Pak Flag Hoisted, Tricolour Burnt in Srinagar

August 16, 2009

Kashmiris hold Pakistan’s national flag and light firecrackers to celebrate the anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, in Srinagar August 14, 2009. REUTERS/Umar Ganie

Kashmiri Muslims burn an Indian national flag to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day in Srinagar on 14 August 2009. EPA/FAROOQ KHAN

SRINAGAR: The green flags of Pakistan were hoisted in various areas of Indian occupied Kashmir on the Independence Day of Pakistan; while the Indian ‘Tri-Colour’ or ‘Tiranga’ was set on fire in many parts of Srinagar on August 15th, which was observed as a ‘black day’ with all business and markets closed in protest to India’s illegal occupation.

According to Kashmir Media Service, people took to streets in various Sri Nagar areas including Habba Kadal, Raj Bagh and Khanqa-e-Mualla and raised slogans of ‘Pakistan Zindabad’, ‘Jeway Jeway Pakistan’ and ‘Hum kia chahtey hein—azaadi’ with Pak flags raised in the air.

Kashmiri youth resorted to fireworks in happiness on the Independence Day of Pakistan.

Meantime, Hurriyat leader Yasmeen Raja was arrested when she attended a ceremony held to celebrate the national day of Pakistan. Raja also hoisted the national flag of Pakistan on her office.

Indian police arrested some other women as well.

Various separatist organisations on Thursday congratulated people of Pakistan on its 62nd independence day and also appealed masses to observe complete shutdown on August 15.

Congratulating people of Pakistan, Hurriyat Conference (M) in a statement said, “We all pray for the peace and stability of Pakistan.”
Hurriyat (M) appealed masses to observe complete shutdown on August 15 against what it termed continued Indian occupation in Kashmir.

Tehreek-I-Hurriyat Jammu Kashmir spokesperson in a statement said: “Pakistan is the result of sacrifices of lakhs of people. Pakistan is the centre of hopes of Muslims throughout the world. Every Muslim is concerned about the safety and security of this great nation.”

The spokesperson further said: “Pakistan is battling against odds. Muslims around the globe are praying for peace and stability of the nation.”

THJK has appealed masses to observe August 14 as prayer day and August 15 as black day.

The party also condemned the fudging of DNA samples of Shopian rape and murder victims.

“It is a clear indication that the government is continuously trying to hide the real culprits and just lengthening the case by involving CBI,” the statement read.

In a separate statement, Muslim League said: “Pakistan has always been our friend and helped us at all crucial junctures. The support of Pakistan is still necessary and we congratulate the nation for its 62nd independence anniversary.”

Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (R) chief organizer Farooq Ahmad Dar alias Bitta Karate said: “We express greetings to people and government of Pakistan and pray for peace and stability and integrity of the nation. We wish for a strong and vibrant Pakistan backing Kashmiris in their just struggle for independence and right of self-determination. We hope that Pakistan will continue with its moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris.”

Dar also appealed masses to observe August 15 as ‘black day’ and observe complete shutdown.

Meanwhile, JKLF (R) has strongly condemned the fudging of DNA samples in Shopian case.

Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement also congratulated Pakistan and appealed masses to observe strike on 15 August.

Tehreek Wahadt-e-Islami has also called up for making Youm-e-Pakistan a success.

Wahadat spokesman said, “The Youm-e-Pakistan would be observed across Kashmir as Youm-e-Dua for Pakistan.”


Kashmiri Muslims burn an Indian national flag to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day in Srinagar on 14 August 2009. EPA/FAROOQ KHAN

Srinagar Celebrates Pakistan’s WorldCup Win



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    • jis thali me khate ho usi me ched krte ho
      kb tk ye dunge kroge ye bharat maa hai mere dost kyon aaj ye allah k bande haiwan bn gye hai.
      jis des ki sarjamin ne tumhe sahara buchha hai aaj usi desh ki aan baan tiranga ko jala rahe ho

  2. Kashmiri don’t like indians, they don’t want to be India’s part, Don’t know why india is terroring this region

    • Those Kashmiris that do not like to be a part of India may better leave for Pakistan, sooner the better !

      Because they will be considered traitors, agents of Pakistan and be treated with irom fist.

      • its been 30 yrs of your iron fist and see the result, wake up fools! let kashmir go, the sooner the better!

      • China will split india into 30 pieces then pakstan will split thoose 30 tookreh into 300

      • Leave for Pakistan? That’ll leave Occupied Kashmir with about 2 or 3 people remaining there.

        Everyone recognizes by now that India will never let go of Kashmir in a just way. At its climax, Kashmir will one day seperate itself by force and when it does, it will probably encourage all groups in India who want independence, to do the same. History has shown the same for so many a suppressed nation. Kashmiris won’t need Pakistan to do that at a point when they’re completely fed up. Where will you turn to when half the nation (Naxalites, Maoists, Assamese, Sikhs, etc.) rises against its own government. Honestly its almost inevitable that the Indians will wake up when it’s too late. It’s not the ISI, it’s your own stupid government who’ll end up eating up your country.

      • I need to excuse myself, by ‘your country’ I don’t mean Kashmir as well.

      • All Kashmir is part of Pakistan and every Kashmiri is Pakistani inside out.

        Your hindoo irom fist just simpley do not exist lover boy. Come and try give to Pakistanis and Pakistanis will take you back where you always have been as a slave of all Pakistanis and Kashmirs. hindooz are mere skinny legged Hyenas and think they can rule something?????lolol Do not even think this even in your wet dreams.:))

    • Nary Takbeer Allah O Akbar

  3. Allahu Akbar!!

    • Allahu Akbar!!

  4. Indian’s don’t want to know the truth instead prefer darkness but the human spirit and justice will eventually prevail!.What kind of democracy surpresses those who want freedom??…

    It may seem like forever but one muct remember that Kashmir has only been occupied for sixty years that is a very short period.As Arundhati Roy has often said that 2Kashmir was never a part of India….as Winston Churchill observed that “India is as much as one nation as the equator”.Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiris regardless of religion and eventually they’ll succeed….

  5. btw its so easy to pay few people to burn flag of any country …

    We can do same but ehhh we are not pakis …

    Pak should keep FOOLING its people, they deserve this.

    • lol, again, you have nothing in defense, everytime i read the comment i know its amit, cuz its as stupid as your country.. lol.. so how much money will you take to burn the bhindian flag?

    • @ Amit – or a freaking transvestite

      Thats right amit and please we dont EVER want you to be even considered as a PAKISTANI. Specially if you feel their is nothing wrong with a males genital in a males ass…LOL LOL LOL .. This can only come from an Indian like you ….:D 😀

  6. @ Amit – or a freaking transvestite

    Thats right amit and please we dont EVER want you to be even considered as a PAKISTANI. Specially if you feel their is nothing wrong with a males genital in a males ass…LOL LOL LOL .. This can only come from an Indian like you ….:D

  7. Bharat teri mout aai lashkar aai lashakar aai

  8. Bashaarath hoke noor-e-haq numaaaya honewaala hai….
    Arab ki tarah, tamaam hindustaan musalmaaan honewaala hai….

    • Zara Godhra ka TANDAV yaad kar musalman!
      Aur agar ek aur Godhra chaahiye to bol musalman!
      Agar fir jalto aag mein pakna chahta hai to bol musalman!

      Zara bol musalman Zara bol musalman Zara bol musalman!!!!!!!!!!!



      • Amit, now thats just dumb.. and what da hell is ‘fir’, do we need to teach you how to speak also? and ‘Ameen’ makes no sense here, but your ignorant ass wouldnt know that, would it now.
        pathetic souls really!

  9. Qaaayam(KHUDA) teri khudrath….
    KALIMA padegaa BHAAARATH…..

  10. @ Amit – or a freaking transvestite

    i see, u mean; Pakistanis can pay anyone to do anything. send me a burning indian flag video i will pay you £1 pounds. this is too much for cheap indian flag. anyway i m quite generous toward transvestite india. but can do something to fill up all your holes if u like 🙂

    • It is not very difficult for us to do the same. Some money and your esteemed PM Zardari will do it himself in the Parliament.

      • Agnostic Indian
        Lol…considered the most corrupt country in the world “INDIA” I think urz will do it before ourss!

  11. Sir G Balochistan, Sawat and Kashmir main to Pakistan ka Parcham lehra dia par apnay Capital Islamabad main aik jagha jhanda nahen tha siway PPP k flag k wahaan lagana bhool gai ye hakomat?????

  12. india have to broken and it has no right to survive on human laves.

  13. kashmir banay ga pakistan Inshaallah

  14. Amit
    I am so gleeful that my pakistani brothers are turning you down as they are doin pee on your face.
    reading slappy comments and gettin humiliated by us, dont you feel that you are just a waste?.you should really put all of your efforts in a bollywood website not here, Coz we always have something with us to tuck it in your smeary Azz.
    Go and read Vande mataram which is also hopeless

    Soon Ghazwa-e-hind would come, and your existence in this world would come to an end InshahALLAH

    We are with PKKH team, And Offcourse our forever Hero ZAID HAMID !


  16. Not a good sign though… All Flags should be respected. we dont want those people to be part of pakistan who release their anger by burning flags. we already have a bunch of illiterates governing us.
    I am sorry for this part of Kashmiris.

    • Yes, all flags should be respected but I think a human life is worth than a piece of cloth. They are not ignorant its just a reaction of what they suffering

    • Dear bro in faith,

      I would like to recommend you, to feel the extreme level as Kashmiri is feeling, I think you’ve heared what happen before a month or two. Two girl rape by Indian Forces and later dead bodies recovered. If you have the pain for the flag, on the contrary you’re expressing your views that Kashmiri’s should give respect to Indian flag.
      THat’s strange.

  17. dobara battai ga hindustan

    • Bangladesh bhool gay kya ?

      • Agnostic Indian

        Bangladesh yaad hai isliye tau Kashmir ko support kartay hain aur India ke batnay ki baatein kar rahein hain!!

      • Tum baatein karte rahoge aur udhar Baloochistan alag ho jayega .. Doosre ke jeb katne ke chakkar mein kab patloon utar gayee pata bhi na chala

      • LMAO…leslie/agnostic Indian

        balochistan…ahem ahem you want me to remind me about ur 21 states LMAO

        doosray ke patloon utarnay ki koshish mein tumharee patloon utar bhi gayee hai!!

  18. Thanks sajjad for ur comments, but next time keeep ur comments to urself

  19. Mabrook on your great efforts! You’ll be winers in both cases (Ghazi or Shaheed)…. you know that! Because you are not among cowards or traitors (Allah will not forgive both of them)!

    May Allah bless You, The Freedom Fighters, with Freedom & Honor, Insha’Allah & Ameen!

  20. Dont worry .. The traitors have been caught on camera. Indian army will make sure that these people get what they deserve.

  21. Azadi do unhain

  22. After reading comments from people. I came to realization that nothing is going to happen in the sub-continent. Even after one partition where are Muslims of Pakistan. They wanted their homeland which to be made heaven…and look where are they now.. they are in hell (Jahannum). America is pissing their ass to full enjoyment. Pak govt. is run on loan by Federal reserve of the US. Pakistan which has been yelling India for all ills have been ruled by bunch of crooks and illiterates. Wake up Pakistanis!! you deserve better treatment. If you still feel that India is behind all your ills, only Muhammad could save you.

  23. Pakistani boys and girls (perhaps — mostly boys since girls are denied schooling in your emerging Caliphate)

    Dudes, reading your posts confirms my worst fears: 1) You guys can’t write English for nuts, 2) are more ignorant than a hedgehog, 3) Want to drag the fair Indian land of Kashmir into your silly theocracy and 4) Assume a bunch of rowdy Kashmiri mullahs will be able to wrest Indian lands from India; I pity you guys. Keep on raving…..we will take care of the rest. Those who burned the Indian flag in Kashmir are traitors and will be dealt has such. Good Luck!

    • pandit

      Your comments make me wonder if you even attended elementary school!!

      You are just another mallu who refuses to face the truth and blindly follows whatever his self righteous media feeds!!

      No mullah or Pakistani will break India like someone said above “it’s your own stupid government who’ll end up eating up your country”!!

      As for “traitors” being dealt even the one who don’t do anything to ur soldiers end up being killed or raped, so it won’t be a shock if these ppll turn out to be some so called militant being killed in an encounter!!

      PS: This is a Pakistani site and for Pakistanis, so buzz off from here!! Go do ur pooja paat!!

      • Om Namam Swaha! IM you slay me! Have you recently read the newspapers? Did anyone tell you that foreign forces (i.e., ours from America) are molesting your country with impunity. We fly in our drones and blow your Taliban and Al Qaida into smithereens. Our Special Forces come in when needed and kick your military’s ass. Then we write a check to your patriotic generals to keep doing our bidding by killing their own countrymen! How is that for an “independent” Pakistan? If you don’t behave, we might even pay a visit to Islamabad. Of course, as a payback for Kashmir, our allies the Indians will ensure that Pakistan is splintered into four distinct parts — Panjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and Pakhtoonistan — a la Bangladesh. Separatist Kashmiris will then have a choice of four vassal states to choose from to squat under a green flag. I guess Bangladesh would be too far for them to go…..

        So long from an American Pandit — Pandit ji to you!

        Much love.

      • Listen up u dirty Brahmin PANDIT, with no primary education!!

        “Your” forces from America??? what an ignorant fool you are, after sometime you’ll say “India even owns the US”. Pure breed @$$

        And what our army men are doing is killing ur dirty terrorists whose uncircumcised pictures are all over the net!!

        You are going to come to Islamabad LMAO… your impotent army (which is filled with Hindu terrorists according to an Indian) cannot even carry out a single operation in Lalgarh and u will come to Islamabad. Your TOI published articles saying India wanted Kargil to stop coz they didn’t have enough weapons and it even said India will only shout about war after mumbai attacks but it won;t attack coz India doesn;t have enough weapons!

        Before talking about breaking up Pak into 4 districts why don’t u worry about ur 21 states in which insurgency is going on, besides even China is working towards breaking up India!!

        Keep ur farking hindu stuff to yourself and don’t dirty the site wth ur ignorant comments!!

      • Pandit Ji from America, Man you are really lost… Son don’t forget Vietnam. Don’t forget your faggot defeat in Baghdad and u’ll be defeated in Kabul as well.Forget Pakistan.. PAK ISI is whooping your American @ss and the political leadership is looting your tax money as well. U ignorant dumb @$$ American or a cheap Indian Pandit ji wanna be American are so stupid that your government sells you the story of your american @$$ being in danger from AlQaeda and you are so used to making safe / panic rooms as structure standards in your homes or station demonstrates your fear of them. Congrats on the recent recession as well. Am sure you lost your job today and here to feed your low beaten @$$ self esteem…

        Well Am sorry If I cudnt cheer you up !!

    • sounds like a classic case of American born confused bhindian. Who not only has his self confused but the entire world around him too! You need help!

  24. kashmir karaar daad muzzammat se nahi….hinduaoo ki murammat se azaad hoga…KASHMIR K LIYE AIK NAHI 1000 JUNGAIN LARRNAY KO TAYYAR HEN….KASHMIR PAKISTAN KI SHEH RUG HEN……KASHMIR BANAY KA PAKISTAN

  25. i donno koun si AZADI ki baat kar rahe hai ye KASHMIR wale,saley humare DESH ki roti khatey hai aur humara FLAG he burn kar diya.ye toh vo he wali baat hui na ki “jis thali mein khaya uss mein he cheeyd kar diya”,inn salo ko civil service se le kar IT market tak job hum india wale detey hai aur ye saley maaro inn ko milke sab ke sab indian

  26. Why should Kashmiris leave Kashmir? Why should we leave our home?

    Kashmiris love and WANT PAKISTAN not no fucking india! So India should QUIT Kashmir and fuck off.

    We will continue to burn your indian flag, spit on your indian soldiers and chant “BHOOKA NANGA HINDUSTAN…JAAN SEY PYARA…PAKISTAN!”


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