Pakistanis Want US Declared ‘Hostile State’

August 25, 2009

Atif F Qureshi, PKKH Editorial Team | Edited by Talha Mujaddidi


Can Pakistan resist Pax Pox Americana?

When it is said to them: “Make not mischief on the Earth,” they say: “Why, we only want to make peace!” Holy Qur’an (2-11)

Wherever the Americans go, their policies spread poison. Under the pretext of ‘freedom and democracy’ US policy-makers trample over weaker nations, placing and replacing puppet rulers on a whim and propagandising against all aspirations for true independence. (Stephen Kinzer’s Overthrown is a must book to read in this context).

With total control of global media, and their weapons of mass distraction, they are able to crush resistance at the very root – before it even forms in the mind. Just as Noam Chomsky said, “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged”.

Yet in spite of the ‘fasad-fil-ardh’ that America has unleashed around the world, we still see an unseemly obsession with all things American. Suffering from a mass psychosis akin to Stockholm-syndrome, even nations traumatised and brutalised by America see only America as possible salvation. Clearly, American propagandists have done their work well.

Not in Pakistan. In what can only be described as a clear and hopeful sign that this nation is awakening, recent polls have revealed that the Pakistani public categorically denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile state.

This only reinforces another scientifically conducted poll conducted by the Al-Jazeera network that found that over 70% of Pakistanis held America to be the greatest threat to the sovereignty and independence of Pakistan – even greater than arch-rival and eternal enemy India.

So great is this a problem for the Americans that when their Generals in the region are quizzed by journalists, they are more likely to be asked about the ‘battle for hearts and minds’ rather than actual battles. But in spite of the feigned concern in Washington, the widespread anti-Americanism is not too great a concern for US policymakers. After all, as far as the US is concerned, only Pakistan’s puppet leaders need be pro-US – the rest of Pakistan can go to hell. But in this lies the problem for the US. As the farcical reality of Pakistan’s democracy is becoming increasingly clear to the public at large, they are turning their ire not just on their puppet leaders, but on their foreign puppet-masters. And this does not bode well for US’s future plans for the region.

This anti-US mood in Pakistan is nothing new. It is a mode of thought that is familiar to most Pakistanis – and with good reason. US-Pak relations have always been fractious – not based on mutual trust and respect but on mutual suspicion and necessity. Every Pakistani, from street sweeper to industrialist, knows of the infamous incident in the early 1990’s when the US failed to deliver to Pakistan dozens of F16 fighter jets that Pakistan had already paid for – and not content with humiliating a proud nation enough, in a final salvo, they instead delivered of all things – wheat. The Pakistani public were not impressed to say the least.

But that is old hat. More recently, America has committed a litany of errors that can only lead an objective person to conclude that not only does the US not have Pakistan’s interest to heart, but they are only interested in marginalising and destabilising Pakistan through any means possible. The Pakistani people are not blind. They see the chicanery clearly:

  • The ‘surge’ in American troops in Afghanistan accompanied a ‘surge’ in terrorism in Pakistan. While the Afghan Taliban never threatened Pakistani sovereignty, since 2001 thousands of innocents have been killed in a wave of suicide bombings in Pakistan that ‘coincidently’, only began after the US invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in 2001.
  • The deliberate spread of the Afghan occupation into Pakistan and the treatment of both nations as a single theatre or ‘battlefield’ called AfPak. The notion that both nations are to be treated the same even though one is war-torn and primitive while the other has a sophisticated civic society is laughable, but the idea that American forces can strike into Pakistan with impunity is enough to make the average Pakistani’s blood boil.
  • Wave after wave of callous and imprecise drone attacks. These achieve practically nothing while only murdering innocent civilians and riling up the Pakistani public who despair at their feckless government for being complicit in continual violations of the nations sovereignty and dignity.
  • Since 2001 the US has turned a blind eye towards Indian Intelligence operations from inside Afghanistan designed to destabilize Pakistan. According to a report published in September 2008 by Brig (R) Asif Haroon Raja, India has 14 consulates in Afghanistan from which RAW is operating. In Wakhan, Badakshan province, RAW is operating a madarssah, where clerics from India are brainwashing local Afghans, Uzbeks and Tajiks. Their students are then infiltrated into Pakistan where they readily carry out suicide missions and other operations.This blatant infiltration into Afghanistan by the Indian intelligence apparatus has provided safe haven from which Indian agents attack and destabilize Pakistan’s tribal areas and NWFP.In another recent report from Foreign Affairs magazine, by Christine Fair of RAND Corporation gives us the inside: “Having visited the Indian mission in Zahedan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity! Moreover, India has run operations from its mission in Mazar, Afghanistan (through which it supported the Northern Alliance) and is likely doing so from the other consulates it has reopened in Jalalabad and Qandahar along the border. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Baluchistan. Kabul has encouraged India to engage in provocative activities such as using the Border Roads Organization to build sensitive parts of the Ring Road and use the Indo-Tibetan police force for security. It is also building schools on a sensitive part of the border in Kunar–across from Bajaur (Pakistan’s Tribal Area where Pakistan Army had to carry out a major operation to eliminate TTP militants).
  • The continual barking by American officials for Pakistan to “DO MORE!” in spite of the fact that no nation has done or sacrificed more to combat terrorism in its own self-interest. The number of soldiers martyred, treasure spent and tears of widows and orphans shed is testimony to the truth that those who claim that Pakistan is half-hearted in this effort are liars.
  • The CIA-sponsored democratic farce whereby American engineered its puppets to sieze the reigns in Pakistan’s recent elections. For those who still deny that the Pakistani elections were engineered, think for a moment how is it possible that the most corrupt and despised man in Pakistan’s entire history, Asif Zardari would become the president of Pakistan if the elections were truly and fairly democratic?
  • Even though our ‘popularly elected’ politicians are in the pocket of the Americans, they remain frustrated that certain institutions in Pakistan remain out of their reach. The black propaganda targeting Pakistan’s patriotic armed forces, intelligence services and nuclear weapons arsenal reveals their obvious intent. Well-aware that these are the only institutions that truly have Pakistan’s interests to heart, the public do not appreciate the Am-Brit campaign to malign them.
  • The so-called Indo-US civilian nuclear deal that makes a blatant mockery of the non-proliferation accords, rewarding Indian intransigence and arrogance at the expense of Pakistan’s national security.
  • The exposure of blatant double-standards is evident as America turns on the weapons tap for India, whom it wishes to turn into its 21st century ‘slave soldier’ in order to counter China, while Pakistani officials are left dangling and must debase and humiliate themselves in order to ensure the delivery of a trifling number of F-16’s and helicopters to fight the same enemies that America is sponsoring.
  • The shielding, protection and nurturing of anti-Pakistan insurgent groups on Pakistani soil by the CIA. The so-called ‘Baluchistan Liberation Army’ (Read: Finding Clarity in the Baluchistan Conundrum, by Talha Mujaddidi ) and ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’ are only a few of many. All these groups base their insidious operations from inside Afghanistan – which is occupied by the US.

In spite of their indirect control over our media, America will never win the ‘battle of hearts and minds’ in Pakistan. Even though the rise of the so-called ‘free media’ in Pakistan has brought to the fore a variety rentashills and rentagobs, self proclaimed pseudo-intellectuals who solemnly insist that Pakistan cannot resist Pax Americana (Pox Americana would be more appropriate), the people are not so gullible as to believe it. They see the example of Iran and Venezuala, which although not ideal states by any means, at least demonstrate that those who resist American hegemony can still survive and even prosper.

Where there are pockets of resistance, this only demonstrates the existence of an honourable people who are not prepared to compromise on their dignity. The recent polling is cause for great hope. It proves what was never in doubt – the Pakistani population will not stand for these US violations of Pakistan’s sovereignty and national interest for much longer.

We know that we fear Allah more than we fear America, but the nation must now realise another profound truth – salvation does not lie in continued cooperation and debasement in front of America, but only in faith in Allah and is His Messenger (SAW). It is time for this nation to throw off its shackles and re-declare its independence.

Atif F Qureshi is part of the PKKH Editorial Team and also writes for PakDestiny.net



  1. Bravo!

  2. Excellant.
    Congrats to PKKH team.
    To deal with an enemy,we have to be pro-active.As is evident from above article.But we cannot expect that from corrupt political leaders.Foreign minister says “Instead of US,now we are asking ‘Do more.Give us more Khairat'”. First we have to get rid of these slaves and Kammees.

  3. American are stabbing thier own feet. And india what a fool to follow a failing super power( as they are trying to prove)!. they know not the power of Muslims.who have taken down the centuries old super powers.a few arab badhos were enough for the great empires persian and roman. INSHALLAH we will live to see another example soon.

    • Instead of waiting lets be part of that force. What they had in special? Correct Toheed and Iman Billah. Lets join them in these attributes, then Allah might use us to set things rightly.

  4. Great Work.
    Congrats to PKKH team.

    Now this team should conduct another poll that

    Which system of governance shuld be in Pakistan



    3-Islamic system Khilafat

    • Yes i agree.. the current system is completely broken. Let’s see what people think of the alternatives

      • democracy is totally flop and judicial system now are totally collapse. Now its better then we should start a campaign for Islamic Khilafat and select new cabinet from middle class’s scientist, professors, doctors, teachers, engineers. Hope peoples co-operate to each other.

    • I am agree with this. Majority of people will sport the Islamic system. Look at this interview at ABC Radio, Sydney Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/content/2008/s2250284.htm

      It will open the eyes that what non-muslim think about ISLAMIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM. This article will make our believe stronger in Islam. I have listen this on radio when it was broadcast here.

      Allah Hafiz

      • These is her feeling about ISLAM “ELEANOR HALL: Now Islamic finance. Interestingly you say that it is the sole global economic force that can challenge rogue economics. Why?”

  5. YES as soon as possible.

  6. The question is what is our army doing ? They are suppose to be protectors of Pakistan, why are they following enemies dictates? America can only couse mischief if we allow them to.

  7. Reading a book by an islamic scholor, the author mentions in the beginning of the book that big powers (USA & Israel) create a media hype of some secrets being stolen from their classified installations and then later a book come out in market revealing all the stolen classified informations. By reading this an orchestrated stelling and then publishing a book on false information, our coward leaders bow down to them more humbly.

    This argument appeals to me that these powers may not be that strong as pictured by their own media.

  8. The sooner we get rid of these scum bag americans we can become the best Muslim nation on earth, example for the rest of the Ummah and the world.
    PKKH great vision and great job, May Allah(swt) protect you brothers.

  9. Let’s be clear about one thing on who exactly we address when talking about ‘the Americans’ here: the politicians, lobbyists, security forces and media characters who are out to deliberately damage Pakistans standing in the world and at home. ‘The American’ – meaning a citizen of USA – cannot be defined, it’s the native Americans land, those who are truly American. Pakistanis living there are no less ‘American’ as any other white person, to put it that way. As for the common citizens, they’re tired enough already with all the wars their government has been dragging them into. I do not believe that the majority of their people would approve of all the enmity against Pakistan that has been going on behind the screens.

  10. Gr8 Effort
    revolution begun!!!!!!
    Insha- ALLAH

  11. ye cheese 😀

  12. We know our enemy and that is the elite class not the people of that land . . . American people are also our beloved brothers in humanity but not American Government and Policy Makers! Same is the case with India . . . All Indian people are our brothers in humanity but not Indian Elite and Policy Makers! Inshallah that time is not far when we will see a dynamic revolution in Pakistan as well as in Islamic world but for that we will have to stay away from our brainwashing Media, because they are in a way cause of disarming the Pakistani nation from thinking and making them a confused Nation.

    Many thanks to all Islam Nationalists and Pakistani Nationalists of awakening Pakistani Masses!
    Long Live Pakistan!
    Long Live our Nationalists! Pakistan Paindabad!

  13. A final and decisive revolution awaits together with a war with India and Israel that will settle scores for once and for all!.Times are tough but this is when people of courage will rise and deliver like Naimatullah Shah Wali predicted.

    I see massive things happening by 2012 when the American empire will finally collapse like a bunch of cards!.But no i want American people to suffer exactly how they made the Vietnamese,the Africans,the Iraqis and the Afghanis to name just a few suffer.

    I pray to Allah that may i see the day when earthquakes completely destroy the USA and their people cry tears of blood but not a single person will show any sympathy towards them.As i have often said India is NOTHING without Israel and USA…together with China and the Muslim world we’ll tear apart this fake federation within a few months!

    • Dear Imran,

      Its good to dream and I share the same feelings with you. To see US, Israel and India suffers. To add in these states, I want Afghans to suffer as well, they are already suffering but I want their govt and all to suffer cuz they made us suffer too.. We were there through their thick n thin and now they are letting INdia and US use their lands against Pak. Even a dog is faithful and more human than Afghan nation. And all I suggest is to stop looking at Muslim World, they are good for nothing.

  14. Dear PKKH,

    Thanks for making us aware with the current situation, I am completely tired of endless debates of the intellectuals on tv, who speaks the US language. I guess PKKH should publish material in urdu too so as to capture a larger audience and spread its messages through masses. We all need to stand united against all the PRO-US GOVERNMENT and US POLICIES which are sugar coated to us and beyond our understanding..

  15. Pakistani and Muslim brothers/sisters,

    What we need to understand here that america and their axis states like israel, india cannot much interfere in Pak unless the black sheeps within us allow them, whether it be “aiewan-e-gadar” or “prime sinister” house in Islamabad or direct american assets in our key ministries or foreign office etc or be the ranks of some of “napak” army within PAK army (all those daughter selling generals like one we had recently), let’s be real we need to eradicate all these pests and termites who are eating the very pillars of the foundation of Pakistan and Islam.
    We need to deal with them, let be a hard (bloody) revolution or be a soft (cant see on horizon for next 100 years) we need something like Iranian style revolution where we eliminate each of them every morning till Pak sarzameen becomes really Pak of them.
    Americans are nothing but a bunch of life loving, sensation and lust mad faggs who even cannot fight on the ground with any non-Muslim apparently weak nations like North Korea and history has proven this in case of Vietnam, let alone fighting and winning a war against a real nation like Pakistanis and Muslims with full of jazba-e-iman and shahadat.

    If you only fight against your traitors, americans even may not be seen around you soon after that to fight with the people and nation who have been sent to earth to glorify Him to whom belongs ALL that exists and Who is ALL powerful and ALL Wise and Does whatever HE wills.

    Lets eradicate those who bow to Washington, tel –avive and new delhi instead to The GRETEST ALLAH!!!
    Lets make our own Qibla right!!

  16. Pakistanis are true in Declaring America as a Hostile State because of its over grown presence in Affairs in Country … As the world see that how AMERICA take Iraq in the name of Finding Weapon of Mass Destruction Then the attacking of Afghanistan to capture Bin Laden … and they mixed Talibans with ALQEEDA … and thrown the TALIBAN Government out … which is the real Problem as TALIBANS were backed and supported by US against USSR in 80’s as that time TALIBANS were heroes and then American Government welcome TALIBANS at the White House with RED CARPET TREATMENT … However Alqaeeda is Finished and no longer in Afghanistan any more or any where in world … the Dual Policies which for their own benefit is what PAKISTANIS made to think that America is a Hostile State

  17. i dont know what the hell is thios there should be a bloodeshed revolution in Pakistan and all bad peopels should be finished and we all peopel of Pakistan want zardari to be deported from Pakistan he is corrup man taking money from americans and we protest and strongly demand government to stop construction of american ammbesy in islamabad and its expansion.

  18. we strong peotest and strongly demand to plz plz stop stop stop expansion of us ambessy the r involved in anti-Pakistan activities and we r not afraid of them we have very strong beleive in ALLAH SUBHA O TALA and ALLAH will not let these zionist to destabilize Pakistan .and we muslims r such a nation when we r hurt then we fought like tigers and we will not let these americans to destabilize Pakistan ALLAH is with us and we warn them and we will inshAllah destroy them.Afghnistan will be their graveyard.

  19. my corrdct email is mora.black@yahoo.com

  20. if anyone has zaid hamid email plz give me

  21. […] This post was Twitted by safiyya9 […]

  22. Time has come for a peaceful revolutionary change in Pakistan. We want a brand new political party with brand new leaders to launch a massive peoples movement for establishing the KHILAFAT system of Islamic government based on justice and fairplay for every one. Let us convert Pakistan into an Ideal Islamic Welfare State in this modern era. Let us do everything to please God by serving the Humanity under HIS Guidance as given to us in the shape of Quran & Sunnah.Do you agree? Will you support this movement? You may mail me directly at: m.ali.bathan@gmail.com______ Thanks. Ali.

  23. Pakistan Zindabad!

  24. congratulations to the team of PKKH for creating a massive awakening in the nation about current threats to the nation including corruption and CIA infiltration. But it is my sincere request for the team and to Mr.Zaid that he should also bring up and expose some bitter truths and facts about our military elite and their role in bringing us to such a mess because I m sure that there is no one who denys this fact. We deserv to know and address corruption in military elite so that the revolution shouldnt be confined to our politics but it includes our military too (Again I will use the term elite here). Peace and Pakistan Forever Inshallah !

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