Where Did Our National Flag Go?

August 18, 2009


  1. These beghairat traitors have their days numbered surely. Not only do they have their ugly flag everywhere, they even have the audacity to place their portraits next to Quaid-e-Azam’s. Fauzia Wahab and her clan will surely see a fate similar to the French monarchy Insha’Allah.

  2. This thing may not seem to be anything for the govt but is not acceptable by Pakistanis. Our identity is Pakistan and this flag not the flag of the ruling class. Shame for these ppl who think that their party flags are superior than our national flag. Hamara perchum sab percehmon se azeem perchum!

  3. the current government and the chamchaz used to show their stupidity and carelessness after every few days. Sometime they are removing Quid-e-Azam’s pictures from presidency and parliament, sometime they are sitting in limousines and celebrating the dead Pakistan Army personal in swat and sometime lavish spending like this flag issue.

    after listening fozia wahab you can easily guess how carelessly the government spoken explains and defends there negligence toward the nation. People like her used to get ministries after a long TC race. Those who do more TC get something from mr kassi 10%

    There is no accountability in the country for such acts of lavish spending of PAKISTAN’S MONEY. This is not a job of supreme court judge to take actions against all the wrong doings. How many actions they will take???? They are paid to hear the cases and provide justice to nation and i think that is already a hard job. So stop asking judges to take notices of THIS and THAT (altaf, iman, qazi bla bla..)

    Check and Balance is the most important factor to keep a government on track. Take UK as example. Expenses scandal of MPs gave a very bad name to currently elected members of parliament (House of Commons). The current labour government has started loosing the key seats all over the UK. Who exposed them? MEDIA!!

    MEDIA is doing good job these days in Pakistan and they are soaring in numbers as well; which is very good for our nation. But at the same time new laws should be made to protect freedom of speech and to encourage the media. I think now and onward media would be the only source of exposing the corruption in the country. Corrupt faces who only know to suck the country (both political and bureaucracy) can only be curbed with bad publicity and bad name. There is not a single strong institution in the country which can do the right accountability process. I would again say Supreme Court should not be involved with administration issues. Otherwise there is no need to keep a parliament of 336 members.

    MEDIA should show pictures of ALL the bank defaulters on front pages with their full addresses, phones and email address to let them face the feelings of general public.

    Similarly MEDIA should show pictures of EVERY spy (indian obviously but now add usa), murderer, thief and ALL the those convicted in a court. There wrong doings should be displayed on a website to let the public know about them all over the country. This is an expensive solution but this is only solution I am afraid 

    last but not the least, the WATCH DOGS. I love BBC when they are going to local governemnt offices and question them directly about any public issue. BBC is watch dog in UK (this is the +ve point of BBC. Not to forget what they do about Muslims). In Pakistan bureaucracy is affected with a disease called bribery which is indeed AIDS, it is therefore the national and moral responsibility of Pakistani Private TV channels to do some kind of alternative WATCH DOG job. something is better then nothing!!!!!

    long live Pakistan.

  4. No other flags but pakistani flags/these criminal low life harami party. proxy government of united states.

  5. Lanaat hai 1000 times in kutto aur zalelo par!! baghairat besharam fauzia wahab kya beghairti say defend kar rahee hai!!

  6. shez a crappy laddy ! InshahALLAh they all gona be wiped out from our great land, InshahALLAH great future of Pakistan is near, Pakistan Zindabad

  7. Today I have noted one change. From Faizabad to Islamabad club (Murree road), I was able to see Pakistani flags on alternate street light poles. So they have replaced half of their flags with our national flag.

    However still there was a problem. The crescent/moon in the flag was pointing downward.

    • That is still not enough to make up for what these traitors have done in the way of desecrating our flag. Putting up a dozen flags at same level as the party flags speaks volumes about the lack of respect these CIA agents have for the country.

  8. yeah mulq dandoo ki zabaan hi samajh sakta hai..i must say Generals are better than this type of democrazy ppl. jab koi general ata hai toh awam nahi nikalti yeah elite group hi shor karta hai..why ? kion k us waqt inki powers khatam ho jati hain sirf apnay areas main hi hakumat hoti hain..lekin jab yeah parliment main atay hain toh inki hakumat ka circle expand ho jata hai isliye yeah log kisi general k anay par shor machatay hain..awam nahi…awam ab nahi kuch kar sakti toh general k anay ya janay se kia kuch karay gi..awam toh khasi thi aur hai….

  9. Somebody should take down these flags and make shorts and t-shirt out of them and give to poor.

    • What have the poor done to deserve something so odious??? 🙂

  10. Yaaaawn……..

    Same OLD STUFF… corrupt politicians taking on traitor army taking on corrupt politicians taking on traitor army corrupt politicians taking on traitor army…

    CYCLE continues… in future we would see Indian and Israeli and US flags all over Pakistan 🙂

    Inshah Allah!

    Ameeeeeeeeeeeeen! 🙂

    • Let’s leave the future… Right now we are seeing Pakistani flags in ur north east according to ur news channel! Lolzzz

      • LOL!!! yeh indian moo dhoo ker nahi atey, they are blind when it comes to the 14th august celebration in kashmir or the pakistani flag raised high in their northern parts. saley chutayay cow lovers, they are more concerened about whats happening in pakistan just like their daddy USA.

  11. Well if they can remove the potrait of Quaid-e-Azam in presidential palace…. it seems the next logical move.. the next move will be seen this coming September 6 probably..and then the coming September 11th..

    And it all started when our Mr.10%(NOW 110%)Said “Quaid e Azam ka Pakistan toot gaya”

  12. guys understand one thing this fauzia wahab is a piss taker she thinks the pakistan population are kachara rubbish she looks down on them and then she has a smirk watch her on any tv news bulletins and you can see it
    This govt are the real scumbags and she is up there with z and rehman malik and other low life .

    what does she mean whats wrong with it true pakistanis will dye for the flag , it is the flag which tugs at our hearts . i was in pakistan recently and saw a large pakistani flag fluttering in the wind ,brothers it was a sight to behold , i couldnt take my eyes of it .

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