ALERT: America Targets Pakistan And Silences The Critics

September 2, 2009

Shireen M Mazari

Dr. Shireen Mazari has had the honor of being one of the targets of the US Embassy in Islamabad particularly since 2008 when in her columns she broke the news of US Army’s General Hood coming to Pakistan and the 11 conditions that the Pakistani government was quietly planning to accept granting unfettered access in Pakistan for US personnel with no legal restraints.

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—While US diplomats target their critics in Pakistan with a new ferocity, the US media and politicians target the Pakistan’s nuclear and military capability.

Taking the latter first, Dr. Khan had barely gained his “freedom” when that murderous former Vice President Dick Cheney, in a pre-taped interview to Fox News (30 August), declared that the Obama Administration should use the CIA to find out what Dr. Khan was up to! Cheney also expressed pride in the Bush Administration’s aggressive use of drones in FATA!

So should we assume that the increased presence of Blackwater and other unidentified US personnel in Islamabad may also have Dr. Khan as a possible target?

Nor was it just Cheney firing off on one of America’s obsessions – Dr. Khan – while quite unconcerned about the massive proliferation that the US continues to Israel (this is all now part of the published and available data in case the US embassy accuses this scribe of falsehood again).

More irritating than disturbing, has been the story in The New York Times (NYT), citing unnamed senior administration and congressional officials (of course when we cite similar sources, US officialdom is not amused), accusing Pakistan of modifying the Harpoon missiles given to the Pakistan navy to enable to hit land-based targets.

Had the NYT bothered to do some basic research they would have realized that Pakistan has no need to modify the old Harpoon missiles when they already have far better land-based missile systems already battle-tested and in their arsenal. As it is, the Harpoon does not have the range that would be required to hit land-based targets.

The question that arises then is why plant this story now – apart from the continuing US effort to undermine the Pakistan’s military capability and keep the military institution under pressure (or so they assume)?

One reason may have to do with putting pressure on the Pakistan Navy to give its go-ahead to the US request, forwarded by Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense to the Naval Chief, to allow them to build a landing strip near Gwadar (their own miniport facility) where US marines can land “some stuff” ostensibly as part of their anti-narcotic activities. So far there has been no response from the Pakistani side. Why they can’t do that at the existing facilities in the area is the question some Pakistanis are asking?

Interestingly, in relation to the Pakistan Navy and the Harpoon issue, there are also unconfirmed but reliable reports that the Special Services Group Navy (SSGN) is constructing operational facilities in Gharo, Sindh (close to the Indus delta, south of Thatta) which are purpose-built to serve as a base for an army unit – comprising halls, residential units and storage facilities. Some years back the Navy had decided to shift the SSGN headquarter (PNS Iqbal) from the dockyard to a coastal area, but Gharo was not the likely sight at the time. Because there has been a sudden increase in assistance to the SSGN from the US, questions are being raised whether this shifting of the SSGN to Gharo is actually a ruse to allow US Marine “trainers” to arrive there in large numbers on the pretext of training the SSGN commandos in newly-acquired weapons and tactics? So, the old carrot and stick approach – assistance and then the ridiculous Harpoon story – continues to be at work. What is disturbing here is that perhaps this whole Gharo “deal” is being done at a micro tactical level with the overall military high command not totally in the know. Certainly, it merits a closer examination by the military leadership and more transparency.

Clearly, the Americans do not understand the ordinary Pakistani. Their interaction with the ruling elites has led them to assume that this elite, with its tendency towards subservience and a constant gaze towards Washington (with a few exceptions) is reflective of the Pakistani nation at large. But, to their dismay, they are finding out otherwise even as they infiltrate into the bureaucratic and academic set ups in Pakistan. Again, subtlety having never been a strong American trait, they are responding to negative responses of ordinary Pakistanis in the usual ham-fisted manner in an effort to silence the critics. This writer has had the honor of being one of their targets especially since 2008 when stories regarding General Hood and the 11 conditions relating to unfettered access in Pakistan for US personnel with no legal restraints broke on the front pages of The News.

But even earlier, when Mr. Riaz Khokhar was Foreign Secretary, the US embassy had sought to have me either silenced in terms of my column or removed from the Institute of Strategic Studies – or else the embassy would assume that I was reflecting (heavens forbid) the official views of the Government of Pakistan. That is why some readers may recall for a while at the bottom of my column there was a one-liner stating that the views expressed were my own. Full credit to Mr. Khokhar for standing his ground, but I knew it was simply a matter of time when I would be liberated from all official strangleholds.

Now, once again, the US Ambassador, has turned her guns on this scribe as well as some electronic media hosts – all of whom have been exposing the increasing muscle flexing by the growing number of non-diplomatic Americans now in Pakistan – especially the notorious Blackwater – now re-christened Xe Worldwide. Just for the record, whatever has appeared in these columns regarding this group and the dubious Creative Associates International Inc (CAII) has been gleaned from Western media sources including the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA), but then verified from reliable local sources. It is interesting to see how the more the US penetrates Pakistani officialdom, the more the saner elements within this officialdom show their anger and frustration and reveal to ordinary Pakistanis the wholesale handing over of the country to Washington.

Especially with the Blackwater issue refusing to die down in the media despite a strange silence in Parliament and in spite of threats of multiple types from the yet-to-be-expanded US embassy in Islamabad; new revelations are made on a daily basis about US shenanigans in Pakistan. Here in Pakistan it has got to the stage where one is not sure who is an “official” American and who is not. After all, the guard who abused Pakistan and an SHO in the diplomatic enclave was a member of the US government; but who were the three Americans who beat up a Pakistani citizen, Mohsin Bokhari, in Islamabad’s Aabpara last week? After using violence against this citizen they did eventually apologize, but the police refused to register a case because they felt that if the case registered by the SHO of the diplomatic enclave had no impact in terms of justice – thanks to the pusillanimity of the present Ministry of Foreign Affairs setup – it would simply be a waste of their energy in the month of fasting to register yet another case of violence by Americans against a Pakistani citizen.

Further, as the growing disaffection hits the more conscientious Pakistanis in officialdom, what should one make of the information (from frustrated police officials) regarding four Americans initially arrested on Friday, 25 August, at FIA headquarters, Peshawar Morrh, Islamabad with unlicensed automatic weapons (seven MI-6) and no identification – although the arresting officials say they were “kala pani” (Blackwater) personnel around 14:45. When they were brought to the Margala police station, SP Nasir Aftab, who had previously been serving in the diplomatic enclave, also arrived, followed by US embassy’s security officer, a retired Pakistan army officer, Captain Ijaz. The latter abused and threatened the policemen and in front of SP Aftab had the four Americans, with no diplomatic identity, released from custody. When the SHO protested, SP Aftab also adopted Captain Ijaz’s tone and later confessed he was helpless as he had orders from “above” for the release of these American law breakers. Incidentally, if the US Administration has no links with Blackwater anymore, why is the US embassy in the forefront of interceding on their behalf?

So how much pressure will we all be able to endure and when will we all be silenced one way or another? If the Americans understood us they would realize that the Pakistani nation cannot be silenced into submission despite its leadership.

This article was supposed to appear today in The News International but did not due to reported pressure from the US Embassy in Islamabad.



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    • The biggest threat to pakistan today is the provincial disharmony that exists between the provinces,
      we have constitution but we have not allowed it to function properly,
      by not giving provincial autonomy to provinces we have created sense of deprivation among people of balochistan , and after independence we still have a province wihtout a name, how hard for us it is to do this.
      For our Politicians it is OK as far as they are getting aid from america by compromising not only territorial integrity but the Honor.
      for the genius guys tat we have in our intelligence thank u for keeping pakistan intact,why dont u geneiuses help to implement the constitution fully,
      Allah America Army ,the first opttion is better to ask help ..

  2. Yes gentlemen their will be more and more American private and millitary personell in pakistan.Let yet the Embassy compound finish.Pakistan will be flushed of its nuclear aresenal for good.

    • Yes Gentleman! Right until 1979 the biggest CIA station in the world (outside America) was in Tehran and Israelis were running Iran’s most dreadful Police establishment SAVAK. But that was all because a dishonest, insincere and money-loving idiot called ‘Shah’ allowed this to happen. Now the Americans are building the largest embassy in Islamabad. It could remain lrge in size only if the Pakistani nation serve a notice that the number of American personnel in there would be exactly the same as that in the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. In that situation if the Americans would not know how to use the open spaces, although they do not deserve it, still they can beg of me and perhaps I would, like always, be gracious, kind and generous and buy them a foot-ball. That will be simply to keep them busy. You know the saying, “Empty man’s brain is the devil’s workshop” Just imagin what “Empty Devil’s brain” would be like? Sorry Sir, I have better things to do ……

      • Well said brother!

    • Ever Heard the saying,
      “Beating Behind the Bush”

      • no because its not a saying at all. :p

  3. Dr. Mazari I’m really proud of pakistanis like you and ahmed quraishi who dauntingly exposing these zionist americans despie getting threats from them. You represent ordinary pakistanis like us who’ve self-respect and can’t be treated like ‘mercenaries’ . Americans(and most of the west) is full of bufoons who can’t disgtinguish a donkey from a horse but arrogantly consider themselves as the superior race. They do not even know how a pakistani looks alike let alone know about our vigor and patriotism. They’re still living in the era of british colonial empire that trampled down poor nations. americans should get this clear in their heads that we are not among those who would cower down and we won’t take americans showing us ‘attitude’ in our own country. !

  4. so how long before america would cease to exist ???? the break up of america would bring a dawn of peace for the whole world. INSHALLAH!!!

    • @ Eatcow,
      So, you are waiting for America to cease to exist ?
      Show that you have balls and do something before America ceases to exist, or shut your big mouth !

      You Pakistanis, surviving on American economic and military aid, are “Namak haram”, to say the least.

      • abby neel123!
        cow pee drinker nation! what u know about “namak halali and harami”? in the past and present as well india is getting help from russia but sold weapons to afghans (dostum group). now india is creating dirt on our western border under the american’s umbrella and at the same time selling weapons to taliban. so what do u think about namak? harami!

        american aid u r talking about is doing nothing for country’s progress. its all going to politians private bank accounts. but we have to sort this out ourselves. you just get lost from our site!!! go away!! We do not need your comments here.

        half of the indian pee army is sitting in kashmir and still we see green flag every where on every pakistani holiday in Jammu n Kashmir. so what the fuck india is doing in kashmir. Go and blog to tell ur fucking government to quite kashmir. keep in mind a war is very near now for india! this country is cancer of sub-continent and all the surrounding countries. A nuclear war is imminent for this region.

      • Neel123

        Pakistan loses up to $12 billion annually due to ‘americas’ war on terror and so if americans ‘compensate’ us for that it’s not ‘namak harami’ plus we even provide over 75% of the supplies for it’s army!!

        Btw u forgot what u guys used to do with bill gates he used to feel pity for the people living in the largest slum in world and give aid in return u guys used to throw eggs at him!!

      • you bloody bhindian psycho, teri bharat maata ko 170 insurgencies constantly phaar rahi hain aur too hamari blogs pe betha hai??? ARE ALL INDIANS WIMPS LIKE YOU??? BLOODY SKINNY COWARDS. GO HIDE BEHIND ISRAEL/AMERICA WE’RE GONNA GET YOU BY YOUR NECKS STINKING BHINDIANS!!!

      • The above comment is for the bhindian spy neel123 ..saala machar

  5. Are we going to wait till the new american fortress is ready to launch attacks in islamabad ????? Nib the evil in the bud. cut the bumreekens to their size. sack the whol american embassy for runnign anti-state activities.


    • Wishful thinking dear…But where are these BAHADUR ARMY JAWANS who are gulping down our 70% budget and unable to defend us against USA drones and US mercenaries

  6. Amriki Bhagao Mulk Bachao!!!!

  7. These Americans cannot be provided a clean ticket into our territory. These murderous cultists cannot at any cost be given a ticket to let Pakistan become what they have made of Afghanistan and Iraq. Pakistan has suffered greivously for its links with the US terrorist supporters.

    They use us and abandon us and this has always been the story of our past relations with them.

    The USA is the largest sponser of terrorism worldwide and uses terrorism as an attack to attack others while using democracy and human rights as a tool to subject other nations to their domination while they really don’t give a hoot about it.

    The insurgency in Pakistan cannot be internally sustained. The ttp has spent over S48.8 billion. They pay each fighter $200 each month and the family of each suicide bomber over 40000$. Even our police constables get 70$ per month. The Taliban are getting money and huge amounts of it to destablise us.

    The US has links to terrorist commanders. Muslim Khan the spokesman for the tehreek e taliban movement has lived in the USA.

    The Americans must be contained. We need to invest on kicking the Americans out from Afghanistan. Instead we’re giving them a ticket to Pakistan!

    • To address this muti-dimensional problem, perhaps we need to fine-tune our frequency. Americans or rather a vast majority of Americans, are systematically kept in the dark as to the devilish games these ZIONISTS are playing in the name of America and with the resources of American people. Only a tiny minority in the USA is aware of this situation and they are, as frustrated as an honest Pakistani could get.
      America is a poor country, poor in values and poorer in resources. Regardless who is placed to act as President, Obama or Nobama, the unpayable national debt is increasing by the minute. George W Bush incresed the debt from about 4 trillion to about 7 trillion, mostly coveted by the zionists in name of wars against Islamic states. At the sam time there are millions and million of Americans forming ques outside the charities for bread-tokens and small bags of potatoes.
      Zionists have so far enjoyed their American cover, but people are finding out the truth and very soon these bleak clouds of zionist-terrorism that has engulfed, Pakitan, Palestine, Kashmir, Grozney, Yemen and many more, will be removed. It would amaze you as to how these zionists brain-wash an ordinary and desparate American young man and change him into an absolutely insensitive killing machine. The worst of those killers are picked and paid to kill by ‘Blackwater International’ ……..

  8. Shameful situation for Pakistan and no one else but our Politicians are responsible.

    God Help Pakistan.

    • I would slightly differ with Brother Tahir, the situation must and should be shameful for Pakistanis, who allow the tested, rejected and failed politicians to have another go. Is there only about 16 person in 160 million population in Pakistan who are qualified to do what they like with the country. What happens if the ‘Drones’ of their friends get their wires tangled up and these drones deliver their loads to wrong postal addresses. Would that be IT? Perhaps any such incidence would help to find decent servants of the nation for a change!
      Moreover, in general terms, Allah has made it abundently clear that “He would not change the conditions of a nation unless they do it themselves.”

  9. Why is our Army so QUIET? Why is there no ACTION? It is ABOUT TIME!

    WAKE UP!

  10. I can understand the complicity of Zardari and Co., + NS and co., but what is our Army doing? I am baffled. What pressure they are in that they cannot take some concrete action and stop the yanks in expanding their power base here. Were drones not bad enough that they are slowly coming in like the East india Company to occupy. Wake up everybody who love Pakistan and stop this right now before it gets too late!

  11. […] PDRTJS_settings_11610_post_539 = { “id” : “11610”, “unique_id” : “wp-post-539”, “title” : “ALERT%3A+America+Targets+Pakistan+And+Silences+The+Critics”, “item_id” : “_post_539”, “permalink” : “http%3A%2F%2Fsiyasipakistan.wordpress.com%2F2009%2F09%2F03%2Falert-america-targets-pakistan-and-silences-the-critics%2F” } Shireen M Mazari | PKKH […]

  12. No doubt Pakistan is passing throug a very testing time indeed. May Allah save Pakistan from the mixed up leadership of Pakistan. Under present circumstances it is not surprising to learn that Dr. Shireen Mazari’s article was blocked on the behest of American embassy, from publication in the ‘News’. You do not need to go to the zoo to find a frieghtened zionist. If you are a true and honest Pakistani the zoinists will keep an eye on you. It is nonetheless surprising that ‘News’ is not aware of the international fuss going on about the publication in Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’ that since 1992 the zoinist Israeli army is in business of killing Palestinians to remove and export to America their body-organs.
    The Israeli Prime Minister protested this leakage and expected, not just an apology from the newspaper, but condemnation from the Swedidh government. What this man received was a terse retort that there is freedom of media in Sweden.
    Dr. Mazari, please wait until Pakistan media gets a bit mature to come out of the unreasonable influences, only than ‘News’ will be good.
    In the meanwhile, we all have to pay dearly for letting the proverbial ‘village idiots’ to enjoy top positions and play silly baggers. Otherwise any normal person with average I.Q. could work it out that if an Israeli nationality holder (Dick Cheney) could enter the White House as vice-President of the US, than to have the US Embassies run by the zionists and specially in the Muslim countries, is just about normal. Finally, one must not blame the thieves for plunder, blame those who allow the thieves in.

  13. What on earth is the ISI doing? Why is it quite over all this? Why doesn’t the media come highlight this issue? Why is the army quite over this issue?

    Can anyone please comment

  14. Holcrook is a dog lover. he likes to a wake up with a new dog in his bed every morning . as per faux news, he gets turned on by stray american dogs. His beloved anne dheeterson has split personality disorder. in the morning she wears dupata over skirt and in the evening she likes to dress as a man.

  15. anne dheeterson has rabies

  16. obama loves to bed snakes



    A) What is the ISI and the Pak-Army doing about this situation when Pakistanis are being ill treated in their own country?

    B) Have we not learned our lesson from the Western Colonization of our country already?

  18. Dr Mazari I pray for your long life when dealing with Americans. We need more journalists of your kind. May Allah protect you, give you more courage to speak the truth and may you be a beacon of light for us dumb Pakistanis who have let Asif Zardari sell the country openly. I’m sure Army will not let this situation prevail for long. I really miss Musharraf at this stage, no matter how nonreligious he was or what crimes he had committed. If he were around East India companies like Blackwaters would not have found bases in Pakistan. This country is not for sale. People wake up while Dr Mazari is still free and still writing and not made William Wallace of Pakistan…

  19. America will never dare to announce a war or start an invasion like in the case of Iraq or Afghanistan. This is Pakistan, they practicing something new, A silent invasion. In order to avoid the retaliation from the masses they are silently increasing their presence to neutralize our security and play havoc internally. Support all Anti Pakistan Elements and they themselves will take over Pakistan.

    Like it or not, Pakistan is under Attack and at war with the Zionists on it’s turf. A silent war that is gaining ground every day. Announcement of Independent Baluchistan, Black water Ops moving freely in Peshawar. Beating up Pakistanis or kidnapping elected officials who dare to speak. U.S. Emabassy Expansion (military base). Drone Attacks (even in the case if we assume that PAK Army is carrying out the Drone attacks). It is all playing in the hands of the enemy. Not an easy job but it is clear that the U.S invasion has begun. If stopped they’ll just be stagnant and will continue their Ops again once they get the chance whether it’s this Gov. or the next democratic Gov. or something new happens that the West has not Anticipated for… Civilians on the move, which would lead to destabilizing the current setup thus putting a dent in their plans. Pakistan will be needing a lot of combing and cleansing in the event of success… (All this will take place in how much time ?? We are not talking about days here, you do the maths!)

  20. Salam All,
    Just wanted to appreciate all the knowledge that fellow Pakistanis have and had to point one mistake out in the article (of course out of goodwill). The automatic weapons were M-16 rifles (US assault rifles), not MI-6 which is the British intelligence agency.
    I point things out like these because the people who really criticize upon these efforts in a negative manner, get a chance to point out things like these and accuse us of being less knowledgeable and mocking our efforts that despite being ignorant of the difference between an assault rifle and an intelligence agency, we think ourselves competent enough to analyze and write upon critical issues.
    Thank you and may Allah help us all.
    Congratulations once again to fellow brethren for having a good knowledge about the situation.


    Richard Holcrook has broken his hip bone while canoodling with his dog. They have been living together for ten years.

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