Indians Admit Quaid-e-Azam’s Greatness

August 18, 2009

“Jinnah was a great man. A self made man who resolutely worked towards achieving what he had set out to do. I think we have misunderstood him because we needed to create a demon… We needed a demon because in the 20th century the most telling event in the subcontinent was the partition of the country.”

“Look into the eyes of the Muslims that live in India, and if you truly see the pain in their eyes, to which land do they belong? We treat them as aliens.” – Jaswant Singh



  1. Oh hooooo hoooo hoooo

    ““Look into the eyes of the Muslims that live in India, and if you truly see the pain in their eyes, to which land do they belong? We treat them as aliens.” – Jaswant Singh”

    Now who else is caring for muslims… BJP itself …
    Now BJP is a HERO for pakis… this is what BJP wants.

    Now seems like BJP is indeed looking to REUNITE Pak muslims with India… and ultimately create the ‘Greater India’ or ‘Akhand Bharat’.

    Good going Jassi…


    • Dream on Amit 🙂

    • Who the fark said “BJP” is our hero??? Just coz a few of it’s members speak the truth that doesn’t mean Pakistanis have started to love BJP!!

      And first why don’t u reunite your whole north east and kashmir which you have no control over thn talk about “Akhand bharat”!!

    • Amit – Naach meray chakay kay pesa milay ga …lol lol lol

      Did u hear that amit, you dyke …these are Indian Ministers confessing to how you people treat muslims. I know this confession wont make any sense to you because you love male genitals in the wrong place… Just clearing things up in the lime light ….loll lol lol lol lol

      • Not really…


        so much for “Akhand Bharat”…

      • guys stop fighting!! its natural everyone loves his country and naturally he”ll support his country, but by using bad language or degrading any one shows what kind of a person you are….every one hea iz representing his country so….we can do it in a decent manner too. and i think that we shud have a lot of tolerance for other nations and religons as muslims 🙂

      • @Emperor Baboon
        Indeed some muslims were treated badly by fellow Indians. While this is unfortunate tell me in which society it doesnt happen. For every muslim who has suffered there are hundreds who have prospered. Muslim population as well as their percentage in India has risen after Independence. People have been able to achieve fame in various fields irrespective of their religion and beliefs.
        If accepting homosexuality is such a bad thing, then you might think the only people in this world who are worthy enough are the people from the Islamic countries.

    • u make me sick to the core 🙂
      hypocrite !!

  2. Alone wounded Lion who make a Muslim realm for Muslims from the jaw of liers and cheaters.

  3. @ Amit

    Thats true amit – the transvestite 😀 .. BJP is now going to unite Pakistan and india and call the ONE BIG COUNTRY – PAKISTAN – with an emperor just like the mughal empire :D….Finally you people realized where you stand is no good and you need ur masters to come back and RULE OVER YOU..

    Radio Pakistan will be broadcasted from new delhi pretty soon ….:D 😀 😀

  4. Which is why hes giving Quaid e Azam the credit not Gandhi – No worries dyke, we know you cant read ..lol lol lol lol

  5. Cabinet mission failure related to the hidden
    ambitions of Hindus refusing muslim’s rights,
    Liaqat Ali’s Budget not accepted, consequestly,
    the Sahokars asked Nehru to discard muslims of
    Nehru-Patel thought they were born clever.
    but lost check et mat to M A Jinnah, the death
    warrant for Mahabharata or Akhundh Bharat’s
    Jaswant Singh is revealing his ” revelations ”
    just to provoke Nehru’s failures and his
    anti-muslim blunders joined by the biased
    Mount-beaten. Jaswant forgot, the history has
    recorded, who did what !!!

  6. M. A. JINNAH’s credibility does not depend on
    jaswants and the likes.
    The muslims of the subconti were lucky enough to
    be lead by two Himalyas !!!


    Indian Hindus were already condemned !!

  7. To be an Indian you have to hate Pakistan, this was their nationalistic logo.I just hope that this book will open the eyes of narrow minded people who have nothing but hate for Pakistan.

    • Unfortunately the same is true for Pakistanis. This hatred for each other hasnt helped either of us, nor will it ever help. We will just keep pulling each other into deeper shit.

  8. It’s not news that unlike the half-naked Gandhi our great leader was a man with an exceptional personailty!.Once he realised that Indian Muslim’s had little future in the country he decided not only to write but create history!.Gandhi was left helpless by his spinning wheel….

    So many insurgencies in the world today yet hardly any are successful by which we can judge the greatness of M A Jinnah for the man not only talked the talk but walked the walk too!.He didn’t only deliver inspirational sermon’s but backed his words with action eventually acheiving what was considered to be impossible.Even Indian’s today have to accept that Pakistan is a FACT on the map!

    Good or bad the Muslim’s that were left behind have themselves to congratulate or condemn depending on if they see themselves as being victimised or not.Know that the vast majority of Pakistanis are the original inheritors of the Indus valleys and did not arrive from the opposite side of the border rather their ancestors have been living in “Pakistan” for centuries.

    No regrets whatsoever over the creation of Pakistan…if time were to be reversed most Pakistanis would still want their own land because we’re a seperate people to the Hindu’s.Still a long way to go before we can realise Mr Jinnah’s dream of a modern Islamic state but the toughest challenge is always establishing self-rule that has long been accomplished.For sure if that can be acheived then nothing is impossible for the Pakistanis.Leaders and creators are always open to intellectual critisism because they’re worthy of it still it’s nice to see some Indian’s are gradually beginning to accept the brilliance of one Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

    • Breaking a nation and creating another is no big deal. Indira Gandhi did the same and Bangladesh was born.

      • Yet we all know how she was rewarded by her own people, same what Jaswant is facing today… How you treasure your heroes is still confusing… tsk tsk tsk

      • She wasnt rewarded for that act. She committed many mistakes for which the Sikhs punished her.

    • HAHAHA

      The half-naked leader was not wearing suits/boots given by britishers.

      but here we see Zardari and Ltd literally selling whole pak sovereignity to its US master US.

      Pakis dont know whats sovereignity.They ABUSE US but keeps eating what US throws at their face.

      • Amit aka scum bag

        what do u have to say about whn Bill gates use to come to India and give huge amount of charity and u guys use to shower eggs on him~

        As for how corrupt ur leaders are I’ve posted news articles under two different topics! Take care of ur own mess first thn point at others!!

  9. Guys kitni insult karoge bichaare amit ki lol 😀

  10. I dont think it would be nice to vilify Ghandi because even Jinnah had a certain respect for the man. I’m not saying this on a “you scratch my back” basis.

  11. i am loss my password what can i do……..????????
    ple i request you do some thing

  12. The guy got expelled from the party!!

  13. seems like Indians couldn’t digest the harsh but true facts.
    see what BJP has done to Jaswant Singh!!!
    poor guy was dismissed in such a humiliating manner!!!
    and for what???? speaking truth????
    wow Indians
    i am impressed.

  14. BJP is very rightly understood as a criminal party bez this man has been sacked!

  15. Right, they accept it. The point is… the ‘fearful’ ones of our population should STOP living in the impression of complexity… the only make the situations worse.

    Inshallah, everything will be fine. Our people should stop the panic and move on.

  16. We are very much accept Pakistan as nation on the map. Its defnitely an illusion that India is posing any threat to pakistan.. the fact today’s Indian young generation is not bothered of pakistan.. We have our issues and problems and we are solving it slowly.. the same you have on your side.. both countries have taken different paths to achieve their “promised land dream” & only time will decide .
    Right now.. Bhad mai gaya Nehru, Bhad mai gaya Jinnah & Jaswant singh too… we are in 2009 .. what is the point in digging and debating on the ghosts of 1947 & all that stuff.. babu,we should worry about the recession, can Infosys will maintain its growth given tough time for next two years ? Can we ( India) achieve the target of 8% economic growth ? Can we push the reforms more so that wealth will be created and made available to our poorest people?
    For Pakistan, India should seal the border enhance its defence and leave alone .. we have lot of other things to worry about ..

    • Well said. The only way both of the countries will prosper is they ignore each other and work towards their own welfare.

  17. there is no point in comparing Jinnah and Gandhi, as everybody knows, it was Jinnah’s mission to create a separate homeland for Muslims, which he succeeded by the help and grace of Allah.
    Gandhi, despite his personal attributes, was a promoter of ‘akhand Baharat’, that he lost.
    Stanley Wolpert’s remarkable quote is enough to grade Mr Jinnah.



      Khan Sahab… you PROVED you went to Madrasa for your education where they say ‘hindoos’ are piss drinkers and have no history’

      ‘Hindoos’ have a history which starts from thousand and thousands of years…… but wait you are so brainwashed and Madarasa educated you wont understand.

      BUT ADMIT the facts that ‘hindoos’ are MORE UNITED than ever and now RULING muslims.

      STOP Living in the past. Muslims didnt rule for 1000 years in India but had 1000 years to convert… but muslims FAILED MISERABLY even after so much of bloodshed of innocents as they were NOT ABLE to convert even half of ‘hindoos’.

      Today there are 850,000,000 ‘hindoos’ with JEWS and Christians to DIVIDE YOU and RULE.

      • Thank YOU & plz continue to post here your fanatic hindu fools thought,,, and surely you are helping us all unite… Thank you so much for contributing and putting a cherry on PKKH efforts to show the HINDU ungly face… Looking forward to more dumb @$$ comments coming from you…

  19. On the contrary,I would thank Amit for giving Muslims a wake up call.He has simply echoed the hidden policies of BJP.
    See the timing of the book,i.e.immediately after the election loss.BJP has already launched its campaigne for 2014 elections.Idea is to win Muslim votes, come to power and work on their hidden plans.Now Muslims in India will become more soft to Hindus,Hindutwa resulting in more inter-faith marriages.Imagine,Irfan Pathan(son of an Imam)
    marrying a Hindu girl.They are losing the war.
    We Pakistanis should help Indian Muslims(Daame,Dirame,Sukhane) maintain their Muslim identity.

  20. This is the so called democracy & Freedom of speech in India as they claim. Sorry to say, they yanked their senior politician an ex Military personnel to the woods. No wonder Gandhi gee also died of sorrow as with time he realized what a mistake he made…

    Once loved for calling Pakistan “The epicenter of terrorism” & leaving to opportunity go by to bash Pakistan after 9 /11, gaining so much praise from the masses for their stance against Pakistan,,, now hated for simply passing a comment on one of the influential personalities of the time, A leader who brought to reality a country for the Muslims with character and living by the principle. He was a leader no doubt about that,,, but this also makes the ugly face of India clear that the majority and the representatives in the parliament of India all hate Pakistan to the core…

    • As an Indian I do feel bad about the way Jaswant has been treated in this case.
      We have to let go the blind hatred for each other.

  21. Amit,I have asked you before to explain “RAMA’S LINGUM”,but you are ashamed of answering.
    Does anybody else who knows Hindu mythology,let us know what it is for the benefit of the readers?

    • How is “Rama’s lingam” related to your quaid-e-azam.

  22. Amit’s and Agnostic Indian’s daily prayers are not complete unless they say “parnam” to Rama’s lingum.For them it is very sacred piece of flesh from secret part of Rama’s body, who according to Amit,existed thousands of thousands years ago.HaHa Haaaaa.

    • Agnostic is a christian!

  23. hey read this “http://www.zeenews.com/news555089.html” indias nuclear submarine doesnot have a nuclear reactor in it ..hahahaha

  24. I guess this is the difference between India and Pakistan….. Pakistanis cannot see anything good (inside their nation and outside)…. India is willing to look for the truth…And by the attitude of the Pakis here, it’s no mystery why. No wonder you lot are bombed by anyone and everyone !!!

    • @ amused

      We can see the good in our nation, if we didn’t this site wouldn’t exist!!

      About bombing…why don’t u take care of ur state actors like Gen Purohit who bomb u!!

      • Unfortunately the goodness only exists in the virtual world 😦

      • Just like I said to the guy agnostic MYOB!!
        Worry about ur own $hit!

  25. Hey, Indians, do you know what india stands for??
    “Ignorant Nation Dreadful Immoral Arrogant”, just relaize who you are and what you are… with this sort of thinking how possibly you can integrate with any reasonable people on earth?? (go to the website to understand what I mean)

    Yes inshaAllah india will re-unite with the new name PAKISTAN!!!

  26. Thank you very much and we need to know more.
    This is called”Sau sunaar ki aur ek Lohar Ki”
    I am sure none of the curent generation of Indians know the reality of their faith.

  27. […] All Pakistanis, Rise For Jinnah August 26, 2009 The hostile attitude of many Indians to a book praising Pakistan’s independence leader is an eye opener for Pakistanis and confirms the narrow-minded Indian hostility for everything […]

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