Special program on PAF Women Pilots

September 8, 2009

Top class professional PAF women pilots and officers

part 1

part 2

part 3



  1. Masha’Allah it’s great to see how much pace this development has gained. Apparently PAF is putting their specific talents to very good use.

  2. Proud of them! =D

  3. mashallah, this is great.
    It’s also important to teach our sisters martial arts.
    after all many sahabiyat took part in the ghazwas. Allama Syed Suleman Nadvi wrote a book on it.

  4. makes sence

    • RC,

      female reflexis and instincts

      Women has 11% more neurons than men,
      has generally 20.000 word vocabulary
      men has generally 7000 !!
      we can’t beat them !!

  5. Brother Sohail and RC,

    The Quranic and the Ahadeeth that you have mentioned point to warnings that a woman should be aware of and points to appropriate recommendations. HOWEVER, remember that a sin is not a sin UNTIL it is actually committed. So if a woman has a professional job and yet she is strong enough to successfully resist the temptations of the shaytaan then there is nothing wrong with it. On top of that, if she has the spirit of Jehad and wants to fight for her country that all the much more better. Please don’t forget that women have even fought wars in Islamic history. Don’t forget that Ummul Mo’mineen Bibi Khadeeja RA was a business woman. Hazrat Umar RA had appointed a woman to be in charge of the entire market place, essentially, as the minister of Commerce by today’s standards. Let’s understand the reasons behind the Islamic creed instead of taking it in a literal sense.

    As far as being in the air force is concerned, I don’t know if you folks know this, but physically, a woman’s body can withstand higher G pressures. Man starts to faint around 9+ Gs while a woman can stay awake up to 10+ Gs. That is very critical during air combat. Now, most women are NOT as aggressive as men are BUT there are exceptions. That’s why a very small percentage of the PAF comprises of women; most don’t make the cut and half of the ones that do drop out during training. Out of the ones who actually graduate, a mere 2% probably make to flying while the rest go to ground jobs like engineering, medical and administration. Out of the mere 2% who make to flying, less than half would actually meet the requirements for fighter flying. I don’t know if anyone notices but one of the pilots that were interviewed (flying the Falcon 100 passenger plane), I have actually seen another video of her going through the figther conversion training. She was flying the F-7 fighter in that video which is a very fast and an agile fighter plane by any standards. Now she is flying a passenger plane. She obviously did not make the required cut. That is expected. Very few men can make that cut and even fewer women make it. But those very few, handful of female combat pilots that do make the cut are the ones who are the exceptions; the ones with nerves of steel, reflexes of an falcon and as aggressive as a tiger, they can compete with any male pilot. But they are rare; very rare. PAF is one the few Military Services in the world if not the only one where absolutely NO form of slack is given to the female cadets and recruits. Even western militaries cut female recruits a lot of slack; a male runs 10 KMs, a female runs 5 KMs, a male does 20 pull ups, female does 10 pull ups and so on. In the PAF, if a male runs 10 KMs then so does a female. If a male does 10 pull ups then so does a female. The PAF standards are Mashallah very high and very grueling. Only the finest and the toughest make it. Explains why there are so few women in the PAF.

  6. These women seem to be carrying themselves really well Iā€™m sure their fulfilling their requirements of modesty and decency. May Allah bless them.

  7. you represent 99% of the indian population but a very tiny percentage of the Pakistani youth. If the Indian army keeps inducting prostitutes, Pakistan will not have a problem with you.

  8. Brother Abdul Rahman,

    Nice info, i agree with you on the standards of PAF.
    However, please be more specific about which women is known in islamic history who actually fought in a war? I agree with you over the notion of ummul mo’meneen, that women should be empowered in our society- do doubt on that. But when it comes to COMBAT, leave it to MEN. Women can be side by side with men during war in more of a supportive (admin, Medics,etc etc)role.

    And for anyone who is interested in finding more FACTS on this topic please clik on this infomrational link and chk content number 8 in the list:



    • Listen…The time you are talking about, passed away long ago..In today’s world, girls are side by side boys…Besides, we rn’t talking about Army or something..In Air Force, its all about the equipment and handling of it and most importantly, Tactics…Tactics require brain, boldness and situational awareness…I beleive our girls have it all and so, they can do their job well…As for G-sustainance, there are many male pilots as well who face problem sustaining high G’s at taking maneuvers but that’s not much of a problem since G-suit helps reduce it and the training in PAF is so tough that not evryone can make it through, so, if girls are already flying, then, it speaks for itself that the girls have been trained in a way that the resistance of their body and mind have reached the level required for flying aircrafts…SIMPLE

  9. Pakistan Army always making us Proud. šŸ™‚ God Bless Pakistan and our Jawans amen

  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pakistan_Air_Force#Women_in_PAF

    just chk the above link, and go to topic 8, Women in PAF.

    And you would find that even PAF has stopped recruting girls since 2006. becuase the experiment was not worthy to cary on. SIMPLE !

  11. Maulvi saheb,
    Quran Alhakeem instructed the free norms and
    regulatory indications for a muslim society.
    It is by the Grace of Allah SWT the following is
    instructed to a muslim environment ( Muasherah )
    -Stablished Family Structure
    -Husband-Wife status and defined roles limits
    -Haya, Hijab, morals
    Hadith : not traveling without mehram.
    In a non-Islamic environment, these are obvious precautionary measures, but in an Islamic declared mahool, country, constitution and
    legislative laws the potection is automatically given.
    Any muasherah not giving such guarantees is not
    an Islamic, normally Islamic laws and protections
    are applied and guranteed !
    No where specific forbiddance is pronounced against women’s working, functioning and earning, similarly no forbiddance for Jehad and armed
    training as police, soldier, custom checking of
    females, traffic wardens, teachers, Doctors,
    Scientifics and Govt employees others

  12. I am desperately looking for academic
    injunctions in favour of a formal ban on
    atleast 80% of female TV anchors, compares,
    and other singers or to be singers and actresses
    of our failed showbis field. Particularly morning
    shows !!

  13. It is strange that Maulana sahib on this chat see the role of women in PAF as unacceptable to put it lightly.

    My question is we must set our priorities and act on them.

    The Most important and the first one to DEAL with is gazing of passing by women on the streets of Pakistan.

    While visiting Pakistan from Canad, I noticed that men gaze rudely on women walking in the streets even with their Mehrams, are gazed upon from one end of the street to the other end. i found it very rude and unislamic. In Canada No body stares at women even thought their dresses are totally revealing.

    So I will request all Maulanas to start from this point and educate men on the Islamic manners of gazing at women.

  14. If our insane open minded elite awaam say that men and women are equal.

    Then just look at the women cricket team of Pakistan there is just no comparison when it come to physical fitness and skills.

    I request these insane people to provide me with the justification that why is not a boxing match ever held between man and woman.

    Kindly get out of the fictitious world of Hollywood.
    All these perception is a result of the upbringing of our children that is done by the television not by the pious mothers.

    • U r the only one who isn’t getting it..No one ever said that men and women are equal in aspects of body..Evryone knows that women’s body is generally soft ( mostly reffered to as the petals of a flower ) and aggressive games like boxing or wrestling are not for them..Same goes with the cricket but then, what is the link between boxing and Aviation ? Flying aircrafts is a totally different thing..In this field, a women wouldn’t end up exposing herself to enemy unless she ejects in an enemy territory..Think positively brother..Give girls a chance…About G-sustainance, don’t forget that the girls who are flying F-7P’s today only made it upto F-7P’s, when they were thought capable of handling it and when they had passed all physical tests as well..
      Islam is not a cruel religion, it always gives some relaxation depending on the scenerio and modernization of the world but you guys just think that Islam is a religion of stone age,if u think this way, u r no better than Talibans..Iran is also an islamic country..Doesn’t girls fly there ? Infact the first prototype of Shafagh aircraft was flown by a woman in Iran..The only thing that counts is parda..If a girl does parda and flies aircrafts only and has good intentions ( which mostly all Paf ladies have ), then there is no questioning about flying..Honestly, many modern muslim airforces have girls flying one of the best aircrafts for example girls fly F-18’s in Malaysian Air Force as well…Think positively..
      Besides, doesn’t anyone of you know the advantages of Co-Education ? If a girl gets top position in class, definitly, there would be a boy trying to get the first position due to the gender difference which boosts up the jealousy…This improves overall excellence level of class and also the personal capabilities…In PAF, that’s the best thing to do cox here it would be termed as “Proffesional Jealousy” and so, the overall excellence level of Paf would increase to a great extent..And then again, Paf is the one who guarantees that there would be no voilations in our airspace…Think this way brother..Am I wrong ?

  15. Really proud of them…Can’t wait to see girls flying F-16’s in Paf because uptil now, I’ve only seen Belgian, American, Israeli and Taiwanese girls flying F-16’s for their Air Forces..It will be so cool if Pakistan joins the list as well Insha Allah..And I am sure, Pakistani female pilots if flying vipers, they would out-dogfy any other female viper pilot of the world because the intellectual and aggression in Pakistan GD pilots is more than that in any other Fighter pilot of the world because obviously, there is no lack of talent in Pakistan..Many of my sisters will make it upto F-16’s, Insha Allah.

  16. @ Rafay,

    Interesting facts bro. True we cant them !

    The vacublary part: they tend to repeat everything twice they say, thts why they have more vacub than us šŸ˜›

    Neurons part: nice info… fact remains, PAF itself has cut down this induction. There has to be a reason eh !!

  17. Women in PAF
    Females have been enrolled in the Pakistan Air Force since its creation, but their induction had been limited to administrative branches only. However, females are now allowed to enroll in the aerospace engineering and other programs of the nation’s air force academy. Two batches of female fighter pilots graduated in year 2006 bringing out the first female pilots of the Pakistan Air Force.

    On March 31 2006, Saba Khan, Nadia Gul, Mariam Khalil and Saira Batool were among 36 aviation cadets who received their wings after three and a half years of regular training. Saira Amin, a female cadet, has made history by being the first woman pilot to have won the Sword of Honour in any defence academy of Pakistan, at the passing out parade of the 117th GD (P) at Risalpur[44] Of the first four female pilots, none qualified for a fighter aircraft squadron of the Air Force. They are therefore now part of the light communication squadron of Pakistan Air Force. Later on PAF High command decided to close women induction in future fighter courses.

    Courtesy of Wikipedia on PAF.

    • How could that be ? Thats I lie, I beleive..I have seen girls flying F-7P’s at Mianwali Airbase and besides, on 7th Sept this year, in a program on Aaj Tv, a pilot of a Mirage squadron ( Can’t remember his name,rank or squadron ), confirmed that ” The girls are flying C-130’s and F-7P’s and Insha Allah, as the time passes, we’ll be seeing them on other aircrafts as well such as Mirages and ultimately, F-16’s but that won’t be a new thing cox in modern airforces, girls normally are seen flying F-16’s and F-18’s ” …So, they are not only part of light communication squadron but also are a part of fighter squadrons…

      • lol this document is a lie, and you are right ?

        Whatever, lets pray and hope for the best for our country and its future.

        The turmoil we are going thru, we need to stand united and focus on the ongoing issues.

        take care.

  18. Trust me brother, you shouldn’t be beleiving in everything you read on Wikipedia..Many of the articles have became a part of Propaganda or similiar things and Indians are actually editting many articles…I read it myself some time ago on Wikipedia that PAKISTAN LOST 1965 CONFLICT, and they completely denied about the IAF GNAT incident..I dun know about now, but at that time, I really read it…Do you really think we lost ??
    Besides, are all videos that shows girls flying F-7P’s fake ??

    • bro, lets assume, you are saying right, the videos are not fake as well. The Wikipedia is also wrong… why argue among each other, lets get in touch with serving PAF personnel – ask him SIMPLE. The fact of the matter is, there is NO POINT in imposing one’s idea on another. Everyone has his/her own set of thoughts. We cant be everyones Parents. let people have their own opinions. Dont hurt anyones feelings in arguing. ITs a public blog, share your thoughts but not impose !

      btw, im not saying this to you…dont mind. its very me and all of us !! WE PAKISTANIS are going thru very rough times… we need to respect each other and tolerate everyones different reasons.

      1965 war technically stalemate. Had indians knew that we ran out of ammo and Nehru not gone to UN, we would have probably lost. Gen Ayub knew at the time that we were out of ammo, thats why he also went to UN and requested US to intervene. An Ex Indian General who was serving at the time was asked by Nehru, if the war should be continued, The Gen didnt exactly know the Pak ammo situation (Intelligence failure at Indians side)and he said yes to nehru to cease fire…. however in some sectors we had donimated them…And thats how thanks to indian intelligence failure, we came ended up in a better position.


      • bro, I already told ya..I already gave the reference of the Mirage squadron guy ( If I could only remember his name, rank or squadron, but I think he was the Squadron commander of a Mirage squadron based as Masroor ), he said it clearly that girls ARE flying F-7P’s and in time, they might be flying Mirages and ultimately F-16’s as well..
        Abt Unity, U r 100 % right brother..I never realized I was trying to impose my opinions…Actually, I turned a lil bit emmotional cox evry guy I’ve came across with, thinks that guys are the rockers and girls are a piece of junk…They are incapable and unworthy of opportunities…I hate criticism on the basis of sex…What if a girl is a girl ? This doesn’t mean that she can’t do anything that a boy can..Besides, it is also said that behind every successful guy, there is a woman, and I have started to beleive it cox I’ve got plenty of examples around me proving that, but sorry anyways, if I hurted any1 ( I dun think I did )..

  19. My source for women being able to withstand higher G+ pressure is from a documentary I saw on the discovery channel. I’ve also heard a number of air force officials agree.

    But everyone, let’s step back a minute and analyse what we are seeing here. To me, what I see is something very appaulling and disgusting. I see male sheuvanism hiding behind the veil of Islam. I see men making assumptions that as soon as a woman even steps a foot out the door, BAM, she wil commit adultery. EXCUSE ME??? MOST of the sins in Pakistan are committed by men and we are worried about women??? Women are turned into prostitute by men and we are worried about women??? Heck, ALL the rapists are men, ALL the child molestors are men, and WE are worried about women??? Cut this sheuvanistic charade people. Right now, we need to look inside our own selves first before we start passing fatwas on “oh my my, oh the horror, oh how immoral we have become now that women are flying planes”!!! How pathetic and how rediculous! Jaisay F-7 kay cockpit may baithnay say fahashi hojaye gi! Gimme a BREAK! If you want to talk Islam then hear this, the Quran and the ahadeeth are full of warnings to us MEN!!!! Do you know why??? Because the decay of a society starts with us MEN, not women!!! Shaytaan turns women sinful through MEN!!! Agar itna hi Islam ka jazba hay tumharay seenoan may to jaakay mardoan ko pehlay theek karo, don’t worry about the women!!! Remember, if the men in a society behave, the women will automatically behave! If the men turn sinful, then the women will automatically turn sinful. The onus in on us MEN! Not women. if want a true Islamic society then let’s kill that hidden sheuvenist within us and fix ourselves FIRST! And yes, Allah DOES know best so let’s stop pretending that we know best! Let’s apply his commandments on ourselves first before we start talking about women! Let’s not worry about women flying figher planes and let’s worry about men who commit theft, murder, rape, sell drugs and who knows what else! Let’s practice what we preach before we preach it!

    • I totalllllllllllllllllllllllly agree with you buddy…This is exactly what I’ve been trying to tell..Mostly, girls are the innocent one’s, only trying to concentrate on their fields and trying to mantain the level of proffessionalism but only if men would let them..The men, always are in search for an opportunity where they could use women for their own enjoyment and ruin the girls life…That’s simply ridiculous…And besides, I have also seen a girl in Paf that wears a scarf and puts on the helmet on her scarf…And the girls are always in flying suits and even G-suits, so whenever they encounter a male, they are always well dressed…Listen, women needs to be respected..They are every bit capable as we men are but only if u wud give them a chance..Who knew that girls could actually sustain high G’s, which many male guys can’t do ?

  20. i do not agree with the maulvi sahib’s interpretations. Islamic history is full of examples when the women helped in the wars. Remember Jang e jamal between Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ayesha.They Did business. They did nursing to injured soldiers during ghuzwas(wars). We the global muslim women are very proud of Pakistani women working in all these fields.They are not dispalying their beauties at all. Instead the women sitting in the homes are mostly watching non sense on the TV and thionking about their fewelry while these women are performing their duties at home and for the country. These type of interpretations are making 51% of Pakistan paralised by not letting women work in all the offices. There would have been less corruption and less violance if women were working along side with men.It’s the women without brain who only think about their beauty. Intellegent women have more logic than man otherwise she could not bear children. Every man learns from mother who is a women. He needs to be trained to restrain himself in temper and need to learn to care for others. Maulvi sahib has to get more knowledge from Hazart Mohammad (peace be upon him) life and try to copy him in manners and disciplines and not copy just his physical looks.
    This programme was aspiring. When you talk about the reflexes of women . They are much better than a man.The insurance companies charge women drivers less money than men because they have fewer accidents. Every insurance comapany gives discount to women drivers. Look at and listen to our men politicians, ministers and waderas etc

  21. i can not disagree with yopu whatever you are quoting from quran we must obey every Hukm in Quran. Most of your interpretations i AGREE but every one who has logical mind have to read and understand quran. It is a muslim ‘s duty to lead his/her life according to it. These women have not been pushed into RAF. They also want to fight the enemy and it is their wish to do jehad when the time comes and they are not leaving their duties at home. If you see their children I bet they will be much better behaved muslims who belong to rhese women. They are ready for shahadat.Just like you they have the right to read and understand and have their own views about it. They are reading about Hzrat Ayesha who lead on the horse back to fight war even against Hazrat Mohammad’s beloved cousin hazrat Ali. We love bothe of them and pay salam to both. Read history. Yes I agree that the women should not be pushed out and forced to work to earn for the men’s houshold which they mostly do. Men become lazy their wives go out to work in other people’s home and I am sure many women will be working at your house to help your women. You relax when they work menial jobs and when they do some respectable jobs better than men then your gherat comes along. They come to help the houshold while they pushed in reality. When they have aptitude , talent and will they are forced to stay at home.

  22. The problem with us is that some of us want to apply Islamic rules haphazardly and use only on occasions and mostly on women.

    Islamic rules should be applied starting from the top down, those in power must be checked according to Islamic rules and if not doing what Islam dictates, than they should be called upon to explain, if done in Islamic manners than all in Pakistan will act on Islamic rules.

    You cannt have one rule for elite and another for poor.

  23. i m feeling very proud and satisfied that our sisters are also contributing to serve the nation in PAF.i wana congratulate Pakistan Air Force.

  24. to all the above discussions, I say that all The Maulanas, specially members of Parliament are riding Pajeros, live in big mentions, but tell us to be content and live with the poverty as it is Allah’s way. Allah’s way also is to help poor and lead by example and not by double talk.

    Now about Women in PAF, i say that there is no where it says that women should not drive cars and pilot a plane, the holy book say that As long as they have cover their upper body it is O.K. nowhere it says in Quran specially in Sura Nisa to cover their heads, just says to cover the upper body.

    as long as women in PAF do that there should be no problem in them flying the fighters.

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