Indian Army To Deploy Prostitutes As A Women Battalion In Held Kashmir

September 11, 2009


Christina Palmer | The Daily Mail

A group of experts assigned to probe rising suicides among Indian soldiers in Kashmir have recommended sending the soldiers back to India at least once a month to be with their wives.  Since this is not possible, India’s military leadership has taken a leaf from the book of the old Soviet army:  A woman battalion at the war front.  A committee headed by a Lieutenant General of the Indian army is putting last touches on the new battalion.

NEW DELHI, India—The Indian Army is deploying around 200 women prostitutes under the cover of Border Security Force constables in the Indian occupied Kashmir. The new female battalion will be deployed along the Line of Control, the ceasefire line between Pakistan and India, The Daily Mail has learnt through authoritative sources.

According to the sources, the decision on recruiting prostitutes for deployment in the held valley was taken some six months back and Indian Army Chief General Kapoor finally approved it. The Daily Mail has learnt that this decision was taken as a result of discussions and consultancies regarding the alarmingly increasing incidents of suicides and killing colleagues by soldiers of Indian army that are deployed in the Indian occupied Kashmir to fight the Kashmiris.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that the factor of rising suicides among Indian soldiers and the random shootouts on colleagues by Indian soldiers in the held valley had become a big problem for the Indian army top brass. When the figures went up earlier this year, the army leadership approached different consultants and analysts. The consultants and analysts reached the conclusion that Indian soldiers deployed in the valley were committing suicides and killing colleagues out of acute frustration and depression. Medical and psychological consultants and analysts were of the view that since majority of the soldiers deployed in the valley were married and were away from their wives for very long periods, they were in the grip of sexual frustrations which ultimately transformed into mental frustration.

These consultants suggested that soldiers posted in Kashmir should be sent back to India on leaves to be with their wives at least once a month.

This came as another dilemma for the Indian Army’s top brass as it was not possible at all to send such a huge number of soldiers on leaves with regular intervals. The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that upon this a Major General was sent to Moscow to learn from the best practices of the old Soviet army in a country with a big size.

Mak. Gen. Kumar returned from Moscow with a very interesting solution. Russian military experts told the Indian army that the since the soldiers in the valley were ‘women-starved’, they should be provided with women to meet their genuine and natural needs.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that at this stage, the Indian Army Chief constituted a committee under the command of Lt. General. Raj Kumar Karwal who currently posted as Director General of a training facility of the Indian army while Major General. Sanjeev Loomba, Brigadier Anil Sharma, Colonel N. K. Khunduri and Colonel Sanjay Rai were members of the committee. The committee finally came up with the solution that since it was not possible to provide street whores directly to the soldier thus professional prostitutes should be recruited with the title of sex workers and than they should be given basic military training and should be posted in Kashmir as soldiers so that the male soldiers can establish relations with them. It was also decided that the recruitment should not be made publicly and that RAW’s help should be sought as RAW maintained a huge network of prostitutes in different cities of India. The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that RAW completed the assignment successfully and provided a batch of some 300, semi educated prostitutes to the committee after proper medical checkup of every individual. The committee then approached the Army Chief and it was decided that these new recruits should not be made part of mainstream army but should be adjusted in Border Security Force (BSF) and from there their services would be made available to the Northern Command of the army.

The project was completed by the end of August when the new recruited batch of 300 completed a basic military training and Army Chief was informed that recruits were ready for deployment in Kashmir.

When contacted by this correspondent, Inspector General of BSF Himmat Singh confirmed that a batch of 178 female soldiers was being sent to Northern Command where they would be deployed along with Indo-Pak border to check the border violations by women, working in the field. Mr. Singh further stated that these women were not fully trained for operational military duties however in the next phase, after further training, they would be given the duties of operational Border security. Mr. Singh refused to admit that these female soldiers were actually prostitutes and were being dispatched to the valley as undercover sex workers. When contacted, Rohit Sharma, a senior defense analyst here in New Delhi, said that the move was a creative step by Indian army leadership as it would boost the medical and mental health of the soldiers.

The Daily Mail is published from Islamabad and Beijing. This report is reproduced here under special arrangement. Email: macbabur@hotmail.com



  1. LOL !! Anyways it is a good sign but 178 will contribute a fraction of officers compared to the 700,000 deployed forces in the Occupied Kashmir. 178 less rape cases every day in Kashmir + i bet the Soviets must have advised the Indian General to get even with the back stabbing by the Indians that has taken place in the last couple of years. It is good to take advise from a failed Super power. India is surely on the path of Self Destruction…

    I feel sorry for the 178 prostitutes and salute their courage for taking an initiative to ending their lives soon by suicide once the Indian dog Army soldiers unleash their frustration on them…

    • Great to hear that … I guess the Pakistani Army also needs it break from the heavy pounding they get every day from the GAYHINDS.

      • Looks like the GAY HINDS taking the initiative for the moment. I guess its the Heavy pounding of the PAK Army taking a toll on the GAY Indian Army… 😉

      • Sorry I forgot to add the Americans and the NATO forces who are in your backyard… I think the 1000 marines in Islamabad will make sure that the GHQ is not disarrayed…..

        p.s. Be original

      • viali a$$hole go feed your low diminished GAY self esteem else where…

        P.S. Indians are a bunch of lying scumbag, slumdog, faggots !! howz that for original. You cant change that can you?

      • The least possibility is that may Indian soldiers were abusing their own mates for self satisfaction and when it reached a higher level of ranks, Indian Bombay Prostitute market was engaged to fulfill their frustrations instead.

      • The least possibility is that may be Indian soldiers were abusing their own mates for self satisfaction and when it reached a higher level of ranks, Indian Bombay Prostitute market was engaged to fulfill their frustrations instead.

  2. LOL @ bhindians… namoonay hain bhai namoonay. poor wives… indian women have no rights.

  3. They probably deployed them to lure Kashmiri men. Like there was a report before that the Indian army men use muslim names and lure young kashmiri girls and use them for spying, after they are done with them the young girls are killed!

  4. so we will be fighting prostitutes now,first the nuclear issue,then parliament shooting,then the train bomb blasts,then ajmal qassab and now prostitutes…they have really lost the senses..insha allah we will annhilate these sick indians from planet earth

  5. lol lol lol lol ….Man only 300 pros for 700 000 men ?… lets send some cows as well…there men will satisfy themeselves with that too…LOL LOL LOL

    • I think the bitch who wrote the story forgot to add the 700000 Pak army to the roster…….

  6. @ viali and cow lovers

    Where do you get your ingeniousness from ?…you guys are true specimens !!

    • Schizophrenics need their a$$ to be booted time and again. Welcome to the party……

    • SO who has been kicking your a$$ ???
      Read the Ridges, I bet the Fine Print says PAK ARMY !

  7. astaghfirullah!!

  8. @ Emperor Babur

    Jahan pahah,,, where have you been? Long time,,, In your absence, your pathetic subjects were tripping all over the royal courtyard… They can’t be trusted to be left alone for a moment. Please handle & discipline them as I believe you are the best in handling your affairs…
    Welcome Back !

  9. LOL. Could help laughing…

    I think these prostitutes will be “Religious Prostitutes a.k.a DEVADASIs(i.e. Slaves of BHAGWAN)”. As we all know that Hindu DHARAM allows shuch practices as part of religion. Anyway, this was not a shocking step of BOLD HINDU SOORMAS(Panjabi equivallent of fighter) as their master, “CHANAKIYA” taught them to use such practices.

    • Sure …atleast better then getting your pric halfed off.

    • So much for the State of Woman in Pakistan –

      Domestic violence

      Domestic violence is not explicitly prohibited in Pakistani domestic law[6][48] and most acts of domestic violence are encompassed by the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance. The police and judges often tend to treat domestic violence as a non-justiciable, private or family matter or, an issue for civil courts, rather than criminal courts[49].

      A 1987 study conducted by the Women’s Division and another study by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan in 1996 suggested that domestic violence takes place in approximately 80 percent of the households in the country[50][51]. Domestic violence occurs in forms of beatings, sexual violence or torture, mutilation, acid attacks and burning the victim alive[47].

      • @Viali

        Another Indian obsessed with Wikipedia!

        This is enough for you –

      • Hard facts but good and we do acknowledge … atleast the Indians have a tight watch and the statistics to correct it….

        As for Pakistan,even the basics are not in place , who knows what is going on and who is paying the price …I’m sure the tax payer in Pakistan, don’t even know what its mighty Military is spending there hard earned money killing their own people by adopting wrong policies ( 1979 in Afg and since 2001 again)evry step on the way… and I’m sure the numbers will be so gore that it may shakeup the entire nation….

        But congratulations and you should be thanking the American for not letting your economy sink up

      • @Viali: check this out:

        CNN-BBC and Indian Women -> http://bit.ly/CkWok

      • @Viali

        Couldn’t digest the reality I suppose, you’re ‘only’ good in recording statistics and that’s to it!

        Whom our army are killing are bloody Indians whose pictures are all over the net, but who are your army men like Gen. Purohit killing??

        The world owes Pakistan a debt for the fallout of 30 years of war. NATO and ISAF uses Pakistani territory for the war in Afghanistan. They agreed to pay Turkey $38 bilion for use of its territory against the war in Afghanistan. The US pays Egypt and Israel and it pays India too!

        And before worrying about our economy why don’t u take a look at yours.. 78% of ur GDP is in debt with 2.5 Trilion in debt—the actual number may be twice that figure.

      • @ IM

        I’m responding in line with your reply, simple question and I’m sure you’ve the answer

        1) Who created Taliban? Are the Indian Involved – This is what Shah Ahmed Q had to say

        Did Pakistan give a dossier on Balochistan to India in Sharm el-Sheikh?

        No, we didn’t. Actually, we flagged the issue on Balochistan. We asked for a positive attitude and asked for non-interference inside Balochistan. I don’t wish to comment more on this issue as we are handling it through our diplomatic channels

        Does India’s strong presence in Afghanistan worry Pakistan?

        We shouldn’t exaggerate India’s role inside Afghanistan. Of course, we have to see that the Indian presence inside Afghanistan is not counter-productive to Pakistan’s interests. For example, we have seen reports of gun-running and other such issues. Believe me, such activities help no one in the long run. Of course, we are aware that India is investing billions on infrastructure, as they have their interests (there). We say to India, we understand your interest, but don’t forget that it’s Pakistan that is Afghanistan’s immediate neighbour and in no manner can India replace us.

      • 2) Indian External Debt:

        Don’t trust data created by some dimwit go to the official sources – World Bank, CIA factbook etc

        India on WIKI
        GDP $1.209 trillion (2008 est.)[1]
        GDP growth 6.7% (2009)[2]
        GDP per capita $1016 [3]

        Public Debt $163.8 billion (2008)
        Revenues $153.5 billion (2008 est.)
        Expenses $205.3 billion (2008 est.)

        Another Report

        India owes $230.85 billion( which is not 68 % of the GDP which is Trilion $ plus) to the external world as debt as on December 31, 2008, which is slightly less than $254.6 billion of forex reserves the country enjoyed at that point of time.

        The total external debt marginally increased by 2.8 per cent from $224.65 billion at end-September 2008, as commercial external borrowings by India Inc continued to enjoy major chunk of external debt, as the government swung into action by liberalising overseas debt regime after these sources of funds dried up.

        According to an official statement here, external commercial borrowings increased by $4.6 billion to $66.16 billion with its share in total debt increasing to 28.7 per cent from 27.4 per cent at end-September 2008.

        Comparison between these two periods assumes importance as external sources of funds dried up after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in mid-September.

        The data showed that the share of short-term debt declined to 20.6 per cent at $47.48 billion as on December end, 2008, from 22.6 per cent at $50.68 billion as on September end.

      • @Viali

        Please don’t give us statements by the pathetic ministers… we are very well aware as to why they were ‘bought’ into power. They even took the responsibility of these fake mumbai attacks!!!

        Here take this from CIA world factbook
        GDP Vs National Debt

      • As usual..I expected this from you for continuing to hold the blindfold on your eyes… Same article read the comments below… The page figures are incorrect

      • Viali

        First you say check from ‘CIA Factbook’ and when I do give you something which is taken from there…thn you say ‘figures are incorrect’… You can keep following whatever your self righteous media feed you!

  10. Well .. I wonder whats gonna happen when another Fidayeen Attack in Kashmir or a Gunfight on LOC…takes place, The indian soldiers will be running for there chadda’s instead of Ammunition..hahaha

    • oye! battameez 😉

    • Double Thumbs UP!!

  11. Everybody talks about numerology and all and the link of freemasons with it and the connection of 9/11 to it too yet has anybody ever thought that they murdered our Quaid on 9/11/1948 also. has anybody ever pondered upon it too???

  12. what a foolish step by indian army they are injecting aids to their army . i think they want to demolish their army by them selves.

  13. Funny, These paki news media is really weird

  14. chalo ye masla to hal hogaya…. laikin asal masla prostitutes ka nahi hay.. masla ye hay in haramzado par mujahideen ka itna khuaf hay .. in ka khara hi nahi hoga.. yaqin na aey to tajurba karlay koi…

  15. thats better than what pak army did in bangladesh.

    why cant u mention that dan?

    • @Sal/Nikhil
      do some pretty good research most of the people who were killed in Bangladesh were killed by anti-Pakistan forces …. because people protested against east Pakistan being an independent state. In Bangladesh till now there are people known as ‘Bihari’s’ who are living like refugees because they don’t want to be known as Bangladeshi’s but as Pakistani’s… when some time back Bangladesh agreed to give these Bihari’s nationality…many refused because they said they fought the war of freedom for Pakistan and not Bangladesh.

  16. Guys stop leaving in the fools world:

    Nobody is going to by the crap you guys create…. start getting real:

    Here is the real story


    July 29, 2009, 11:15 pm
    Women Deployed to India’s Wall of Death
    By Robert Mackey

    Last Saturday, after 36 weeks of training, 178 women became the first female members of India’s Border Security Force. According to a report in The Deccan Herald, after two more weeks of “specialised tips on advanced combat,” the women will be deployed to help guard the country’s borders. Last week, The Indian Express reported that the female officers will be used primarily to frisk women who cross India’s borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, but it noted that they will also take part in night patrols.

    • The link you have posted is mostly filled with how Indian BSF have killed innocent people!

      btw the article they have published is not written by PKKH, they have republished it from ‘The Daily Mail’!

      • “The Daily Mail is published from Islamabad and Beijing. This report is reproduced here under special arrangement. Email: macbabur@hotmail.com


  17. Now I am not surprized at how Pakistan twists the news and truth…

    Shame on Pakis on this fake news.This PROVES that this site is just a FALSE PROPOGANDA site.

    btw even if the fake news is correct it proves 1 thing… the ting is that Indian Army needs women… but Paki Army uses its own men for sex

    HAHAHAHAHA Gay Paki Fauj who loses in war 🙂

    • Amit scumbag!

      Why are u guys insulting them…this has been republished from a newspaper! Why don’t u write to them!!

      Gay Pak fauj?? Err..gay marriage is legalized in India not Pak so buzz off!!

  18. We got to really appreciate the work done!!!!! keep it up.

  19. We got to really appreciate you for the work done, very informative! keep it up.

  20. I guess with the prostitutes, the Indian soldiers will start to die of HIV AIDS and when war breaks out the Pakistan army will be able to overrun this battalion.

  21. Hey guys. I double checked this piece of news. It is fake. There’s no need to abuse each others. Afterall, Indians or Pakistanis, we’re still humans. I do not hate Pakistan or the PAkistani people. But the hating has got to stop somewhere! Remember, the government shows the general public a lot of things. That doesn’t mean we blindly believe it. Remember bro’s, war is not a joke. People lose lives, mothers are widowed. Little children lose their father. I don’t think Allah will ever do that…
    (BTW, I’m a Catholic. An Indian.) Something comes before religion, nationality and everything.
    Its called HUMANITY.

  22. I guess these females are being sent to kashmir coz the bindian stooches there are turning GAY.

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