All Pakistanis, Rise For Jinnah

August 26, 2009

The hostile attitude of many Indians to a book praising Pakistan’s independence leader is an eye opener for Pakistanis and confirms the narrow-minded Indian hostility for everything Pakistani. We believe that after this, if we do not stand up for Our Quaid, Our Country and Our People, we have no business claiming to be true Pakistani patriots. India has had an unspoken, untold and unsaid 60-year-old stand on Pakistani voices and Pakistani cultural content inside India from day one.  Why is it that we are constantly making way for them by offering them our audiences and market share in every field and industry when the sentiment and goodwill is not reciprocated in any manner from their side?

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  1. Excellent Article!

  2. Amazing article!!!

  3. Great agree, totally agree with her, it’s high time we stand up and defend our nation and the name of our beloved Quaid-e-azam in every way we can!

  4. In the words of the great Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah – “Everyone of you has an important role to play in strengthening the defense of the country and your watchwords should be faith, discipline and self-sacrifice. You will have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and selfless devotion to duty for it is not life that matters but the courage, fortitude and determination you bring to it.” (Address to the Establishment of H.M.P.S “Dilawar” 23rd January)

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