US Immigration Form Lists Baluchistan as ‘Country’

August 23, 2009

If the publication of ‘Blood Borders‘ in the US Armed Forces Journal wasn’t enough for some, here’s the latest indication of US intentions.


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UPDATE 27/August: US authorities remove ‘Balochistan’ from the list of countries.



  1. It is clear that they have already started making changes in their local Immigration system to settle claims of origin and citizen ships in the event they succeed in carving Baluchistan as a separate state.

    I wonder what is our Government, F.O & local Embassies doing regarding the issue…

    • In Pakistan, only 1.5-2% of the whole population-the elite class is ever ruling class of Pakistan because of their lordship and considerably larger ownership in agriculture, industry and trade. They are the stock holders, black marketers and illegal profit earners. They do not care what happens to Pakistan and Pakistani Awam. This class is the most privileged since creation of Pakistan.
      12-15% of the whole population-the middle class are service providers (naukar) working for the elite class. They are always trying to join the elite class by hook or crook. Most of them are corrupt and hold key posts in Govt, Semi-Govt, Public & Private sectors. Those who are not corrupt, the elite class has very successfully indulge them into monkey business of loaning, credit / debit card. They will consume in loan pay backs.
      The rest of 83-85% of the whole population are Awam-the commoners – a bunch of most ill disciplined, uneducated, un-organized & ignorant of their civil rights-just koorh kabbarh with no voice. Nothing is for the Awam, because of their own incent ignorance and illiteracy. Because of lack of honest leadership, It shall remain the same unless the Awam come forward and make themselves organized, disciplined & educated. It is their right. For this they must act, in their own interest, right now. This is how revolutions come. First step is be united, stand firm shoulder to shoulder. To achieve unity among us, we must start organizing ourselves – we the poor Awam. For this I suggest that every one of us must think what the need of time is. This is supply of food. Our immediate requirement is to rise in very disciplined and organized manners against the black marketers, illegal stock holders and illegal profiteers. The black marketers, illegal stock holders and illegal profiteers are the instruments of the elite class. They are very much organized and have developed and strengthened their systems in 62 years after independence. So it is of paramount importance that Awam must organize them to fight against such community.
      The food items of daily use are atta, sugar, meat, fruit & vegetables, edible oils, ghee, masalajaat, milk, lintels (Daal) and fuel. We should declare that items like milk and sugar must only be for the children, senior citizens and for the patients. The adult and the young segments of our community will not consume milk & sugar in their daily normal routine. Similarly every family can decide and select at its own which item can temporarily be stopped. Convince yourself not to buy things in abundance. If one bag of Atta is required, buy one only, do not stock. Imagine we are 170 million, if we organize ourselves and communicate for boycotting the purchase of milk and sugar for adults in our society, what kind of effect it will have on the elite class. This will start from me, you and every person of this society. Do not wait, act and act fast right now from yourself. Convince your relatives and friends to participate. It looks little difficult, but it will work, Inshallah. If we succeed, you will see the positive outcome of such unity in future to solve other problems too. First achieve and exercise unity. This is how revolutions started in past history of nations. If united once, no one can hurt sovereignty of our beloved Pakistan.

  2. This is the URL, if anybody wants to see it:

  3. Our response should be Tit-for-Tat:

    Start supporting independence for Vermont, and begin to support the return of Texas and California to Mexico. If you don’t know about Vermont, check this out:


    Oh, and we can do this immigration form thing too for these three “states”

  4. The intention is clear, from an ally we have become the target…if we dont throw the current govt, we might end up loosing the country and such acts are clear cut indication of their intentions…

    • if we want to bring a change,we need to first correct ourselves…..so first make strong ownself and our friends…..then inshallah we shall rise as strong and determined nation….INSHALLAH se everybody promise to contribute…..

    • I agree. Throwing this Govt will not solve the problemb- although I agree they are useless and coward. The alternate may be Nawaz Sharif. But what a pitty he also changes his stand immediately after a single visit of Hollbrook. What happened with his stand of bringing resolution in assembly for Govt to move Article 6 against Musharaf? THEY all are coward, paper tigers and play politics only to gain power-no matters what happens to Pakistan.

  5. Troubling, but todays Pakistan is not yesterdays Pakistan. If anything serious were to happen to Balochistan, anyone who has caused any sort of trouble there will receive a serious trashing at the hands of the military. The govt might be spineless but the khakis are not. The US administration has been digging its own grave ever since this so called war on terror began.

  6. I’m sure our spineless president is too busy enjoying his junkets to even bother with such trivial matters. REVOLUTION!!! and please lets have it “French” style

  7. us we dammed you

  8. common pakistani dont alowed to loose our naturally rich province Baluschistan,please baluchis dont listen to the dammed americans for some dollars they would like to give you as ” unnda dey kar Murgi ley ley ga””please unite yourself this is test of your patience and believe To Allah and his Prophet Muhammed SAWS and You r also the decendents of the yemeni tribe “BALUSH” Arabia from yemen,So dont play in the hands of Traitors

  9. Fight for your cause who did wrong to you not all pakistanis these r there from your inside

  10. kia begaar lein gay hamara, ye sub ker k, tension not.

  11. Yes, now the intention is clear. But the so called govt will not condemn. Begehrait loog!!

  12. Lagta hai jo ‘No’ pr vote kr rahay hain, ya to wo gadar hain ya phir hindi ya aur koi khaees loog hain 😛

  13. dont worry what ever they do !!!!
    Allah has a plan
    ive uploaded a video on u tube

    it dedicated to your mission
    u would want to take a look

    • David thank you for showing us our past in your great upload. Now we need our expanded future of Pakistan. Pakistan war on and do not let then enemies to win. Pakistan Zindabad

  14. Hey Pakistanis
    Wake UP Wake UP Wake UP
    Why are you all asleep ??????
    Do you want the country to be again broken into pieces????
    And my brothers in INDIA ??? Watch what is happening to Pakistan — You are next on the list

  15. by the way, we ourselves are our worst enemies
    we push our problems under the carpet and when they explode we point fingers to others. US is hostile nations is no secret. but this is us who created the situation is Baluchistan for them to manipulate

  16. This article is incorrent and conveys inacurate info.
    Link also list Doha (Qatar) and other cities or province in the same way as Baluchistan (pakistan)


    This does not indicate anything hostile as indicated in this article.

  17. Crush those bastard americans across the border.
    PAK army shud jst start supporting Gul Buddin Hikmatiyaar, Jalaaluddin Haqqani and Mullah Omer through covert operations.

    U dnt need to come into picture. Jst supply thm with

  18. Only solution to ISLAM n PAKISTAN.
    PAK ARMY must rise by kicking out foregin forces from Afghanistan and shud take charge of ISLAMIC world as ISLAMIC force.

    • ISLAM is the all solution to our problems…and we all must unite…keeping aside the very very petty issues..at times even they are not issues…only ego problems….ISLAM is the only future of globe…and all others “suns” are to go down the horizon…very soon…but we matter here..only we…AMERICA is to die of its own burden like the elephant falls form its….

  19. It is a writing on the wall that the US, UK and Israel are the real terrorist and rouge states but they have bought some spineless so called world leaders who are always ready to say “yes sir” and allow these countries to follow their anti islam agenda. The president, PM and the “elected” assembly are actually a scar on democracy and independence.

  20. It’s obvious that the dirty CIA, FBI and other filthy American agencies are madling in world’s states and Pakistan is thier target in particular.

    It’s about time to kick American arses out of Pakistan and change the Governmental foreign policy. However, realistically it can’t be done under the umbrella of PPP, Muslim League (N and Q) as they all are servants of Amercian administrtion. A national movements is required to press the Pak. govt.

  21. This is exactly how Britain created and then launched Pakistani language Urdu with new name as Hindi with minor changes, and called it Indian language?

    There is no such language as Hindi exists. Brits high jacked our Urdu language and gave it to Hindus with the new name with minor changes to Urdu and named it Hindi as Hindus/Indian’s blood language.

    British and Americans are our enemies and they must be kicked out of Pakistan. If our government is so incompetent to get America and NATO out of our lands, then the Pakistan’s Military Might should take over the reins of our country in their hands.

    We simply cannot sit back and just watch and read crap going on about our country. This act of America is an absolute call for a full on war with Indians and Americans. What are we waiting for? Surly we are not cowards; or are we THE NATION OF COWARDS???

  22. This prime example of how west and their crony friends, Israel and india are after our nations, leaderships and countries. Do not mistake these acts with just work of fun & game. This is part of State based Media Terrorism waged on Pakistan and on Muslims throughput the world.

    The ratios of corruptions and incompetence’s of our countries and leaderships are just as same as any other country’s leaderships. State based Media Terrorism is part of the World War III, created and waged on Muslims by our communal foes. May be this is a Biblical War of ((Them and Us))? World War III is on, and we must recognise the reality and must fight it like a war to counter attack our enemy’s consentient deadly attacks on our countries and on our beliefs and stands.

    Our enemy’s State based Media Terrorism does shows and clarifies to us; why the current situations in Pakistan and in other Muslim countries and how successful our enemies are, where as we are still carrying on living in denials? ((We Are The Target); so please recognise this fact and counter attack those who attacks you and your Sovereignties.

  23. […] R­ea­d­ the r­est her­e: US Immig­ra­t­io­­n F­o­­rm List­s Ba­luchist&#173… […]

  24. I have gone through most of the immigration forms and there is no such thing like this online form. This is nothing but a joke.

    Please awake up and don’t waste your time on such posts.

    God bless Pakistan.

  25. Nothing can break Pakistan but Zardari must be thrown out!.Times are tough but remember that Allah says “after hardship comes ease”.

  26. O ye my fellow wake up now please we only investment on Pakistan army build from 60 years. we didn’t investment in education nor health. nor any kind of nature that are build life style.

  27. this is wake up call from american but if we still sleep then KHUDA HI HAFIZ hai hamara

  28. Pakistanis made their own choices (with help from abroad) about their leadership, and they make their own choices about their integrity, their faith (without thinking about the future outcome). so if the country falls apart, they have only themselves to blame for, not US or India or Israel. but no doubt if such a catastrophe does happen, everyone will claim to be an angel and pass the blame on to leaders and foreign powers.
    Pakistani’s dont think what is to become of their children? what have we been teaching our kids in words, compared to our actions.

  29. look at this comment on that page:
    “Nothing can break Pakistan but Zardari must be thrown out!.Times are tough but remember that Allah says “after hardship comes ease”.

    Sound familiar? Musharraf must be thrown out! BB must be thrown out! Sharif’s must be thrown out! Zia must be thrown out! (sorry I was *even* more maasoom bacha in times of bhutto so cant comment). So who really needs to be thrown out? Baluchistan, sindh, punjab, sarhad must be thrown out? kashmir has been thrown out. bangal has been thrown out. “Nothing can break Pakistan”. really? what what classic delusion.

  30. Isnt zardari seeing this, has he not done enough damage to the country already why is the interior ministry, the foreign office quiet on this issue, why are they not complaining about this where the hell are the sharif brother are they all concerned about saving there own useless necks.

  31. I have a faith in my Army… they will not let it happen.. and we are with Army where ever , when ever they need us, we will shed our blood with them…

  32. Nothing can break Pakistan but Zardari must be thrown out!.Times are tough but remember that Allah says “after hardship comes ease”.

  33. Our so called puppet govt. need to launch a protest on a higher level if possible.

  34. I failed to find the above mentioned image on USCIS website.. I assume the picture has been extracted from that website. Can you kindly provide the link tht may lead us to ascertain wether the information provided above is true or otherwise! I have a habbit to research before placing my belief on any proposition. If i can satisfy myself as to wether the information provided is correct to the core; i then lead others to believe it. It will be of a great deal of help if yoy provide a link to the image shown above so that we may further spread the word about the cons these evil worshipers and zionists are plotting against us.

  35. United we stand no matter what the intention of anti Islamic forces may be.

    We need to change our strategies towards our worst enemies. Time for action…!

  36. Pakistan should cease diplomatic relationship with USA with immediate effect and All American citizens in uniforms or civilians must quit Pakistan on a 24 hours notice.

    • true that

      • A DREAM which can never come true… but US might expell pakistanis from their OWN land one day

      • BUZZ OFF loser amit!

        Take care of ur own people who are eating u up in north east!!

      • Yes Amit, that DREAM is already coming true for Indians in the West..they are being bashed up big time and being told to go back to where they came from!! get ur own house in order first!

  37. We are shame on our government, that the are still quite what US done with us. I request to the nation kindly Wake Up show the US puppet Govt that we will not let you to succeed in your plan against Pakistan.

  38. dear Muslim Brothers kafiron ne to apni kamingi dikhani shuru ki hui hai aur inka sath dene wala humare apne KHANZEER hain, ye woh log hain jinko kutta bhi kaho to woh bhi sharam kha jata hai, INSHALLAH na ye mulq 1971 ke baad kamzoor hua hai na hi chota ab ye mulq INSHALLAH bara hoga aur hum phir aik dafa LAL QILEY par green flag rise karein gay

  39. Although it is Govt’s responsibility to respond to this delibrate action of US Govt., but unfortunately, this will not happen as people who are running the show have different priorities & objectives. Cutting off (Godforbid) any part of Pakistan is not going to harm them.
    Alhamdolillah, i am confident that as our Army has fought bravely with the moral support of nation in Swat, any insurgency in Balochistan will be dealt with strictly & dreams of our rivals will never become reality. Ameen

  40. I wish our government has the balls to take reaction of this act … i wish….Pakistan ka khuda hafiz.

    • our government dont have balls they all are imputent

  41. its nothing …

    So many countries are mentioned many times … like

    Doha ( Qatar )


    Umm salal ( Qatar )

    does it make doha & um salal different countries .. Nahhh

    • brother its makes a difference for us & i think u have not carefully seen this block where its written Baluchistan(Pakistan) if there was Karachi(Pakistan), it was admitable because we can say they have there consulate over there but as they have done its a shame for our government

  42. Inshallah nothing will happened like this, only psych-war dirty tactics, yes we have traitors, don’t worry we have traitors since the creation of Pakistan, before putting hands on Baluchistan they will do something with Nuclear Capability, so concentrate on this issue, don’t allow them executing any false flag nuclear Incident.

    I think we should deter Israel from Syria, using Cruise Missile (Nuclear Capable Babar), forget Indian Dance, too old, too boring 🙂
    USA is finished… there is no Role of USA, their will be no role, only a psych-war tact, USA first need to take care of Kabul ;)…

    Don’t be stupid, don’t think we are not doing anything, Alhamdulillah, We are busy too 🙂

  43. Kufar is one unit against Muslim Ummah. We should be alert agains Kufar.

  44. Hamein sirf 1 marde mujahid chahivey in Pakistan k dushmano ko sabaq sikhanein k livey, wo 1 Qadam bharay ga aur Pakistani Nation 2 Qadam. Sirf Koi aisa leader jo waqi Marde Mujahid Ho…

  45. Asalam-o-Alaikum brothers and sisters

    USA!! haha Let me just tell you don’t worry!! My organization will takecare of these fools. They sit on our soil,control our parliament and then think they will get away with it.I feel sorry for these poor Bastards. They dont know who they are messing with. My people are on high alert. Believe me we are 100 times stronger then Iraqis and 50 times stronger then Afghans. We are PAKISTANIS(mashallah). I am personally leading my team with the support of Shiekh Mujeeb (Saudi Arabia). I assure you inshallah no american will dare to step on our soil again after 2 years. Terbela is our dam! Peshawar is our city. Green kurta and white shalwar! We will be public soon. Pakistan is our country. My jihadists will kill them one by one!

    Jasak Allah khair Wasalam

    • I appreciate your emotions. But my dear remeber that successful fighting is a combination of force and intelligent smart thinking realizing the ever changing environment in a battel field. We have to prepare by uniting ourselves against the enemy. We recognise our enemy and we wolud not let him succeed anyway. So just be united and wait for the right time.

  46. I have failed to understand what the hell our Foreign Office is doing. Where is the government ? May God give them the wisdom to set the priorities.


  48. Everybody should get united and kicked out Zardari,Gilani and all the other gaddars of pakistan…
    Then only we can dream for a better Pakistan. GHAR KA BHEYDI LANKA DHAYE…….JAAGO PAKISTAN JAAGO..

  49. Hahaha
    Poor Americans, they can only portray their wish list this way and in reality they are straggling to handle Afghanistan’s having AK-47 only from about 10 years.

  50. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]

  51. btw coming back to the topic…

    Its a ALARMING SIGN that US has included Baluchistan as a seperate state.The US intentions are clear for the future…. which is Baluchistan needs to be made as a seperate state.

    The construction of US Castle in Islamabad with 1000 marines and suspicious activities of US marines near the brigade headquarters of Pakistan’s Special Operation Task Force (SOTF) are clear signs how US is encircling pak in its own land.

    The AIM of US is this clear:-

  52. InshAllah nothing will happen to Pakistan. You know they plan whatever they want to but Allah plans the same.

  53. I don’t think so.

  54. I think Zaid Hamid can give a good comment on it and he can also guide us for our actions towards such an attempt of the US govt.

  55. i think they list it because they know the future
    as they are going to do it

  56. america ko ab gawadar chahye kyun taake china ko dabana hia usey

  57. […] Source […]

  58. its all due to this traitor n hippocrate gov. one thing is 4 sure nothin will happen 2 PAKISTAN

  59. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]

  60. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]





  62. […] that the Pakistani public categorically denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PKKH revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be […]

  63. _|_ down with usa india isreal

  64. I think our government should indicate this to the US government at the highest level and get this thing changed as soon as possible rather than just lamenting.

    My blog:

  65. I checked the website …there is nothing such info on it.

  66. its not there….i just checked the site as well!

  67. […] coverage at the Blogosphere. It was then published Ahmed Quraishi, Pakistan Desk , Pak Alert Press, PKKH , Kashifiat, Sadda-e-Sindh, Defence PK, Pakistan Daily , pakistanforums.spaces.live.com , […]

  68. They have removed it! Check the ‘update’ on the original post

    check it out

  70. good guy….

  71. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]

  72. US is not a hostile state..it is the lethla terrorist state on the globe…right from its inception…and has many many big murders round the globe carried by Americans and its lethal and deadly CIA..FBI and many many unknown..blak waters…nothing is mystery … it is a daylight secret…and in Pakistan it is all been done with all collaboration of very very “FEW MILITARY GENERALS”…and its kitchen men…called by you and me as politicians….as the pure political activity was never ever allowed in Pakistan in last 62 years…it is all a GHQ controlled “POLITICS”…and as long this lasts…we keep on begging…even begging for water is on the card….

  73. The form in question is:


    The information in this article is incorrect. This seems to be another propaganda to demoralize people of Pakistan. I urge teeth to remove this article immediately, else I will consider teeth to be part of international propaganda against Pakistan.

  74. Ah!!! it will become true in near future. Muslims leaders are in deep sleep.
    Qayamaat is very Near!!!
    we have to unite ourselves Against the ARMY OF DAJAAL

  75. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]

  76. […] denounces American policies. A recently conducted poll by PakistanKaKhudaHafiz.com revealed that 89% of over 1,000 participants were of the opinion that the United States should be declared as a hostile […]


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