Richard Holbrooke, Bilderberg Group And Pakistan’s Future

August 20, 2009

ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement



  1. What has this video got to do with specifically Pakistan’s future when every nation on earth is threatened by the NWO??.The headline is misleading so stands to be corrected.

  2. American viceroy Richard Holbrooke should be immediately ejected and American embassy close down

    Hizb ut-Tahrir held protest demos in front of Islamabad and Lahore press club besides Karachi.

    After being chided away by India, the real chief executive of Pakistan Richard Holbrook arrived in Pakistan with the executive orders of initiating Waziristan military operation. The UN has already forecasted large scale displacement of people from South Waziristan even commenced arrangements to cater for it.

    Holbrook, who was part of the team responsible for chaos and disorder in Vietnam and Cambodia while he was just 24 year of age, has since been playing with blood in most of his 68 years of life. In his last visit to Pakistan he had ordered bombing of Swat resulting in hundreds of thousands of Muslims displaced and loss of property and lives of innocent women children and the elderly.

    Despite this, the political and military leaders of Pakistan are competing over one another to invite this Hulagu Khan of Swat to dine with them. In just seven months of his appointment this butcher has stirred up a blooding violence in Pakistan along with initiating the construction of American fortress in the heart of Islamabad. The prime reason of these intrusive acts of this arrogant man is our rulers who are lying flat in subservience to America. They consider fulfilment of his wishes their fundamental duty even before he could express them.

    Masses demand that this man should be immediately ejected from the country and American embassy be closed down. Each passing day is strengthening the devastating American grip over Pakistan. The people of powerful (ahl an-Nusra) should not waste any more time in giving Nusra to Hizb ut-Tahrir so that the colonial control over Pakistan be rooted out. Also the local traitors (whose forefathers were also traitors) could also be brought to justice who have become the pharaohs of Pakistan.


  3. …and lo! we have carbon tax in Pakistan!! (so much for CONSPERICY theory…Neocon Funded Puppet haanh!!)

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