Indian Missiles Embarassment Continues

August 26, 2009

The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable missile that India has in its arsenal. Pakistan’s 2,500 km ‘Ghauri’ on the other hand is able to reach all major Indian cities, with Ghauri III (3,500) and Tipu (4,500) nearing testing stage.

Pakistan Missiles Project Ahead of India’s
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Pakistan Enhances Second Strike N-capability
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India Upset about Pakistan’s Brazilian Missiles



  1. Lol…nothing new here to be honest, we are blessed Alhamdullilah!

    Even the nuclear submarine they have bragging about and how there media is shouting ‘India joins the elite club’ blah blah. The nuclear submarine doesn’t even have a working nuclear reactor. =P

    Defence Professionals Daily, a German online publication, described Arihant as “currently is little more than a floating hull” without nuclear propulsion or weapons systems, which was even later confirmed by one of the Indian scientist!


      Awwwww proving your ignorance at its BEST…

      Germans didnt say anyting new they copied what we said openely.

      The Arihant class submarines (Sanskrit: अरिहन्त:, meaning “Slayer of Enemies”, Ari in Sanskrit is enemy and Hant is to Hunt) are nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines[4][5][6][7] being developed for the Indian Navy. The hull of the lead vessel of the class, INS Arihant, was introduced to the public on July 26, 2009 at a “launch” ceremony, which consisted of floating it by flooding the dry dock.[8] Presently, the ship is no more than a floating hull, as no nuclear reactor, sensors, or weapons have been fitted and will not be for at least another year, at which point the trials will commence.[9][10][11][12]

      The Arihant class is India’s first indigenously designed and built submarine. 3 submarines of the class are expected to be in commission with the Indian Navy by 2015.[13]. The Arihant class vessels were designed as a part of India’s US$2.9 billion project to design and build nuclear-powered submarines.[14][15][16][17][18][19]
      Anyone who knows about Arihant knows that it will take about 1 year at least to be fully operational with nuke reactor.


      • And another 8-9 years for the Media to declare it as another blow to the Indian Public just like the Missles. money wasted and simply another dead project for Indians to squeal about…

      • Amit – A Mallu Indian Terrorist – scum bag!

        why are u Indians obsessed with Wikipedia? This is one of the paragraph from an article in IANS –
        The scientist “echoes” a report in Defence Professionals Daily, a German online publication, which says Arihant “currently is little more than a floating hull” without nuclear propulsion or weapons systems. The scientist, who did not want to be named as he was not authorised to speak to the media, was clarifying media reports implying that Arihant is propelled by nuclear power and that India has become the sixth nation to operate nuclear subs.

        Read this article CAREFULLY and thn you’ll understand why everyone is laughing at ur so called nulcear submarine –
        Arihant does not have a nuclear engine.

        The entire episode was a lie. The lies out out the Delhi Military Industrial Complex have no bounds. The don’t just bend the truth, they blatantly lie about it. The much heralded rust bucket made from a Russian kit was announced as an ingeniously built submarine. It is an Akula class sub whose design is very similar to the Russian Akula class subs.
        graphics of the Arihant published in India Today and TOI show a similarity to the Akula. For example, the towed array on the aft sail is like that of a Akula.
        The Arihant is reported to displace 6,000 tons which is assumed to be the submerged displacement. If it is the surfaced displacement it would match that of the Akula. http://kuku.sawf.org/Articles/59105.aspx

        There were several articles and a lengthy interview by the head of the Indian Navy who went into considerable detail about how difficult it was to miniaturize the reactor. In another interview with Dr Anil Kakodkar, the Indian scientist told the reporter to listen to the reactor on board–knowing fully well that there was no reactor on the ship. When repeatedly cornered by the Indian journalist, he repeatedly lied about the submarine. He referred to the engine noise and told the reported how quiet the sub was.
        Dr Anil Kakodkar did “admit” that there were Russian consultants and they helped with the reactor. However all this is total nonsense, as the new reports about the Sub show.
        Reports of the lies are now permeating the international news media. The Strategy Page reports that the “Nuclear Submarine” was not nuclear at all. The the INS Arihant sailed without a Nuclear reactor. The Nuclear Submarine reactor is the first part of the sub that is built. Actually there is no way a nuclear reactor can be installed into a submarine that has already sailed and left the dry-dock.
        Sending the Arihant for a retrofit on a nuclear reactor is the most stupid thing anyone has heard. Not to mention the cost. No Marine Engineer or Naval Architect worth his salt would ever think of this sort of nonsense. It simply cannot be done. The assanine engineering of ripping the entire submarine and then putting it back together would be such a waste of time and effort that one might as well build a new submarine.
        Indian Nuclear Sub Running On Empty
        Why was it launched at all? Probably because work on the sub had been going on for more than a decade, and it was becoming embarrassing to have nothing to show for all that effort.Arihant cannot move under its own power (as it has none), and apparently is not equipped with weapons. Other major systems may also be missing. So why was the Arihant reactor is in. What is known is that the Arihants will have to go back into dry dock, be torn open, and have the reactor installed. Or parts of it, or just the fuel cores. It’s unclear exactly what state the Arihant was launched without its nuclear reactor, which will not be ready for another year, or so. No one is saying for sure when the reactor will be ready. At that point, Arihant (Destroyer of Enemies). This came after over a decade of planning and construction. But now it’s been revealed that the ArihantAugust 18, 2009: Last month, India launched its first nuclear submarine, the INS. he Nuclear Sub that wasn’t
        Once the Arihant has a working reactor and weapons systems, it will undergo up to two years of testing and sea trials before being accepted for service. The Arihant is based on the Russian Charlie II sub, which it resembles. A leased Russian Akula II nuclear sub will basically serve as a training boat for India’s new nuclear submarine force. Russia retired all its Charlie class subs in the early 1990s. India leased one from 1988-91, and gained a great deal of familiarity with it. The Charlie class had eight launch tubes, outside the pressure hull, for anti-ship missiles. The Arihant has vertical launch tubes, apparently large enough for the cruise missiles, but not any SLBM (Sea Launched Ballistic Missile) India has (like the Sagarika, which is too long to fit in a vertical silo on the Arihant.) Actually, the exact purpose of vertical launch tubes on the Arihant is unclear. The navy revealed very little detail on the new sub (which, until two years ago, the government refused to say anything about.) Access by photographers was restricted.
        The new Indian SSN was long referred to as the ATV (Advanced Technology Vessel) class. There are apparently to be five boats in the class, assuming that the first one works well. The ATV is a 5,000 ton boat, and comparisons have also been made to the new Chinese 093 (Shang) class, which is a 6,000 ton boat that entered service two years ago, after more than a decade of construction. That was China’s second class of SSNs. The first, the Han class, was a disaster.
        India is trying to learn from Chinas mistakes. That’s one reason the ATV project has been kept so secret. Another reason for the secrecy was that so much of the ATV project involved developing a compact, light water reactor technology that would fit in a submarine. This 85 MW reactor makes the Arihant underpowered by the standards of other SSNs, and the Indians give the Arihant’s top speed as 55 kilometers an hour.
        Once the Arihant class SSN is proven, a modified version can be built as a SSBN (ballistic missile carrying sub). This was how everyone else did it, including the Chinese. Get an SSN operational, then modify the design to include some SLBM launch tubes. But the Arihant already appears to have vertical launch tubes, but not of sufficient diameter and length to hold any of the SLBM (sea launched ballistic missiles) in service. Strategy Page http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htmurph/articles/20090818.aspx
        The incompetence and the inefficiency of the Bharati military establishment is well known. They can’t even make a rifle. Most of their personnel use foreign machine guns or guns made under license. The engineering prowess of Bharat is self evident. The Kevari Engine was abandoned after decades of development. The LCA is still being designed after 25 years. Recently the IAF floated a tender bid for a new GE engine which may or may nor work on the LCA. The Trishul, Nag, and Agni missiles are collossal failure. Unable to fly Russian planes, the IAF has the worst crash record of any Air Force in the world. The Mig 21s that fly jsut fine in China and other places cannot fight gravity in Bharat. More than 300 Migs have crashed. The Mig 29s are also crashing. Bharat has floated a tender for 126 new planes.One problem with that is that Russians won’t start building the planes ’till 2014 at the earliest.

        Now the news about the Arihant–the destroyer of the enemies. Without a nuclear engine, the rust bucket can’t stay underwater too long, and won’t be much of a destroyer–more like a siting duck.
        Here is the Indian scientist Dr Anil Kakodkar lying about the Nuclear Reacter in front of the interviewer. http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/russians_helped_with_ins_arihants_heart.php
        India unveiled the compact atomic reactor, the very heart of the supine beauty the INS Arihant, the country’s very own nuclear submarine.
        Made in complete secrecy, it was talked about in hushed whispers. Now in an exclusive interview to NDTV’s Science Editor Pallava Bagla, the chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Anil Kakodkar reveals that Russians did help and that it really is a very quiet vessel that adds to India’s strategic depth.
        Here are some excerpts from this exclusive interview recorded right inside the top secret facility in Kalpakkam on the coast of the Bay of Bengal.
        Q: Was this completely made in India?
        A: Yes.
        Q: Designed, fabricated and executed in India?
        A: Yes, that’s right, by Indian industries.
        Q: And by Indian scientists?
        A: Yes
        Q: At Vizag, the Prime Minister went out of the way and thanked the Russians, and the Russian ambassador was also present. What was the role of the Russians? India had leased a Russian nuclear submarine?
        A: I would also like to thank our Russian colleagues they have played a very important role as consultants, they have a lot of experience in this so their consultancy has been of great help so that so that I think we should acknowledge.
        Q: Consultancy for what?
        A: For various things, as you go along when you are doing things for the first time with a consultant by your side you can do it more confidently and these are difficult time consuming challenges so you have to do this without too much of iterative steps and this helped in that.
        Q: So this is not a Russian design?
        A: It is an Indian design.
        Q: Indian design, made in India, by Indians?
        A: Yes, that’s right.
        Q: Is the noise level comparable to other submarines of this class, since that is a way of detecting submarines?A: Yes, I think so. You have seen the inside and tell me if you felt some sound there?
        Q: Compared to a power reactor the sound was minimal.
        A: Compared to machinery running in any other places, did you hear much sound? I think this is very quiet system.

        Based on the lies, the Arihant was old Russian Akula class sub that has been refurbisehd by Bharat with tri-colored paint on it.

    • thats true, however, with the truly pathetic leadership that we have now, i am worried because we may not build a submarine before they finish with their reactor although wwe are quite capable, pakistan must have a nuclear submarine to have decisive control ovedr its waters and to be able to prove a comprehensive threat to any navy in the region

  2. Trail of tears and abject failure: Indian missiles



  3. okey we bought ghuri,m-11 missiles but our shaheen series babur raad abdali gaznavi all are completly indeginous missiles.what about indian brahmos replica of yahkonat completly dabba pack from russia just paint tringa on it doesnt mean its an indeginous shit.nuclear submarine was also an blunder there is no nuclear reatore in arihant the entire drama was just a propaganda to enter in a specific club of countries.

    • LOL
      completely dabba pack 😀
      good one my friend !!

  4. fellows,

    our ARMY proved itself and this time not in desert against india but in mountains against indian supported terrorists. World is stunned and indians have increased drinking cow pee cola.

    Pakistan has to finish india for their own survival. to finish the current bramin india butchers Pakistan need to be in state of war in every field. watching fun on enemies’ weapons is not a solution. Ban every item coming from india and stop sending anything. Boycott them at every level. You can participate in this war as well. Start buying Pakistani products instead of any other where ever possible. I know our products would not be equal to some standards, our Pakistani brothers might not be doing good marketing or good packing but continues feedback will force them to improve. I personally witness of such improvements here in London every few days. Nothing is impossible in this world. Instead of begging in front of “friends of Pakistan” the current bastard politicians should introduce to make the country self sufficient in as many fields as possible. They cannot do it because sincerity is missing at the root level.

    Indians are busy in a very dirty game in Baluchistan and our Corrupted, incapable and hypocrite politicians are equally responsible for it for keeping a silence on target killings and terrorism in Baluchistan. Every mission cannot be an army mission. Politicians can win the hearts unless their hands are clean AND this is the problem here. NOT A SINGLE ruling politian has clean hands. Politics in Pakistan is NOT a job of cleaned hand people anymore. We have murderers, bank corrupts, defaulters, rapists, torcher cell owners and drug smugglers in our assemblies. WHAT WILL YOU EXCEPT FROM THEM???????

    I can bet here that RULE OF LAW is the root of any stem. It would be a stem of democracy or stem of economy or stem of progress.

    long live Pakistan

  5. all u pakis need to read this


  6. Pakistan cannot afford to be arrogant about anything. India is 5 times as large and a very dangerous country. So put your heads down and get to work on better designs.

    • Both the counties have designs but the difference is Pakistan designs even WORK but urz on the other hand are just designs!! Just like ur nuclear submarine and as shown in the video just designs of missiles!

    • this is what we are telling u indians bastards that india is indeed a dangerous and evil country. it does not deserve a place in sub-continent. finish it for the sack of development of this whole region. Its Americans who r saving Indian ass bandits from Pakistan otherwise the big guns are ready to take it deep. an attack from north and attack from west and bang!!! india finish!! Keep sucking americans dicks u indian rats dipshities

  7. Sorry to say these words, but its my heart feelings.

    Patanahi India kis cheez par AKREE dikhata hay, jab kay india may kuch bhe dam nahi hay, PHATOOO hay, dont worry india we will take Kashmir from you.

    • VERY easy dear,
      JUST CLOSE the UN (idiots Union) and with in one hour , KASHMIR will get Freedom.
      And in the next few hours, poor residence of INDIAN land will get freedom.

  8. well said kiyani,
    dear fellows—muslims are always supported by divine force—-and right now all the spritual and silent forces of pakistan are anxiously waiting for our response towards this government.
    we can only coperate with them if they continue to work for national interest—but they can not be trusted!
    learn from history and observ how muslims always got defeated by other nations–its always due to weak rulers and dirty games!!!!
    please do something get them off from uor back we cant tolerate these rulers anylonger.

  9. […] of the Current Situation in South Asia with regards to Pakistan's Security. « Indian Missiles Embarassment Continues India’s 1998 Nuclear Test Was A Failure August 27, 2009 As if the embarassment over […]

  10. And still you lost in Kargil and many other wars before. It must be even more painful to lose to a loser.

    • Agnostic Indian/Leslie

      Your TOI published article saying India wanted Kargil to stop coz they didn’t have enough weapons.

      Secondly Pakistan was about to open the border and even said they will just throw Nuclear bombs in major Indian cities after which u guys ran away to US and asked them to intervene!!

    • Son, Kargil was serious @$$ kicking for Indians, they came on to their knees afterwards to discuss Kashmir,,,
      If the U.S had not intervened & if our gr8 Nawaz Sahrif didnt wag his tail to the west, It would have been clear for delusional people like you… My my, similar event happened after Mumbai,,, bet in the showdown we lost again to the losers, right ? 😛 … dream on..

  11. […] is important to note that India does not have a functional long range missile. The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable […]

  12. […] is important to note that India does not have a functional long range missile. The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable […]

  13. is se door toh hamare PATAKHAY chale jaate hain! 😀

    • LoL…….. Its true, our children can throw firecrackers beyond the range of Indian Prithvi…

      LoL@ A.Kiani ——–Cow Pee Cola, or we may call it CPCola…..

      Keep those awesome comments comin u guys… 😀


    • Kisi poet ka sheer ka kabara:

      ye tu hai INDIAN, is ka dil hai Bohot hi nazuk!
      Ye tu PATAKHEY hi se mer jaye ga, BOOMB rehney dey!

  14. Dear Agnostic Indian. Which world are you living in. In kargil you lost your dhoti and still think you won. After 2 months and 2500 soldiers dead and thousands crippled, you had to get your new dad (US) to intervene and save your skin. Had it not been for USA, your over 100000 troops were at verge of perishing or surrender who are sitting illegally in pakistani land in Siachen for the last 23 years + those in Aksai Chen. You and your whole nation is a loser as you accept, we are not. The history of a 1000 years tells this.
    Absolutely does not matter if you are 1 billion plus. You still wet your pants when you look at us. Be honest! Don’t you?

  15. Max .. If only you bothered to read stuff other than what was being spoon fed to you guys.


    Mode Comments: (Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source – can be edited by anyone 😉

    Israel saved your butt in Kargil. For all its ‘tough’ talk, India cannot dare to attack Pakistan as it knows it can be annihilated in no time.

    • Yes wikipedia can be editd by anyone unlike this blog where only people with hatred can post messages.

      • leslie
        You should thank them that they let u comment unlike Indians!!

      • I remember some Indian talking Agnostic shit here saying that India would target all Sunni / Muslim states till Libya…

      • Catalyst thtz neel123

        Whnever that moron cannot answer someone he says that line. I have read the very same line under several articles!

  16. we know , Once MOUSE bitten many of the wires inside Indian Missile Launchers.

    It doesnt matter , even if the Indians would have MORE POWERFUL missiles , even than , they are NOT able to win, Bcoz WE BELIEVE IN ALLAH. simple !

  17. @max–just wanted to know ur source of info/stats abt the kargil war…and pls dont direct me to zaid hamid or some conspiracy theory website..some source with neutral point of view..try to understand this most of the world doesnt buy wht zaid hamid has to say..

  18. […] is important to note that India does not have a functional long range missile. The 250 km ‘Prithvi’ is the only fully tested, functional, and ready deployed nuclear-capable […]

  19. Believe what you may. But my only advice is that dont get courageous reading such reports and plan to attack India. Another Bangladesh will be formed.


    This photo might calm you down.

    • Leslie/ Agnostic Indian
      You’ll create bangladesh?? Your nuclear test was a failure, ur only functional missile is the 250 km prithvi, ur nuclear submarine has no nuclear reactor, by ur cheap ass russian jets known as flying coffins u just created history..the 500th jet crashed… ur 21 states has insurgency u cannot control kashmir for decades!!

      The ‘only’ good thing is u provide us with plenty of laughter by doing tests like these –


      Go post your Bollywood story scripts else where…

  20. hey ppl ….there s 1 more thing 2 cheer abt ….these aweful indians ve grounded their sea harriers….they ve old ageing stuffs….which at that time was better to ours…..and i hope
    NDA comes to power in india so that we ca get more of their documents…funny ppl……
    cant stop laughing abt ic 814

  21. Interesting thing to note in this Fox News video,is “Gay” Hind.That is why Indian Supreme Court has allowed Gay Marriages.Insha Allah,very soon, all India will be Gay.Phir:
    “Na khanjar uthey ga na talwar unsay”and victory in Ghazwa-e-Hind will be ours.

  22. ..well..India certainly is forward looking..and gay rights doesn’t mean everyone will turn gay..its just to ensure total democracy..after all India is India..the most democratic country in the south east Asia..

    ..what India does the rest of South East Asia follows..period..

    • @Shark
      An Indian journalist said that ‘5500 people sitting inside the parliament have criminal charges some of which are rape, fraud etc India cannot be called world’s largest democracy and China is the rightful country to be called ‘the world’s biggest democracy’. He went on to say that because China is not liked very much by the west this is the reason it is not called the world’s biggest democracy.

      Besides if you are only interested in having the tag of “most democratic country in south asia’ even if it is filled with criminals than I cannot say much about it!

      Lastly by allowing Gay marriages you are ensuring democracy than I guess in the near future we will be even witnessing no legal action taken against ‘pedophiles’.

  23. Both the Nuke sub and the Nuclear sub articles (quoted above) were originally published on Rupee News http://www.rupeenews.com

    We published the missile article about three years ago. Please visit our multiple sites for breaking news and analysis.

    Military Strategy



    Editor Rupee News

  24. […] India’s 1998 Nuclear Test Was A Failure Indian Missiles Embarassment Continues Pakistan Missiles Project Ahead of India’s Indian Missile ‘Technology’ – […]

  25. this is very embarrising for the people of india, they only have prithvi, that cant reach the whole of pakistan

  26. we ppl in pakistan must not fully underestimate india…even they are capable……we must better our designs very secretly and make sure our intelligence s very good (i mean isi) …..we have to follow china and let those b******S in india show off… a war will show our true strength

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