Zaid Hamid Iqbal Ka Pakistan | Episode 31

August 25, 2009

With Ali Azmat on Aag TV Zaid Hamid and Ali Azmat (formerly of Junoon) take live calls and discuss ideology, vision and mission of Allama Iqbal and its relevance with the current times, and answer questions from the youth of Pakistan in his latest episode of “Iqbal Ka Pakistan” series.

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5



  1. […] Episode 31 |<– NEW […]

  2. Mahsa-ALLAH
    ALLAH bless you

  3. Al Hamdu-Lillah,the message and revolution is spreading.We should try to bring more of intellegentia on board,specially religious one.
    While greatly appreciating Maria’s sincere efforts,we should ensure that this revolution is not hijacked by organisations like”soodi banks” or people like IK and, God Forbid,it results in “Manzil unhen milee jo shareek-e-sarar na they”.

    • Very nice comment

  4. Asalam O Alaikum Warahmatullah

    first of all i would like to thank to whole team of IQBALL KA PAKISTAN ar (AAG TV / GEO TV)and especially thanks to Zahid Hamid and Ali for such a noble and spiritual revaluation.

    mai is ky sath sath ye bhee kehna chaoon ga ky aap jo efforts kar rahy hain woo tu hamary ullama and molvi hazrat bhee nahee kar rahy hain and i m very hopeful that in front of ALLAH your darja (position) will be much more than those ulama, molvies. you people are true mujahid (Soldiers) of Islam.

    secondly, i would like to tell you that you people are not alone our prayers and full support are with you and i also have the same feelings and views (nazariya) as you are telling to our youth and we also want to find out some ways for implementation of such prosperous, noble and spiritual revaluation for our great nation.

    in last i want to appreciate and encourage you both (Zahid & Ali) and the whole team and those you support you and pray to Allah for the success and completion of your /(our) mission.

    Zahid Hamid and Ali Zindabad
    Pakistan Paindabad (LONG LIVE PAKISTAN)

  5. Allah bless Islam and Pakistan Amin

  6. Masha Allah very nice and sound information 4 new generation and pure pakistani.I say something about Mr.Zaid Hamid that he is like Islamic weapon who made for enemies of Islam.please go head we are all with you.May Allah safe you from enemies of Pakistan and Islam Ameen

  7. Mashallah.. This soft revolution is gaining strength we are helping you guys by spreading Zaid Sahab’s words…

    Allah bless you guys…
    Ideology Islam..
    Identity Pakistan..
    Pakistan Zidabad..
    . . .Allah o Akbar. . .

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