India on Soviet Union’s Path of Disintegration

September 5, 2009

Sajjad Shaukat

The former Soviet Union which had subjugated the minorities and ethnic groups in various provinces and regions through its military, disintegrated in 1991. Even its nuclear weapons could not save its collapse. One of the important causes of the disintegration of the Russian Empire was that its greater defence expenditure exceeded to the maximum, resulting in economic crises inside the country. In this regard, about a prolonged war in Afghanistan, the former President Gorbachev had declared it as the “bleeding wound.” However, militarisation of the Soviet Union failed in controlling the movements of liberation, launched by various ethnic nationalities.

On the other hand, while learning no lesson from its previous close friend, India has been acting upon the similar policies in some other way, which led to the demise of the Soviet Union.

For the last 25 years, India has been providing its military and intelligence agency RAW with huge funds in order to support insurgency, separatism and lawlessness in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhuttan, Sikkim and China. Although these covert activities vary from country to country, yet the same intensifies in case of Pakistan. In this respect, a well-established network of Indian army and RAW has been working to destabilise Pakistan by supporting insurgency in the Frontier Province and separatism in Balochistan. New Delhi has been spending huge money to train and equip the militants who have been entering Pakistan on daily basis and have been conducting suicide attacks in our country, and assaults on our security forces. Besides other regional countries, Indian secret operations inside Pakistan are being conducted with great professional skill, having mutiple tactics like propaganda, political dissent, ethnic divisions, economic backwardness and criminal elements to foment subversion so as to weaken our country in conssonance with Indian regional ambitions.

Indian anti-Pakistan plan has also been endorsed by a 72-page white paper handed over to its Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the aftermath of Mumbai carnage. The paper, titled, War on Terror: The Agenda for Action, (Also available on the website of India Today) advised New Delhi to “exploit the divisions within Pakistan and expose its weaknesses in Balochistan, FATA and Azad Kashmir” including building of pressure on Islamabad especially by the US.

Although, New Delhi has been backing the forces of separatism especially in Pakistan and China (Chinese Tibetan regions), yet like the former Soviet Union, it has been rapidly moving towards the destruction of the Indian union.

No doubt, the former Russia was a totalitarian state which had controlled other ethnic minorities through various techniques of force. But under the mask of democracy and secularism, Indian subsequent regimes dominated by politicians from the Hindi heartland�Hindutva (Hindu nationalism) use brutal force ruthlessly against any move to free Assam, Kashmir, Khalistan, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tamil Nadu and Tripura where wars of liberation continue in one or the other form. Recently, Maoist intensified their struggle, attacking official installments. In this context, Indian media admitted that Maoists have now entered the cities, expanding their activities against the Indian union. In this connection, on August 24 this year, they blew up another railway track in Latehar, and bombed a mobile tower in neighbouring Palamu district. Train services were disrupted between Barwadih-Barkakana route following the incident. The CPI (Maoist) has claimed in a release that they have enforced the two-day shut down in Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and Chhattisgarh due to the arrest of its two senior members.

As regards the Indian-held Kashmir, since 1947, India forces have been intermittently been employing all the possible techniques of military terrorism such as curfews, crackdowns, sieges, massacre, targeted killings etc. to maintain their alien rule. However, under the new puppet regime in the occupied Kashmir, Indian brutalities keeps on going against the current phase of Kashmiri uprising which began on August 12, 2008 when Indian forces killed Hurriyat Conference leader Sheikh Abdul Aziz.

Post-Napoleonic era in Europe proves that it is not possible to suppress the wars of liberation through military terrorism. In that context, Prince Metternich, emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire did what he could by subjugating the alien peoples by employing every possible techniques of state terrorism. According to Indian historian, Mahahin, Matternich had to admit that he was fighting for a useless cause, and the empire disintegrated, resulting in the independence of Italy, Bulgaria and other states whose secret societies had been waging wars of liberation. In the recent past, despite the employment of unlimited atrocities by the President Milosevic, collapse of the former Yugoslavia could not be stopped.

Every entity of South Asia is well-aware that even under the rule of Congress which claims to be a secular party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Shev Sina and Bajrang Dal have missed no opportunity to communalise national politics of India. Although violence against the other communities has been used by Hindu fundamentalists as a normal practice since partition, yet anti-Christian and anti-Muslim bloodshed in the last decade coupled with the dissemination of Hindutva has increased. Besides previous genocide of Muslims and destruction of the Babri Mosque, more than 2500 Muslims were massacred in 2002 in the BJP-ruled Indian state of Gujarat. On September 13, 2008, the communal riots in Uttar Pradesh killed more than 200 Muslims. In one of the most tragic incidents in Assam, Hindu extremists burnt alive six members of a Muslim family on October 12 last year. Similarly, assaults on Christians and their property have continued by the Hindu mobs in Orissa, Assam, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Even the year of 2009 witnessed a number of incidents of religious intolerance. In this respect, at least 60 Christians have been assassinated in the recent past by Hindu fundamentalists in the state of Orissa. Other minorities of India are also target of Hindu terrorism.

It is notable that ideology of Hindu nationalism prevails in every field at the cost of other minorities groups. It is even supported by Indian defence forces clandestinely. This fact could be judged from the recent past, when on April 6, 2008 in the house of Bajrang Dal fundamentalists in Nanded, a bomb went off. The investigations proved that the militants belonging to the Bajrang Dal were found in the bomb-making and attack on a mosque in Parbhani in 2003. Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) of the Maharashtra arrested a serving Lt. Col. Srikant Purohit and a retired army Major Samir Kulkarniand along with two other culprits, indicating that these army officers were helping in training the Hindu terrorists, providing them with the military-grade explosive RDX, used in the Malegaon bombings and terrorist attacks in other Indian cities. ATS further disclosed that Lt. Col. Purohit confessed that in 2007 that he was involved in bombing of Samjhota express, which brunt alive 69 Pakistanis. Leaders of the Indian extremist parties, Shiv Sena, BJP, VHP and RSS are now pressurising the Congress regime to release the fugitives.

Indian fundamentalism and mistreatment of religious minorities could be judged from a latest development. After serving the BJP for 30 years, Jaswant Singh was expelled from the party for praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah and echoing the pain of the Indian Muslims in his book, “Jinnah; India, Partition, Independence.” While pointing out the BJP’s attitude towards the minorities, Singh wrote: “Every Muslim that lives in India is a loyal Indian…look into the eyes of Indian Muslims and see the pain.” He warned in his book, if such a policy continued, “India could have third partition.”

It is mentionable that provincial and regional disparities have been widening in India day by day as majority of Indian populations are living below the poverty level, lacking basic facilities like fresh food and clean water. While yielding to acute poverty, every day, some persons commit suicide in India. On the other side, New Delhi which recently decided 34 percent increase in its defence budget, signed the pact of civil nuclear technology with the US last year has been importing latest versions of arms and ammunition from Israel, America, Russia, Germany and other western countries.

In the past, New Delhi which incurred huge amounts on advancement of its nuclear weapons and successfully tested missile, Agni-111in May 2007, has been extending its range. On July 27 this year, India launched its first nuclear-powered submarine.

Returning to our earlier discussion, just like the Soviet Union, the artificial union of India which is maintained through militarisation of the country by incurring too much expenditure for importing arms, for subjugating minorities through force, for crushing wars of liberations with brutal tactics and for sponsoring insurgency in Pakistan, China, and other regional countries, is bound to result in disintegration.



  1. You are an idiot

  2. Excellent article, very true. But i disagree with what is said about Yugoslavia. Milosovic was problematic but the breakup was due to foreign intervention.

  3. That India is soon disintegrating, as predicted in this article, is indeed a shocking news !

    Then why do the world think that India is making giant strides, and on the way of replicating the China story in next few decades ?

    Quote – “the artificial union of India which is maintained through militarisation of the country” – unquote.

    But there were no Ayub Khans, Zia-Ul-Haqs or Musharrafs in India, then how is militarization keeping India united ?

    May be Sajjad Shaukat is halucinating, like many of his compatriots !!!!!!!!!!

    • neel123 was hallucinating when squealing that India will target from HongKong to Libya and disintegrate the whole world and sunni states bla bla bla if to be messed with… I wonder, how you live with yourself after getting rubbed in the face with the bitter reality about the impotent Indian Missiles program…

  4. neel123: You do not need military generals to rule a country to have militirization. The US, Russia , Israel and others are the most militarized nations in the world…did thy have Musharrafs or Ayub Khans???? India’s super economy is limited to its elite and the instability in India is so great that were the 100 militias within India become more active than they are now then all the economic power of india will go down the drain!!!

  5. @ Mustafa Shaban

    A Pakistani, calling India united through military force, has to be utterly shameless and evil !

    • neel123…your very own generals and politicians have stressed that india today stands as it is due to its military force – that same military force that is known to kill innocent civillians, rape women, and bully the weak so as to say. india will soon disintigrate and be swept away into the cow piss that it holds so holy. and a little reminder to a piss head like you and your piss drinking lingum sucking indian compatriots, india is a joke of an experiment. it never existed as an entity. Muslims had conquered indian territories and various lingum sucking “rajas” and their fiefdoms and brought them into the fold of modern civilization of that time. the india that exists today is the result of those muslim conquests and that great muslim civilization that was ultimately taken over by the british. like blood sucking vampires hindus turned against the very people that gave them civilization, culture and the true meaning of humanity..talk about a dog turning against its former master. we pakistanis are the descendants of those great muslims warriors who saved indians from drowning into its own excrement. yes we will annhilate india again and this time we will not take any prisnors. akhund bharat (rather gaand bharat)is the biggest delusion that could only exist in the minds of psychotic indians – possibly the side effect of too much cow piss and feces – a combination of which is now modern india.

      • Please try this as soon as possible. That will make sure that pakistan will cease to exist. We are also waiting for this kind of misadventure by Pakistan so that we don’t have to provide the world proof that it is the epicenter of world terrorism.

        PLease please please attack India just once!!!!!!!

      • Son India has tasted misadventure by Pak in Kargil and also recently after the bloody Indians tried to pin the Mumbai attack on Pakistan, The stand off simply proved it self the Military might of India and their approach to the west for help as the Indian Bluff has been called too many times by the Pak Army…

      • @ saffaron,

        Throw away the history text books that are taught in Pakistani school system.

        Read the real ones, and you will know what civilization means, and where they existed.

        Muslims conquering India and Spain is history, that will not be repeated. Now you Pakistnis will see Christians, Jews and Hindus uniting against the muslims barbatians being trained by the Pakistani Army and the ISI with Saudi money.

      • BRING IT ON BABY!!! ALL YOU THREE WIMPS CAN’T do a damn thing to Pakistan. In times ahead surely India is going to disintegrate…

      • FYI Neel, the 360 mil Muslims of India are enuf to wipe clean you fu** Hindus… We’ll take care of the Jews & Christians…

      • Don’t worry about Indian Muslims. They are not bastards, they love their country and are ready to die for its sake.

      • @ Sri

        Ahem ahem…forgot about Dawood Ibrahim?? Indian mujahideen?? u guys recently got a mail right by some ‘malabar group’ which said they will create a muslim country out of India??

        In fact why am I talking about Indian muslims only?? There are separatist movements by people of several other religions as well eg. sikhs (khalistan movement)!

  6. Inshallah. We will witness it.

  7. @ Catalyst,
    You Pakistanis seem to be proud of Kargil and Mumbai massacre.

    But remember, you Pakistanis will be made to pay the price in one way or another, sooner or later.

    Pakistan is on the hook, and it will not be let off the hook this time.

    You guys will see a lot happening in the days ahead !

    • @neel123

      So far you have had zip & FYI we are not the ones responsible for Mumbai attacks it’s your own bloody indians getting rid of patriotic Indians… I feel sorry for Karkare & salaskr for dying in vain. So far you are the ones in recent times for getting your a$$ kicked by a small country like Srilanka… Stop Hallucinating you bloody indian & get lost, and write your bollywood scripts else where….

    • neel123 and all of you indian ass wipes out there…you are more deluded than your lingum sucking ancestors. Instead of lecturing us, you guys should throw away ur own text books that have taught u guys nothing but fabricated history. so now u guys are going to deny historical facts, not depicted by us, but by ur own gora masters. maybe that is ur psyche…suck the master’s lingum…..u sucked our lingums for a thousand years and then colluded with the british during the downfall of muslims of muslim subcontinent. we will never forget the barbarism and savegery that u and ur kind subjected our muslim brothers and sisters to. u rejoiced in our slaughter, now it is our time. so yes a lot is going to happen in the days ahead…we will burn ur arthis in the piss laden ganga. and as for u Sri…another ass wipe indian pleading on this forum to attack india, better pray to ur transexual gods because your time is now coming to an end. dont take this as a hollow threat..it is our promise and our committment to total annhilation of india, of cleansing this planet from the slime and filth called india.

      • Muslim brothers and sisters ?

        How did you Pakistanis treat your muslim brothers and sisters in Bangladesh ?

        Not to mention about Pakistani Sunnis killing the minority Shias, Ahmadias and Christians .

      • @neel123

        who the hell told u sunnis kill shia?? I am a shia and hell no sunni ever insulted/degraded or said anything to us or anyone we know.

        On Pakistani channels we see sunni scholars and shia scholars sitting side by side and giving there views on several religious issues. If they hated each other they wouldn’t even be sitting together and giving respect to each other!!

        Besides before criticizing other take a closer look at your own country you guys have been put under the US watch list because you guys have failed to provide security to your minorities!

  8. People!!!! No body wants to ‘annhilate’ India.
    We want to ‘annihilate’ the racist and terrorism exporting system that has its epicentre in that country. We want to ‘annihilate’ the miseries of the dirt poor and the so called lower castes as well as all the Naxalites, Sikhs and other minorities who want nothing to do with the Apartheid Indian State. We want to ‘annihilate’ injustice, greed, blind hunger for power and misery from this planet and establish the pristine values of justice and equaity that our Deen professes. We DO NOT want to kill innocent people who are already oppressed and are worse off than animals in India.

    Let us be very clear about this, specially those of you who seem to think that they are on a mission to ‘annihilate’ Hindus, Christians and Jews. WE are the Ummat of Rasool Pak (SAW) who is Rehmat for the whole universe and the two worlds: we don’t kill inocent people, we liberate them from tyranny and opression. We only fight those who stand in the way of Justice and hinder the establishment of the rule of the One and True God.

    So all of you morons who are only interested in the ‘annihilation’ of human beings WAKE THE HELL UP and make yourself deserving of the great Mission that awaits us as Pakistanis and Muslims. Pakistan Zindabad!!!

    • sumayyac ur point is well taken. and maybe i should have been more clearer on my post. but having been to india multiple times in the past I can safely say that hindus especially the likes of RSS, bajarang dal, BJP are bread on hatered especially for muslims which they follow throughout their lives with religious zeal. when morons like me talk about anhilating india… we are talking about annhilating the oppressive hindus, jews and christians alike. we are talking annhilating that system of tyranny and oppression. we are talking about liberating the oppressed minorities. having said that, we also first need to “annhilate” the jagir dar system (feudal system)in our country, change the political atmosphere, hopefully bring about a soft revolution and ultimately establish a true Khilafat system. Yes morons like me are very much aware of the great mission ahead of us but it will require a lot more will and a lot more resolution on our part, and we are ready for that. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

      • Look who is talking about oppression of minorities !

        No one has forgotten what you Pakistanis did in Bangladesh. Even after winning elections, Sheikh Mujib was not allowed to become the Prime Minister. Instead he was put behind bars by the Punjabis of the Pak Army and Bangladesh was raped and butchered, until India intervened.

        The same is now continuing in Balochistan.

        And also the world knows how you Pakistanis treat the Mohajirs.

    • And annihilate India!!! I totally agree with saffron slayer…

    • Epicentre of terrorism in India ?

      You are an utterly shameless individual of the highest order !

      • High as in Indian HIGH ? No wonder you are on crack…

  9. Good on you for taking the point Saffron Slayer but the point is that people that we think or who portray theselves as extremist Hindus, Christians and Jews are ultimately neither: they are Zionists and are further from the true teachings of the religions that they pretend to follow. I think as Muslims we need to be very aware of that. You are spot on about the jageer dar system, couldnt agree more with you on that. Cheers, Sumayya

    • @sumayyac

      You mean to say that all Indians appearing on this blog, talking crap are Zionists ? Out of a billion people from India, we get to deal with shitty Zionists slum dogs ??? Well then they are in majority making waves as I seldom see some saint people (true followers of the religions) here trying to make bridges…

      • @ Catalyst,

        latest UNDP report says the largest slum in Asia is in Karachi, not in Dharavi Mumbai.

        The title of slum-dog now goes to you Pakistanis !

      • @neel123
        Hallucinating again ??? You can’t be left unattended for a minute you crazy zionists hindu you…

      • aww neel123 now you guys don’t even have slums for your 40% population which is living below the poverty line! tsk tsk

        The picture says it all

  10. @Salman Baig: That was a typo…

    Btw, what are you trying to prove if in your above post you were not undermining the Pak Army?
    “Piece of crap” is how you started your last comment.

    And I was referring to the USSR & USA vs. Taliban in Afghanistan……… with all their technology and military might, they could not beat the Taliban in Afghanistan, Taliban who barely had AK-47s only. So if India’s got all that, it neither intimidates us nor worries us. And we believe what we have should suffice to beat the hell out of Bharat. Hope you got my point now.

  11. the author is ill informed and confused. He does not know where to start and where to end. I think he dreamt this scenario last night.

  12. Hello Pakis,

    You see your TV Channels, Read your new papers.In 60 years you forgot about India. Ask your grandparents.

    My Father served in Indian Armed force.One member from southeren Christian Family served Indian Armed forces. We are proud of that.
    So stop day dreaming that India will break up.
    after our Independnce we went through mant termoils but our Democracy was safegaurded.Now Indians are mature enough.
    They think above religion,and region.
    Indian Armed Forces are one of the world most civilised forces……………..
    India will become a super power due to the strong foundation laid by our forefather…………
    so pleas dont bother about india………..
    bother about your country…………….
    Wish you all the best to keep pakistan united in next century

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