World Bank Wants To Take Over Balochistan & NWFP?

September 11, 2009

This is the debut of Ahmed Quraishi’s TSS (Thori Si Siyasat), the Urdu-language show on Geo’s Aag TV. This intro was aired on Sept. 6 and covered the growing US influence inside Pakistan, including a new element: World Bank & Washington want two Pakistani provinces to come under a trust fund where Pakistan will cede financial control.

REPORT: New US Base in Gharo, Sindh?



  1. Pakistan government need to talk to the real Baloch stakeholders and come up with a formula which can satisfy the just demands of the Baloch people.


    • Pakistan Government is a pupet Govt. The politicians, in Govt. or in opposition, always wish America to support them for capturing power (does n’t matter legally or illegally) in Pakistan. They know it is not possible without their support. What one can expect from any one of them?
      It is only AWAM who could do this miracle of saving their country by uniting at a common platform. Therefore be united and come forward hands in hands. Great responsibility lies on the shoulders of Punjabi Awam. They must come forward in just support of Baluchi, Sindhi and Patthan Awam. Do not wait further. This is the time to act. Write articles in favour of them with full support.

  2. Our so called politician needs to sit and talk with Baloach Sardars and rectify the problem whatever they are…should come down to some common grounds.

    The whole AfPak policy would be worthless without taking control over Balauchistan and tribal areas.

    Balauchistan: Can allow US troops in afgan to access warm waters for logistics for the UN supplies. Can reduce China from warm waters of Gulf Sea.

    Can take over Coal and gold mines in Balauchistan. It would help US and Israel in controlling the Gas pipe line also. As they dont want China to benifit from its access – for that they plan to stip off NWFP from Pak as well.

    Gawadar can be cutt off from Pak and ultimately be used as Navy base against Iran and further US domination in the area.

    Its all up to the so called patriotic politicians of ours to take notice of it and bold step in haveing a VISION of what they ought to do as of RIGHT NOW. SIGH!!!

  3. zardarii is a real american PET.who does not care pakistan and the people of pakistan and thier dignity and respect.he is a devil in human face.he is selling our mother land to our enemies.america,israel,india.our biggest enemies.i think america don,t know us well.he seems us like iraq and afghan.BUT here he making huge mistake which he,ll ve to pay.we,ll protect our motherland.we can make gravyard for them if they intend to come in pakistan so we are ready.but we never give up untill we throw them all.at this time pakistan need a revolution,to clear those dirty politicians.we dont want more election we want revolution.now pakistan need surgory don,t need oral treatment coz this disease(POLITICIANS)spread all over the pakistan dats y we need surgory we just waiting a surgon who call us.and that time we will never give a chance to them to run airport.PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD

  4. So World Bank is another source who thinks that Baluchis and NW needs liberation…

  5. Thanks Ayub Khan for taking over power on behalf of USA to create a political destabilization in Pakistan, Thanks Yahya Khan and Bhutto for cornering Bengalis and Thanks Pak Army for defaming Islam by killing hundreds of thousands of “low-caste” black skinned no good Bengalis, thanks Bhutto Again for devaluing the Pak Currency by 140% and Nationalizing properly running and money making Industries.

    Thanks General Ziaul Haque for killing Palestinian Muslims in Jordan on the behest of King Hussain (the freemason) and US and later for being awarded full General status (as a thankyou gesture from USA)and throwing a Coup de etat against Bhutto and “fooling” the nation Islamically.

    Thanks Mr. Musharraf for saving us from becoming us “stone-age” people, however, what we are right now is not the best of it and THANKS Mr. 10% for killing your wife in collaboration with FBI and Blackwater and taking this country down the drain.

    • I enjoyed your THANKS to the high elite national cheaters. But still we have to think as to why this could happen to us? Now-a-days there is a big cartilization going on!There is Sugar Cartel, Cement Cartel, Banks cartel, Atta Cartel, Police Cartel, School Cartel, Private Hospital Cartel, Qabza Group Cartel, even GoP itself is cartalized against awam!
      Where is AWAM CARTEL? The Cheaters shall keep ceating unless & until an AWAM CARTEL is organised. Therefore, please, organise yourselves by standing firmaly shoulder to shoulder and by being united against these CHEATERS. Beleive me, 170 million Awam is a great power, only they have to awake. Come forward.

  6. I always remember a graffiti on the wall of Phase-V stadium in D.H.A. which beautifully says “Every country has an Army, Pakistan Army has a country”. VOLA,

  7. Thanks Farrukh M. Mian, but I think its too late for that, we have embraced the “bear’s hold” with our own free will and ofcourse the stupid people of Pakistan are also to be blamed for following blindly the RICH and SUPER RICH Politicians who belongs to feudal families and whose one brother is working in the Army, One is enjoying a high profile job in the establishment.

    Tell me who has ever lived in a 120 yds. small home, belonging to a middle or lower middle class family, going in a bus, working for menial jobs and who have seen or faced hartals, joblessness, load-shedding, injustices, police beatings????

    Even today there stands only ONE man who really and actually belonged to a middle class and who really really had mobilized the “Middle Class” and brought their unity and representation.

    This is the only one who was considered and called a traitor and the time has proved the establishment, isi, army and the goons were WRONG.

    I think its about giving him a chance.

    • If you go and see the struggle of JANG-e-AZADI 1857 on Wikipedia. You will find the role of Gillanies, Qureshis and other Gaddi Nasheens of Multan region. How they eliminated 500 Muslim Soldiers on the Chanab`s left Bank with the help of their Mureedain to help the British to control ‘Mutiny’ (as they call it)? How were they rewarded with grant of Jagirs arround Multan by the British? They were DADA JAN of present Gillanies & Qureshis!
      My Brother, this is the time to come up with the truth and speak aloud. May ALLAH help us.

  8. Every persons belonging to the “ruling elite” comes from Cambridge, Harvard but when they come to Pakistan, they do not apply “fresh ideas” and never think of bringing change.

    So, they become part of the “ruling elite” and being enjoying the perks – The people, the conditions, the tyrannies, the loot the plunder, the injustices and ruling with the iron hand FLOURISHES BIG TIME…

  9. They should take hold of Karachi as well. Instead of dying a long and painful death, it will be cured for once and all. Look at Japan and Germany, they are totally under US military control but there people are living much happier lives.

    • Would you like to live with a BAND arround your neck?
      AND who is affraid of Death? Muslims do not. Because we beleive that the day we die will be the 1st day in our next ever lasting life.
      Yes, Non-Muslims shall be eliminated & vanished for ever.

  10. To farrukh,you have made your intentions clear.you and your fellow muslims have come to this world to create tensions in this world.you have chosen a violent way to eliminate non muslims but in the process,i am sure,your religion will get vanished one day. I will pray to GOD that rather than vanishing Islam,kill the present day demons called islamic terrorists(jihadis) and help islam to get rid of them.

    • Your reply exactly reflects your mind. I never thought of that what you have concluded? However your pray to GOD “that rather than vanishing Islam,kill the present day demons called islamic terrorists(jihadis) and help islam to get rid of them” is very much that what I pray.Your this sentance makes it clear that you do understand well that there are only few so called Jihadis (to whom you have wrongly given the name of Islamic terrorists)are the real culprits playing in the hands of our enemy for their own lust of greed. Most of us (Muslims) are peace loving people, no one want to fight with fellow companions, no matter what religion they follow. My dear, criminals are in every society and we beleive they have no religion at all.
      If you are praying to same ONE GOD to whom I pray, you will, Inshallah, be chosen soon to adpot the righteous path.

  11. Rhino, you do not even have a pinch of idea what you are saying and I don’t blame you either cause whatever you are saying is not “based” on your personal research BUT it has come to you the media sources.

    We people of the world are happy that they can “stay connected” with other ppl but basically these modern telecommunication tools are being effectively used to spread “disinformation”. Hell, the Moslems were here in the 1970s and 1980s they completely supported US and Western Europe to fight off the Evil and even the staunchest of Moslems felt proud over the progress of Westerners.

  12. BUT let me tell you one more thing, the ppl who are striving in the way of Allah, the people who believe that God’s Law should be obeyed on His land, shall struggle for it till the end of times.

    All three Abrahamic Religions are Monotheistic religions who worship ONE Single Almighty God, and there should be no ifs and buts.

    • YES, Silkworm, It is quite right – 100% right. Be brave and call all those who make aggression over others, the TERRORISTS. The terrorists do not follow any religion. They are only crimnals. Do not put them in each other’s basket. You may find them in every corner of the World (followers of almost every religion, you name it). I give you a food of thaught, think, some one is enjoying the division in common ppl (us-the humman beings) sometimes by dividing them in religions and some time by polical and geographical boundaries, just to satisfy his lust of greed. Think, My freind. Let us join hands and fight those the enemy of hummanity. If not religion, but we are humman being, citizens of this lovely World.

  13. Let me give you something very interesting, here is something by Zbigniew Brzezinski which shows how the enemies are created.

    ” Nonsense! It is said that the West had a global policy in regard to Islam. That is stupid. There isn’t a global Islam. Look at Islam in a rational manner and without demagoguery or emotion. It is the leading religion of the world with 1.5 billion followers. But what is there in common among Saudi Arabian fundamentalism, moderate Morocco, Pakistan militarism, Egyptian pro-Western or Central Asia secularism? Nothing more than what units the Christian countries

    Therefore, sore as to rile the masses of the Western world against Islam, it has been necessary to artificially foment militancy in the Muslim world, by creating terrorist groups, to create the illusion of Islam’s ccompetition with the “democratic” West. “

  14. In factuality, Islam poses no threat to West, In a Book Called “Terrorism and Illuminati” Author Livingstone says Islam does not post a threat to West. Infact it is the contrary that is correct.

    Another valuable piece appears in the same book in fact in the beginning of the book goes like this:

    “If the American knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts [George H.W. Bush]”

    Now Why BUSH have said this????????

    • Have you ever heard story of a poor lamb and the wolf? How a poor lamb can make aggression over the wolf? Muslims, though 1.5 billion in numbers, having no technology, look the lietracy rate among them, count the number of renowned Universities they have, look the poverty among them, most of them live much below the poverty line fixed by UNO can make aggression over the WEST which is most developed with full of thechnological acheivements and prosperus? This is very strange idea of West being threatened by poor Muslims. Tell me do you think Afghanistan-the poorest country with no food (technology is far far away from them), is a threat to America? Iraq was a threat to America? Remember, When a poor lamb is pushed hard against a wall, to save herself she defends for survival knowingly she can not fight the wolf! Be brave, call the aggressor ‘Terrorist’. The defenders are only defenders. Do not push them against a wall.

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