PAKRADIO Launch! Special Programming for 6th Sept

September 5, 2009


PakistanFirst and PakistanKaKhudaHafiz (PKKH) and are proud to bring to you another first – your own Pro-Pakistan internet-radio station dedicated – PAKRADIO – to bringing you the latest in news and analysis concering all things Pakistan – with a focus on national security and regional geo-politics.

Our Special Launch Day (September 6th, 09) programming includes exclusive talk shows with Ahmed Quraishi, Ali Khan (PakistanFirst), Dan Qayyum (PKKH), as well as Col. Akhtar speaking to us live from the front lines in Mingora!  Additionally we also have Romesa Khalid, Faisal Awan and Hina Amin bringing you special features on the role of Pakistan Youth in our revival and a look at the current situation, plus honouring our heroes!

Here’s our full programming guide for Defence Day / Youm-e-Difa’a 2009!

Don’t forget to tune into PAK RADIO on September 6th, from 7pm onwards (Pakistan Time)


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