Dr. Shireen Mazari on Capital Talk Disclosing US designs agianst Pakistan

August 26, 2009

Dr. Shireen Mazari, blasting PPP minister, on Capital Talk

Our Leaders voluntary submission to US Colonialism

Shireen M Mazari

First there has been the threat to the ordinary citizen of an effective occupation of Pakistan by the US, especially for those living in what is becoming a threateningly close proximity to the droves of Americans arriving in form or another. Before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given orders to the contrary, press reports of August 6 show that its spokesman, Mr Basit, on August 5, at the Karachi Press Club, had already given out the fact of the 1,000 marines coming for the protection of the new, imperial US embassy in Islamabad.

Now we are seeing houses being barricaded for US personnel all across the capital and we know of the 300 plus ‘military trainers’ already ensconced in Tarbela. In addition we have the notorious Blackwater (now hiding under a new label, Xe Worldwide) and the rather obvious CIA front-company, Creative Associates International Inc (CAII), operating not only in Peshawar but now in Islamabad also it transpires – and a recent reflection of this was the sealing off of the road in Super Market last week right in front of a school! Whatever the US embassy gives out or the terrified Pakistani leadership echoes, the reality is that there is a questionable and increasingly threatening US armed presence in Pakistan and this may be augmented soon with an ISAF/NATO presence. Incidentally, to add to the suspicions of the US presence, reports are coming in of around 3,000 Hummer vehicles, fully loaded, awaiting transportation from Port Qasim.

Will some of these go to the Pentagon’s assassination squads, who may take up residence in some off the barricaded Islamabad houses and with whom the present US commander in Afghanistan was directly associated? Ordinary officials at Pakistani airports have also been muttering their concerns over chartered flights flying in Americans whose entry is not recorded – even the flight crews are not checked for visas and so there is now no record-keeping of exactly how many Americans are coning into or going out of Pakistan. Incidentally the CAII’s Craig Davis who was deported has now returned to Peshawar! And let us not be fooled by the cry that numbers reflect friendship since we know what numbers meant to Soviet satellites.

Now another threat, in the making for some time, is becoming more overt. Pakistan’s precious and fertile agricultural land is up for grabs to the highest foreign bidder. Pakistan is not alone in being targeted thus by rich countries with little or no food resources. The UN has already condemned this purchase of agricultural land as a form of neo-colonialism. Over the past five years in a hardly-noticed wave of investment, rich agricultural land and forests in poor countries are being snapped up by buyers from cash-rich countries. Leading this grab of poor country resources are the rapidly industrialising states and the oil-rich countries who have, between 2006-2009, either directly through governments or through sovereign wealth funds and companies, already grabbed or are in the process of grabbing between 37 to 49 million acres of developing countries’ farmland (a July 2009 report by Robert Schubert of Food and Water Watch).

Wealthy countries like Japan and South Korea are acquiring farmlands abroad for food security while oil-rich countries are seeking cheap water and cultivated crops to be shipped home. The land buyers from the oil-rich arid countries are seeking water as much as land because by buying or leasing land with sufficient water, they can divert their own domestic irrigation water to municipal water supplies.

The foreign land purchases destabilise food security since land given to foreign investors cannot be used to produce food for local communities – the foreign investors’ intent being to take the food back to their own food-scarce countries. Many of the land purchases comprise tens of thousands of acres which are then turned into single-crop farms – and these dwarf the small-scale farms common in the developing world, where nearly nine out of ten farms (85 per cent) are less than five acres. Such land grabs have now been recognised as harming the local communities by dislodging smallholder farmers, aggravating rural poverty and food insecurity.

With Gulf countries importing 60 per cent of their food on average, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are leading the investments into Asia and Africa to secure supplies of cereals, meat and vegetables. The rise in demand for food imports for the GCC comes at a time when exportable agricultural surplus worldwide has declined.

How does all this impact Pakistan? Pakistan has rich agricultural land and adequate water although the latter’s distribution has been subject to political machinations. There has also been a seemingly deliberate effort by successive ruling elites to undermine the country’s agricultural potential and nowhere is this more brazenly evident than at present with power outages preventing crucial water supply through tubewells; and many rich lands being converted into housing colonies! Then we have had artificially created sugar and wheat shortages – ‘artificial’ because for the last few years our wheat and sugarcane crops have been bountiful. As for the wonderful local fruit, that is also being diverted to feed external populations through exports that are not only depriving the locals of their land’s bounty but also raising local prices so only the rich elite can consume what is left.

Now it has come out that we are selling land to the Gulf states, thereby undermining our local agriculture further. Abraaj Capital and other UAE entities have acquired 800,000 acres of farmland in Pakistan (we have learnt no lessons from the sale of the KESC and the PTCL). Qatar Livestock is investing $1 billion in corporate farms in Pakistan. But all this produce will be taken out, so the argument that this foreign investment will bring in new technologies into our agricultural sector does not hold. In any case, one does not have to sell one’s land to foreign forces to acquire new technology which is available in the open market and the government can help local farmers acquire it.

Not surprisingly, the Gulf countries are pleased with Pakistan’s rulers bending over backwards to accommodate their needs at the expense of the ordinary Pakistani – for none of the food produced on these lands will be available cheaply for Pakistanis; it will go to feed the Gulf populations. Gulf countries are happy because their imported food bill will cost 20-25 per cent less, positively impacting on their present high inflation rate. We may import this food from them for a price, just as our government has now decided to import sugar from the UAE. Of course the UAE itself imports sugar so the absurdity should be abundantly clear to all, including our profiteers!

In the visibly servile mindset of our leaders, instead of offering incentives on a similar scale to local farmers, Islamabad is offering legal and tax concessions, with legislative cover, to foreign investors in the form of specialised agricultural and livestock ‘free zones’ and may also introduce legislation to exempt such investors from government-imposed tax bans. The most worrisome aspect of such wheeling-dealing is the government’s decision to develop a new security force of 100,000 men spread across the four provinces to ensure stability of the Arab investments. This will cost the Pakistani state around $2 billion in terms of training and salaries and the real fear is that this force will be used to forcibly eject local small farmers from their lands. Concerns have been further heightened because no labour laws will be applicable to corporate agricultural companies and there will be no sales tax or customs duties on import of agricultural machinery by these investors. Nor will their dividends be taxed and 100 per cent remittances of capital and profits will be permitted. So where is there even an iota of advantage for the ordinary Pakistani as opposed to the rulers?

With the US increasingly occupying Pakistan with their covert and overt armed presence, and the Gulf states taking over our rich agricultural lands our rulers are voluntarily making us a colony again – as we were under the British who used our men to fight their wars and our cheap labour to ship the finished produce back to Britain! Have we come full circle after 62 years of our creation?

The writer is a defence analyst. Email: callstr@hotmail.com



  1. Where is our Opposition & all other politicians who used to criticize always against the Army and were taking it to the Streets every now & then… This is high time that the masses should now take route to parliament and drag these so called elected representatives out, Army to take over and there should be a re election… Why is the Judiciary so silent… they were nagging alot over the Steel Mill issue, why are they silent over the leasing of land to the Gulf & far East sates ? All having said, Where does the ISI, PAK Army stand in all of this ??? Or our political leaders have finally decided to get rid of it & has the Army engaged in fighting a war that is not ours and letting the Occupying forces do the dirty work in return for a slight prolonged stay in Power…

    We should be organizing the Rallies for revolution now…

  2. our country is a sinking ship and captain is zardari…i have no hope in it now wat so ever…

    • Dear Ashar!

      First of all Zardari is not our captain! He never was and will never be. He got to be where he is by pure trickery. The vast majority of the Pakistanis see him as a Mir Jafar and a Quisling. This man will never be re-elected to office.

      Secondly, how can you loose hope son? I and many like me refuse to loose hope! We as a people have been in much worse situations then the one we are facing now. This do not even come close to what we experienced in 1947 when 4 million of our people where ethnically cleansed (mostly) in East-Punjab or when we lost half of hour country due to an all our Indian invasion. If you think 1000 marines of a super power is wicked then imagine what our previous generation had to face when we had a hostile communist super power at our door step ready to roll over us.

      No son, brave people do not loose hope. On the contrary, they stand up in the hour of crisis and deal with the problem. We are greater then all this.

      To Quote our founding father Quaid-e-Azam:
      “Musalman musibat say darra nahin karta!”

      After having raveled the Muslim world from North-Africa to South East Asia and seen what I have seen I am 100% convinced that the change which our civilization has been yearning for will come from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Just consider that we are the sole nuclear power within our civilization. But not only that, we are a nation soon to pass the 200 million people mark, being the largest Muslim nation state between the Atlantic Ocean to mainland Asia. Our children are destined to play the leading role for this great civilization.

      Our enemies has seen our potential – why cant you?

      • Thank you Sir Yassar.

        I hope my generation will make Pakistan Proud.\\\\ NOT LOOSING HOPE……until death 🙂

        Thanks again.

      • Dear Sir

        Can you please answer>>>by farrukh August 27, 2009 at 11:40 pm>>> He wants to get rid of Pakistan’s millitery.

        Pakistan has develpoed too many traitorrs. we would need to recognise them and help to iliminate these people living among us. In this we have traitors in politics, sports, media, films, business where businessmen are sumgling Palkistani food and shipping it across bordars to india and to afhganistan. We need to look for traitors and hunt them down. We need to locate these rats and kill them on the spot for their crimes on Pakistan. We need action. The whole nation is in the grip of inside out terorism first class job by our enemies and we are sitting idle???? WHY???????????

      • Yasser Bhai,
        I am impressed with your emotions and rightly, since we have been brought up with this rubbish since we were conceived. Mussalman musibat say darra nahin karta is the rubbish i am referring to and that is the reason the world over all the musibat is piled on the mussalman. Referring to partition and the 1971 fiasco is history now and let us come out with new solutions – otherwise we will soon be singing ‘mar gaya pakistan’ the way things are shaping up in our Country. At this moment there is a serious leadership crisis and all are waiting for the 7.5 Billion to come so that the elite can siphon most of it for themselves. Let us accept reality rather than depend upon emotional crap. You sound like Saddam Hussein who was not long back waging something called the ‘mother of all battles’ with the US. In my opinion, unless there is an ‘Internvention from The Divine – ASAP’ there will be no ‘land of the pure’. That is what we called it and look what we have converted it into.

  3. i believe zardari and nawaz sharif are same..ghadar e watan. now nawaz sharif is quite becoz he got what he wants..and he is just waiting for time to let americans give him green signal to take over zardari seat in future..he got cleared from corruption cases,his brother is chief minister of punjab. they are back to same point where they were, with more money and power. they only talk bad about generals becoz when generals are ruling the country , their value is just like a astray dog they cant play as they want to..thats why they just brain wash ppl and media to get rid of army generals.bcoz if generals are here ppl dont care..what ever they do..when they dont care about what zardari is doing now “the worse politics” why they will come out against any general.only and always elite group have problems with generals not the common man..

  4. so what shld we do after knowing this all ???

    protest ? long march ???

    amma yaar in sab kaam hota hoota tu kashmir palestine abhi tak lay nahi liyay hootay apun loog nay

  5. razia phans gayee ghundoon mein

  6. lets work for putting an option in the next ballot as ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ and get rid of this military/fuedel/industrialist elite, ruling us since independence. otherwise these ghaddars/US agents will eat us inside out.

    lets also work to bring true islam in Pakistan and by that i do not mean the Taliban-style islam. just naming the country as ‘Islamic Republic’ will not work. we need a society where piety, honesty, morality, education and hard work is respected and not wealth, family backgrounds, beauty and power. How can our constitution be islamic, when it puts the president and governors above accountability, while being in office? We need a fearless society where even a common man can question the Ameer ul Momineen (Hazat Umer) about the source of cloth for the Kurta that he is wearing.
    NO leader objected to the slogan on every man’s lips during the struggle for independence “Pakistan ka matlab kia, LA E LAHA ILLALLAH’. it was not simply a slogan, but a solemn pledge to Allah, that once given an opportunity, we WILL live as per his Book. Allah kept his end of the bargain by delivering to us this great country in just 07 years on 27th of Ramazan. Tell me of another country which has achieved independence in such a short while. Ask the Palestinians, the Kashmiris, The Chechens and now the Iraqis and Afghans the price that generations have to pay for freedom. But we as Pakistanis, have not honoured the promise that our forefathers made. Promises with God are not made on stamp paper, they are made in the depths of the heart. Pakistan can not achieve its destiny without Islam. We have experimented enough with democracy, dictatorship and forign dictat. We are no more worthy of being called Muslims if we let ourselves be bitten from the same snake hole, again and again. it is the job of every informed Pakistani to work for this cause.
    Let us also be aware of the evil intentions of the Western Civilization. Tell me when was the last time an Islamic country attacked any Non-muslim country ?????????? Yet we are the terrorists. The Islamic Caliphate, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and many many more have borne the brunt of their aggression and psyche and nobody cares to raise a voice. They make us fight within ourselves and attack us under the pretext of false-flag-operations. Lets WAKE-UP before its too late.

    14 August will inshallah again fall on the 27th of Ramazan in 2012. Lets have something to show to Almighty Allah by then, or get ready for Divine Retribution.

    • Get rid of Army????????? Are you mad???????????Get lost you f###king hindoooooooo from here. Pakistan’s army is forever and it there for india and for the rest of the world too. In coming times Pakistan Army will be the one to lead the Muslim Ummah. You are a hidden agent sitting on net spreading propaganda against Pakistan Army. Why don’t you go and write about indickn (indian)army, where millions of people have nothing to eat, crimes in indicka are at its highest points, indiacka is spreading terrorism to other countries. Tell the world to stop indicka pilling up its army, nukes, and weapons of mass destructions. Go on tell the world. Propagate to world about indickn bad intentions about Pakistan and how indicka is supporting TTP to terrorise Pakistan. So are you going to do this first for Pakistan or you will carry on stabbing Pakistan first????

      • who gave you the idea that i am anti-Army, but the fact is that the Generals have discredited and damaged the institution in pursuance of their own selfish designs. the case of General Musharraf and General Aslam Beg being the case in point. with political parties after the blood of musharraf, it would take a NUT of a General to declare Martial Law again. We now need a Civil Martial Law backed by the Army.

  7. With reference to Ms S Mizari’s comments on rich foreigner acquiring fertile Pakistan farm land

    This is inevitable with the rising world population , the demand for can only go up . I have spent a load of time in South America and the Caribbean . Brazil Government announced one year ago that they plan to reduce the Amazon Forest by approx one third . This will bring in an area equal to whole of the farming area in the subcontinent . The land is being snapped up by USA . Canadian , Chinese even Indian companies . What is the Government of Pakistan doing about this . As a matter of fact the peoples of Pakistan as a whole are just not aware of the opportunities available in South America . I like to give you an example . A farmer in area in Northern Punjab owning 5 acre of land can barely get a enough income from his to feed the family . However the land is probably worth in excess of $70 000 . With amount of money he can buy 200 to 300 acres top quality rice land in places like Guyana , Brazil & Paraguay . with money left over for plant and machines . Some of the countries even give land of short of long term leases .

    I have spoken with few myself in Pakistan . All they all want is a visa for UK , USA . They do not mind if they have to work as an illegal once the visitor visa expires .

    We need to change the mindset . India is sending his business person to West Indies and providing with loads of support . Here I can give you 2 examples .

    Jamaica :- This country depend of Tourist trade for bulk of its income . Every tourist location have as etc of shop selling Souvenirs , Jeweleries , Watches etc . There are approx 250 shop in Jamaica in this trade . All are owned , managed , mostly staffed by Indian . The irony is they are mostly Sindhi Indian . They get a load of support . I met them and had good interaction during my various stay in Jamaica since 2007 . The result is simple . Goods produces in India get a preferential treatment . The per capita income of Jamaica in $7000 us dollars . Has shortage of trained staff .

    Guyana :- 56% of the Guyanese traces their roots from India . India has an High Commission and a Branch of Bank of Baroda in the same building . Guyana produces well endowed with natural resources . Load of Gem stones are mines . All bought by Indian from India who have taken residence in many of the quality hotels in Georgetown ( the Capital ) . India has build a Sugar Mill / Refinery . It is expected few thousand laborers will be imported from India to man this venture . NO Pakistani . Thre are over 120000 Guyanese Muslim in Guyana . Most are of Indian origin . Mosque are found in every town and village . Most of these mosque either fly a green flag and in mnay cases Pakistan flag can be seen too . The country has three muslim holidays every year Eid -ul-Fitr , Eid Zuha and Miladun Nabi . I dare you readers to visit http://www.Guyana.org , and read the website , read article on muslim . Specially a poen writen by a Guyanese in 1948 on the death of Quada Azam M A Jennah . It made me cry . How unaware we are of our friends .

    The Governtment of Guyana offer land for rent price from $1.50 per acres on very short leases or long leases of over 50 years .

    Rich peoples with money will come and buy our land because we have trained farm labor. No one can stop this . We also need to move on to greener pasture where land in plenty but lack trained farm labor . The world is a small as our vision and as big as our ambitions .

    Are we Pakistani ready for a challenge .

    ( Haider Zaidi zaidi@btinternet.com )

    • Definitely a very touching Ode to our Quaid from the far off land in south America.


      a must read for every patriotic Pakistani

      • Mr Farrukh ,

        I am writing to Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affair to sent a High Commission to Guyana as well . In order to save cost the Ambassador for Venezuela should be transferred and based in Georgetown , Guyana .

        I will appreciate if Pakistani reading this website will also write to our Foreign Minister .

        In Guyana we have 120000 Muslim waiting to support us , we must not let put them in the Indian arms .

        Haider Zaidi

  8. The difference is the fact that our land will be used by foreigners to prduce every thing for export to Middle East.We get nothing out of it, not even the revenue from taxes because all is free for the foreign buyers. Instead we lose millions of acres of good agri land for ever. How can this be allowed? This is certainly Ghaddari.

  9. The difference is the fact that our land in Pakistan will be used by foreigners to prduce every thing for export to Middle East.We get nothing out of it, not even the revenue from taxes because all is free for the foreign buyers. Instead we lose millions of acres of good agri land for ever. How can this be allowed? This is certainly Ghaddari.

  10. Its high time these bastard politicians must b kicked out frm their seats. Army shud play a vital role n shud first get common people into confidence by exposing all these politician’s filthy games.

    Its only army on whom nt only PAK bt the whole islamic ummah has sme hope to defend against zionist forces.

  11. One word for our so called honest politicians MNA’s and goverment officials ” BAI-GHAIYRUT”, one word for as as a nation ” in sai barai bai-ghairyut” to let such people rule and sell our freedom dignity.

  12. Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I have gone through your comments and add that Our nation wants politicians as rulers and not the Army in power. This is good for the nation but nation has a responsibility of electing the right persons and not the already tried looters to power. Present govt the elected government and only the people of pakistan can decide to throw them away. Dont call army to handle them because they may stay on for another long tenure.

  13. Its not a Question of who stays what is better democracy or martial law its a Question of who can protect the dignity of the nation who can protect the interest of the country, it could be a politician or a General whoever do what is needed one should support him.

  14. […] Also read: ALERT: America Targets Pakistan And Silences The Critics US Hummers Enter Pakistan, Undercover American Soldiers Swarm Islamabad US Plans For ‘Imperial’ Presence In Pakistan Has The US Invaded And Occupied Pakistan? Our Leaders voluntary submission to US Colonialism […]

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