US Plans For ‘Imperial’ Presence In Pakistan

August 30, 2009

Karamatullah K. Ghori

Pardon the Pakistani news media going gaga over Washington’s plans to beef up, extraordinarily, its diplomatic presence in Pakistan. The plans are staggering and stupendous, for want of more descriptive adjectives. But they are, for the record, just geared to Washington’s diplomatic stake in Pakistan, lest the Pakistanis routinely clobbered in the ‘civilised western world’ for their outbursts of emotions over supposedly petty little things.

‘The Americans are coming, and coming big,’ according to media pundits in Pakistan. And none should blame them for going over the top because the figures being bandied about are, to say the very least, flabbergasting.

What’s on the drawing boards in Washington and Islamabad are the blue prints for vastly increasing the number of American personnel manning one of the most important diplomatic presence in the 21st century for the Americans in Pakistan. Apparently, Washington feels that its battery of 750 men and women stocking the American Embassy in Islamabad is far too inadequate to cope with the job on their hands. They need to be given a big injection to inflate their muscles. The magic potion said to be brewing would add at least another thousand people on what’s being described as a ‘war footing.’ That would take US diplomatic presence in Islamabad way above the current largest American diplomatic mission in Beijing, China; the number there stands at a paltry 1450.

The US Congress agrees with the mandarins at the State Department and has allocated 940 million dollars for the embassy in Islamabad and a number of American consulates, particularly those in Karachi and Peshawar. The fortress-like new consulate on Karachi’s Arabian Sea is spread over six acres of prime land, given to them at a throw-away price, of course. What are friends for, after all, and the Americans, don’t forget, have powerful friends in very high places in Pakistan.

(Meanwhile, US ambassador Anne Patterson, reacting to media reports, has said that the number of Marines in the new embassy would be less than 20. They would be accommodated in a bomb-proof facility. At present the embassy has 250 regular staff, 200 visiting American staff and 1,000 local personnel. Another 500 would be added in next three years.)

The government of Pakistan is obviously chipping into these plans with a magnanimity that our ruling elite is so well-known for, as far as their overseas ‘friends’ are concerned. They may be tight-fisted and niggardly to their own people but for minders and mentors from the world beyond Pakistan, sky is the limit.

Little wonder, therefore, that a huge parcel of 18 acres of prime land in Islamabad’s exclusive diplomatic enclave has been ‘sold’ to the American Embassy for just one billion rupees, a fraction of its market worth. What is 18 acres between friends; peanuts when you think of how magnanimously Pervez Musharraf presented the whole of Pakistan to his American mentors over just a phone call from Colin Powell. It was a friendly transaction between two soldiers.

So the fortress in Islamabad, when built, will dwarf the mini-fortress of Karachi. It will be a city in its own right, a typical American enclave on Pakistan’s soil, with its own residential colony for the staff and all the requisite paraphernalia of entertainment and security to convey the American sense in spades to its denizens.

But wait. The Pakistani pundits have nothing to grudge the Americans their plans to replicate their America on a little patch of Pakistan. What worries them is what’s at the core of these huge plans of expansion, and what kind of people are coming in droves to Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar with the obvious intent to cover all the bases in Pakistan.

Pakistan can’t seem to get rid of its perennial problem of being hyphenated with this or that of its neighbours in Washington’s esteem. It was India until not too long ago when American relations with India were taken to another, high, pedestal, with Pakistan left in a limbo to search its own station in American evaluation.

For a moment Pakistan thought it had jettisoned, for good, its hyphenated syndrome. But that feeling didn’t last long. The US is immersed deep into its Afghan adventure and Pakistan is back in its role of a key, front-line, ally. Hence Pakistan can’t be separated from Afghanistan; hence it must play out to the hilt its role of a soldier in a forward trench whose mission is to pull Washington’s chestnut out of the Afghan fire.

It doesn’t matter how Pakistan got involved in the Bush war on terror, or how Musharraf succumbed to the pressure. The ground reality, no matter how tart or unpalatable to a lot of Pakistanis, is that Pakistan is up to its eyeballs into America’s war and must pay the price of the follies of its rulers, past and present.

The US drew a seminal lesson from its involvement in World War II and that’s that America can best be protected, if not insulated from the outside world, by drawing its lines of defence in far off lands, in places wherever a threat to US security or its quest for global dominance may occur and must be pre-empted with maximum force.

The American wars in Korea and Vietnam were triggered by this policy of offence-being-the-best-defence. George W. Bush, an ardent practitioner of Pax Americana couldn’t be more articulate than coining the shibboleth of ‘taking the war to the enemy.’ The invasion of Afghanistan, on the heels of 9/11 was justified on this premise, besides being a prop to Bush’s dream of an imperial America holding the world in its thrall.

Barack Obama may be poles-apart from Bush on so many other things but shares his perception of fighting the enemy on its terrain. Add to it his own vision of winning the war in Afghanistan at any cost. So no price is too high once you commit yourself to achieving a goal; and Obama has his heart set on ferreting out victory of any sort in Afghanistan after having lost the one in Iraq.

But wars can’t be won cheap. They require elaborate logistics. Pakistan has become a cockpit of conflict and chaos spawned by its involvement in the Afghan imbroglio. So Pakistan must be primed to deliver according to Washington’s expectations. Logistics must be so arranged as to deal with Pakistan’s chaotic and turbulent scenario according to Washington’s master-plan for the area.

The logistics involve the building of fortresses bristling with hi-tech gadgetry that keeps the troublesome Pakistanis, or the Pakistani Taliban and their ilk, at a safe distance. That’s an essential tool of 21st century imperialistic reach. In the olden days of imperialism they used to occupy whole countries and convert them into colonies. Technological sophistication and advancement has offered better alternatives, dispensing with the archaic practice of outright colonies to intimidate the locals. Hence the logic and imperative for modern-day fortresses like the ones springing up from one end of Pakistan to another.

Those who have followed the American adventure in Iraq know what havoc mercenary American defence contractors wreaked there. Blackwater was a principal mercenary outfit to which the State Department outsourced its obligations in Iraq. Its gung-ho mercenaries raped and murdered Iraqis at will to such an extent that even the supine government of Noori Al-Maliki was forced to impel Washington to pull Blackwater’s notorious murderers out of Iraq.

The same Blackwater is now getting ready to replicate its Iraqi tactics in Pakistan and some of its operatives are already believed to be in action in Peshawar and its environs. The word has gone out that the Americans are keen to buy Peshawar’s lone 5-star hotel in order to accommodate the likes of Blackwater in luxury for special operations within Pakistan and beyond, in Afghanistan, of course.

The State Department has obviously drawn no lessons from its skewed Iraqi operations and seems willing to retry them in Pakistan. One shudders to think of the fallout of a lethal confrontation between the rogues of Blackwater, running berserk across the troubled North West Frontier Region just as they did in Iraq, and the trigger-happy Pakistani Taliban to whom these provocative aliens would be like red rag to an enraged bull.

The US is a global power charged with a self-anointed mission to fight wherever necessary to keep the terrorists away from its shores. Its history of such messianic adventures not only justifies war by any means but also sanctifies its actions. The question troubling the Pakistani minds is why should their rulers be so blind to this deadly game being played out on the Pakistani turf?



  1. very well written and ended with a brilliant question “The question troubling the Pakistani minds is why should their rulers be so blind to this deadly game being played out on the Pakistani turf?” ??????


    • They aren’t necessarily blind to the game – they are compliant. This comes naturally to every munafiq, and Pakistan is ruled by munafiqeen.

  2. Good point Asher


    • Why?

      I will tell you why!

      1) Because your political leadership of PPP has come to power by the help of the Americans in a CIA sponsored democracy.

      2) Because your President Zardari being the most corrupt person in Pakistan sold his soul and his country to foreign high bidders and powers.

      3) Because your army’s top brass are happy with the situation as long as US dollars are coming their way.

  3. We know very well about our Leaders that they only need Dollars no matter PAKISTAN go to hell in their eyes and they also has beautiful and big Palaces in different parts of the world so whats the problem for them 2ndly i blame to our Pakistani people for that whole elect them no-dought they are elected people and now they can do any thing for Dollars which they want to do no matter it is good for our nation or not

  4. I would like to hear Mr Zaid Hamid in regards to the recent development that were intiated back in Jan, 2008 (another Musharaf’s gift t0 this great nation). Military seems to be silent as if it does not exist and many high level war delegates have met Mr Kyani (COAS).

    I have always beleived in equal rights man=woman. Now things seem more favourable to woman as only one woman (Shereen Mazari)showing some mettel and putting forward very brave and fair stance.

    Polititians and military officials seem to be towing the same line and after all belong to the same clan when one does a little research into their family trees.

    Allah was the only and is the only protector of innocent people.

  5. Very well described by Yassar but on the contrary I would like to blame our nation who has selected the most corrupt leaders. Why do we keep blaming USA, UK, Tom, Dick and Harry for our wrong doings. Trust me the destiny of our nation will never change until we change our system. Nepotism and corruption is prevalent in our society. Everyone of us is looking for an appropriate opportunity to stab each other. How long we’ll continue like this ???.

    Today our country is being ruined by Zardari and his cronies, tomorrow his son or daughter will take-over and will run it like their private estate.

  6. Meaning of Last and the final Prophet PBUH syaing:

    Jis traha key loggon key aamaal hoon gay ussi tarha key Hukmran unn per Musalat kar diyee jain gay.

    Dr. Allama Muhammad IQbal Said:

    Khuda nay Aaj Tak uss Koom ki Haalat Nahi Badli
    Na hooo jis koom ko App apni Halat key badalny kaa

    • Dr. Allama Muhammed Iqbal has also said:

      Aahl-a-dynya ko ba-khabar kardo
      Yeh meray tajrbay ka johar hay
      Reh-baron ki fraib kari say
      Rah-zanon ka khloos behtar hay

      How very appropriate! May Allah bless him. What wuld have happend to him if he was living among our so-called politicians.




    • With a bit of hard work you can tame an animal from the jungle – but you can never tame an animal from the concrete jungle.

  10. Holcrooke cannot even kill a cockroach. you have to be real BIG COWARD to be scared of him 🙂

    • Never under estimte even a little snake – If you want to know real Holbrook, turn a few pages of recent European histoy and you will find over ten thousand MUSLIM boys over ten and men of all ages were systematically killed (within two days) in Bosnia in 1992, ask Mr. Richard Holbrook, he was the special representative and incharge of American interests, with a spcial task to make sure that Bosnia, with 87% Muslim population does not become an Islamic state. Just becuse the then President of America , one called George Bush had said:
      “We cannot tolerate another Iran in Europe”

      Only if our man in Washington, whatever his name is, could read and write, he should find out about all these Zionists who are sent to Pakistan. And the Police should keep them constantly in view and within hearing range. If these rouges do not like it their next stop should be Kabul, strictly on one way ticket!

  11. General Mike Foolen is sick skeleton ilving off holcrook’s gasses LOL

  12. General McTrickster is a bed-wetter .don’t tell anyone bumreeken army is full of dirty secrets like these!!!!!

  13. Guys i’ll say it again… It is high time to take actions. We can’t count on any one any more be it the Army or the Government. PML(N)wants to start with a Long March for it’s rotten revenge & agenda and nothing National. I say the Long March should be for the Government to quit, for the President to quit, demand for a re election and boycott our Foreign policy for the West. It is just a matter of time now that civilians should take to streets without being politicized or Judicialized.

    This being said where does our Army & ISI stand on all of this ???

    @ PKKH Mod there should be an interview with Gen. Gul, other analysts like ZH & Shreen Mazari and we should get an elected Member of Parliament to raise it every time the House is brought to Order. Or we should start call for organizing rallies to protest…

    • Well Said Catalyst.

      If the army and the government are behaving like a newly wed wife of the AMREEKAN, it is the right of the citizens like us to rise up to the occasion and take matters into our hands. I believe the PKKH should initiate this movement. I can see so much of support for it already. Why not we use this as the platform.

      Lets plan a strategy to kick the AMREEKAN out of our soil.

      • I agree 100% with this…The army people are behaving like Eunuchs…This nation gave them 70% of the budget and they cant stop US drones and are now busy with them in Tarbela …The SSG commandos regularly exercise with USA troops and it should be a shame for them

  14. chalo aj se hum pakistani nahi tu sindhi mein pathan woh balouchi yeh punabi woh mahajir

    • We are not one PAKISTANI nation! we are ML(N) ML(Q) ML (X) ML(Y) JIU, ML(CHUZA), LLB, Molvi (Halva Party), PPP(NEW) PPP(BRAND NEW – Pakistani Political Professional]…. Sorry, there are over a million enteries. In short, whoever has no other source of income, he has either already made a party or would soon make one. Ou New National Anthem: Political Party first -“Pakistan Ka Khuda Hafiz” .

  15. […] And Silences The Critics US Hummers Enter Pakistan, Undercover American Soldiers Swarm Islamabad US Plans For ‘Imperial’ Presence In Pakistan Has The US Invaded And Occupied Pakistan? Our Leaders voluntary submission to US […]

  16. So what is Pakistan Army doing about it..They never ask any permission while conquering Islamabad ..Why are they silent now…Actually the army Generals are the biggest USA agents (in the past and even Now)..

    They are and will remain silent on drone attacks and expansion of US embassy…They can’t bark before their masters

    I wonder why did we waste so much money on them

  17. […] is Pakistan’s acquiescence in the construction in Islamabad of what will soon become the largest US embassy in the world.  Recently, members of privately armed US militias have been spotted in Islamabad, in some cases […]

  18. […] is Pakistan’s acquiescence in the construction in Islamabad of what will soon become the largest US embassy in the world.  Recently, members of privately armed US militias have been spotted in Islamabad, in some […]

  19. Always remember, the night is darkest just before the dawn and I promise you, the dawn is coming.

  20. Couldnt have said it better myself Sohaib!

  21. Dear People ,

    Please lets together save one of the most beautiful city in our Home Land.

    this is a big game by US they know if they make such landmark in Islamabad or anywhere in Pakistan that will not be free of suicide bumber then they will get a reasonable chance to attack pakistan. I think everyone understand we all Pakistanis will be searched and will be asked for out identity and have control of Evil Americans.
    Please save our and future of our childrens please dont let this happen please be together to stop this otherwise we have so many examples Like there was a time Largest Embassy of USA was in Baghdad and before that it was in Afghanistan.U all know what happened there.

    Please save our country our motherland . We cannot let this happen we are more in number then the politicians. I

    I offered EID prayer and saw millions of people in 1 EID GAH , I thought if these people muslims stand together no one can defeat them and that was only 1 EID Gah of islamabad think how many people can stand together to fight for themselves and their childrens .

    Thankyou Allah Bless our country and our lives



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