BREAKING NEWS: New US Base in Gharo, Sindh?

September 2, 2009

PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com EXCLUSIVE


PKKH has learnt from informed sources within the Pakistan Navy that certain high-ranking individuals within the Naval forces are involved in secret construction of operational facilities in Gharo, Sindh, which are intended to serve as a base for around 200 US marines.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that a high ranking official of the Special Service Group Navy (SSGN), which is the commando division of the Pakistan Navy, is involved in the construction of a large complex in GHARO, Sindh, which is described to be purpose built to serve as a base for an army unit – comprising of halls, residential units, and storage facilities. The source has also stressed that the Pakistan Navy had already rejected a similar proposal by the US Armed Forces earlier this year. However, the SSGN official involved had kept the authorities in the dark about the purpose-built facility in Gharo.

Some years back the Navy had decided to shift the SSGN headquarter (PNS Iqbal) from the dockyard to a coastal area, but Gharo was not the likely sight at the time. Because there has been a sudden increase in assistance to the SSGN from the US, questions are being raised whether this shifting of the SSGN to Gharo is actually a ruse to allow US Marine “trainers” to arrive there in large numbers on the pretext of training the SSGN commandos in newly-acquired weapons and tactics?

UPDATE September 3rd:
The source has also stressed that the Pakistan Navy had already rejected a similar proposal by the US Armed Forces earlier this year. However, the SSGN official involved, along with some help from other individuals, had kept the authorities in the dark about the purpose-built facility in Gharo. The top leadership of PAKISTAN NAVY was unaware of these plans at the time of publishing this report.

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  1. These Americans are going to set up everything before they plan to go face to face with Pakistan and this is surely going to happen!

    May Allah swt help us!!

  2. We need not be paranoid because US is constructing a base in Pakistan. We need to strategize and think how we can benefit from US rather than them constantly exploiting Pakistan. Both countries do ahve some common goals such as defeating terrorism decisively, and stabilizng Afghanistan+Pakistan. Usher in the new times and trash conspiracy theories. Rise up, believe in your abilities, and join rest of the world which is going to prosper and thrive with or without the Islamic countries. Cheers.

    • Dear Mr. Akram Chaudhary, you sound a very nice person. Allow me to quote an American proverb:
      “War is the force that give America the meaning” and if you search for the source, perhaps you would be surprised that one of the American President held these views. Believe me Sir, some snakes are really smooth, silky and beautiful, yet it would be advisable to keep away from the danger.

      By the way, nearly two hundred years of our slavery started when kind people in India allowed the little monkey-looking Brits to snatch their freedom. I still remember that a devil from Russia is no different than a devil from Tombuktou.

  3. loo hogaya kaam ajj se hum ghulam qaum. dhoondo ab kayi se quaid-e-azam ko doobara pakistan ko bananey k liye

  4. US bases in Gharo mean A step to acommpilsh Aganda of MQM(Jinnah Pur) Disvision of Sindh.

    • Saeed, you are so sick and racist, what if I say it is Punjabi Agenda or Sindhi Agenda, ofcourse I would be wrong, so you are wrong too.

      How about it’s PPP’s agenda to Kill/remove Benazir and bring in the Biggest thug in the history of Pak.

      • Saeed: Please also see that Mr. G.M. Sayed’s interview in Dawn in September 1985 which was titled “Sindh Is a Separate Country”, nobody called him a traitor??? Nawaz Sharif openly plundered Pakistan’s wealth, nobody called him a traitor.???

  5. i think he meant the the armed forces in general, it was pretty obvious actually.

  6. I am sure that the intention of PKKH team to publish this “breaking News”,was not that the enemies of Pakistan start maligning our Armed Forces.Individuals,
    here and there,may be dishonest which are easily identified and dealt with.Wait for the story to settle down to facts instead of jumping to pre-concieved rhetoric.

  7. there you go, our civilian govt living upto the task too:


  8. I see. But I am appalled whenever the discrimination between Officer Tabqa and Sipahi Tabqa comes to mind. I am a Sipahi’s grandson.

    • Bhai Ansar-ul-Islam, you are right have you eve read a book called “Military Inc.” by Ayesha Siddiqa??? I think you should read it and you will know a lot more than you think.

  9. And a Sipahi’s son too.

  10. Pakistan must break diplomatic ties with America for good only then we can survive and prosper.

    • To break the ties with America and for good, would be too harsh. We have to be reasonable and put America on one months’ notice to move their embassy to Kabul for the first 3 years and wait how we decide for the next 5 years. But Mr. Rizvi, you have to find ways to send cerain Pakistani Yankee-lovers along with them to Kabul as well.

  11. There is no need for panic about the Amirikis here in our country as you can find them already in all the Muslim countries of the Gulf and also in Saudi Arabia too…Please, Dont disturb your sleep over this matter as these Amirikis are totally toothless…and our Army comanders know them very well.

    • Baba jee
      All muslim countries are not ‘nuclear’ power.

    • Baba Jee, All Moslem countries are not “Shikar gahs” where the US can come and openly shoot people, why only the Brown Skinned people are being killed by Amercians??? think think think???

  12. this comment is written aftr reading ds
    “I see. But I am appalled whenever the discrimination between Officer Tabqa and Sipahi Tabqa comes to mind. I am a Sipahi’s grandson.”
    yup u r ryt.being a dautr of army off i never likd army life coz army ppl treat civilians n lower army tabqa v badly.even my parnts attitude n their way of life forcd me to hate it.just look at the fate that i m married v army off.nw being a part of it i try my best that those mistakes which my parnts did, i dont repeat those. even i gve more respect to sipahi ppl n rest of dm like ncb’s n talk to dm in a v respectable way, besides my husbnd says dat u shud b harsh n rude but he dnt knw that they deserve more respect than 2ic’s,co’s n generals.but i vl nt disagree HIM. i behave rudely where i shud b coz being a woman i must b careful.but at least i can try to teach odr women to behave mannerly v these ppl but cant as i avoid thier gatherings.i dont knw wat i want to say but simply HUMANITY.
    even gaherings n parties show a clear ATTITUDE of officers n their families.britishers have left our country but v have not left them, we r still vng their customs spec c the WAITOR DRESSES in messes n their PUGARIS.rest u knw .

  13. Pakistan should not give his place to other countries. THe same place is constructing in Islamabad.


    • bikahri bhek memile mulk per itna guman mat karo bhai jan ……..yeh hamara tha,hamra hai, hamra rahega pakistan murdabad

  15. who guess what will happen?

  16. Aslamolikum!

    Dear brothers and sisters no doubt that this news is very painful but the comments from u guys are also painful and disappointing.

    1. Disappointment is itself a failure which neither acceptable in our religion nor at any stage of life.

    2. After reading this news and giving comments against Pakistan Armed forces is totally wrong because whole army,navy or air force is not involved in such type of activities, these are just few black sheep present in thousands which do present in almost every field of life.Pakistan armed forces also consist of normal human beings. Although it has just few numbers of traitors but at the same time many devoted,determined and Pakistan Lover are present at every rank. We should not forget their sacrifices which they have given and are giving for the nation. If one is traitor then everyone should not be blamed. Dont forget that these types of people are every where. Bay Nazir gave the list of Sikh leaders to India and ultimately movement of Sikhs was curbed.If it wouldnt had been happened India would have no more on earth. Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq was were not the soldiers rather they were the ministers.

    So on the basis of bad deed of one person everyone shouldnt be punished. Our forces are one of the best in the World but never forget they are human too.



  17. Correction:
    “Some” black sheep only!

  18. UPDATE September 3rd:

    The source has also stressed that the Pakistan Navy had already rejected a similar proposal by the US Armed Forces earlier this year. However, the SSGN official involved, along with some help from other individuals, had kept the authorities in the dark about the purpose-built facility in Gharo. The top leadership of PAKISTAN NAVY was unaware of these plans at the time of publishing this report.

  19. i have absolutely no idea wat the army as an institution is upto… forget abt the weak n feeble government, n forget abt the trial of Musharraf n the constant bickering of the political parties on issues that have nuthin to do wid the Pakistan n ordinary Pakistani… bt i have fail to understand wat is the establishment upto… are they doin this on purpose or have they cum tooo far in this “Friendship” wid US that they cant go back now..!!?? wat is the matter wid the them…!!??

    u have ex army men cumin out leakin vital national secrets, donno for wat..!! then ex-army men goin to police stations to get them a few non-diplomatic Americans freed from the police… v have the constant threat of Dr A.Q. Khan bein abducted one day without ne1 knowin abt it… u have the army as a whole bein targetted n constantly bein maligned by the west, n theneven ready to go wid the US as far as givin them complete access to nethin n everythin… i mean has the army lost all its wits n common sense…!!?? isnt the army aware of wat could happen!!?? dont they know they r fallin into a big deep trap..!!?? havent they learnt from the past mistakes made by our former army presidents..!!??

    the worryin aspect of this report is that v neva had ne hopes wid the politicians n rulin-class… infact to be honest v r kinda sick n tired of them… bt the army… v had hopes wid them, they were the real patriotic Pakistani in the ruling-class… wats wrong wid them, beggar belief..!!??

    I seriously urge all the readers n every Pakistani to pray for Pakistan in this month of Ramadan..

  20. I have a faith being a muslim that pakistan will remain live and these t

  21. Yes Brother Arif INSHALLAH it is made to Live till Domesday.

  22. “However, the SSGN official involved, along with some help from other individuals, had kept the authorities in the dark about the purpose-built facility in Gharo. The top leadership of PAKISTAN NAVY was unaware of these plans at the time of publishing this report.”

    i think its not possible dat agencies remain in dark about such a dark issue…

  23. Dear Brother & Sisters;

    See Whats happening in Pakistan and more over the current puppet Government. like we had Musharaf but now see Whats happening not only in GHARO, but in islamabad y the land is given to the US Embassy what teh reason of this Fighther planes, and other security vehicles, Y these americans are building in Islambad,
    Y they are given them the homes!!!!!!

    But Alhumdulillah, Dear All
    Now the time is reached to change our strategies and we should see Whats happening in Iraq and afghanistan with these Americans and we should prepare our selves for this and InshaAllah if Allah subhanalla can this noble work from our hands then there will be no good reward for this….

    Islam is the Deen for ever and Pakistan Paindabad….


    • Masha-ALLAH
      very nice comment.
      you give me hope dear.

  24. I’ve been serving in Pakistan Navy for the last 22 years. And I just help laughing at this funny article. It is absolutely absurd, to say the least. Things don’t happen like this in our Navy. I request the writer to stop writing such baseless stories which can create a sense of insecurity among masses.

    • Wow! Thanks Usman for the clarification. Your word puts everybody at ease. What else can we say. Thanks and well done for coming up with the Truth.
      The Prophet said, “A liar is a person who spreads a word, without researching the truth.” The Quran recommends that Liars must be banished from the community, “Lanat Ullah elil Kazibeen”. We say,”Once a liar always a liar.”. Thanks for enlightening us. Spreading fear, ‘Islam khatray mein’, is an old old tactic.What a shame!!!


  26. America will never dare to announce a war or start an invasion like in the case of Iraq or Afghanistan. This is Pakistan, they practicing something new, A silent invasion. In order to avoid the retaliation from the masses they are silently increasing their presence to neutralize our security and play havoc internally. Support all Anti Pakistan Elements and they themselves will take over Pakistan.

    Like it or not, Pakistan is under Attack and at war with the Zionists on it’s turf. A silent war that is gaining ground every day. Announcement of Independent Baluchistan, Black water Ops moving freely in Peshawar. Beating up Pakistanis or kidnapping elected officials who dare to speak. U.S. Emabassy Expansion (military base). Drone Attacks (even in the case if we assume that PAK Army is carrying out the Drone attacks). It is all playing in the hands of the enemy. Not an easy job but it is clear that the U.S invasion has begun. If stopped they’ll just be stagnant and will continue their Ops again once they get the chance whether it’s this Gov. or the next democratic Gov. or something new happens that the West has not Anticipated for… Civilians on the move, which would lead to destabilizing the current setup thus putting a dent in their plans. Pakistan will be needing a lot of combing and cleansing in the event of success… (All this will take place in how much time ?? We are not talking about days here, you do the maths!)

    bus aur kuch nhi keh saktay. aur agr keh bhi de. tu kuch faida nhi..

  28. […] Ka Khuda Hafiz informs quoting sources within the Pakistan Navy that: “certain high-ranking individuals within the […]

  29. Dear All, Relax…Pakistan Armed Forces don’t work the way it has been depicted in this so called “BREAKING NEWS”… No one can look at this country with a tilted eye…we are all in safe hands..No America Shamerica be feared…

  30. Brother “Zac” we are not trying to frighten the nation. We are not only making them aware of surrounding but also threatening Pakistan against forces that we are aware of your each and every move and we will not let you do anything wrong so easily.
    There is nothing to worry, Pakistan is made to Live Till Domesday. InshALLAH.


  31. this is really a shocking news !.. but who would care to investigate it? besides our hatred towards crusaders, its also crucial not to put ear on rumors as well ! west knows how to exploit our religious concerns !.. i would humbly request my fellow muslims here to first investigate it ! or even to develop that culture.. would any one dare spending some time to vist gharo and find out himself if its a reality? do we have any sources in NAVY to inquire? how can we gather more intelligence over it is main point.. dont loose your emmoitions, religous and national spirit by just discussin and discussing..we shd develop a practical approcach towards it first.. btw dont worry about the american bases.. i m sure there must be at least few “extremists” in our country who would make sucide attack on that camp and send the occupants back to hell where they belong finally! .. peace..

  32. Yes.America will not invade Pakistan.The tactics have changed.They are flooding Pakistan with Marines,Blackwater etc. on the pretext of safeguarding embassy and its personnel.Here,they will act same way as they did in Kabul(gay parties etc).Pakistani muslims will rightly get ignited and would react.On the pretext that the life of Americans are in danger,calling Pakistanis terrorists,then they will send their armies.

    America had a base in Pakistan before,near Peshawar in 1965, and a PAF officer was quoted saying that the poor women around that area were suffering from mouth VD.

    Ayub Khan asked to vacate the base within 24 hours.An old American,who was serving with WAPDA those days and boasted friendship with top army generals,is also quoted as saying,proudly, that the last thing they did was to destroy the whole civil&electrical installation so that we cannot use it.As Ayub Khan wrote”It is harmful to make them enemy but it is suicidal to make them friend”

  33. امرکہ ایک ایسا ملک ہے جو اپنے دوستوں کو تو استعمال کرتا ہی ہے، وہ اپنے دشمنوں کو بھی استعمال کرتا ہے اور وقت آنے پر دونوں کو جوتے مارتا ہے۔ مجھے حیرت ہوتی ہے ان لوگوں پر جو امریکہ سے ابھی تک اچھائ کی توقع کرتے ہیں۔

  34. Dear Sentimental Pakistan Lovers,
    Now we are over reacting on the rumor of USA having intervened in the province of Sindh and its town Gharo. In Gharo situated the largest & famous water purification plant of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board. I have heard talking Lion Akber Bughti once, USA had bought 70 miles long strip in Pasni (Balochistan) and more over one of the ex senator form Balochistan informed about Drone flying from the Shams Base in Kaharan (Balochistan). Let us observe the ground realities. Every country needs money, if we had sold our land to x-Arab rich shaiks to build their Palaces, Airports, hunting fields etc, etc. Why not to USA?? USA will never dare to rule us as they are well aware of the fact that 17 corers mad Pakistanis can’t be controlled by any army of the world. Gone are those days when super power do invade any country and make them slaves by force. I live in Dubai, where more than 200 nationalities are living & working together with ignorable discrepancies, Although Emeraties are in minority, may be 35% but they don’t come on the roads to protest. HRH Sheikh Mohammed has great will, vision & consistency, he invited ppl from all over the world to invest in Dubai, and even USA had made many bases there. Nobody is protesting. Every body has got a good job & all amenities and food supply of each & every commodities. She is now preparing to get the bid of Olympic 2020 & World Expo 2020.
    Bros & Sis, it is the time to be honest to our country. Every sincere Pakistani can do something for Pakistan. Leave the leaders to deliver bad or good, which they will reap themselves and ultimately the process of catharsis will bring up sincere leaders. Let’s not lose hope, cuz it is the only thing which Satin {Iblees (means wrapped up in grief)} would take from us, and as a result we become disappointed from Allah Subhan Wa Tallas’ Mercy. Let’s do our job, in what ever fields we are, let’s become stars, cuz for stars sky is not the limit!!

  35. A very disgusting and defeatist comment.

  36. Brothers and Sisters in Islam, when you make a deal with the devil, and when you sell your soul to the devil, you do what you are told – It’s been 62 years since we have been kissing American asses but what do we got in return??? A bunch of sell-out Army Generals, Professional and Conventional Politicians who can not even manage their own houses, Corrupt Establishment and a never ending line of “ass-kising” Prime Ministers and Presidents.

    Our Integrity, sovereignty and religious priniciples are mortgaged to the “Freemasons”. Even the Americans are helpless cause they are being used and tey don’t even know about it.

    So I say Vae Victus!!!

  37. USA and Pakistan…We read and hear a lot about relations between Pakistan and the USA.While we must be on guard about the other countries we should concentrate to work hard for the unity and progress of our country.We should understand that America is a great power and has been helping Pakistan since its very birth .No doubt at times we had reservation about American attitude.But all countries act in their national interests.Instead of complaining about others we must do our best to improve our lot ourselves.If we shall not help ourselves no one on earth is going to help us.Even God will not help us as God help those who help themselves. And all of us know that we are not ready to help our selves and make our country great and powerful.And our nation prosperous.Our leadership has not decided so far to make our country great and powerful.So how you can achieve for what you have not made up your mind and for what you have not worked.Our leadership wanted to serve their selfish ends and they got what they wanted.Their personal wealth has multiplied manifolds.They have not served the country and we are worse than what we were a few decades earlier.In the sixties we were under dictatorship and yet our country was not called one of the topmost corrupt nations of the world.And at that time there was no terrorism and Pakistan and its government had credibility.What the democracies has done for the people.Nothing.Our politicians want the democracy so that they are free to loot the nation and to remain above law.Now the foreign countries are not willing to hand over the assistance to our rulers because they rightly think that the money given will be find its way into the pockets of corrupt people and not used for the purpose it is intended for.I am not at all disappointed that one hundred billion dollars assistance has not been promised to Pakistan as requested by our president.Even if we receive two hundred billion dollars,after just a few years we shall ask for more aid and the condtion of our Pakistan will remain the same.People of Pakistan will be poorer and prestige of the country on decline.Come O, leadership of Pakistan Get rid of corruption.Make sure that there is rule of law in the country and you your self do not loot the nation by increasing the prices of sugar ,flour and other commodities which are more or less under your control.You can make our nation great and prosperous and get for our country a place of honour and prestige among the nations of the world .But you don’t want that .You have brought disgrace to this country of ours.This nation of one hundred and eighty million people.Even now you have not chaged your ways.Every day we watch news of rape of innocent girls oppression of the poor and other violations of human right.O those in the government and those in opposition you have not done anything for the people for the country or for the democracy .And you don’t want to do any thing.You don’t want Kashmir.Those leaders whose nation is confronted with such a great challenges they do not behave as you behave.They do not loot the nation as you loot it.And they don’t go round the word with a begging bowl in their hands as you go.Nothing will change as long as you don’t change for the better and you don’t want.There are some exceptions and God bless whosoever work for our Pakistan.

  38. Actually we are taking it lightly and for the record and historically speaking, we have been taking evry thing lightly.

    The core of the matter is that the Americans, who upon the insistences of policy makers who actually are controlled by Zionists and Illuminatis have known logn time ago thatin the light of Holy Qur’an, the prophecies made by Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.w. and the events narrated and events happening are taking us towards a mass all-out war, in between the Jews will “destroy” the Masjid al-Aqsa which would fuel a full blown war, which will eventualy be done for the “:Khurooj:” of the Dajjal, the Anti-Christ.

    As you know (or don’t know) the countries of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan,Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria and the whole of Palestine including Israel, Lebanon etc will be the major grounds upon which the war will be fought.


  39. What is our youth doing? sitting like Idols which don’t have nothing to do but to make their own minds crazy and fill them with unreasonable issues. They are the one who are to make Pakistan not the present politicians……

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