September 12, 2009

Thanks to Haider Jawaid



  1. Hum Sayyadna Khalid Bin Waleed (RA) aur Tariq Bin Zyad (RA) ki Aulaadein Hain ……yes we are!!

    and we’ll Inshallah prove it very soon and make Pakistan the greatest and most Powerful country on planet Earth…

    Just Wait….and Watch !!

    • Yeah InshaALLAH, but keep that in your mind, make your Niyat correct and legal. We love pakistan not because it is a piece of land we have got to live freely, but we love pakistan because it is the only hope for the whole muslim Ummah, we love it being the center of united states of Islam, we love it coz it has came into being only and only on the bases of Islamic ideology, we love it because it is the part of the Planning of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

  2. Great video Masha’Allah

  3. MASHA ALLAH …awesome …moral booster

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