Zaid Hamid Iqbal Ka Pakistan | Episode 32

August 29, 2009

With Ali Azmat on Aag TV Zaid Hamid and Ali Azmat (formerly of Junoon) take live calls and discuss ideology, vision and mission of Allama Iqbal and its relevance with the current times, and answer questions from the youth of Pakistan in his latest episode of “Iqbal Ka Pakistan” series.

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part 2

part 3

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  2. Asalam O Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakataho

    MashaALLAH & SubhanALLAH

    Zaid Brother and Ali and also all the team members of this Program, i am very thankful to you people that you are doing very GOOD job for Unity and Clarification for Umah and i really learn allot for this program/Episode32.
    Zaid Bahee, really aap ny bohat hee beautiful way se Hazrat Alam Iqbal ki Is Khudi ky concept ko define kia hai and bohat hee khubsurti se Sura-e-Ikhlas ky sath connect kia hy and believe me from your todays episode i m now very clear. before that, i was very confused ky mai kis Jamat/firqy se conect ho jaoon means you know very well about 100 of firqas in our countries such as Tablighi, Duobandies Baralvi etc. and all these claim them self in the right path mai ny sab ky sath time spent kia but believe me itna confident/Clear nahee tha jitna aaj hoon becuase mai every time ALLAH se ye Dua karta tha ky ay mary ALLAH give me the right path and help me because i don’t know and i unable to judge any firqa who is right but now Alhamdolilah i m clear.

    Ziad brother i have a question from you?
    kindly reply me. as you know very well about our current scenario and also our nation’s current position means hamari pori Awam Unfortunitly bayhis and corrupt hochuki hai and you also know very well about our leaders as you discuss in your previous programs and you know very well about American, Isrealies and Indian activities in our great nations they are achieving their objectives very well how can we protect our nation from these Kufars?

    2ndly, Alamat-e-Sughras ka bhee zahor hoo raha hai in tamam halat mai hum musalmano ko especially, i ask as an individual kia karna chaeeye?

  3. MashAllah

    This is what called Identity of Muslim.

    Allah hafiz

  4. Mashallah it was a fascinating definition of Surat Al Ikhlaas and the dimension discussed in this program are so powerful that it has cleared so many misconceptions in just one program. May God bless you Zaid Bhai your powerful and confident speech inspires us and corrects our misconceptions and directions. The confidence with which you speak is so powerful I feel that I am receiving the energy by it and feels for a moment that I am the shaheen of Iqbal and the band e momen which I feel proud off. May All give you health and isteqamat ameen

  5. if u know zaid bhai is a an pure sunni barelvi. he hase pure sunni beliefs.

  6. Zaid bhai is one of the best muslim. Proud of you.!!

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