG!!!!! Mr Rafay Kashmiri

        Do you know what you have accepted???

        So your 1/2 of PPP leaders, 3/4 of MQM, 105 % ANP,90% of journalists, media who are PAKISTANI are sold to Indian Agencies???

        This % you are saying is not a small number… this means a big part of paki people are either telling the truth or Traitors.

        Your media accpted Kasab is a pure paki.

        Durrani accepted the fact which makes our position even STRONGER that its actually Pakistan who starts the war and is the REAL AGGRESSOR.It was Pak who started 1947,1965,1971,1999 wars.

        There is a HIGH TIME that you pakis learn that its paki leaders/army chief/ISI the real CUPLRIT and ENEMY who is fooling the common pakis that India is the aggressor.
        India is NOT your enemy.The enemy of pakistan is pakistan itself and not India.

        US gives money to pak for development but your leaders diretly use it for weapons against India as Mushi just accepted.

        Wake up pakis… before its too late.You pakis are making a fool of yourself by believing in your corrupt leaders who has SOLD pak sovereignty to US masters.US today is ruling Pakistan and killing muslims.

        Your leaders have created Indophobia so that they can rule you like cattle.

      • @ Amit
        We don’t need advice from outside, we know what is better for PAK. Besides you are the people who have recently been tagged as the cattle by your own politicians. Please go graze on to more fantasy stories and wait your turn to get slaughtered…

  45. That’s a nice suggestion
    He’s right American’s are spoiling the Image of Pakistani’s

  46. http://wasiqali.wordpress.com/2009/09/14/taliban-apologist-ahmed-quraishi-instigates-followers-to-harm-pakistan%e2%80%99s-ambassador-to-the-u-s/

    Taliban Apologist Ahmed Quraishi Instigates Followers to Harm Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S.
    By Wasiq Ali
    This post appeared on RealPakNationalists on September 14, 2009

    Ahmed Quraishi who is a Taliban and Jihadist apologist and once took pride in calling himself the Master of “Immaculate Deception” has now openly called on his Jihadist/Conspiracy Theorist/Taliban sympathizing right-wing nuts to harm or kill Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S. Ahmed Quraishi’s instigation comes in a post titled ‘Husain Haqqani to ISI: Let Blackwater In.’

    Writing in the name of Dan Qayyum or forwarding his writing, Ahmed Quraishi says “Mr. Haqqani’s assertion that deporting Americans found involved in suspicious activity and denying them entry is hurting Pakistan’s image, is idiotic at best and treason at worst. PKKH (Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz) requests the Pakistan Army and the Inter-Services Intelligence to take note of Mr. Haqqani’s attempt to undermine Pakistan’s national security – and at the very least, immediately put him under surveillance if not on a lamppost in Islamabad.”

    It is well known that the punishment for treason is death and the meaning of ‘hanging from a lamp post’ is also unmistakable.

    Ahmed Quraishi at one time had called former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto a traitor and that was followed by the assassination of the democratic leader of Pakistan by Taliban.

    Although Ahmed Quraishi accuses Husain Haqqani of ‘letting Blackwater in’ what he ignores is that in his alleged letter published in a section of the media, Ambassador Husain Haqqani does not even talk about Blackwater and only mentions American journalists and NGOs. However, this does not prevent Ahmed Quraishi from stating this falsehood because Quraishi’s arguments are never built on fact.

    If one wants the truth and facts one must read today’s Editorial in the Daily Times, which points out what a good job Ambassador Haqqani is doing in a very tough situation.

    “Under the circumstances, Ambassador Haqqani rightly feels that the policy in Islamabad and the mission given to him by Islamabad are running at cross-purposes. His job is to keep the two countries close to each other in the prosecution of the war against terrorism. In order to keep Pakistan realistically facing up to the challenge of the Taliban, a meaningful injection of American assistance is required. American support is also required to acquire loans from the IMF to help Pakistan import essential commodities.”

    “It is true that Pakistan doesn’t have a uniformly good press in Washington. But the ambassador is fighting that trend despite the fact that most of what is printed there is pretty close to what is being revealed in the independent media of Pakistan. But secret agencies have never succeeded in producing a good foreign press. Unfortunately, there could be other less noble reasons behind the “black list”: hatred.”

    “We hope the visas are not being blocked because of the hatred of America that certain officers feel. Worse still, we hope that this is not happening because of incoherence of policy or lack thereof. The blocking of visas will not benefit Pakistan. It will isolate Pakistan and blacken its image at a time when it is emerging from bad times.”

    This is not the first time that Master Conspiracy Theorist-Jihadist Ahmed Quraishi has attacked someone and doubted that individual’s patriotism and loyalty to Pakistan. If we glance around we see that so far Ahmed Quraishi has attacked everyone who represents Pakistan’s interests internationally. Ahmed Quraishi has attacked without regard to any ethics Pakistan’s Baluchi leaders, Sindhi politicians, MQM leaders and all secular politicians. His venom against current elected leaders is especially pronounced.

    Quraishi has been inciting people against the elected leaders of Pakistan ever since the civilian government came to power. He has not spared anyone from President Asif Ali Zardari to former National Security Advisor Mahmud Ali Durrani to Interior Chief Rehman Malik. He has made undignified attacks on U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson as part of his efforts to cultivate national paranoia.

    Through his ranting and columns Ahmed Quraishi has instigated his Taliban-Jihadist followers against these people. The only person he has spared is former President General Musharraf, a usurper and reviled pro-American ruler whom Quraishi openly supported and admired.

    Not just Pakistani leaders and politicians Ahmed Quraishi has not spared the Pakistani media either including the jang-Geo-News group for which he has worked. He has called them CIA agents without explaining why he writes in a newspaper or appears on a channel he describes as part of CIA psy-ops. The Pakistani media apparently is not jihadist and rightwing nutty enough for the Taliban-Jihadist sympathizer Ahmed Quraishi.

    Ahmed Quraishi acts as if he is the only patriotic Pakistani and he can sit in judgement on the patriotism of all 160 million Pakistanis? Are all Pakistanis, except his fake “nationalists” stupid and ignorant if they refuse to believe people like Ahmed Quraishi or is the opposite the truth?

    History has many examples which show that people who shout the loudest about an issue are very often those who are mixed up on the other side of that issue. Could Quraishi be on a mission to sow division among Pakistanis to serve some foreign interest and tehereby undermine Pakistan?

    Who is Ahmed Quraishi and what right does he have to say whatever he feels like against Pakistani leaders and public figures? Ahmed Quraishi must be asked if he is on a mission to divide and polarize Pakistan and on whose behalf is he doing this? Is he a ‘Trojan Horse’ in the garb of a super-patriot? Who were his clients when he ran ‘furmaanrealpolitik’, who were his patrons when he applied for a job at Voice of America (VOA), who helped him travel to Lebanon to report on Hezbollah, who arranged for him to become a highly paid PTV anchor during the Musharraf years and who pays for him so that he can remains engaged in pro-Taliban and anti-democracy propaganda?

    These questions beg answers. Meanwhile, real Pakistani nationalists should take notice of Ahmed Quraishi’s attempts to instigate his Jihadist supporters into harming the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S. We hope Ambassador Husain Haqqani will register the fact that if any harm comes to him at the hand of some extremist Jihadist then Ahmed Quraishi and his gang, including Dan Qayyum (if he exists), whould be held responsible. We hope and pray no harm will come to the able ambassador.

    More revelations about the reality of Ahmed Quraishi will follow soon.

    • WoW

      What an amazing reply to Mr. Ahmed Quraishi and Dan Qayyum. After all who are they to talk about National Interest? What do they know? It’s because of people like them that this Nation is holding on to the last bit of Hope and Honour that is left in us, but what value does that hold? But I guess in today’s world that is a luxury that is not associated with Pakistani People. I do have one small request to ask of you… If you really think haqqani and the current government and their democracy is the right path to choose, then please put a request in clear black and white asking Allah The Almighty to judge you on the day of Qiyamah with the same people you protect and follow. Say that clearly in words so that all of us reading it would say Aamen to that and would know how sincere you are with their Jamhuriat and their actions.

      May Peace be on the Guided Ones.

    • wasiqali’s ram-lylah is coming directly from State departement Asian geo-political & culture
      desk, dictated by Almonds kishmishi Mushizardah,
      cooked in Uncle Ben’s long-grained karnal

  47. Gay Hind.Gay Amit-ghungroo,
    Comfort boy,what you are doing here.Go and comfort your Jawans in IHK otherwise they will commit suicide.

    • ha ha ha ha ha Paki Bhai, mazah agaya,
      imagining scenario on Kashmir front ?
      arz he :

      Machal utthi he payal, ghungroo baj-utthe,
      Fauj yeh dushman ki, goya mujrah hogaeii

      Nazninon ki yeh paltan, dekhiay kis kam ki,
      lar chuki kia khaak ? gar risha-khatmi hogaeii

      “function” naho to phir unhein is par bhejiay,
      warna jo kat gaeii, wo sharamsar hogaeii
      rafay kashmiri

  48. Pak Army and ISI will never take any action against CAII/Black Waters. Because they follow Yazeedi Path Instead of the way of Iman Hussain Alaihissalam. We Pakistanis should not see such Khawab which have no TAABEER.

    Values has been changed. A common Pakistani is escaping from Pakistan to abroad where ever he can go.

    While rest of Pakistanis are earing haram money by taking and giving bribes, Bhatta’s, Flesh Business, or ruling on the Jahil Awam who follows Jahil Leaders. Position of Pakistan and muslims will be further detoriated till the Comming of Imam Mehdi and Rise of Hazarat Essa Alaihisalam. Till then we should keep our faith on Allah and His Beloved Hazarat Muhammad Mustafa Sallalaho Alihe Wassllam and His Ahle-Bait and Suhaba Kiram and Auliya Kiram Radi Allah un Hum.

  49. Khalid Mustafa,

    A believer in Allah swt’s mashiat will say openly,
    enemy is at home, invaders are in our capital,
    its time to settle accounts with those swines.
    They cannot run away anywhere !!

  50. Khalid Mustafa,

    A believer in Allah swt’s mashiat will say openly,
    enemy is at home, invaders are in our capital,
    its time to settle accounts with those swines.
    They cannot run away anywhere !!
    The rats must be eliminated now !

    • Who will eliminate swines, I am not looking this time anyone else who can eliminate such bloody swines.

      Leave it on Allah Jall-e-Shanahoo who see them. There not matter Pakistan Remains or Eleminates, but Allah and his Rasool will remain forever every where in the universe.

      Allah is not bound for Pakistani’s like us who are only barking dogs.

      Look history from the Off spring of Changese Khan.His sons Teimor Lang and Halako Khan had arisen who had Hoisted The Flag of Islam in that region where their ancestors had assinated.

      Behind Halako and Temor there were Auliya Allah who had converted them to Islam.

      IT is immaterial that Pakistan remains or eliminate.

      Don’t worry look at your family, your job, your business your bangalows etc only.

  51. I have an Excellent idea. lets get tickets to islamabad and meet up there. v will allot these jerk politicions and the lamp posts among ourselves. Pehle v will hang them, then vll take over.

    Heavens, if it takes the talibans and their ‘extremism’ to rid us from this corruption, im up for it!
    DESperatre measures urgently required!!=S

  52. maryam,

    I am ready, shall we say, towards the
    end of this year ? Yalghaaaarrrrrrr, Inshallah !!
    have you seen my suggestions to Paki ?


  53. Yeh baat samjh nahi aye k is haqqani mainduck ne ISI k chief ko letter kis capacity mae likha hai? Iski auqat kia hai jo yeh ISI Chief ko letter likhay aur dosri baat yeh k American Aid mil kis ko rahi hai, Pakistan ko tu kuch nahi mil raha hai haan Mr 10% jo ab Mr.100% ban chukay hain unki jaib bhar rahi hai.

    • kara ji,

      very pertinent question,
      isko chorna nahin he, let us write a letter
      to f…..g CIA, get out of our lands f..k off.



  55. please join this group on facebook [Arrest Hussain Ahmad Haqqani And Try Him For Treason!] to condemn this traitor,


  56. Pakistan needs to do everything to document every foreigner that lands on to its soil and the immigration official needs to be free to interview and recommend secondary screening if not satisfied. And just like US law, a visa should not guarantee entry.

    There are way too many undocumented foreigners in Pak that are indulged in activities that hurts Pakistan’s image. And Pakistan should restrict those journalists that do negative reporting about Pakistan like Anderson Cooper and Christian Amanpour.

    This guy Haqqani is in bed with lobbyists that are using their influence to get deeds out of him. Blackwater should have nothing to do in Pakistan and they should never be allowed to operate there. Similarly, anyone entering Pak as aid workers, jornalists etc and doing other activities should be permanently banned from entering the country again. When countries like Burma, China, Iran, N. Korea can be so strict with their borders, why cant Pak do the same.

    • T. Bokhary saheb,

      Pakistan has, registered,127.000 NGOs, half of them are foreign agents, the other half is trying
      to be.
      yehi to ronna he, why does’nt Pakistan behave
      like N.Korea, they took all the money & instead of stopping their nukes, they beat the shit out
      of yankees. US, Indo-Israel zionists ko
      ” GPL” kardo ( karachiite nostalgic old term )


  58. PKKH,

    you must be having some photo collections of
    His Excellency, but this particular photo is unique, btw, before being chosen by the Bibi ji, was he not a bouncer of a Disco in Lahore,
    he has those ” sympathetic ” looks !!

  59. Amit,

    After assisting catalyst’s pertinent advice
    to you, I must remind u that all those parties
    have hardly a dozen of protagonists as pro-India, that makes about 187 ” leaders “out of 175 millions of Pakistanis, u will inshallah assist their liquidation due. In the meantime, Kasav remains
    a marathi speaking mysterious Indian claiming to be Pak punjabi remote area dweller, middle fail, unknown to the area, himself admitted, and a confirmed Mumbaiakar !
    The only donkey who admitted was Rehman Malik,
    an Indo-Israeli qadiani agent, he seems to have 3 blood groups ! we can exchange him with Reena Roy,
    if you wish !
    Durrani was under observation list since his
    father,voted in favour of Ghaffarist, don’t you have someone more authentic and pure ! you Indians
    know well all Durrani, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    You very stupidly, counted war years when Pakistan
    never existed e.g 1947, !!
    In 1948, India invaded Pakistani territories and
    captured Junagarh & Manavadar State, Hyderabad
    Daccan and State of Kashmir, we liberted half !
    1965, you declared war against us, then you begged
    Russia (Tashkent)to request the 6 ft 4 inch tall Field Marchal to have mercy on Shastri ji, who was
    suffering from diarrhea, later died on the spot after confronting the Field Marchal( out of atrocious fear).
    1971, you crossed the border with 700.000 armed thugs and Hijrah Indian of 16 division helped by
    300.000 Mukti bahini, it is not yet settled between us , India will pay ! In jihad, we trust Allah !
    Its high time, that India should be punished for her war crimes, crimes against humanity & Genocide of Kashmiris, dalits, minorities, indian
    Ocean islanders pygmies ethnically cleansed by India. Stop killing muslim minorities and behaving as Third Reich nazi gastappos race supremacians.

  60. […] weeks, Pakistan has rejected as “incomplete” at least 180 U.S. government visa requests. Its own ambassador in Washington has criticized what he called a “blacklist” used by the Pakistani intelligence service to deny visas […]

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