Latest Indian Drama: ‘Rocket Attack’ At Wagah

September 12, 2009


Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com

India tries to milk its interior minister’s US visit by faking a Pakistani rocket attack across the border. In 2000, when President Clinton was about to land in New Delhi, the Indians sent fake Kashmiri freedom fighters to kill innocent minority Sikhs in Kashmir in cold blood and blamed Pakistan. Like synchronized film dances, the Indians have perfected the art of political drama.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—In an attempt to make the most of Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram’s visit to the US, India has floated a sensational news leak that India was attacked by Pakistani rangers using ’several rockets’ at the only border crossing between the two countries, called the Wagah sector.

Staging false flag attacks is nothing new for Indians when trying to paint Pakistanis as terrorists. These accusations are usually timed with high-profile talks with American leaders.

Let’s rewind to year 2000: Chattisinghpora, Occuped Kashmir – On the eve of the then US President Bill Clinton’s visit to India, 35 Kashmiri Sikhs were massacred in cold blood by Indian security forces posing as Kashmiri freedom fighters. The usual ‘Lashkar-e-Tayba militants’ were rounded up and executed in fake-encounters, the ‘Pakistani National’ was produced, ensuring Clinton’s entire visit focused on what India calls ‘Pakistan-backed terrorism’. It was only much later when the damage was done that the truth of the massacre came out, implicating Indian soldiers and intelligence agencies in this heinous crime.

The Indian security forces went a step ahead in their brutality back then. Indian police opened fire on unarmed Kashmiris protesting the murders of five innocent Muslims right after the staged Sikh massacre, killing another eight innocent people and bringing the total toll of this massacre closer to fifty.

P Chidambaram has ensured his entire trip to the United States was focused on Pakistan’s alleged lack of seriuosness in dealing with the ‘Mumbai attackers’, and the recent allegations of rocket attacks provides the perfect backdrop to India’s persecution complex.

Pakistan calls India’s bluff.

Pakistan has officially offered to hold an open debate with the Indian home minister over the probing of Mumbai attacks.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said, “I am ready for the debate anywhere in India, Pakistan or wherever his Indian counterpart likes.”

Talking to journalists in Islamabad, Malik started off by pointing out that the first formal response to Pakistan’s February 9 request for information came on June 20th and that too was in Marathi language. Besides citing other Indian lapses, he pointed out that India refused to share the Samjotha Express dossier which was of critical importance as “a friendly country, which is also close to India, had told us that one of the Mumbai terrorists was also involved in the Mumbai incident”.

Malik said he had received the latest Indian dossier in which the Indians have provided us with a statement from Ajmal Kasab, who claims now speaking to Hafiz Saeed when he was in Mumbai.

‘Initially the Indians said Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi was the mastermind and we arrested him… now they have started saying that Hafiz Saeed is the mastermind,’ Malik said.

Pakistan to take up Kashmir and Afghanistan before the UN

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has decided to take up the issue of Kashmir and Afghanistan effectively at a session of the United Nations General Assembly this year.

Pakistan will inform the international community about reservations with regard to Indian’s tactics not to resolve the Kashmir issue as well as the war against terrorism in Afghanistan.

The decision to this effect was taken during two separate meetings held at the foreign office, a private TV channel reported. Relevant authorities briefed the Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi about Kashmir and Afghanistan.

During the meeting it was decided that Pakistan would ask the United Nations to ensure a resolution of the long-lingering issue of Kashmir on a priority basis for durable peace in the region.

The international community would also be informed about the human rights violations committed by Indian forces in held Kashmir, sources said.

Besides officers of relevant authorities, officers of intelligence agencies including Director General Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shujja Pasha attended the meeting.

Pakistan will also take up the issue of Afghanistan during the session and would inform the largest world body about problems being faced by Pakistan due to action of Afghanistan based allied forces in neighboring country, channel reported.

Dan Qayyum works as a consultant and analyst for Bridgehead Institute and PKKH, and can be reached on dan.qayyum@gmail.com



  1. What can we expect from them ? Their faith / religion is based on fantasy stories. Hence they practice & fabricate likewise. Lying to the extent that they come to the stage of believing the lie to be the truth and then stand by it.

    • Rightly said Catalyst!

      • why do u guys hate hindus so much?

        non-hindus play a crucial role in india- military and civilian

      • @ IM

        I wonder, why the innocent hindus hate us ??? Would you care helping me answer this one to our confused friend???

        As i am clueless… 😛

      • @ IM

        hindus dont hate u man. they are secular bcos they live in a multi relegious country

        its just that pakistanis are trained to hate hindus

      • @Sal/Nikhil
        Me don’t hate hindus… I only hate the ones who are extremists …. Just like u hate extremists of other religions.

        Keep yourself in our shoes and see how much destruction/killing has taken place in Pakistan … in which clearly ‘India’ is involved… but even after seeing so many articles if u still choose not to believe than I can’t do anything about it!

        If u think Pakistanis are trained to hate Hindus…what do u have to say about BJP? Bajrang Dal? RSS? Gen purohit even I can say Indians are trained to hate Muslims.

        Please visit some Hindu forums run by Indians in which they discuss how to get rid of Muslims in India and how they taking advantage of being ‘minority’ and all other sort of $hitty stuff!

        Besides it’s in your so-called secular democracy that hardcore Hindus like BJP have come to power…In Pakistan no religious party has ever come to power!

        Please watch this as wellhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx9EoHNkPNM

      • @ IM

        1.i dont hate anyone bcos jesus said “love ur enimies”.

        2.pakistan is responsible for many more numerous terror attacks in india. yet, do u see any anti pak website made by indians?

        3.BJP? Bajrang Dal? RSS? col purohit form less than 2% of hindu population. the rest 98% u dont even mention.
        see this:

        4. plz show me the Hindu forums run by Indians in which they discuss how to get rid of Muslims in India and how they taking advantage of being ‘minority’ and all other

        5.the last time i checked, BJP lost 2wice in a row

      • Come onnnn Nikhil…u don’t hate anyone?? Even if u don’t hate..u do dislike don’t u? Are u following ‘everything’ what Jesus/Hazrat Issa r.a said??

        1)No anti-Pak website…I think ‘rediff news’ is enough for you to see all the anti Pakistan and anti-Muslims comments. Even when the article is about 70 muslims die as a suicide bomber blows himself up in a mosque. You should have seen the happiness Indians got out of that!

        2)In a newspaper ‘Khaleej times’ many people (all hindus) wrote in to the editor and said that Dr Zakir Naik is a business machine who is minting money while promoting Islam, and criticizes rest of the religions. He attacks Hinduism in all his lectures. Surprisingly, though you were born in India…educated in India among Hindus…you are showing so much of love and admiration for him. Dr Zakir Naik is neither a scholar nor an open-minded thinker. Dr Naik’s method of debating is to resort to slander of all other religions and their beliefs. His quotes from Hindu scriptures are dubious at best and their interpretations are mostly incorrect. And, please make no mistake — Dr Naik’s logic is always and always circular.

        And btw you should even see lot of Zakir Naik youtube videos where he is abused and insulted regularly.

        3)Hindu keralam website…someone posted words of the Holy Quran…without even researching as to when and why they were said… This is some of the comments:
        -S.Ghosh on Jun-01 : Muslims have no moral right to stay in India. That will solve the J&K problem, when all Muslims there have to go to POK and Northern Areas.
        -Fatima on Jun-01 : This should give us permission to Hindus to blow up these Arab organizations.
        -A.Moron on Jun-01 : Great. These words of the muslim proests should be utilized to get rid of all Muslims from India, J&K included. This should have happened in 1947 but for the traitors like Gandhi & Nehru.

        4)According to an Indian 2% of Brahmin Hindus rule over India. He even says Hindu/Muslim unity can never happen.

        5) I’m not interested in if BJP lost twice in a row…u were saying Hindus are ‘secular’ which is why I informed u hardcore Hindus have to come to power in India but ‘No’ religious party has ever come to power in Pakistan.

        6) If Pakistanis were trained to hate ‘hindus’ ..Hafiz saeed whom u wrongly accuse for fake Mumbai attacks wouldn’t even be taking care of hundreds of poor Hindus … 200 protested against the ban on JuD.

  2. […] Dan Qayyum | PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com […]

  3. chidambaram ki sakal kisiiisii bangii say kaam nahii hai.

  4. do u think that zionist controlled UN will react on the roblem of Kashmir? whatever they reply it will start the new begining i dont know whether its is violent or peaceful!

  5. As Salamu Alaykum to all muslims,

    Nothing will Change until the muslim Ummah declare “JIHAD FE SABEEL ALLAH” and fight Hindus, Zionest scum, American filth and finaly brits the real scum of this earth and crush them just like they are doing to us, and we can inshaAllah its not about the weopons and technology they have we can take it and shove it up their arse,before they know what got them.

    Long live Mujahideen all over the world.

  6. for akbar, its nice that you have passion about Ummat but have to channelise it well, like; not all americans or british are bad but some of them are, who not only control the media but also their governments and physical confrontation comes in last, before that Muslims should build moral values in personal and national levels and should talk in good way and always behave good with all, whether friends or enemies, thats the life style of Islam’s followers.

  7. COW PISS DRINKERS and i love calling them that only attack innocents!.They want nothing to do with us in the battlefield where we’d break their spines like their stupid idol God’s.

    • see IM? pakistanis are trained to hate hindus

  8. Bollywood scripts always suck…

    • dont watch them.

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