The Harpoons And Pakistan’s American Mess

September 7, 2009


Ahmed Quraishi

Two Pakistani political parties, Mr. Zardari’s PPP and Mr. Sharif’s PMLN, both ironically created during the reigns of two different military rulers, are taking the nation for a ride in the name of democracy. Thanks to their nonperformance in the past nineteen months, Pakistan is staring at a huge national failure, from foreign policy to Gwadar. Terrorism and target killings in Balochistan are being ignored by all politicians in the name of sympathizing with a politician-turned-terrorist who secretly received weapons from abroad and who permitted his grandson to join enemies of the homeland.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Americans are back to their favorite arm-twisting practice: Diplomacy through calculated media leaks. The New York Times story on alleged Pakistani modifications to old-tech US missiles is a reminder that American interests do not overlap with those of Pakistan’s despite the best efforts of the pro-American lobby within the Pakistani government. This lobby has been quite active recently – through a PR campaign – in defending US position and counseling fellow citizens to stop opposing Washington because Pakistan needs American aid.

What will America’s Pakistani apologists say after this indirect salvo, threatening Pakistan of scuttling the five-year, $ 7.5 billion Kerry-Lugar aid bill because Pakistan continues to develop strategic missiles and refuses to turn its army into a police force at the beck and call of Uncle Sam’s bungled freedom mission in Afghanistan?

Maybe this is the reason why our usually boisterous ambassador in Washington was circumspect yesterday, saying little except that there appears to be a misunderstanding. But it is not a misunderstanding. The report – where no US official appears by name – is tailored to create panic in Islamabad and exert pressure without the need for Mr. Holbrooke’s personal skills. Pakistani policymakers would do well to read between the lines.

Two things stand out: unwarranted US spying on Pakistan’s strategic weaponization programs and – more importantly – the preposterous US accusation that Pakistan’s defensive capability risks attracting an arms race with India.

There is only one explanation for the mounting American frustration: Despite seven years of intense pressures on Pakistan, Washington is nowhere close to putting a leash on the Pakistani military and its intelligence agencies. It does not know yet the exact location of Pakistan’s nuclear bombs and warheads. It is no closer to neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear button despite the wild campaign to convince the world that Pakistan was incapable of protecting its weapons. Pakistan managed to deflect pressures and refused to turn itself into a walkway for American and Indian boots.

The credit for this goes solely to the Pakistani military and people. Our politicians, in government and opposition, remain hugely impressed with American influence and ready to work with it to counterbalance a powerful Pakistani military. The latest episode in our political soap opera, where retired intelligence officers have been used to divulge old secrets, is designed to discredit the military.

While they distract the nation with their nonissues, there is no one to question the rulers why they approved the construction of the world’s largest US embassy in Islamabad when the American aid bill has not even passed US Congress? There are signs that the politicians are quietly allowing unprecedented US military and covert presence in and around the Pakistani capital in order to change the balance of power inside Pakistan in a permanent way. There are reports now that US military presence is being formalized in both Sindh and Balochistan. The frequency and detail of these reports means they cannot be discounted as hearsay.

Two Pakistani political parties, Mr. Zardari’s PPP and Mr. Sharif’s PMLN, both ironically created during the reigns of two different military rulers, are taking the nation for a ride in the name of democracy. Thanks to their nonperformance in the past nineteen months, Pakistan is staring at a huge national failure, from foreign policy to Gwadar. Terrorism and target killings in Balochistan are being ignored by all politicians in the name of sympathizing with a politician-turned-terrorist who secretly received weapons from abroad and who permitted his grandson to join enemies of the homeland.

Lost in this circus is any talk about health care, education, highways or infrastructure. It is a national decline.

The worst part about our politicians is not their glaring ineptitude. It is the fact that their parties are so stifled there is no hope the ruling elite will expand its limited pool of talent to include a nation brimming with initiative and yearning for change.



  1. Very well researched and written, i agree that the current govt and the opposition is driving the country and its people rite in the middle of a shithole and there is no breaks to this crazy car. I think the only hope is a military coup, other than democracy can’t prevail in our country, atleast not the the current one!

  2. Thankyou Zia for killing the only patriotic PM of Pakistan and the creating Nawaz Shariff who looted the country. Thankyou Mushraff for joining the american war on terror


      • It is so easy to recognize such people. It’s amazing how we all think alike…

  3. Day before yesterday the electricity bill of our house came and it was very high than expected … my brother decided to check the Electric Meter … it turns out that the reading on the meter was 100 less than the reading which was written on the bill a week ago …..

    we talked around and it turns out that the whole neighborhood has the same issue (some had 200 units more some even 400-500 units more)….. my brother goes to file a complaint to the near sub-division office, there are already many people there, and it turns out that whole area has the same issue…

    very luckily my brother finds an acquaintance in the office and talks to them about the issue and he let slip that it is the national policy of PAKISTAN regarding electricity bill today to get the bill in the upper rate units as offen as possible
    rate of units:
    first 100 = 3.290
    next 200 = 4.960
    next 300 = 8.030
    next RS. 10 and on and on and on…

    Everyone from the meter reader to the highest officer is actively involved in this corruption…

    of course when my brother saw this he was very angry … he called me and told me to search the internet for various news channels (city 42, geo, aaj, etc..) numbers and foreword them to him. the guys in city 42 said “the complaint has been noted”. geo guys said “gather a crowed of 50-100 people and we will come” ..and so on

    –>you might be thinking why i am writing such a long and depressing story<–

    "coz every person in the office who had come to complaint, got his bill fixed and left"

    this is what i wanted to share …. we have become a dead nation we dont care about others.
    we have lost the "Quran" and the "Muslim way of life" (just like the Hadith predicted)… we should stop deluding yourselves by thinking that we are Muslims … WE ARE NOT

    our ancestors used to pass on the cup of water in the battle field to the next guy thinking "he will be more thirsty than me" and would give up their lives in the process … they would give up their lives thinking about others betterment …and where are we now …we need to revive ISLAM AGAIN, in ALL OF ITS DIMENSIONS very soon or it is going to be more hardships in the future

    • nothing but Islam can bring out the true sence of justice, May Allah(swt) help Pakistan get rid of these “sold out criminal rulars” and replace them with people like Umar bin Khattab(RTA)Abubaker Siddiq(RTA) Usman Ghani(RTA)Ali Ibn Talib(RTA). We have trust in our people and our nation that Alhamdullilah we still have peolpe left in our Ummah that fear Allah(SWT) and not west.
      May Allah(swt) unite our hearts, give us His support so we can bring His laws to this world.

  4. and the ABSENCE of ISLAM in our lives is also the reason why these corrupt people (Scum of the earth) become our leaders …



  5. the only solution to our problem is Islam. We have to turn bck 2 our religion , we have to correct our deeds only then good rulars like Hazrat Omer will be gifted to us.. this is the only way consider it a short cut or a long one!
    The article is really good, hope to see AQ raising these qs in his new prog!

  6. I agree with the crux of the article but recognizing Taliban and religious fundamentalism as enemies of Pakistan must not blind us of the other dangers posed by the traditional enemies of Pakistan.


  7. ha ha ha ha, cant u guys take religion out of everything that u do.. religion and daily tasks are two different aspect.. now dont tell me that even while pi55ing and 5h1tt1ng, u take religions name, he h ah ha lol..

    • @Bablu
      We will take our religion in everything we want to thats none of your business!! For us religion and daily tasks go hand in hand!

      btw we don’t take religions name while going to rest rooms but one thing I am sure is you guys take religions name while drinking piss and eating shit!!

      • yeah daily tasks go hand in hand, thtas the reason why the whole world is shouting that epicenter of terrorism is pakistan.. guys grow up, if successful credit goes to GOD, and if failure.. to an indivudual or group.. ugh.. wat the.. ****.. i see not only religion but also anti india specific things go hand in hand, cos u guys tend to forget urumqi, i bet if same thing would have happend else where in US or INDIA or XXXXXX.. or anywhere.. it would ahve been a big hue and cry, why are u guys sooo silent on URUMQUI killings???? we indians see fault as falut.. no matter even its in india.. i condemn gujrat, and any other similar things, its just not me, but most of the ppl here in INDIA condemn it, but in paki land.. its the opposite.. u guys train ppl to do proxy war in INDIA, and wat not.. killing innocents.. ugh.. and we dont intermix religion with each and everything..

      • @ bablu
        Hellooo you don’t mix religion with anything?? In Pakistan no religious political party has ever come into power but in the case of India the BJP which consists of hardcore Hindus have come to power.

        About Urumqui there were links that ‘some’ countries were behind the unrest,which is why many muslim countries didn’t comment on it! Besides if “majority” of u condemn gujarat riots,assam riots and the sikh massacre etc why has there been no action taken against them, the person who was even behind the gujarat riots is once again elected as the minister of gujarat. Why is ur media quiet even after showing proofs on ur national channels about Narendar modi and baba bajrangi’s involvement in the massacre?? In fact no action has been taken against any attacks made on minorities the culprits are walking around freely! Actions speak louder than words!!

        And about ‘proxy war’ please even journalists from international newspapers have said that India has terrorist training camps in the name of embassy in Afghanistan which are used against Pakistan. Your media even censored William burns “Senior US diplomat William Burns gave Indian officials a terse and cryptic directive ”Shut down Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, reduce presence in Kabul and stop sending mercenaries across the Durand Line.” This message was supplemented with a letter from President Barack Obama to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.”

        Afghanistan’s presidential advisor even said India is using Afghanistan’s soil to destabilize Pakistan and the afghan can’t do anything because there is no presence of a centralized government.

  8. Please do not post the picture of this bastard (Zardari) on your website. I don’t know why but I get heart wrenching feelings by looking at his ghastly face. Oh ALLAH (SWT) help the people of Pakistan to git rid of Zardari (evil)….Ameen summah ameen

  9. please sir i requst in please send me sir

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