Rehman ‘Double Agent’ Malik

August 26, 2009

Who is this Rehman Malik and why is he in the news for not so good reasons. And why is he still being kept in the government even when he can not be trusted as the items below will show:

Background: ‘Rehman Malik rose to dizzying heights from a lowly grade 13 or 14 officer. Stories of Malik trying to worm his way through by bribing his seniors are still fresh in our minds. Come promotion time, he’d turn up at their homes with trays laden with designer suits. By golly, it worked!’

Naseerullah Babar had tried to warn Benazir Bhutto to get a reliable security advisor as her potential murderers would have to come from within her party. He had advised against this third class officer to be part of her security chief. Malik was FIA chief and would report to Babar and his disapproval of Malik can be seen in the quoted article.

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  1. what are we going to do

    • pray, what else can we the lesser mortals do?

    • kill them all :@

  2. kasy kasy log apne watan se chimre huve hain.

    • All sort of animals can enter your home if you are careless enough to leave the main door open. Just thinking abut the crooks and their tactics and doing nothing to expell them or at least put them in their appropriate places, costs dearly to any nation. Let us get togethr and serve the notices to this kind of cheap foriegn ‘Madaries’ and their dancing emonkeies that the show is over and they better pack up and move along.

      One must remember that in any country the people without vision are smply people with notion but not a nation. To prove that Pakistanis are the most respectble nation we MUST select respectable representatives in our next ELECTIONS. That should be the best time and the best manner to rid the rubbish. We must not allow these ready-made and so-called “To Let” politicians to be imposed upon us by their friegn crooks, so that we should be the Masters of our own destiney. May Allah grant us the sense of responsibility to protect Pakistan.

  3. Lets put an option in the next ballot ‘None of the above’ and vote for a peaceful change. this may be the only way to get rid of the corrupt and self-serving fuedel / industrialist / military elite sitting in power sincve independence.

    • I would agree with your suggestion. I will support this as a first option on list with coulp of other options. If first option fails we can go for a second option which is to go after every traitor’s neck and let their filthy blood flow through the streets of Pakistan.

  4. thanks for publish this great news

  5. Where in hell the establishment is?????? Guess maybe the establisment had also been penetratated, or else why country would have been in such a state? Every person in current government is harami. Army knows about the back handed deals so why it is not coming up and take over? what is going on in Pakistan??? It is not good printing reports and news if there is no one to take action. We are sitting idle, worshiping idles and are being distroyed by our idles.


  7. In my opinion Rehman Malik is just a tip of iceberg, big fish like Zardari and his cronies (including Malik) will sell our country to US & UK but inshah ALLAH they all will go to hell for their deeds.

  8. jaisi awam waisay hukumran

  9. I don’t know how Pakistani’s people vote for these type of parties, where Rehman Malik is a core LEADER, as a matter of fact, I understand that, in which country where actual percentage of educated people is less then 10% percent of total population, Democracy or voting system is a simple nonsense, & not workable in a rural society.

  10. hi
    i think he is because of conspiracey of benzir car
    his face is like a mthr fcker
    and he is beloved patha of zooodaree

  11. not again

  12. The case of murder of Murtza Bhutto is in courts for last many years and nothing has been proved against Zardari for having any involvement in murder of Murtza Bhutto ;rather after so many continuous defeats in general elections in Pakistan and after failing to disintegrate PPP , Ghunwa Bhutto and her kids trying to defame president Zardari .

    Being loyal to PPP and Bhuttos is not a crime and presenting Rehman Malik as criminal looter , murderer and agent of foreign agencies is nothing except expression of sheer hatred against PPP and its workers. Opponents of PPP , Zardari and Pakistan are trying to prove that anybody ( like Rehman Malik) having any connections with BB and Zardari is traitor and criminal .This is height of hatred sentiment against PPP and Bhuttos .

    • Can you prove otherwise Mr. Mehmood? And can you actually deny that Zardari is a crook whether or not the cases have been proved against him? Lets think about the country and not people right now. The whole world cannot be wrong about Zaradri can they??

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