9/11 – America’s Runaway Pride

September 11, 2009


By Tabish Qayyum | PKKH Exclusive

BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan — U.S. troops in Afghanistan donned shorts and laced up sneakers Friday to run in memory of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, as they fight a war that was born on that day but which has seen waning public support.

More than 1,000 service members ran 9.11 kilometers (about 5 1/2 miles) at the main U.S. base to commemorate the anniversary and remember troops who have died in nearly eight-years of fighting.

It was 11 September, 2001 when the world saw the most stunning terrorist attack where World Trade Center was hit by ‘hijacked passenger planes’, resulting in the complete destruction of worlds largest buildings, with thousands of people reported killed or missing. While the world was caught with shock and fear, the American response and the international support to it was resounding. Within minutes of the terror strikes, an enemy in rugged terrains of Afghanistan was identified, without the need for legitimate proof or evidence.

On 8th October 2001, fire rained down on Kabul and Kandahar as the stench of blood and dead bodies, bomb splinters, and smoke filled the air. B-52 and Harriers pounded Taliban strongholds as the US, along with its coalition partners, launched a full-scale military offensive on the pretext of wiping out ‘Al Qaeda and Taliban’ to make the world a safer place and to apprehend the Enemy no 1 Osama bin Laden and his associates Ayman al Zawayhiri and the Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

The Taliban regime was routed from Kabul shortly after, while the ‘Al Qaeda leadership’ was cornered in Tora Bora, they told us. Hundreds were captured and shifted to modern-day gulags in Guantanamo, Bagram, and secret detention centers in undisclosed locations, with front row seats for unprecedented levels of humiliation, torture and rights abuses by the so called liberators and bastions of democracy and human rights.

The underdeveloped, war stricken, poverty hit Afghans were witnessing yet another deadly assault and occupation of their land. The Taliban and other militants who had disappeared in the immediate aftermath of the US invasion of Afghanistan, started regrouping slowly, while gaining strength, newer and more advanced techniques, and better weapons. As a result, thousands of US and NATO servicemen have been killed or injured in the last 3 years, with Taliban now controlling nearly 80% of Afghan territory (over 150 districts) by independent estimates. The initial objective of installing a pro-US government in Afghanistan has failed in spectacular fashion due to unprecedented levels of corruption, mismanagement and incompetence and in face of hostile Pashtuns who have never been too keen on foreign invaders.


The Taliban attacks have become deadlier and more daring in the last couple of years. American bases, government buildings, and prisons have been attacked in offensive operations, while military convoys are routinely blown up by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that had became a hallmark of the Iraqi resistance to American occupation in recent years. One of the most daring and effective operations carried out by the Taliban in recent years was the June 08 attack on Kandahar Jail, in which the Taliban succeeded in freeing over a thousand of their arrested colleagues in a highly sophisticated and co-ordinated operation. August 2009 proved to be the deadliest month for coalition soldiers in Afghanistan, with over 50 deaths.

Senior Generals and thinktanks have conceded that the Afghan war is unwinnable. US President Obama has also said words to that effect. The Obama ordered ‘surge’ in troop numbers in Afghanistan, as the focus was shifted from Iraq, has failed to have any impact as violence and deaths continue and Taliban gains see an upward rise.

Opinion polls in the US suggest Americans are finally tiring of this conflict that seems far removed from the effort to find Osama bin Laden. In July this year an AP Poll indicated that 53 percent of Americans were opposed to the Afghan war while 44 percent were in support.

Senior Generals and American think tanks infact Obama has accepted the defeat in Afghanistan by saying that this war is unwinnable,he ordered a surge in troops to Afghanistan this year as he shifted focus away from Iraq to a conflict that worsened while money and troops focused elsewhere. But as violence and deaths continue and officials suggest more troops may be needed, public opinion polls in the United States suggest Americans may be tiring of a conflict that now seems far removed from the effort to find Osama Bin Laden,

In mid-July an AP poll indicated that 53 percent of Americans were opposed to the Afghanistan war and 44 percent supported it. In August, an ABC News-Washington Post poll found 51 percent who said the war was not worth fighting, while 47 percent said it was worth it.

Every single one of America’s major stated and unstated objectives has either failed or is on the verge of failure:

  • Killing or capturing Osama, Mullah Omer, Ayman al Zawayhiri
  • End of Taliban rule and their ideology
  • End of Global Jihad
  • Establishment of a ‘secure’ and Democratic society and development of Afghanistan.
  • Permanent military presence in Afganistan to dominate Central Asia and China
  • Make Pakistan subservient to US’s new slave-soldier for the region, India.
  • De-Nuclearise Pakistan by creating hype over so called ‘Taliban’ advances towards Islamabad.

The US losses in Afghanistan far overshadow any small gains that they may claim to have made. The reality of 9/11 attacks still remains mired in controversy and a mystery to majority of Americans as well as others around the world. The American brutality and human rights abuses on the other hand, have been there for the world to see.

9/11 has become a symbol of destruction for the Terrorist States who legitimize their evil agendas and construct them on the blood and resources of muslims, while disgracing their land and religion and forgetting that in the voice of humans is the siren of God.

They came to Afghanistan with sophisticated weapons, advanced jets, and highly trained soldiers. And yet after 8 years, on the anniversary of the day that fate brought them to Afghanistan, they are running at Bagram, perhaps in preparation for the bigger run to New York and Washington where they started their ill-fated journey.

Lets hope the Afghans and the Talibs allow them to escape with some dignity intact in their shorts and nike trainers – as opposed to their usual attire of wraparound American flags and coffins. The American dream is dead and buried in Afghanistan, lets see where the funeral takes place.



  1. That day, for no particular reason,
    I decided to go for a little run.

    So I ran to the end of the road,
    and when I got there

    I thought maybe I’d run
    to the end of town.

    President Carter,
    suffering from heat exhaustion…

    And when I got there,

    I thought maybe I’d just
    run across Greenbow County.

    Now, thinking since I’d run this far,

    maybe I’d just run across
    the great state of Alabama.

    And that’s what I did.
    I ran clear across Alabama.

    No particular reason.
    I just kept on going.

    I ran clear to the ocean.

    And when I got there,
    I figured since I’d gone this far,

    might as well turn around,
    just keep on going.

    And when I got to another ocean,
    I figured since I’d gone this far,

    I might as well just turn back
    and keep right on going.

    – I’ll be damned. Forrest?
    – Why are you running?

    – Are you doing this for world peace?
    – For the homeless?

    – Are you running for women’s rights?
    – The environment?

    They couldn’t believe somebody would
    do all that running for no reason.

    – Why are you doing this?
    – I just felt like running.

    I just felt like runnin’.

    It’s you.
    I can’t believe it’s really you.

    For some reason, what I was doing
    seemed to make sense to people.

    It was like an alarm
    went off in my head.

    I said, “Here’s a guy
    that’s got his act together.

    “Here’s somebody who has the answer.”
    I’ll follow you anywhere, Mr Gump.

    So I got company.

    And after that, I got more company.
    And then, even more people joined in.

    Somebody later told me
    it gave people hope.
    Mama always said, “Put the past
    behind you before you can move on.”

    And I think
    that’s what my running was all about.

    I had run for three years,
    two months, days and hours.

    Quiet. Quiet.
    He’s going to say something.

    I’m pretty tired.
    Think I’ll go home now.

    Now what are we supposed to do?
    And just like that,
    my runnin’ days was over.

  2. Everybody talks about numerology and all and the link of freemasons with it and the connection of 9/11 to it too yet has anybody ever thought that they murdered our Quaid on 9/11/1948 also. has anybody ever pondered upon it too???

  3. Int. Graveyard .Night

    America has been pronounced dead. May its sole rest in peace. Amen!

    ..shouting..shoe throwing on american flags…

    “why rest in peace when all it gave to the world were wars, destructions, bombing, illegal occupations,frankestein rulers and bloodshed???? “…
    The priest after some deeiberation starts the prayer again

    “America has been pronounced dead. on 9/11 it commiited suicide. its spirit wandered from iraq to afghanistan in search of blood. The talibans captured the evil spirit and exhumed it in the mountains of afghanistan.May it never rise again . Amen!”

    • Nice little American story by ‘AmericansAreFaggots’. For future reference, think about saving words and instead of all this wars, bombing,illegal occupation,destruction, killing, maiming, the imposition of blank-brained rulers and the rest – just say “American Interest” and make it officially romantic!

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