Iman, Taqwa, Jihad Fi-Sabeel’illah

September 6, 2009

TeamPKKH presents an ovation to the Pak Army, Pak AirForce and Pak Navy on this Defense Day for protecting the nation’s pride and honor, safeguarding our borders tirelessly and preserving our freedom to date. Freedom that we need to cherish, freedom that we as a nation need to treasure once again!

September 6, 1965, the day when two perpetual rivals on the geographical face of the earth engaged into war. A war that is often quoted by historians as one of the colossal wars of the 20th century, a war that put one of the finest Armies in the world to test, a test to protect the nation’s pride and confidence, a test to prove themselves yet again, against a much bigger army, belonging to a country 10 times bigger! And by ALLAH, they did it!

The enemy came like thieves, under the cover of darkness, for they thought that the world would be asleep. But they didn’t know that Shaheens never sleep!! With a unified cry of La Ilaha Illallah, the sons of this Pak soil rose like thunder and the sheer strength of their thrust, spearheaded by seventy tanks and two infantry brigades, led the enemy that was dreaming of fighting a ground war and winning, to call in air support. A nation that had annexed independence less than two decades ago, with a limited defense system – but with utmost spirit and determination to fight the ‘mushrikeen’ did the unthinkable. A nation still in its nascent stage but devoted to lead and to hoist Islam’s flag up high, committed to prove what they are capable of, dedicated to show what “the land of pure” means to them.

Being notably weaker in terms of weaponry might and exponentially outnumbered as compared to their enemy; yet they were stronger than the strongest when it came to the power of ‘Taqwah’ and ‘Imaan’.

September 6, commemorates our heroes, the fearless Mujahids of our Pak Forces, who in that unforgettable war became the very sword of Allah and unleashed a fury on the enemy that will never be forgotten. The end of that war might be considered by others as resulting in a stalemate, a cease-fire between the warring sides, but in the heart of every single Pakistani, this 17 day war was a test of Iman and the beginning of a love affair with the armed forces of the nation that has lasted since.

We salute the Pakistan Armed forces today and assure that we as a nation will stand by them to the last drop of blood – just like we stood by them in 1965.

Pakistan Fauj Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!



  1. Never throughout history has a new State handled them with such competence and courage. Our enemies had hoped to kill Pakistan at its inception. Pakistan has, on the contrary, arisen triumphant and stronger than ever. It has come to stay, and play its great role for which it is destined.(Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah speech at a public meeting on March 21, 1948)

    May Allah swt bless our armed forces and Pakistan. Ameen!

  2. yeh tou theek bhai dekh ker haatho ke baal kharey hojatey ha
    magher ab american expansions yaha marines ka kia kare ?

  3. american marines are all faggots. check out their antics in afghanistan. even eunichs can rip them apart. pakistan army tau mardon ki army hai woh marines hijron ko kaat ke rakh deingay.

  4. Asalam o Alaikum
    great Effort from PkkH
    Pakistan is blessed nation and will continue the job Given by ALLAH Pak. May ALLAH SWT protect us and give our youth the courage to stand.
    Jazzak-ALLAH and ALLAH hafiz

  5. Ya khaki wardi wale hathon mein shahadet ka jaam rekhtey hein
    jo hein medd-e-mukabil un ke liye mot ka pegham rekhtey hein

    Allah is our protector. Alhemdullillah

    Allah hu Akber

    Pak Fog Zindabad

    Pakistan Paindabad

  6. Yes, at that time they fought for their country, today they fight for America. At that time they fought for the muslims, today they fight against them. At that time they were their own masters, today the likes of George Bush/Barack Obama, and Tony blair/Gordon brown are their masters.

  7. n if u pussies dare at all then go ahead drop the moderation stuff.then i’l give u a real good piece of me.n do trust me on this one u will split open.

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