Next Time You Read ‘Lashkar Man/Woman Arrested…’

September 8, 2009

“Biayyi Zanbin Qutilat” – Al Quran
“For what sin was I slain?”

a2AHMEDABAD: Ishrat Jahan, a 19-year old student of Khalsa College, Mumbai, and three others who were proclaimed Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives out to kill Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, were actually killed a day before they were officially shown as having died in a police encounter.

An inquiry into the Ishrat Jahan encounter case of June 15, 2004 by a city magisterial court has revealed that the four killings were staged by the then Ahmedabad police commissioner KR Kaushik, crime branch chief PP Pandey, DIG DG Vanzara and his men.

The report names 21 cops, including retired DGP Kaushik, as party to the fake encounter.

Just like the Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter, where the couple was abducted and brought to Ahmedabad and Sohrabuddin’s wife Kauserbi killed because she was witness to the murder, the crime branch “kidnapped” Pranesh Pillai alias Javed Shaikh and Ishrat from Mumbai and kept them in illegal custody, the report says.

It claims that IPS officer DG Vanzara’s men killed Javed between 8.30pm and 9pm on June 14, then killed the ‘Pakistanis’ Jisan Johar and Amjadali Rana. Finally, Ishrat was killed that night, between 11pm and midnight, because ‘‘she was witness to the killings’’. Vanzara told the media the next morning that the four were killed after a dramatic police chase around 4.30am on June 15.

Based on food remains in the stomach and the state of the bodies , the inquiry concluded that the deaths occurred several hours before the official claim.

The report says after the three men were killed, Ishrat was forcibly positioned in the front seat of the car and shot from close range. A pistol was then placed in her hand. The police then put her college identity card around her neck and her purse was put in the boot of the car. It also declares that Johar and Rana were Indians.

It says the car was either towed or driven to Kotarpur water works at 4.30am on June 15. The policemen had also dragged Amjad’s body to the divider alongside the car and placed a 9mm gun in his hand.



  1. Lanat Ho aasi biggest democracy of the world pay.

  2. We’re registering all the crimes that Bharat has committed against its minority of Muslims… Basically, any Muslim an India can be killed, even on the basis of personal enmity by being framed as a suspect of Lashker Taybaa or a Pakistani agent. The souls of these innocent people are at peace. But how will the souls of these coward Hindu zionists get their peace? We shall not avenge cowardice, but we shall teach them a lesson!

  3. unbelievable pic, its pathetic that nearby standing men r smiling while watching bodies of dead muslim kids, india is incredible in its atrocities to minorities.

    • i have also noticed the man smiling on the dead bodies. why is he smiling because these are Muslims and they feel comfort in looking dead bodies of Muslims. this is what indian army is doing in Kashmir these days. taking innocent kashmiris to border region and kill them and show the dead bodies lying on the ground to media.

      dear fellows! just think or possibly read about Quide-Azam. how weak he was phsically but what a man of courage, determination and political power. after his death india occupied all the land initially given to Pakistan and situated inside india. so whats the point here? i hope u guys understand the power of a strong political leader. A strong leader can fight virtually to other states for the fundamental rights of his/her nation.

      WE ARE MUSLIMS; WE ARE ONE least concern where ever we are.
      SPEAK, WRITE, FIGHT for Muslims. Honest to GOD this is only way to do a come back to MUSLIM PRIDE.

      • You said it bro ! How can we bring forward such figures in our society in our time… People who live by the principal, having character & charisma. I know we have many…

      • One of the greatest leaders of Pakistan is a terrorist by name hafiz saeed, the amir of LeT and JuD. He will lead Pakis to their doom.

      • @ariel
        You don’t make sense..oops but I can’t be expecting that from an Indian can I?

        Your government/RAW/army are the ones leading you to doom by killing your innocent civilians in fake attacks like the Mumbai attacks and by killing patriotic Indians Karkare etc. Your Gen Purohit and other hindu terrorists who are infiltrating in the Indian army are supported by your government/RAW. Your own leaders are going to eat you up, we won’t be doing anything!

      • Yes Brother Kiani, you are right to notice that in the picture the person was laughing at the dead bodis of Muslims. Notice my use of the word person and not man. Because there is one basic difference between mankind and animals and that is ‘sprituality’ or perhaps lack of it. While it is secure faith that generates ‘Sprituality’ .

        Hinduism is unique in its idealogy. In that a worshipper practically creates his own object to worship as his idol or diety. Than with a level of pretentious reverence he implores to that object for salvation. That in simple terms sounds like a man invents a joke and when all alone he tells the joke to himself and laughs his head off.

        It is rather strange that without any element of social values, for the last seven or so centuries Hinduism has survived purely on materialistic considerations. Now that the times have changed and in our global village personal attitudes affect others, Hindus have to learn to behave like humans and not just ‘Hinoman’. Hindus must understand that killing innocent Muslims would neither compensate their innate ignorance nor their natural cowerdice.
        Finally and equally logically, the road to ‘suarag’ does not begin with hell-fire of ‘chitta’. Yet there is still time to acknowledge the reality and convert to Islam. Most of all it is free and open invitation – with open mind – and we will receive all Hindus converting to Islam – with open arms.

  4. break india save islam kill brahmins save islam


  6. No need to sympathize for these people, I say we care more about our problems. India has always been a hypocrite and honestly these people chose to stay back and if they suffer brutality is their concern and they should rise for it. We should care for our people.

  7. Aly,
    your problems are created by yourself and
    your elected thugs, who are capable of offering
    sacrifies of 140 innocent citizens at the arrival
    of BB. But murdering 4 young teen-agers in Indian
    police mugabilah, accusing them as lashkaris, shows
    you hav’nt got a clue of what is going on, you have
    4 bloggs of Pakistanis worried & defending Hindu ancient temples and Bhuddas in Pakistan, and you
    stupidly, inhumanly, put the blame of ” people chose to stay back ” you should be deported to India alongwith other Hindu zurriats.

    This is how Indian nazi swines comit murders of
    muslims, minorities and Dalits in general,
    India does’nt have any Human right organisation,
    their secular Republic protect citizens. ha ha ha
    The biggest democratic brothel !!

  8. ariel,

    You forgot the Indo-Israeli sharon and Olmert
    the nazi bastards !! who are training your Indian
    Khussrahs how to kill muslims.

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