Mumbai Court Circus Continues…

September 9, 2009

More Nonsense From India

Times of India Reports:

Terrorists of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks had planted two powerful bombs with timers in metal boxes at different places near the Taj hotel with notes scribbled in Urdu saying “yeh jung ki aur ishara hai” (this is pointer to war), a witness told the trial court here on Wednesday (Times of India)

Except that in URDU, it should’ve read “yeh jung ki TARAF/JAANIB ishara hai” as opposed to ‘yeh jung ki AUR / ORE ishara hai”.

“Aur”, pronounced ‘ore’ is exclusively a HINDI word and does not exist in the Urdu vocabulary at all. Strange, considering India alleges all the 26/11 terrorists were Pakistani nationals and no Indians were involved in the attacks whatsoever.

This ofcourse ties in with the statements that ‘Ajmal Kassab’ apparently wrote, in hindi script, despite being allegedly a Pakistani national, and the videos freely available on youtube of the 26/11 terrorists talking in hindi, not urdu, to the media.

Schoolboy error.



  1. This sort of evidence used to be funny. I’d hate to be one of those people having lost their loved ones in Mumbai, having to see this mock trial later on.

  2. Patriotism in India in true spirits of secularism has no future… All those in love so blindly might aswell laugh in the faces of Officer Karakre & Salaskr’s families…

  3. LOL@ bhindians

    india is such a backward country.

  4. Oh…What a sham ….I’m sure all Indian movies in Pakistan are translated in Urdu as nobody understand hindi. The Pakistani Circus continue……

    ps… I hope the abuses will not be hindi but in Urdu which I ‘ll not understand

    • And your point is??

    • @viali gando!

      read about the origin of hindi and then urdu. see with ur tomato eyes about the history of urdu in sub-continent and then ask yourself how many indians are speaking the real hindi now? Urdu is prevailing everywhere. its a language of kings, your film directors, actors and then your dilats.

      drame like bombay blunder would not be new. indian army used to show namaz-janaza of mujahiddin where mujahids are doing sajda in nazam-a-janaza. hotel waiters are shown on ur TV as Pak army attackers. clever plans needs clever mind. this cow drink cola nation is idiot and big lier in every field of developement (missiles, moon, bombs bla bla bla…. lies every where….)
      RAW is leading india to a path of self desctruction.

      • As for the history….. You are right on spot..My tomato eyes read differently from what the world has to say( see excerpt below on URDU’s history) …. Kudos and now I know why URDU is the language of the kings and very understandably gave up their mother tongues and adopted the language of the filth.

        Urdu (اُردوُ Hindi: उर्दू Urdū, IPA: [ˈʊrduː] ( listen)) is a Central Indo-Aryan language[1][2] of the Indo-Iranian branch, belonging to the Indo-European family of languages. It is a derivative of Hindustani, and is the national language and one of the two official languages (the other being English) of Pakistan. It is also one of the 22 scheduled languages of India and is an official language of five Indian states. Its vocabulary developed under Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic and Turkic. In modern times Urdu vocabulary has been significantly influenced by Punjabi and even English. Urdu was mainly developed in western Uttar Pradesh, India, which is the seat of Hindustani languages in the Indian Subcontinent, but began taking shape during the Delhi Sultanate as well as Mughal Empire (1526–1858) in South Asia.

        As for the Indian Drama – You can spend just 2 hours watching PAK TV Talk shows and trust me any one would tell you that they are the world’s biggest realty shows on Lies, Deceit, Gore and slime one could imagine….. So I don’t blame you when you say it RAW.

    • Yaar i dont see the point in this comment, anyways thanks viali for helping in getting the point across of the topic discussed here. U missed it my a mile and helped take the attention away from the topic. Like the Mumbai Courts your comment is part of the circus. Indian public is dumb enough to be amuzed by clowns like you in the courts & establishments.

      Last but not least,,, I’ll repeat it again I feel sorry for Karaker & salaskr for giving up their lives for ignorant faggots like you…

      GAY HIND!

      • What is so hard to understand. If I were to talk plain- I hope you do acknowledge that the so called clowns in India are playing the strings and making your govt sing like a canary and made them accept the Mumbai carnage. How many more embarrassments do you want should the people of Pakistan suffer.

        As for GAY HIND may just be a promiscuous bunch in India…. but it far better then an entire nation being humped by the Americans for 60 long years and I can understand your frustration for more …… And that’s what the GAY HIND is always there at your service

      • Yes I do acknowledge, India is new in the American Game, whereas Pakistan has loads of Experience to accept additional movement that it looks forward to aggravating. My my admitting & a stand OFF (WOW a wining combination) and then the Indians not having the courage to respond. I hope more Mumbai attacks / carnage / drama whatever the Indians play get pinned on Pakistan and many more Indian Patriots die in the process by their own radical Hindus.

      • What a winning combination you guys have ….. It must be really tiring with the americans and now to take the indian GAYHINDs too…

        Excerpt from The NEWS a few mins ago..

        Talking to media, he said India needs to give Pakistan chance to investigate and stay away from allegations against Pakistan.

        Rehman urged India to respect Pakistani courts, saying, ‘India said on our demand that their courts have forbidden to leak the information.’

        ‘We should bring to the fore those who creating misunderstanding between the two nations, he said adding India doe not need to go to US.

        ‘Our nation wants to catch the culprits involved in samjhota Express tragedy,’ Rehman said.

  5. Ever think that perhaps some of these terrorist incidents are sponsored by intelligence agencies for ulterior motives?

  6. As for the so called Kings of Pakistan – I hope the US paidup for the salaries this month…. If not call up a toll free number which goes through New Delhi.

    • You got that rite! The Line going through New Dehli is financing for another a$$ kicking coming for the Indians similar to the stand off after Mumbai Drama. Another blow to faggot Indians like you who boast nothing but a Shining India for Slumdogs!

      • Yes Indeed….. Let me set the record straight for all your ignorance.. I guess I can only blame your diminutive mind. Lets forget the military standoff you are talking about, you guys can’t afford it.

        I hope you have the realisataion that, we the GAYHINDS without firing a single bullet have inflicted a earth shattering blow to the very foundations of the PAK nation which it is reeling to recover from it … the begging bowl is getting bigger and bigger by the day and so is the spanking by the FODP( or is it Friends of Destitute Pakistanis)

        As for the slum dogs of India, in the last 20 years, the Indian Midddle Income slum dogs have grown 400 million plus which by rough maths is 3 times the size of Pakistan…..

      • Keep juggling with words,,, we enjoy your circus and faggot display of talent…

        GAY HIND now a pride for you ? loooooooooooool

        Am impressed !

        Woe Karaker Woe Salasker Woe Gandhi Jee…

        Better import more Italian born leaders as India has nothing but ignorant faggot dogs living in it…

  7. Bottom line is this Indian enquiry won’t get anywhere because they don’t have the heart to attack us!.Instead clean up your dirty country and feed your poor farmers who i hear are now selling their wives!

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  9. Hve a luk here. It seems who translator of Mumbai attacks doesnt know arabic


    Ths is really funny.

  10. Indian r cheater they dnt know abt any think bcoz they did there self these think 😛

  11. It was appropriate to sympathise with the innocent people who were killed and injured in Taj Hotel Mumbai incidence. There is a lot of information available on the internet suggesting the involvement of Israeli agency.
    Instead of wasting time with the incopetent Pakistani authorities, it would be advantageous to get the zionist (official) terrorists.Unless the Indians are already complicit in this crime and playing the same trick what the Americans did with so-called 9/11 ‘Patent Trade Mark’.

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